4 Must Know Truths for Single Girls Desiring Marriage

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird


Calling all the single girls! If you desire to get married some day (whether soon or in the far off future), this vlog was created especially for you.

Being single can be hard at times…really hard. Especially if you’re hoping to get married sooner rather than later. In this vlog, we want to share with you 4 powerful truths that will help you live your single years well.

These truths helped Kristen during her single years, and they are still helping Bethany as she waits on God’s timing for marriage. If you want to thrive during this season of your life, these 4 truths will help you do just that.


Girl Defined Vlog

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  • Elaina

    Hey Kristen and Bethany the video is saying it is private. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks

  • Haylie

    Um. Wow. I’m sitting here laughing… literally, about how providential this was. I went to bed last night in one of those whine-y and very depressed moods because I’m single. I didn’t feel much like trusting God about it either. Thanks for these truths Bethany and Kristen! I appreciate your ministry so much 🙂

  • Wow, thanks for those pointers and encouragement!

  • Ally

    Is there any particular reason the blog posts have now become videos? I much prefer reading the posts instead of having to watch and listen to them.

    • Wanjiku

      I am not sure for the sudden change, but they have a YouTube channel and maybe they find uploading video blogs there and here can spread to a wider audience than just always posting blogs!

  • Bliss

    Love your posts! Thanks so much!

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