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5 Back-to-School Modesty Hacks for Christian Girls

By: Kristen Clark

It happens to me every year. The transition from my summer wardrobe to my fall wardrobe is always a struggle. What worked so well last season just doesn’t seem to be working this season.

Styles have changed, my taste had changed, and I honestly just have the desire for something new. Something fresh.

And to makes things even harder, striving to dress modestly adds a whole new array of challenges.

Are you feeling me here?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in school, but I remember all too well the annual wardrobe challenges.

If you’re heading back to high school or college this fall (whether private, public, or home school), you’re probably facing the wardrobe struggle too.

However, before you explode with frustration, or just give up on modesty altogether, I want to offer you some encouragement. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be the enemy this fall. With a few back-to-school tips, tricks, and modesty hacks, you can actually have a smooth, fun, and enjoyable time with your closet this year.  

As you hit stores over the next few weeks, take these 5 helpful modesty hacks with you.

1The Denim Jacket.

The denim jacket is a game changer. Hands down. If you don’t own one, be sure to grab one for this season (dark and/or light colored denim).

This jacket can easily and quickly provide modesty coverage for any top, as well as spice up your entire outfit. Denim jackets can be paired with skirts, jeans, and dresses.

This is a must-have piece for every back-to-school season.

2. The Dress-Up-Dress-Down Black Skirt.

This skirt is life changing. Seriously. I own one that is an A-line black skirt that sits high on my waist and hits me right at the knee. Even if you dislike wearing skirts, you should try this one.

This versatile skirt has the flexibility to look super casual with a tucked in T-shirt and sandals, or to look fancy with a nicer top and heels/dressier flats.

This skirt can be paired with almost any top and can easily be worn multiple days in a row without looking repetitive.  

3. The Tie Around.

I absolutely love the tie around and wear this style at least 2-3 times a week. This is a great modesty hack for jeans that fit too tight in the rear.

By simply wrapping a tie-around on your waist you can cover your tight jeans and add a touch of style to any outfit.

The tie around accomplishes modesty and cuteness all in one go. Score!

Have fun with the tie-around patterns too. My favorites are denim and plaid.

4. The Long Cardigan.

I didn’t own any long cardigans until the past few years, and these have truly revolutionized my fall wardrobe. Long cardigans come in long sleeved, short sleeved, thick fabric or thin and can be paired with an endless variety of outfits.

These adorable long cardigans can easily add a touch of modesty to any outfit, as well as femininity and style.

For starters, I highly recommend grabbing a gray colored long cardigan and a navy blue one. You will be amazed at how these simple pieces enhance your wardrobe.

5. The Must-Have Tank Top.

With styles getting lower and lower in the neck line, and more transparent in the fabric, owning tank top is helpful for modesty. Not only do they provide extra warmth in the winter, they add some all around coverage if the shirt is low-cut, short, or thin.

If you don’t own any tank tops, I recommend grabbing a few in black and white. They’re super inexpensive and provide the necessary modesty for certain styles that wouldn’t work well otherwise.

You don’t need to get frustrated with your wardrobe this school season.

By applying these hacks and tips to your closet this fall, you will open up a whole new world of opportunity.

For more modesty hacks and tips, as well as a printable “Modesty Mirror Check,” I encourage you to download our e-book called Project Modesty. This book is filled with dozens of modest fashion photos and is loaded with everything you need for combining fashion and modesty this school year.

I’d love to hear from you below!

  • What other modesty hacks and tips would you add to my list?
  • What has worked for you?

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16 Responses to 5 Back-to-School Modesty Hacks for Christian Girls

  1. Thanks for this post! I have recently discovered how awesome tie-arounds are. Denim is great and I’m so glad it’s in style; you can wear the denim jacket like you said or chambray or something similar.

    Another of my favorites is a tunic. Tunics are super cute and modest–I just have such a hard time finding them! I finally found a short dress at Ross that works as a tunic. XD

    Thanks for addressing the topic of modesty and for making it very down-to-earth and practical. 🙂

  2. Chelsea Ejimakor says:

    Good Morning, this is a very good post. Thanks a lot Kristen for inspiring young women all over the world.
    Another beauty hacks I can suggest is wearing leggings with a top long enough to cover the rear such as a tunic.I

  3. Savana Michele says:

    I like to wear Strappy dresses, with a matching colored tee underneath. like a white /navy dress, I’d wear a white tee underneath to add a higher neck like, Sleeves, and cover my back! it’s not hot and stuffy, but keeps the chill off!

  4. Savana Michele says:

    tunics and skinny jeans are the best or fall!

    • Joy says:

      Sorry, I believe any jeans or pants are not modest. I wear skirts. I wear a shirt under any shirts that are stylish but not modest. You can’t be too modest,except maybe if you covered your head or like, like some. No offense. What ever you feel God says is modest. Just don’t lean on the naked side of things.
      I dress stylish and many girls around me seemingly dress similar. Little girls I know now want to wear dresses and skirts like me. The simple things are a ministry. Live for the Lord truly. You can do it girls,with God’s help!!!!!!! Be a role model!!!!!
      Thanks for your blog and books!!!!

  5. Silje says:

    Hi Bethany and Kristen! I have a question: where can I write to you a question that maybe you can include in a post? By the way I love these posts in your blog/youtube, that you have biblical faith, and not neutral like many christian can❤️

  6. Grace says:

    1 Timothy 2:9 talks about modesty. does god literally mean no braided hair, peals, or gold? how do you interprete this?

    • Emily says:

      Whenever we study scripture it’s very important to look at the culture around us whenever scripture was written. In the time Paul wrote to Timothy the women in the church were spending more time in looking extravagant and sensuously. They were putting their emphasis on external beauty. Women would wear elaborate hairstyles and dress with pearls and gold to make themselves seem richer and more desirable, kind of as a “we’re better than you because we can afford better and look better” mentality.
      I personally don’t believe that Paul literally means we can’t braid our hair, just that out outward appearance should not be priority and that we shouldn’t put our focus in expensive and elaborate things.

    • Esther Roos says:

      Oh, i heard something about this. It’s not that we cant. In that culture, women were going overboard, just to go to church or whatever. they would take a ton of time to braid their hair really elaborately, to show off or something. Then they would wear a ton of jewelry to be like “look how rich i am!” He’s just saying, dont try to show off like that. It was getting in the way of the women’s relationships with God. That’s all. 🙂

  7. Kendall says:

    Thank you Kristen for posting this. As a 15 year old , it’s incredibly difficult to find modest outfits. However , it’s not impossible. It just takes a little bit of creativity.
    One of my favorite modesty hacks is to wear skinny jeans ( leggings work also ) under a really short dress. It ends up looking more like a tunic and it adds a bit of funk , which i like.

  8. Melissa says:

    A halftee is a must for me! Camisoles never work for me and always gape at the front, but I never have that problem with a halftee.

  9. Isabelle says:

    I have fallen in love with button up shirts! They are especially great for the hot and humid summer months. The longer sleeves are not only modest, but they keep you cooler because the sun isn’t directly on your skin. You don’t have to add any hot layers underneath, because you can make the neckline as high as you want. They’re not clingy and immodest—they’re loose and flowy and cool. Plus, they can go from casual to super classy. I loooove to wear them!

  10. Esther Roos says:

    I really like skinny jeans, some keds, and a baggy sweater. Not one of those raggedy ones, but the cute ones. They’re just loose. I went to Uptown Cheapskate, and they have a whole section full of them!! I really need to get some!!

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