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2 Free Video Studies from GirlDefined

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal

A new year means a new start! This is a great time to write down goals, create a new reading list, and just get a little more intentional about life. To help you do that, we want to introduce you to our free video studies.

These free videos were created to go along with each of our books, Girl Defined and Love Defined, and provide structure and teaching for each book. The Girl Defined book video study is 8 weeks long and helps to break down the book into easy, bite-size reading portions. The Love Defined book study is 6 weeks long and will walk you through the entire book with teaching, Q & A, and fun interaction.

These free, fun, engaging, and insightful video studies are a great way to explore these books for the first time, for a second time, with a group of friends, or to mentor younger girls with.

We hope you’ll take some time to check out these videos, make a plan, and kick off your new year with intentionally as you continue learning about God’s design for your life.


Week 1: Getting Excited About God-Defined Womanhood 

Week 2: Femininity Gone Wrong 

Week 3: God’s Amazing Design for Gender

Week 4: Say Hello to Biblical Womanhood 

Week 5: Beauty that Doesn’t Need a Runway

Week 6: When True Love and Femininity Collide 

Week 7: Hard Workin’ Women Doing it Right

Week 8: Choosing to Become a Girl-Defined by God 


Week 1: Why Romantic Relationships are Complicated 

Week 2: What is God’s Design for True Love?

Week 3: Learning How to Thrive as a Single Girl

Week 4: How to Be “Just Friends” with Guys 

Week 5: Building Your Relationship on the Right Foundation 

Week 6: What it Takes to Build a Lasting Relationship 

We hope you enjoy our free video studies as you begin a brand new year! Owning a copy of either book isn’t required to do the study, but it will be helpful. To grab a copy, go here. 

Also, If you’ve been blessed and encouraged by GirlDefined Ministries and appreciate free resources like this one, would you consider giving a year-end donation? Our year-end ministry need is $20,000. Every donation helps. Thank you! To contribute, please click here.

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