7 Habits of a Brave, Strong, and Courageous Girl

By: Kristen Clark

She’s strong. She’s brave. And she definitely has courage. She has everything our modern culture praises. There’s only one problem. She is playing for the wrong team.

As a self-proclaimed atheist and radical feminist, she is aggressively fighting for the “rights” of the abortion industry. She loves abortion and is on the cutting edge of advancing this evil movement forward.

She is pushing for things that even seem radical to many pro-abortionists. But they like her fire. They like her zeal. They like her passion.

She’s a strong, brave, and courageous woman by our culture’s standards…but sadly, she’s spending her time fighting for the very things that God opposes.

As Christian girls and women, I think there’s an unspoken expectation in the church that goes something like this: “Christian women shouldn’t be strong. Christian women shouldn’t be brave and courageous. Christian women should remain passive and mind their own business.”

False. False. False.

Just look at Esther. That girl was strong. Just look at Abigail. That girl was brave. Just look at Mary. That girl had courage. The godly women of the Bible don’t portray a picture of weak and wimpy womanhood.

There are many strong, brave, and courageous women in our modern culture, but most of them are fighting for the wrong team.

Listen up girls!

It’s time we, as Christian girls and women, got a little fire in our bones for the things that truly matter. The things that matter to God. We serve a mighty King who is passionate about things like truth, life, marriage, purity, holiness, womanhood, manhood, and much more.

With attitudes of reverence, respect, dignity, and submission to our God, we should be on the front lines fighting for His agenda.

I would LOVE to see thousands of brave, strong, and courageous Christian girls rise up from your generation. Our culture is in desperate need of godly girls with passion and fire for God’s truth.

I have a few questions for you now:

Do your current habits make you a brave girl or a wimpy girl? Do your current habits push you to be courageous or passive? Do your current habits push you to be a strong girl for God’s truth, or a weak one?

I’ve seen dozens of truly brave, strong, and courageous Christians girls in my life, and they all have these 7 habits in common.

Here are 7 Habits of Brave, Strong, and Courageous Girls

Habit #1: She is a God-Defined Girl

She doesn’t allow the culture to define her worth, identity and value as a girl. She looks to God’s word. She understands that she is made in His image and handcrafted to look exactly the way she does.

She looks to God’s word for answers about her design and purpose as a female. She embraces God’s good design for gender roles and strives to live those out in her life. She is a girl who constantly strives to be defined by God’s word and nothing else.

Habit #2: She Prays Like it Matters

Girls who are strong for Christ become strong by realizing how absolutely weak they are. They understand that without Christ’s help, they are doomed to failure. Rather than getting caught up in the battles of the “flesh,” these girls take the battle to the Lord in prayer.

They get on their knees and pray like it really matters. They fight the battles of this world by seeking the face of the God of the universe. They pray with expectant anticipation for God to work. They believe prayer changes people, so they take it seriously.

Habit #3: She Searches for Truth

This habit is crucial. Rather than “hoping” to make the right decisions in life, this girl searches for God’s truths. She is on a constant treasure hunt for God’s best in her life. Whether it’s guys, romance, her future plans, or how to love her siblings, she scours God’s Word for answers to her questions.

She reads solid Christian books (like this one and this one), in search for Biblical truths. The more truth her brain is filled with, the less confusing life becomes. She makes wise decisions and becomes passionate about God’s truth.

Habit #4: She Looks for Lies

Not only does a brave, strong, and courageous girl search for truth, she is also on the constant lookout for lies. She knows that her three greatest enemies are her flesh, the world, and the devil, so she keeps a careful watch for lies.

She doesn’t blindly watch movies, listen to music, or read books, but carefully examines their content and worldview. She’s on the constant lookout for lies about her design as a girl, lies about God, and lies about her worth.

Habit #5: She Says No to Evil

It takes a strong girl to say no…especially when faced with temptation. A strong girl knows the danger of flirting with temptation and does all she can to avoid it and fight it. She knows how evil and seductive our world is, so she prepares ahead of time for the battle.

She firmly and boldly says no to sexual pressure, compromise, lies, and even half-truths. She doesn’t buy into our culture’s agenda for abortion, gender blending, sexual promiscuity, and feminism.

Habit #6: She Says YES to Righteousness

What God says goes. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. This girl loves God’s heart for righteousness and holiness and strives to live according to His word. She understands that being holy means being “set-apart” from the culture.

Rather than following the popular trends and worldviews of the day, she chooses to follow God’s Word and represent Him well as a Christian. She prays and asks God to make her more like Himself in character, thoughts, actions, and words.

Habit #7: She Does Hard Things

The final habit of a brave, strong, and courageous girl is clearly seen through her actions. She isn’t afraid to do hard things for the sake of Christ. Whether it’s sharing the gospel with someone, leading a girls Bible study, mentoring a younger girl, getting involved in the pro-life movement, or ministering to her own family, her life is marked by her hard work for Christ.

There you go! The 7 habits of brave, strong, and courageous girls. I pray you’ll join the ranks of passionate girls for Christ and fight for His truth in your circle of influence.

Let’s chat about it…

  • Which habit do you find the hardest to have? Why?
  • If you could add Habit #8 to my list, what would it be?

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  • Sandra

    I think #4 is the hardest. Because the world and the enemy (I’ve learned to never say or write his name, because that it gives him strengh every time someone uses it, so I always call him the enemy) let us believe the lies are the truth. By reading Scriptures, we learn the truth and we have to seek for it in the world, discuss if the right is really the right, or if it might be the wrong and a lie.

    And maybe #8 could be: A brave, strong, courageous girl asks God to lead her, helps her to become the person He wants her to be. At least, it is what I ask for all the time.

    • Rebeka

      HI Sandra! Just curious…how does using the “enemy’s” name give him strength? I’m not trying to contradict you, I’m just wondering if it is something that you have found in the Bible or if it is just a personal belief. I’m really curious! 🙂

      • Sandra

        Hi Rebeka!

        It’s something a friend told me. She read it somewhere or heard it somewhere. She told me that every time you say the enemy’s name, you think about him. And the fact you think about him, saying his name, makes that he thinks he is important, which gives him the power and strength to continue whatever he is doing. Since then, I try to avoid saying his name, because I think there is a truth in it :o)

        Ofcourse everyone has to deside how he or she calls the enemy, but this is where I hold on to :o)

        • Rebeka

          Thanks Sandra!

        • Catherine

          How does saying “the enemy” differ from saying his name? You’re still thinking about him. Christ Himself called Satan by his name. Why not follow the example of the Master instead? What is there to be afraid of? We’re protected, the final battle has been won.

          • Sandra

            Hi Catherine!

            In my opinion saying things out loud, gives it strength. But like I said, no one has to agree with it, it is just something I choose for :o)

  • Faith

    Kristen, I cannot thank you enough for writing this! This is definitely one of the absolute best articles I have read in a VERY long time. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • So grateful this post was an encouragement to you, Fath!! PTL! Thanks for sharing. -Kristen

  • ThePoeticMusician

    Great post! #1 is probably the most often forgotten in today’s culture. We as young women are taught to define ourselves by everything else but Christ–whether it’s marriage, family, education, career, beauty, ability, talent, etc. We aren’t to be defined by any of those things; rather, we are to look to Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith, and the meaning for our lives. We have all we need in Jesus–that should be more than enough to motivate us to be strong women for Him!

    • Great thoughts, @thepoeticmusician! Love your insights.

  • Olivia Scott

    This is one of my favorite posts ever written on this blog! Love it and thanks so much for these words of wisdom, Kristen!

    • So grateful it encouraged you, Olivia! May you continue to shine for Jesus. Thanks for sharing!

  • vwlover

    I loved this and it came right on time!

  • Anonymous

    What are the books being referred to in “she reads solid Christian books (like this one and this one)”?

    • Leanne

      I think Kristen just forgot to hyperlink them. I’m sure she’ll fix it soon 🙂

    • Oops! I forgot the hyperlinks! I just updated it though. Good catch! Thx!

  • Lizzy

    THIS is what I need to focus on, these seven habits.
    I’m not strong, and I’m not courageous. I am weak to everything you’ve mentioned. But if I focus on these seven things, maybe, over time, I will be a strong Christian Girl just like the one you talk about.
    I’m going to write this article down, if you don’t mind, and keep it as a reminder.
    Thank you for posting this, Kristin.

    • That sounds like a great idea, Lizzy! I love it. With God’s strength, He will help us become the women he’s called us to be. Keep striving for His truth, girl! You’re on the right track.

      • Lizzy

        Thank you, Kristin!

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