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4 Ways our Raunch Culture is Lying to You

By: Kristen Clark

It was Christmas morning when 6 year old Kelly was exposed to our raunch culture for the first time. She excitedly opened one of her presents and pulled out a small doll.

It wasn’t the type of doll you might imagine a little girl playing with though. No, this was a new kind of doll. This was a doll invented as a result of people in America embracing the most recent feminist ideas.

Little Kelly pulled her Bratz doll out of the box with wide eyes.

Dressed in a mini skirt, skimpy shirt, fishnet leggings, platform heels and dowsed in heavy makeup, Kelly wasn’t sure what it was.

“Do you like your pretty doll?” Her mom asked with a smile from the other side of the living room.

Kelly thought for a moment then held her doll up in the air and said, “Yes! I love her! She’s so pwitty.”

From that moment on little Kelly’s brain was being shaped by the American raunch culture that we live in today.

Playing with a doll that looked like it just walked out of a nightclub became the new norm for her.

Like Kelly, you are growing up in a country where sexualized dolls, images, movies, music and fashion are the new norm. You live in a time period that many refer to as a “porn-positive” or “sex-positive” culture.

If you’re under the age of 25, our raunch culture is totally normal for you.

You don’t know any different.

Opening up your iTunes library and seeing album covers featuring half naked female artists isn’t shocking to you. Walking into a makeup store and being bombarded by large posters of sexualized women is normal. Checking out at the grocery and seeing magazines titled, “Best Sex Ever,” and “Sexiest Summer Fashion” doesn’t even phase you.

Sadly, this normal everyday reality isn’t the way America has always been.

Not too long ago the majority of women actually valued themselves as more than a sexual object. They despised pornography and viewed their intimate body parts as private property. Little girls played with baby dolls and young women went on “soda dates” with real gentlemen and no strings attached.

Without even realizing it, you are living in a society that has totally and completely distorted female sexuality.

What is normal today is NOT what God had in mind for you.

Author Carolyn McCulley says, “We live in a culture of hyper aggressive female sexuality, which is arguably the worst ever in recorded history.”

I’m writing this blog for you because my heart breaks for the hundreds of Christian girls I see buying into the lies of our raunch culture. Chances are, you‘re probably buying into a few lies yourself. Read the following 4 lies and ask yourself which ones you’re believing:

1. A liberated girl is a raunchy girl.

Over the past few years the word raunchy has become synonymous with the word liberated. Girls are taught that being a “liberated female” means embracing your sexuality to its maximum use. It’s a live-life-to-the-fullest mentality without any limits. Whatever makes you feel sexy and hot is what you should do. Your body is your own, use it how you want. This is the first major lie of our raunch culture.

2. Having sex before marriage is empowering.

Teen girls used to be taught abstinence as a normal way of life prior to marriage. Now, sex before marriage is promoted as the normal and empowering thing for girls to do on all mainstream media. Instead of abstinence you’re taught “safe sex.” The new tagline for American teens is “have fun and be smart.” Purity is considered a thing of the past.

3. There’s nothing wrong with pornography.

Like I mentioned earlier, women used to view the pornography industry as degrading. Now, some of the largest pornographic companies are operated by women. Mainstream society now teaches you that engaging in online sexual activities is normal and natural. That viewing the most intimate and private scenes of other people is even “educational.”

What God only intended for privacy between a husband and wife has been pushed onto the public stage and applauded.

4. Modesty is a sign of being ashamed of your body

The most common and noticeable way our raunch culture has affected girls is the way they dress. Instead of protecting and saving your most intimate parts for your husband, the fashion industry has taught you to “flaunt what you’ve got.” Wearing cut off shorts the size of underwear and skimpy see-through shirts is considered fashionable and sexy.

Oh – and if you dare to treasure your intimate parts by dressing modestly they might label you as being “ashamed and embarrassed” of your body. Ridiculous lies.

God’s ideas for you are a thousand times better than our raunch culture’s.

Our raunch culture has zero problem expressing their opinions of how you should view your body and your sexuality. America is turning its back on God and this is just one more way we’re expressing our rebellion against His design.

They’ve decided to worship the creature instead of the Creator.

As a Christian girl you need to recognize where our society has gone wrong and say NO to the lies it offers. You must look to God’s Word as your rock of truth and align every choice, every action and every thought according to His design.

You need to link arms with your sisters-in-Christ and stand strong together against this tidal wave of an enticing, but false version, of sexuality.

To help you do this, Bethany and I have written 4 posts that will help you dig deeper into the 4 lies from above. If you haven’t read them yet, I highly encourage you to take the time to do that right now.

1. What is the Purpose of Being a Girl?  

2. Applying God’s Truth to Sex  

3. Porn, Not Just a Guy Issue

4. The Naked Truth About Why We Wear Clothes

My greatest prayer is that you will find your value and worth in Christ and will come to view our raunch culture as oppressive and repulsive.A truly liberated girl is not a raunchy one, but one who knows her worth in God’s eyes and views her body as a handcrafted masterpiece designed by God for His glory.

  • Which lies from above are you believing as a result of our raunch culture?
  • Do your actions, thoughts and dress reflect more of our raunch culture or more of God’s purity and holiness?
  • What are you doing today to fill your mind with God’s truth about your sexuality?

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