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3 Tips for Marriage All Singles Should Know

By: Kristen Clark


When Zack and I got married, we thought it was going to be a piece of cake. We’d read a bunch of marriage books, sought counsel, and learned from our parents’ godly examples. We thought we were set! But shortly into our first year, our eyes were opened to just how much more we needed to work on.

We weren’t as ready as we thought. 

We both quickly learned that sin and selfishness don’t just go away on the other side of the altar — they’re magnified.

Looking back over these past seven years of marriage, we can now see the many things we didn’t fully understand during singleness. In fact, 3 specific things stand out that we wish we’d understood better.

If you’re single and hoping to get married someday, we hope these 3 tips are insightful and eye-opening to you.

We hope you’ll take these 3 tips as practical marriage advice from a couple who want to help you avoid what we didn’t.

PS Zack and I will be teaching a breakout session together at the 2018 Girl Defined Conference called “How Do You Know If He’s The One?” We’d love to see you there! For details, click HERE. 


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