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6 Back-to-School Modesty Tips and Tricks

By: Bethany Beal

Heading back to school can often times feel overwhelming.

There’s the stress of making new friends, trying to fit in, figuring out which activities to participate in, getting to know your teachers, adjusting to your new schedule, and so much more.

Although I never went to an actual school building week in and week out (I was homeschooled), I still experienced a lot of what you girls may have experienced.

One of my absolute favorite parts of kicking off the new school year was *drum roll* shopping for new clothes. I loved heading to the stores to buy new shirts, jeans, skirts and anything else I could squeeze into my little back-to-school shopping spree.  

The excitement would build as I thought about the fun new pieces I would hopefully add to my wardrobe.

I loved dressing fashionably and I loved shopping.

The excitement of shopping for new clothes typically lasted until I stepped foot into the first store. My eyes would then scan the clothing racks and I’d realize my dreadful position.

I would immediately think to myself, “How in the world am I going to find fun, cute, fashionable and modest clothing?”

Good Feelings Gone

My good feelings were gone and I’d soon start complaining and whining about how difficult it was to add modesty into my fashion choices. My mom (who was typically with me) would listen and then would lovingly do her best to give me some tips and tricks for making modesty an easier part of my shopping experience.

Thanks to her years of patience and input, I finally realized that shopping, with modesty in mind, doesn’t have to be a horrible experience.

I want you girls to know that it’s totally possible to dress fun, cute, fashionable and modest all at the same time. Don’t sway on your modesty standards just because it’s difficult or hard to do.

You can make this school year a pain-free wardrobe experience with just a few simple tips and tricks.

I want to share with you my top six tips and tricks for making modesty happen in my life.

For a full list of these tips and tricks, as well as a printable “Modesty Mirror Check,” download our new e-book Project Modesty. It’s loaded with everything you need to know for combining fashion with modesty this school year.  

6 Tips and Tricks for Making Modesty Happen

1. Making Jeans Work

Is it just me or do somewhat loose fitting jeans seem nearly impossible to find these days? Shopping for pants can be a nightmare if you don’t have this trick up your sleeve. I’ve recently realized that long dress/shirts are my ultimate go to with jeans/pants.

Instead of stressing over the fact that loose jeans are hard to come by, I just pair them with a long dress/shirt. It looks feminine, fashionable and totally modest. You can see exactly how I do this in my Project Modest Video.

2. Short Shorts No More

Short shorts are all the rage and it’s making me crazy. With my mile long legs, even the “long shorts” look short on me. I’ve learned that I don’t have to depend on the fashion industry to give me what I need. I’ve decided to create my own.

I buy pants or jeans that fit me well, cut them off below the knee, roll once or twice and bam! I’ve got an adorable new pair of modest shorts.

3. Why is Everything So Low Cut?

The fashion industry must assume that we all want to sport cleavage. Finding a shirt that actually comes up to a decent height on the top is becoming a rare find. Thankfully, camisoles are designed to fix the problem and cover up that cleavage, raise the neckline, and keep everything covered that’s supposed to be covered.

Not to mention camisoles are so subtle that they don’t ruin the outfit. They just add that extra coverage to the shirt and create a beautiful modest look.

4. My Belly Button Isn’t for Public Viewing.

Last  I checked, my belly button isn’t for public viewing. Despite the rage of showing off the mid section, I personally like to keep my midriff covered.

Again, camisoles are my lifesaver. I don’t know what I would do without my tucked in camisole underneath my shirts. Wow! They keep my midriff covered and give me the opportunity to wear shirts that I couldn’t wear without one. I HIGHLY recommend them.

5. Button-Up You Get Me Every Time

A few years ago my sisters and I discovered the button-up shirt. We wear them several times in our video and multiple times in our Project Modest E-book. For a visual of these shirts, check out our E-book and you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Buttons-ups are like a modest girls dream. They cover up so well without looking old fashioned. I love pairing my button-ups with a fun necklace or belt. If you aren’t in the habit of wearing button-ups, you’ve got to try them out. Old Navy has a cute line of them for a pretty fair price.

6. Go For The A Line Skirt

Finding skirts can be a nightmare…if you don’t know which kind to look for. When I shop for a pencil style skirt, I nearly lose my mind. They are more often than not tight fitting and make me hate the shopping experience. I’ve learned to keep my eyes peeled for a-line skirts and skirts with a bit of a flare.

This type of skirt totally avoids the tight issue and can still be trendy and fashionable. I wear several different a-line and full skirts in our E-book. I highly recommend looking at the “some of our favorite skirt looks” for ideas and inspiration.

7. Bonus Tip

Girl, you’ve got to learn to sew. Knowing just a few basic sewing tricks can open up endless possibilities in making modesty a part of your wardrobe.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Over the next week we are going to release pictures from our e-book to all of our social media sites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Each of these pictures will be a tip or trick for how to make modesty happen. Keep your eyes peeled. I’ll be releasing the first image later today.

What about you?

Does the back-to-school shopping trip stress you out? Why or why not?
What modesty tips and tricks can you share with the rest of us?

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36 Responses to 6 Back-to-School Modesty Tips and Tricks

  1. CT says:

    One thing I’ve noticed with camisoles is that some of them are the type where to adjust the strap you have to pull the plastic part toward the back of the shirt. I’d recommend finding the ones where you can pull the plastic adjuster toward the front of the shirt – it allows you to shorten the strap more. Also, cut out the shelf bra. That way, they can come up higher. If you’re still paranoid about it being too low, like I am, then what you can do is, if you don’t want to risk sewing it or don’t have the time, grab as much of the strap as you like starting from the front to shorten the total length, pinch it, and tie it up. If you like the length, great! If you don’t, untie, grab more or less of the strap, and retie until it’s good! And tuck the remainder of the strap under the shirt. It’s that easy!

  2. painting says:

    Great post! I try to dress modestly but its really hard, but i am NOT going to stop just because of that. I cant find any shirts that are long enough to cover up tight jeans. Where would you suggest looking for long shirts?

    • CT says:

      Sometimes you can just go for the short dresses, which end up looking more like a shirt when you wear them with pants! Just make sure to cover up the top appropriately!

  3. Hailey says:

    These are great tips; thanks!! I have SOO many camis and they are so helpful. I also really like capri pants, I have some pairs that aren’t too tight.

  4. Grace says:

    This sounds great 🙂 As I live in Australia we have to wear uniforms but this can apply to anywhere, thanks heaps, I’ll keep on striving for honouring God in everything I do…and wear 🙂

  5. Lizzy says:

    Great post! The most helpful tips, I think, are the cutting pants to make shorts trick, and the camisole under a low cut shirt. Do you think wearing a camisole under a midrift or crop top would work too? That’s all I see these days!

  6. Mella TJ says:

    So helpful! Thank you!

  7. DK says:

    Another tip I use is go thrift shopping. If you look around you can find designer clothes that look brand new and you’ll get if for half the price! Usually in the thrift shops, the clothes are pretty modest just look around for your style. Another great thing about thrift shopping is that you can get so much more clothes than going to the mall and paying full price. You will have a bigger variety of clothes in your wardrobe. A good chunk of my clothing is designer clothing, but bought in a thrift store. The only clothes that I buy brand new are my under garments, tank tops and whenever I see good sales for clothing. Great article!

  8. Elisabeth says:

    I definitely need to get camis to wear under things.Though pants are nice, I will always prefer skirts and dresses, I’m very girly

  9. Melissa VDA says:

    I have always found that camisoles always sort of gape at the front for me, so I rarely wear them anymore. Instead I wear a halftee. I absolutely love them! You can wear them forwards, or if you need more coverage you can totally wear them backward (that’s the only way I ever wear them). I love the fact that they are only half of a shirt, so it isn’t near as hot as a camisole is. They come like a tank top, cap sleeve, short sleeve, long sleeve and more. I personally like the cap sleeve. Then you can wear it under a nice sleeveless shirt and still be modest. I get mine from the Halftee website online. They seem quite pricey, but I have a black one and a white one, and I wear them A LOT and they still are in good condition!!

  10. Katie says:

    Where to y’all find MODEST/HIGH camis!?!? Any my sisters and I find are just as low or almost as low as the blouses/shirts, and either still show cleavage and/or don’t help the situation at all 🙁 Any help!? lol

    • Mikayla Pascale Julien says:

      You may want to try buying the male tank tops, walmart has plenty of them, or cami secret (it’s basically a half cami) they sell those at walmart too.

    • Melissa VDA says:

      I had that problem, too. Now I wear halftees. I posted a comment here earlier that you could check out.:)

      • Katie says:

        Halftees from where? I’ve seen them on a Christian mommy blogger’s website, but they cost a lot lol. 😉 Do they sell them at the store? 🙂

        • Melissa VDA says:

          Sorry took so long to reply. I’ve never see seen them at a store, but I get them at the Halftee website online. I have a feeling they would be the cheapest there, but don’t quote me on that.

    • CT says:

      See my comment at the very bottom 🙂

    • Natalie says:

      The Arizona brand at JC Penney is great for me! If you tuck them in to your pants, they won’t fall down in the front.

    • Hailey says:

      I have a ton of camis from Loft, I don’t remember the brand but they’re fairly inexpensive!

    • Kaiti says:

      I totally understand…most camisoles aren’t high enough. Mainly this is because most camis have a built-in “bra” thing so if you try and pull the top up to cover yourself the bra-thing gets all misplaced and rides up. I’ve found that camis without the built-in-bra thing work much better and can be pulled up to avoid cleavage.

    • Hannah says:

      You can cut out the extra support that’s in some cami’s. I’ve done that before, it doesn’t affect anything… except your modesty (for the better :)).

  11. Elizabeth Williams says:

    I’m definitely trying to learn to sew, and can’t wait to start making my own skirts and dresses!

  12. Christy says:

    I discovered Bermuda shorts this summer and they’ve been a life saver! Shorter than capris but still modest, and they keep me from melting in the heat.

  13. Kaiti says:

    I love boyfriend jeans. Unlike most other jean styles they are made to have a looser, relaxed fit and look great cuffed. They are so comfy and versatile, and trendy, too.

  14. Leanne says:

    Most of my shirts (even the thicker ones) have the problem where the outline/shape of my bra shows through the back, even if I’m wearing two layers. Do you think this is an issue, and is there a way to fix it without wearing ten million layers?

  15. Pingback: Month In Review: September 2015 – True and Pure

  16. Anon says:

    Does tying a shirt around your waist make skinny jeans modest? It covers the back enough, and covers the front a bit.

  17. Thanks for the tips!

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