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15 Fun Ideas to Help You Deepen Your Relationships

By: Kristen Clark

Ever since Zack and I got married (5 years ago!), we have always made it a huge priority to have a special date night once a week. To keep things interesting, we’ve always taken turns planning the activity.

We decided that he would plan the first and third Friday nights of the month, and I would plan the second and fourth.

After several months of planning my turn for date nights, I was running low on new and exciting ideas.

I had exhausted my internet research and couldn’t find anything new. There were some great Christian movies out, so I decided to rent one and keep the date night relaxing and simple. It was a blast!

Then two weeks later when my turn came around again I was lost for creative ideas. A movie was so easy to watch and required very little effort on my part. So…we watched another “inspiring” Christian film.

As the months of date nights rolled on, Zack and I both started noticing a new trend in our marriage. Date night was turning into movie night. It was becoming our automatic default. There’s nothing wrong with watching a good movie, but when it becomes your only activity choice, it can be a problem.

We were lazy and movies were easy. 

Zack and I were spending way less time talking, interacting, and having great conversations, and more time sitting side by side staring at a screen.

After talking about it, we both decided that we wanted our date nights to be more “relationally” focused than entertainment driven. We both agreed to limit our monthly date night activities to one movie per month.

That forced us to get our creative juices flowing again and build some date night memories other than the silver screen.

And you know what? It has been totally worth it! Our relationship has grown deeper and stronger as a result.

In our modern day and age, movies have become the automatic first choice for most couples, families, and friends when it comes to activities. Have you noticed this trend in our society? Movies are easy, fun, entertaining, and require very little effort on our part…so it makes sense why they’re so popular.

However, like Zack and me, it seems like our culture as a whole seems to be missing balance when it comes to our social activities.

Some of the greatest memories I have with family and friends (and some of my favorite date nights) are those that were simple and interactive.

It’s really hard to build and deepen any relationship if all of the “together” time is spent in front of an entertainment box.

How often do you turn to movies and TV shows when it comes to social activities with your friends and family? I want to challenge you to do what Zack and I did. Instead of turning to entertainment as your automatic go-to, choose to plan some activities that encourage face-to-face conversations.

Choose to initiate activities that will deepen and strengthen relationships. There are so many other fun and exciting activities out there besides the theater, we just have to think a little harder.

Here are 15 fun (alternative) ideas for building deeper relationships: 

  • Mini golf
  • Bowling
  • Playing interactive board games
  • Taking walks through scenic areas
  • Getting frozen yogurt
  • Hitting up your city’s local historic areas
  • Inviting friends over for dinner
  • Chatting at coffee shops
  • Looking up your city’s local events
  • Reading a fun book out loud together
  • Serving in a ministry together
  • Going to a local farmer’s market
  • Hosting a game night at your house
  • Planning a baking party (everyone bakes something fun together)
  • Go on a hike or walk on a local trail

Relationships grow when we take the time and effort to invest in them.

My challenge to you is to think outside the box when it comes to your activities with your family and friends. Be creative with your “hang out time” and choose something that actually involves conversation and interaction.

The memories you build will be priceless and I guarantee you’ll get to know your friends and family better because of it. Not to mention you’ll have more opportunities to chat about your faith and things that truly matter.

Let’s chat below! 

  • Is it hard for you to plan activities that don’t involve a screen?
  • What additional ideas would you add to my list?

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15 ideas deepen relationships.

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11 Responses to 15 Fun Ideas to Help You Deepen Your Relationships

  1. Board games are my favorite! Everyone in my family loves to play their favorites! Any time spent with the people you care about is time well spent! ☺

  2. Bianca says:

    To be honest I rarely spend much time watching movies with others nowadays, because I also got to the point of realising that we could have a pretty crowded room and spend hours together, but still end up feeling discontent and lonely.

    Now I love to talk over coffee with a friend, or meet for a walk somewhere. Meeting up for some sort of crafting can also be really enjoyable, and can be very low-key with one or two friends and using materials you already own, or more organised like attending a party.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    That’s great,but in my family for fun that’s all we do,Being an only child with no friends or activities and old parents would not be a good idea to drop it.

  4. Caity says:

    My friend has game nights and they are the best
    Not only do we have crazy fun and great memories, but we grow as friends.

  5. Hailey says:

    I love this! Ever since I was three or four, my dad has taken me on a date night once a month; he comes up with all kinds of creative activities, and in fourteen years, he has never missed a month. (He also keeps each one a surprise until we park.)

    Something I really like to do with my friends is meet at Starbucks for a coffee/study/chitchat date, or go to Christian concerts and festivals.

  6. My friends and I love to find new coffee shops, restaurants, and dessert places! Some of our favorites have come from this.

  7. Dixie Yu says:

    We like to do game night also but picnics at a local park, meeting at a swimming pool are loads of fun. Museums, art or local interests are good ways to bond with people. Most are free or don;t cost much.

  8. thehappygirl says:

    My boyfriend and I love to go hiking on the weekends! Super fun, great exercise, and we get to talk. Triple win 🙂 On a more spiritual note, we sometimes pick out a portion of Scripture to study and discuss our thoughts about it.

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  10. Erika says:

    I love those ideas Kristen! Thanks!

    My friend and I like to go “shopping” at the thrift store or sometimes (we are both bookworms) we go to the library and read! XP

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