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7 Reasons I’m Not a Feminist

By: Kristen Clark

With a bold title like this, some of you probably clapped your hands and cheered, while others of you raised one eyebrow in utter shock and confusion (and some of you just clicked off in disgust). How do I know this?

Because I’ve read heartfelt emails from all three camps when it comes to this topic.  

Here at GirlDefined, we’ve received dozens of emails cheering us on for taking a stand against feminism, but we’ve also received a handful of heartfelt emails genuinely wondering why we, as WOMEN, would ever be against feminism. Of course, we’ve also received some hate mail.

In an attempt to clarify exactly where we stand on the topic of feminism (and why), this post is for you.

And you. And yes, even you.

As stated clearly in our tagline, we created GirlDefined Ministries to help girls “get BACK to God’s design.” That means we believe Christian girls have strayed away from God’s design. As a whole, Christian girls are really struggling to understand what God’s design is for their lives and how to practically live that out.

In short, we obviously don’t believe feminism is the answer to our womanhood questions.

Yes, feminism has done some good over the years, but by and large it has left women more confused and unfulfilled than ever before.


Because whenever you try to define the creature apart from the Creator, you end up with problems.

Feminism is an entire belief system and worldview built by women in an attempt to redefine womanhood. If you dig one inch below the ground level of feminism’s smiling face, you would find a tangled web of beliefs that are totally void of God’s Word.

“Feminism is nothing less than rebellion against God’s created order, and all of us are guilty of that rebellion in some degree. Feminism began in the Garden of Eden–not in 18th-century France or 19th-century New England. The tempter invited our first mother to question God’s ability to define her–’Did God actually say…?’ (Genesis 3:1). This is the heart of feminism today–a constant questioning of anyone else’s ability or right to tell us who we are as women.” -Jenny Chancey

We don’t need feminism to define who we are as women – God’s original definition is totally and completely sufficient. And that is exactly what this ministry is striving to promote.

So, without further ado, here are 7 reasons I’m choosing not to be a feminist.

1. You Become Your Own God

It doesn’t matter how much you airbrush feminism, this “religion” has created its own definition for womanhood. Instead of looking to God’s Word for answers about female identity, feminist women decided to become their own gods, defining womanhood on their own terms.

Just read one chapter in any mainstream secular feminist book and you will see this underlying theme on every page. “We define who we are as women…”

2. Sexual Promiscuity is Praised

Believe it or not, the large majority of feminist women used to be appalled and totally opposed to pornography. Not anymore. Recent waves of feminism have switched gears and are now fully embracing sexual liberation.

Sadly, stripping for the public, posing naked, and swimming topless are no longer considered “objectifying” but “liberating.”

3. Not all Lives are Valued

This is a huge one. Very, very, very, few mainstream feminists would disagree on this one. “Abortion is a right for all women.” Feminists have decided to play God by choosing which lives are valuable and which aren’t. If a human being is younger than a certain age, feminists have claimed the right to determine whether that human should live or die. This is absolutely horrific.

4. Male Leadership is Despised

Let’s just be honest – feminism hasn’t exactly been an open fan of male leadership. Feminism is so focused on telling women how to be strong, empowered, and brave…they’ve kinda forgotten how to be cheerleaders for men as well.

As a result, feminism has produced a line of females that disdain male leadership in every way, shape, and form. Sadly, this distaste of male leadership has seeped into the church and many Christian women despise God’s design for husbands and wives

5. Homemaking isn’t Valued

Homemaking used to be a popular career track for young women. Not anymore. Feminism has successfully redefined what it means to be a successful woman in the 21st century. And guess what? Female success isn’t found in the home anymore…it’s found in the marketplace.

If you want to be praised by our modern culture, you better be outside of your home doing anything but homemaking and raising a family. This is the underlying attitude feminism has created in our culture today.

6. Unique Gender Differences are Ignored

One glance at Genesis will reveal the God of the universe hard at work creating a human race to reflect His divine image. This heavenly picture includes a male and female each reflecting different parts of God’s character and nature, all for the purpose of glorifying God and pointing to the forthcoming gospel.

Feminism erases all of that beauty. Males and females are no longer different, but the same. Gender roles are erased and we are left to redefine our genders according to our own desires.

7. The Victim Mentality is Encouraged

Have women been victims of male sin? Absolutely. Are all women victims? Absolutely not. Sadly, feminism has gained a lot of acceptance and popularity by encouraging women to believe that we’re all victims of something.

“Women can’t go shirtless in public like men can…we’re victims of inequality!” Or “More men are breadwinners than women…we’re victims of a patriarchal society!” Or “Why should husbands be the leaders of their families?? We’re victims of female oppression!” You get the point. Feminism constantly encourages women to embrace a weak, pitiful, and victimized attitude about life.

And, there you have it. 7 reason I’m not a feminist.

I honestly could have shared 100 reasons…but I decided to spare you this time. Girls, I am choosing to not be a feminist NOT because I hate womanhood…but because I have discovered a version of womanhood that is much, much, much more empowering for me as a female.

It’s found in God’s design.

God’s design for womanhood encourages females to be smart, wise, strong, industrious, and brave…but we’re called to be these things for HIS glory, not our own. That is the biggest difference between Biblical womanhood and feminism. 

Biblical womanhood defines the female according to God’s design for His glory and our greatest good.  

As Jenny Chancey so beautifully stated, “The more we seek to conform ourselves to God’s will for women–to His unchanging definition–the happier and more at peace we will be as individuals and within the societies we help to build.”

I have never been happier, more fulfilled, more content, more joyful, more secure, and more brave than when I started living according to God’s beautiful design. I hope you’ll join me.

Let’s keep this conversation going.

  • Do you define your womanhood according to God’s Word or according to feminism’s definition?
  • Why do you think so many Christian women embrace the ideas of feminism?

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91 Responses to 7 Reasons I’m Not a Feminist

  1. Melissa VDA says:

    Amen, Kristen. I 100% agree!

  2. Maggie Fipps says:

    Thank you so much for this post Kristen! I know I am sometimes confused by parts of feminism that I think may be good and bad, this post really helped me figure it out! I love how Dannah Gresh puts it in her new book Get Lost. (paraphrasing so bear with me) She says that we shouldn’t go back to the way our society used to be, with women having no rights like voting. But we shouldn’t go the way feminism is taking us, with women taking the “victim pose” like you just said. There is a balance!

    • GirlDefined says:

      Hey Maggie! I agree…the whole topic of feminism can be a very confusing thing. I am so grateful you found this post helpful! I love that quote from Dannah Gresh as well. -Kristen

  3. Dolly says:

    Oh, the was one of your best posts. Loved it!

  4. Daria says:

    One thing I really appreciated about this post is your stance against feminism in this day and age. Feminism has allowed women to vote and to be more equal in political life. But that was in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Since then, feminism has been perverted: women are encouraged to embrace gay lifestyle, abortion and hate men. How is that equality?!
    That is why I don’t consider myself a feminist: maybe I would’ve been in the 1910’s for suffrage, but not now.
    Thank you for writing this post Kristen 🙂

    • GirlDefined says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Daria! I am so grateful that God’s Word is the truth and that is transcends time and culture. His definition for womanhood is the best one out there and it is always relevant.

    • Alyssa says:

      No, feminism is not telling you to embrace gay lifestyle, abortion, or to hate men. Feminism means women should have equal rights to men, that all people are equal regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or skin color. Feminism does advocate for a women’s right to choice. Choice does not mean that feminists demand all women get abortions. As a feminist I dislike the idea of abortion and would not make the choice to get an abortion, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in a women’s right of choice.

  5. Sarah Dasha Taylor says:

    Thankful for your voice! I attended a very feminist college for one (LONG) semester many years ago and these characteristics all applied to to that atmosphere. I’m so grateful for godly women promoting femininity!

    • Esparza Family says:

      Can I ask what college you attended? I’m looking to go to college and I want to know what to avoid. 🙂 Was it like a private women’s college or just a liberal public college? Thanks! -Anna

      • Sarah Dasha Taylor says:

        It was Wesleyan College- a small women’s college. Avoid those like the plague. They are hotbeds for women who have lots of forgiveness toward men.

        • Leanne says:

          Sarah, thanks for that note! I was wondering what the whole point of women’s colleges were about! Would you say it applies to most, if not all women’s colleges?

          And @Esparza Family, I go to a public university. Since this is the internet, I won’t post the name publicly here, but it is one of the less in-your-face liberal schools. Still, it is full of enemy attacks, people opposed to the Gospel, and subtle lies from the enemy that disguise themselves as good or beneficial. Simply put, it is the land of spiritual warfare. But I’d also mention that Christian colleges can sometimes lock you into a bubble of their doctrine and man’s rules, and it can be hard to form your own convictions. If you have to choose between a Christian college and a state school, prayerfully consider where the Lord wants you to be. What would bring the most glory to His kingdom? Does He want you to be out sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to your peers, or perhaps is He calling you to take a season of Christ-centered environment and academics at a Christian school? I can’t answer that for you: each person is different, but it’s something to get you started.

          • Sarah Dasha Taylor says:

            I ended up transferring to a public university and since it was so large I had a much easier time just doing my own thing. I’m sure there some women’s colleges that are different, but there is a hugely prevalent feminist spirit in most women’s colleges.

          • Esparza Family says:

            Thank you so much for the advice…I will really have to pray and discern where God wants me. Additionally private colleges are sooooo expensive these days….Do I really want a ton of debt after graduation? Again thanks for the note and prayers would be appreciated for me and all other college-bound teens! 🙂

          • Leanne says:

            If you happen to be considering a school in Virginia, and the Lord calls you to attend a public institution, let me know. I am at a state school in VA and in dire need of other sisters in Christ to come help me evangelize the campus. There’s a lot of Christians, but very few evangelists, and hardly any open air preachers. I wish we had more of those.

        • No name please says:

          I thought wesleyans were anti feminist also? I was just curious- are most wesleyans like that???

          • Sarah Dasha Taylor says:

            The Wesleyan college I attended has majorly changed over the past few decades. I can’t speak for other Wesleyan colleges, but this particular one has almost completely forsaken its christian roots. I was under the impression I would be attending a christian college for ladies–I was very wrong. I Don’t intend to bash the institution, but I don’t want other girls making the same mistake I did, thinking women’s colleges are safe. Most of them have completely shifted from what our grandmothers know as women’s colleges.

    • GirlDefined says:

      Thanks for your encouraging comment, Sarah! Biblical femininity truly is a beautiful design.

  6. Leah Holsinger says:

    I am so grateful I came across this article! I am a young woman, newly wed, and striving after who God has called me to be as a woman and a wife, and eventually a mother. I have never cared for the feminist view, mainly because it turned me off when I first went to college and saw the pride and anger behind it. It is true, many feminists enforce this view that all of us women are victims. But we aren’t. We as humans are all sinners, but there’s a perfect design set out for us! And the best part, we have a chance to be forgiven from those sins and pain. I am excited to share these 7 reasons with friends and family – hoping it can bring a light to our true design as women. It doesn’t mean that we can’t and shouldn’t do anything. That’s demeaning and dehumanizing! But we have such unique qualities that God created in each of us, and we have the chance to use them in unique ways to bring Him glory. And it sure saves us women a lot of confusion and time searching for something that won’t satisfy. It’s already been laid out. 🙂

    • GirlDefined says:

      I am so grateful you found this post encouraging, Leah! Congrats on your new marriage. I have been married for almost 5 years now and striving to be a God-defined wife has been such a blessing in my marriage. Keep pursuing His truth! 🙂 -Kristen

  7. Alyssa Faith says:

    Thank you! My favourite post from ya’ll so far.

  8. Tiana says:

    wow. so good and so true! “Feminism” can be an excuse for so many things… thank you for sharing your heart!

  9. Allie says:

    Yes and amen!!

  10. lizzie says:

    This is so disappointing to read. Feminism is a liberating movement for all women, regardless of religious beliefs and personal goals. Feminism, as a movement, works to offer women the opportunity to choose their own paths. In my experience as a feminist, none of the things in this article are even close to true of the movement, and I’m sorry that some people seem to have had a bad experience. God created women as unique, valuable creatures, and feminism strives to protect this truth.

    • Amaris Lancaster says:

      Christianity itself is a liberating movement. As a christian why do we even need feminism if we are following God’s plan? God’s plan strives to liberate not only women, but women AND men. GOD tells us we are unique and valued if you have to go somewhere else to push that you may have a heart issue. Follow God’s plan, and females (and males) will get the value, love, acceptance that none of us actually deserve.

      • Fuzzeh says:

        How offensive to tell someone they have a heart issue simply because they have a different belief system. Doubly offensive to tell them their belief system is the reason they have no value and do not deserve it.

        • Amaris Lancaster says:

          God gives us love and value not because we deserve it but because He has mercy (not giving you something you deserve) and grace (giving you something you don’t deserve).
          Do you believe that as a human we actually deserve God’s love? We have sinned, spat in God’s face, and even willingly turned our back on God, We do not DESERVE anything from God except the consequences for doing that. Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

          But that’s the amazing part, Despite all that He STILL loved us, He loves us SO much that He, The God who hold the stars in His hands, the one who formed everything we see and know with just one breath, The King of ALL Kings, HE lowered himself to the level of the small insignificant creatures we are, and said, I love you. To me, you ARE significant. I want you to become MY child, the child of a King. But the only way that was possible was if He took all the filthy lies, pride, lust, anger, selfishness, and hatred, the very things we built up, keeping us away from Him, and take them as his own and take them with Him as a sacrifice on the cross. Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He loves us but we don’t deserve it, we actually deserve the opposite. He gives us value, worth, love and acceptance. They are all gifts from God. Does God need us? No, but He still said, you are precious and valuable to me, and then He gave us a purpose. He loves us even after we spat on His face and rebelled against Him. God is the only place we can TRULY get value and worth. Saying that ‘value, love, acceptance is something none of us actually deserve.’ was not a comment referring to a particular belief system only, but to all of us.

          Also believe it or not some belief systems do stem from heart issues. Let me give you some examples;
          Evolutionists, these people have a problem trusting and accepting God’s word for God’s word, or sometimes they have just straight out turned their back on God.
          Satanists, People who follow Satanism are seeking after power. Some are fooled into thinking that Satan is most powerful, and some are just looking for power anywhere but God.
          There are more but I don’t want to rave on forever.
          On top off that I had meant to phrase the question in a way that asked people to look to their hearts if they are searching for love and acceptance anywhere but God. ‘…if you have to go somewhere else to push that you MAY have a heart issue.’
          Also you have just labelled Feminism as a different belief system, what does that infer? The reason I feel so passionately about this is because I have seen feminism suck in loved ones and it almost got to me too. You need to research it in the bible for yourself, really study it. Then ask the question, ‘Does my belief in feminism clash with some of God’s views?’ ‘Will I place my belief in feminism over God’s word?’ The only way you can have a firm idea is if you research feminism for yourself and also study it in God’s word, and not take the world’s word for it. If you say feminism lines up 100% to God’s word, than good, you should have no problem finding it in God’s word as well. Thank you for your opinion. I hope this has cleared up my intentions a bit.
          Good luck 🙂

          • Fuzzeh says:

            To be totally transparent, I tried for years to practice feminism from the Christian view point and vice versa. Feminism does not line up with Christianity. Christianity does not allow a woman to define her role or her meaning. You assumed I know little about Christianity and you appeared to have seen your opportunity to teach me about God’s love. I spent most of my life as highly devout and it was damaging to me.

            I did not need your intentions to be explained–I understand them. I spoke similar words for a very long time. Likely, I spoke in that way for the first 21 years of my life. I went on missions trips, read the bible through more than once, evangelized, took purity pledges–I was a ‘good Christian girl.” I can give you a ridiculously long list of why I have abandoned Christianity but I am sure you are currently too devout to accept my arguments.

            In all honesty, Christianity damaged me significantly. People will claim I did not truly understand the religion then or blamed my parents, the church, the pastor. That is not the case. Anything that claims you are despicable as you are is not a belief system I wish to be a part of. To answer your question, if I were to believe in a God, I would say that we do deserve his or her love. Who wants to be a part of a group that thinks, no matter what you do, you are undeserving? That no matter how hard you try, a fiery and painful afterlife is just? No thank you.

            I came here because I was so indoctrinated and surrounded by like minded people for so long. I had so many questions and struggles regarding Christianity and the answers were not satisfying. Everyone needs to exposed to different view points. Unfortunately, this blog is not approving some of my submissions and that is sad. They are afraid, it appears, to hear any dissent.

          • Leanne says:

            You say that Christianity has damaged you? May I ask you, did you consider counting the cost? Jesus said in His Word, that as followers of Him, we would have to suffer and take up our cross. The path of following Him would not be easy. But it is worth it. As a believer myself, when the Lord began to bring to my attention some areas of my life that needed to be cleaned up, it was quite a painful process. He removed from my life (and challenged me to get away from) what I had depended on for satisfaction for the longest time – my fleshly desires. I could have called it quits there. I could have said, Christianity sucked all the excitement out of my life. Now it is so hard to live without the fun stuff. Christianity is only restricting. I don’t see what’s worthwhile in Christianity. I could have called it quits there. But by God’s grace, He has allowed me to make it through. And despite all that pain, I look back at what He rescued me from and see that all that I had once previously treasured is now a pile of rubbish. I do not regret going through that pain at all to gain what I have now – a secure hope in Him alone.

            Once I began truly walking with Him, there came another season of my life where He called me to do ministry work. I am in that season right now. And the place where He has called me is a very hostile field. There are some people who hate me for standing up for the things of God. I have the option to complain about my miserable state and call it quits on God, saying that He is only trying to make me miserable and has no good intentions for me. But I know that’s not the case. I take the promises in His Word to heart. I know He is true and faithful and will see me through to the end. What a mighty God we serve! Amen? Amen!!!!!

          • Fuzzeh says:

            It seems you made the assumption that I hit a few bumps in the road and decided following Jesus Christ was not for me. Leaving the Christian faith was not a single decision or epiphany moment. It was the result of research, education and soul searching. The research surrounding the psychological damage of evangelical/fundamentalist religion is significant. I didn’t choose to leave, I didn’t do so out of anger. In reality, I tried to hang on but in the end you cannot force beliefs. I invite you to investigate the research that discusses the impact of devotion to a rigid belief system that preaches you are despicable and undeserving. Beliefs should be challenged.

            Yes, Christians are called to suffer. I can quote passages as do many other readers of this blog. Phillipians 1:29 discusses the privilege of suffering. In all honesty, that theory is a manipulative way to prevent people from being angry at God when they encounter bad times.

          • Leanne says:

            I think you were led away by the enemy, because I know for a fact that God is true, and all other sources (including man) are a liar. Satan deceived you. That’s the best way I can put it

          • Fuzzeh says:

            I did type a response for you but it is pending approval from GirlDefined. Why do you think the creators of this blog frequently delete and must approve comments? Do you think they are afraid of different opinions? I am curious what about my comment required approval. This is not the first time it has happened.

          • We are told to study the word of God in order to get to know God, handle situations in life, and even to defend ourselves. However, we are also told to not use the word of God in a manner to bicker and cause or add to strife.
            While we are human and many Christians fall short of this. We allow our carnal mind and emotions to approach and react instead of abiding by what God would see fit or what the Holy Spirit will lead us to do if we would have just been still.
            With all respect when you comment your automatically coming with an attitude of disbelief which is showing as an angry or frustrated manner at times. So no matter what is said or proof that is given you still will not believe. Inevitably it’s like walking into a lion’s den. A huge possibility that our natural sinful behavior would kick in and we would become angry and hateful. All things that are ungodly. Things we as Christian’s are told to turn away from.

          • Fuzzeh says:

            What proof has been given to me?
            Also, comments are often mistaken as angry when people disagree with my opinions. I don’t think I am the frustrated one in this thread. Individuals that dislike hearing dissenting opinions are frustrated. Many of my comments are blocked–comments that do not contain profanity and are attempts to be honest discussions. Others I know have had comments deleted. Why do you think that is?

          • Well, I can’t speak for them or anyone else for that matter. I don’t know their heart or have the ability to read their mind. I can offer an opinion and my own self point of view.
            You made a very good point when you said that most of the time people are angered when someone doesn’t agree with the opinion or statement of others. So this would also apply to you? Correct? That only seems fair and shows no favor towards you or the other who is disagreeing.
            Seems to be no other option but calling it a draw and settling with agreement to disagree.

            Oh about the first question of what proof? What question did you ask proof for?. Are you wanting scripture to the first part of my comment about God not wanting us to use His word in strife or anger against others?

          • Leanne says:

            Don’t worry, I think my response is pending approval to. Put it this way, I know what I’m saying is true. You may not think it’s true, but I promise you it is true. You can stand before God one day at the final judgment and explain to him why you rejected him. The authors of this blog would most certainly agree with me that we speak the truth no matter what other people think of us. We do God’s work for God’s approval. We do not do this for man’s approval. So even though we have haters and other people who tried to hostilely disagree with us, we will still speak the things of God. We may receive a lot of criticism, but we stand firmly for truth knowing that this is the world’s natural response to hate us. We are willing to take the Heat. Because we do it all for God. Amen!

          • Fuzzeh says:

            I would ask how you know your beliefs are true, but I imagine you would reply that it is faith.

            I am not hostilely disagreeing with you–I imagine most people you engage with meander into insults and abuse, as your beliefs do evoke strong reactions. I will keep repeating that you should research religion’s impact on one psychologically. Equip yourself with additional knowledge that people can relate to. Telling someone their disbelief is the result of Satan (as you attempted with me) will not convert anyone, just as me trying to point out the flaws I see in your belief system will not take you away from Christianity. If you understand why people don’t believe, I imagine your evangelizing would be more successful.

            Christians aren’t victims– Though I used to believe that, too. You have haters because you are perceived to be judgmental. I did not reject God–how can I reject an idea that is false? Rejection implies I am in denial or made a conscious choice. I will bow out here. I wish you luck and hope you find additional sources of happiness and validation.

  11. MB says:

    Good on you.

  12. Amaris Lancaster says:

    I was very much on the path to becoming a feminist today, as there has been a lot of hurt from males in my family (two of my sisters are staunch feminists). But God worked in my life and I learnt that He had a wonderful plan for us as women, a powerful role. I learnt that God made us equal, valuable, and unique. Unfortunately when we sinned, as a part of the curse we got as consequence, we are told that our husbands will rule over us; Genesis 3:16 “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” It’s a curse! Not God’s original plan! But WE messed it up and must live with the consequences.
    Even though our husbands are the leaders doesn’t mean we are less equal or valuable. In fact God commands that men go so far as to value their wives above their very life; Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;” I could go on but better not…So in conclusion I decided that following God’s plan would end me better off than following a popular world view.

  13. Angie says:

    You disappoint me. God wants equality and happiness for all. I’m sorry that you feel as if you believe in a God that does not want you to live a full life with as many opportunities as our male counterpart. I’m sorry you don’t understand the concept of this word, this movement, this revelation that both women and men and sexually ambiguous members of our society have experienced. I’m sorry you are not there yet. Good luck on your self journey. Please try next time to strive to raise women up. We can’t hold each other back. We have enough hurdles, barriers, and glass ceilings doing that for us.

  14. This was disheartening from such a great sight. God created men and women different, yes, but equal. And feminism isn’t about making a woman her own God. But rather empowering her to be the woman God created her to be! If that’s a stay at home mom, the go her! If it’s a CEO of a large company, Good for her! If it’s writing Bible studies for other women, that’s awesome! It’s about giving women the freedom to follow Gods call on their lives without judgement! Without glass ceilings. As a Christian woman who has a degree in ministry I can’t see why a Christian woman would not be in support of the freedom feminism has given us. Also: as far as the sexuality thing goes, I choose because of my Biblical beliefs to wait for my wedding day. My now husband and I made that decision and waited. And I would encourage any other woman of faith to do the same. BUT women who are not a part of our faith should have the freedom to do whatever they want with their bodies. 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 talks about this. I do see where you’re coming from. I do. But I wish you saw how hurtful this can be to your sisters. I mean when you see women in countries who don’t have the rights we do here in America, don’t you see that feminism is still needed? It’s still needed.

  15. Anna says:

    I have been a reader of Girldefined for many months, but I have never posted until now. I still have a lot to figure out about this feminism/anti-feminism thing, but I have to say something now:
    Feminism is defined as: advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men

    The interesting thing about the above definition? I think that under that definition, we would all (including you, Bethany and Kristen) be defined as feminists. I have read and been empowered by your clear advocacy for the fact that God loves us women just the same as he loves men. No, he doesn’t (I believe) love us more, but equally as much.

    If you believe that women and men have different roles to fulfill in this life on earth, you can still be a believer in the inherent equality of the sexes. If you believe that the most sacred calling on earth for women is to be keeper of the home, than you can still believe in equality of the sexes. According to the above definition, all you have to believe, to be a feminist, is that men and women are of equal value.

    Feminism is not a religion. Just like anti-feminism is not a religion. Just like racism is not a religion. Some religious people (men and women both) are feminists. Some aren’t. Feminism, in the above definition, does not try to replace God.

    But the bible makes clear, I think, that in God’s eyes we are all of equal value. It is beginning to seem to me that if you believe in this, then you too are a feminist. Because not all feminists believe that abortion is acceptable. Not all feminists believe that men can’t be leaders. Not all feminists are arrogant (and sadly some non-feminists are arrogant…arrogance is unfortunately everywhere and in every one).

    All you have to believe to be a feminist, it would seem, is to believe that you, woman, are fearfully and wonderfully made, just like your brother/father/husband is.

    Thanks for bringing this issue up, Kristen- it’s so great that we women can get together and have these important conversations, which will impact the lives of our children, and our children’s children

    • TK says:

      This is an incredibly thoughtful, kind, and loving response. Thank you for taking the time to write this down.

  16. Amaris Lancaster says:

    If you look up the policies of communism they actually sound pretty good (they wish to achieve equality by creating a ‘community based’ distribution of funds). Unfortunately we can all see that despite how good it sounds, communism always nurtures corruption. Why is that? It is because we all have a sinful nature that want it’s own self gain and strives to achieve that. Communism creates the perfect system for people to take advantage and exploit the people for their own gain. To an unknowing eye the outside of this movement looks shiny and full of potential, but it is actually a festering mess of selfishness and corrupt ideologies. Much like this I worry that the feminist movement has a few inside ideologies and attributes that don’t follow God’s teachings or plans. On the outside what it proclaims sounds shiny, great and sound doctrine, but once sucked in it is hard to see any issues and is even harder to backpedal. We do not need to follow the feminist movement to gain equality, just stick to what God teaches us and that will assure everybody of the full of value and equality God gives us.

    • Leanne says:

      Amen! All we need is God’s plan! And if we were following Philippians 2:1-8, considering others more important than ourselves, having the mind of Christ, we wouldn’t be having this problem! All too often, we try to solve this world’s problems with man made solutions
      We need to wake up and realize that the greatest solutions we will see to our problems is through following God’s way of laying down self.

  17. Amaris Lancaster says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for this blog it has been such an encouragement. I have two sisters lost in feminism and I can see firsthand the negative impact it has had on them. It has been nice having someone (not an older person) back up my beliefs. So thank you!!! 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    I know this is really off-topic , but I feel like when I pray I am just talking to the wall… any ideas to help??

    • Olivia W. says:

      Dear anonymous,
      Prayer is a very special thing. It is a privilege that we have as Christians, and it is for our benefit and God’s glory. Still, it’s hard to feel like God really hears us and cares, sometimes. Sometime last year, if you asked me about my prayer life, I would tell you that I pray every now and then, when something really bad happens, but other than that I just don’t really need it. Well now, my life is a lot different and I’m beginning to see just how amazing prayer is when it’s done the right way. So, here are some things that hopefully might help.

      1. Be genuine and personal. Tell God everything. Talk to him as you would talk to a regular person. Tell him what’s going on in your life. Even if you are upset, it’s ok to tell him that.

      2. Be respectful. While we should honestly tell God our struggles or frustrations, it’s also important to remember to be respectful of him. He is the creator of the universe, and we are sinful people. He loves us dearly and blesses us, but we should be careful not to reach the point where we think that God owes us his blessings and mercy. Anything he gives us is out of his grace.

      3. Don’t limit your prayer. For me, it’s good to set aside specific times to pray and read my bible, because then I know that it will get done and I won’t forget about it. On the other hand though, don’t think that you should only pray at certain times or for certain reasons. Any time that you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or stressed, tell him your problems and ask him to help you and give you peace.

      4. Read the Bible. The Bible is how God talks to us, and it is how we learn about him. The Bible helps us to grow in our faith and our relationship with him. If you have a good relationship with God, prayer will not be meaningless to you. Matthew 6 is a pretty good chapter about our relationship with God.

      5. Trust. Often times, we don’t get an obvious or immediate response when we pray. Don’t let this discourage you too much. Trust that he hears, he cares, and he will do what is best for you.

      Another thing that has helped me, is the ACTS method of prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up. Although I don’t strictly use it in that order, it has shaped how much time I spend on each category of prayer: specific requests, thanks, praise, and personal growth.

      • Amaris Lancaster says:

        Very good answer Olivia! Everyone sometimes feels like they are talking to a wall. You will find that the more you pray the more connected you will feel with God. Someone once gave me this example; To build a relationship you have to spend time with that person. Sometimes it can be a bit awkward at first but the more you spend time with them, the more you learn about them, the more you learn about them, the closer you become, the closer you become, the easier it is to hold a conversation with them. It it the same with God. A relationship is something you have to work at.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you Olivia!!! This is so helpful and encouraging. You have encouraged me very very much through simply replying to my question on a blog. Thank you SOOO much!
        May God bless you immensely!

  19. Sarah Dasha Taylor says:

    There are many Wesleyan’s, and the I attended was most certainly an only women’s college. 🙂

  20. I believe the point here is that God has ALREADY made women equal with men. We, as women, do not need to be liberated or to fight for equal rights because in Christ, we are already equal. We should not care if society does or doesn’t think that women are equal with men. What others think does not matter. Only what God thinks about us matters. And He calls us His beloved child.

  21. Joyful in Jesus says:

    I follow God’s design for womanhood (you’ve been a lot of help with that) but I think many (maybe most I’m not really sure) feminists are not Christian. We as Christians live for Christ (life is worth the living just because He lives) so if they don’t have anything to live FOR then they find a way to live for the world.. For many women I think they work so hard at feminism because they want a purpose in life which they should be getting from Christ our Lord.

  22. Olivia W. says:

    I think it’s clear even just from these comments, that a lot of people have a lot of different views of the meaning of feminism. (Which I think you covered well in one of the articles that was linked in this post.)

    One thing that bugs me though, is that feminists in this generation seem to be making a big deal out of nothing. There have been countries and times where women were viewed as possessions of their husbands, mere objects of little or no value, and abused because of it. THAT, is unfair treatment of women. However, in America today, that isn’t even close to the case. If women are abused by their husbands, it isn’t a matter that the government or their rallying can change. Bad things like abuse will continue to happen as we live in a sinful world. Only God can change that, because only he can change the hearts of abusive husbands or other bad people.

    There are little (or no) rights that men have that women don’t also have today in America. There isn’t much bias against women in today’s culture. Extreme feminists fight against things such as Christians’ ill-views against homosexuality, but views are simply views, they have nothing to do with rights and they are merely personal opinions. There’s no point in fighting to change people’s views, because we are all allowed to have our own beliefs and opinions.

  23. Emma says:

    I read this article because one of my friends that knows I am both a Christian and a feminist sent this to me, and I can’t help but to disagree with this argument. Being a reasonable person, I can see other people’s views and understand it from their perspective, but did anyone else notice that the claims made in this were not qualities of REAL feminism? The exact definition of feminism is the belief of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. This says nothing about men not being valued, male leadership being despised, homemaking not being valued, gender differences being ignored, or the victim mentality being encouraged. Sure, some people take it too far, but that’s not what feminism stands for. I don’t agree with people using feminism as an excuse, simply despising men, settling for being the victim, or not valuing homemaking.

    To counter this first claim, I would simply say it is inaccurate. By deciding to be our own person and setting our boundaries, and deciding our values, are we becoming our own “God”? Heck no! In the sentence “We define who we are as women”, what if I took out “as women”? You just have “We define who we are”. Is there anything wrong with that sentence? No! So, what I’m getting from this is that making the sentence stand for something in feminism is completely wrong and suddenly un-christian like, but there’s nothing wrong with defining who you are.

    As for the second claim, Sexual Promiscuity is NOT Praised. In real feminism, it is still viewed as objectifying and insulting. But of course,this person wouldn’t know.

    The third claim states that not all lives are valued, which is very untrue. Feminism has nothing to do with abortions. It’s a false statement that real feminist decide who lives and dies. That would be horrible.

    In the fourth claim, you say that male leadership is despised. Like all your other claims, this is untrue. Male leadership is certainly not despised, we just believe that women should be given the equal opprotunity to lead. Males being leaders is perfectly fine, but being told you can’t lead because you’re female is wrong. Statistics show that women working are often pushed aside to give the male figure the spotlight. For example, look up the amount of male bosses vs female bosses, and you’ll see a significant difference. And this certainly isn’t because women are incapable.

    In the fifth claim, you say that homemaking isn’t valued. Homemaking is very much valued. Feminism only discourages the stereotype that women can’t do anything outside of that. The stereotype tell people that women should stay at home, cook and clean, while men go out and work and provide for the family. Feminism just says the roles can be reversed.

    The sixth claim doesn’t make sense to me. What gender roles? The stereotypical ones? And what do you mean by gender differences? You state we’re the same, which is obviously not true because feminism exists.

    Lastly, but certainly not least, you say the victim mentality is encouraged. Oh, not at all. We are NOT victimized. Feminism encourages women to be brave, stand up for what they believe in, and to not let anything hold them back. So, if you think think feminism is about claiming you’re a victim, you’ve got the wrong idea.

    So, I believe you can be Christian and feminist. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with believing in equality through belief of feminism. If you read all of this thanks, I really appreciate it.

    -Emma R.

    • Olivia W. says:

      I have read all of your comment, and the one thing I can say is that it IS a problem for us to define who we are. We do not define who we are, our identity is in Christ and we should only define ourselves based on who God wants us to be.
      1 Peter 2:9, Galatians 3:27-28, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

      • Leanne says:

        Amen! Go for it girl! God knows us so much better than we know ourselves! Some things are best left in God’s hands 🙂

      • Dalaina May says:

        Agreed. I think what this poster is arguing about is that who I am is only something that I can come to understand through my relationship with Jesus, not by society telling me who I am. The anti-feminists tend to define womanhood as a set of actions (motherhood, supportive roles rather than leadership) which have nothing to do with identity in Christ. We were never called to “biblical womanhood/manhood.” No such thing exists in Scripture. We were called to identify with Jesus and be his hands and feet regardless of our gender. Christian feminism denies that humans much be dichotomized into boxes labeled his and hers because that is never done in Scripture. It’s a human-made yoke. This is why *I* get to define who I am… through my relationship with Jesus regardless of my occupation, callings, marital status, or motherhood status. I am a woman because God made me one, end of story.

  24. Jadyn says:

    I’m that friend

  25. Sara says:

    I know that you have been educated on what feminism is, but for some reason you just willfully continue to be ignorant. There is literally nothing in feminism that says you can’t be a homemaker. I have never in my life met a feminist who despised women who chose to stay at home with their children and live a more domesticated lifestyle. In fact, I know quite a few stay at home moms who are self-identifying feminists themselves. Because they understand how vitally important it is for women to have choices. Being a stay at home mom is a choice, and it’s a valid one, but it shouldn’t be the default for every women. Sadly, if people like you had your way, it would be the default. You would love to be able to strip women if their rights to vote, work, and make choices with regards to our own lives in order to uphold some standard of so-called “Biblical” womanhood. I doubt that it has even occurred to you that women who actually lived in Biblical times were literally regarded as property. They weren’t considered fully human, were not educated, and were just expected to have babies and do whatever their husbands wanted them to do. I sincerely doubt that this this is how you would want to live your life. But yet, that’s how it would be, if brave women had not stepped forward and fought for YOUR rights. Your right to be a human being, and not a piece of property to be bought and sold by men.

    No, the feminist movement is not perfect because humans are imperfect, but how you can write off an entire social movement that has fought, and continues to fight so hard, for women to be able to define their own lives instead of having it be defined for them by men, is absurd to me. You don’t have to be a career woman, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. But women should be able to have careers if they want them. We should be able to do whatever we want with our lives because we are people, not slaves.

    • Where do you get that women being treated as property are biblical principles? While I agree you are more than correct that women we’re treated in such a manner because many women are still being treated as such. Even with those women who gave their lives. In all honesty Jesus Christ paid for and bought every single individual that walks this earth. He gave His life in order for them to even have a life to give and for you to be having this conversation. In which your somewhat blaming and accusing Him of lies and sins that was committed by men. There is a difference. The Bible is the best history book I’ve read so far. Your made a harsh comment of her intelligence but in all honesty you lack knowledge as well. If all men and women followed the law and lived a Godly life following the instructions God left us then we wouldn’t have all this hate and manner of disrespect towards one another. A man who loves and fears God doesn’t buy or sell women. A woman who loves and fears God submits to her husband.
      ·[The woman has no power over her body but to her husband. Likewise the husband has no power over his body but the wife. 1Corinthians 7:4]·

  26. Hyrum Clarke says:

    What an excellent post!

  27. Daniel D. Rowley says:

    Naïve. But understandable if you haven’t attempted any valuable research into the subject before reaching your conclusions. This is al highly subjective and unfounded. I don’t believe in ‘feminism’ either. What I do believe in is gender equality. However, by attempting to define ‘feminism; is entirely counterproductive. I could go blow by blow here but I fear I would be wasting my time.

  28. Sarah Bickerton says:

    What a great post! I used to be a feminist but then felt that God was telling me “no” but i couldn’t work out quite why. But when I read this post eveything just clicked and I could see why God was telling me not to be a feminist. Thank you so much for helping me! Bless you.

  29. Megan Fatheree says:

    This post is fantastic! I would also like to add, that as a writer and hopeless romantic of the highest degree, I’ve noticed that since feminism encourages women to do everything for themselves, it has pushed out all need and all space for chivalry. I personally believe chivalry is not dead, but it has become dormant. I’m not a feminist because I want chivalry to return.

  30. Sydney says:

    I’m from the ‘clapping my hands and cheering section”. 🙂 Nice work on this post.

  31. April Theeck Williams says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I have never resonated with feminism and its hard to explain to people why when they look at me like I must hate women if I am not a feminist. This put whats in my soul into words. Thank you for being a blessing to women!

  32. JS says:

    It’s clear you are not open to another’s perspective, so I definitely won’t share mine, but I do deeply wish for you that you might ask a feminist what a feminist is, instead of trying to conclude from mis-observation what you think feminism is. I’m open to share anytime. If you’re receiving hate mail you might try to consider why, in a non-defensive way, just a for a sec. There are so, so many beautiful women with varied life stories with valid perspectives. There’s isn’t one holy, ordained perspective. When one tries to place their view as universal law, it pisses people off. What if someone tried to do that to you? Defined you and your beliefs in a completely wrong way, and then went on to insult you? There’s a whole big world out there filled with people different than you. God loves them too, and loves their perspectives, and supports their choices. You’re not fully grasping major concepts and parading your ignorance. I wish for you an open heart to consider where you are wildly misinformed.

  33. Kate Logan says:

    the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

    Keyword “equality”

  34. Shannon says:

    Wait so these reasons like sexual promiscuity is praised and not all lives are valued are only some feminists. Not feminism as a whole. There are pro life feminist groups. I consider myself a feminist, but I didn’t participate in the women’s march, I do not support abortion, I applaud strong good leaders, regardless of gender. I find pornopgraphy appalling. I do not believe all women are oppressed and I dont think we’re all victims. One definition of feminism is, “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” And that gives women the freedom to do what they please. If theu don’t want to work then they dont have to. They can be a homemaker. Just remember some radical liberal feminists screaming “my body, my choice” and running around topless DO NOT represent feminism as a whole. To me being a feminist is believing women and men being treated completely equal. That doesn’t mean the genders can’t embrace their differences either. It just means that gender shouldn’t affect wages and whether or not someone chooses to work or stay at home and other things like that. 🙂

  35. Savvila Deeaun says:

    “7 Reasons I’m Not A Feminist”- an article by someone who has no idea what feminism is.

    feminism is about choice. if your choice is to love your Jesus and be a homemaker and have eight babies and swing them all to sounds of gospel choirs singing, that’s your right and your choice, homegirl. the feminism of the 2000s is about choice- not forcing you to be someone you’re not.

    if your god has designed us each a different way, then you can’t deny that he designed me to reject traditional female gender roles. he designed me to go my own way. god doesn’t make mistakes, right?

    feminism is about having the choice to be whoever you want to be. and if that means being a good old fashioned housewife and going to church every sunday, feminism supports that. as long as it’s your choice. if it means getting your hair cropped short and being the only girl in a male-dominated business, feminism supports that too- as long as it’s your choice. you don’t understand feminism, because nothing about feminism stops you from being the down-home, country-cookin’, baby-raisin’, Jesus-loving housewife you want to be. feminism just makes sure that you’re that because you want to be, and not because you were forced to be.

  36. Lil says:

    What if you are a woman in a industry dominated by men (say STEM, or the military)? Does that make you less of a woman? You say that women’s success in the marketplace or anywhere that isn’t the home is a bad thing, but is that the truth? And how does being a woman leader make people despise male leadership? Just because I am a woman leader in a major majority male field and believe in uplifting my fellow women does not mean I love God less or that I am not following His way. God has a plan for everyone that does not necessarily involve being a homemaker or being married. I understand where you’re coming from, but there is great power in feminism for people in male-dominated fields.

  37. Sarah says:

    As both a Christian and a female feminist I regret to inform you that what you have described in this article is not true feminism. Just as there are false Christians who have seemingly good intentions but do ungodly acts in the name of Christ, there are also false feminists who have used their warped view of what feminism is, to justify behavior that has nothing to do with it.

  38. Khristi says:

    I’m a house wife. Lots of my feminists friends are housewives. So, that point is just mis-informed. I also have a degree in Computer Science, so I don’t have to be a housewife if I don’t want to. That choice had been afforded to me by feminist women.

    Allowing women to have a choice about how they exercise their sexuality is obviously very threatening to you. That’s your choice. Feminists may be promiscuous, celibate, or anything in between. Allowing women to have control over their own bodies is what feminism about, not dictating those choices to them. And I’ve noticed that a lot of the people who proclaim themselves the most Christian are the ones sneaking around having affairs. Try being a little less repressed and judgey. I think you might be happier.

    Feminism and the ground we have gained by becoming more equal means that if my husband cheats on me, I have options like divorce. If my husband beats me, I have options like divorce. I’m super glad that I, and apparently you, are not victims. But trying to pretend like there aren’t millions of women in America who are is like me trying to say no one needs to go to the hospital because I’m feeling good right now. Jesus talked a lot about helping the poor and oppressed. Why is it so difficult for your to put yourself in other people’s shoes? It’s not all about you.

    I don’t even understand the ridiculous statement about Unique Gender Differences. I’m a raging feminist, but my I still get my husband to open jars, change the oil, and make me very happy with his unique physical gender differences. Being equal gives us the room to really appreciate each other’s uniqueness because we don’t have to conform to pre-ordained gender roles and we are OK with that. Being equal means he’s OK with me negotiating for a new car because I’m better at it, while he is free to vacuum all he wants without judgement. Being equal gives a greater, more fulfilling relationship because we are free to be our best selves without having to worry about the other persons ego. I feel sorry for women who have to be in a marriage with someone who doesn’t glory in the the uniqueness they bring to the relationship.

    You might want to listen to a little less anti-feminist propaganda and talk to some actual feminists, both male and female.

  39. Erin Stevens says:

    Feminism is about having choice and opportunities in all aspects of our lives. God gave us free will and he also gave us a brain, and a mouth.

  40. Lee Lynette Pearl says:

    Awesome article!

  41. Abigail says:

    I agree with a lot of principles in feminism, such as gender equality, empowerment, and fighting against sexism. I would not label myself a feminist, though, because of a few of the reasons listed in this article.

  42. BiaTweety says:

    You have tried a really hard thing with this article. I understand that your main audience is young girls and providing God defined guidance to them, and I applaud you for that, but over-simplification on a complex issue invites hate and misunderstanding. It saddens me to see the Christian faith so splittered – yet, that is what God allowed to happen or designed to happen. I’m not convinced feminism is anymore what it used to be. It used to fight for letting women be educated. School, university, right to vote… ‘simple’ things, like allow them allow to run a marathon. Things that you take for granted today have been hard fought for by women past. I’m convinced it was a direct push against male oppression, because sadly, most men did not fulfil their God given roles themselves. Fast forward today, I think things have gone over board, and both sides have gone to extremes. I hate that mothers and homemakers are not valued. I love that I was able to get a PhD and work as a professor. Choice! I hate the over-sexed society. Dressing modestly isn’t gonna change anything though – go to a rape court hearing and you’ll find that it’s mostly the normally dressed, not showing off women have been targeted by rapist, not the ones having their boobs hang out. Playing God with abortion? Maybe, but I want to see Kristen’s reaction when pregnant and finds herself in a country that prosecutes abortion, being told that there’s nothing they can do after her fetus turned septic, and pro-life means that both will die. Happens often enough in Ireland. God gave us medicine too. To handle responsibly. It’s always easy to judge and have a clear cut extremist opinion if it’s not you who’s going to die/been raped/been denied education….

  43. Laura says:

    I read this article from the perspective of a Christian who wouldn’t brand themselves “feminist” but has a concern for the treatment of women and desire to celebrate feminists past who made this world a better place for a lot of us, by fighting to let us become educated, work in places other than our own homes etc. With that in mind, a lot of the things written did anger me. This article seems to belittle the achievements of the “real” feminists from years passed, as you have decided to focus on new age feminists. You haven’t once stated that the new age feminists are the type you’re talking about, and for that you lose credibility. Honestly, i finished reading this article full of frustration towards the writer, as they come across extremely sheltered and naive, but the comments section gave me hope as i realised others feel the same way as me. Others are able to distinguish between real feminism and this new age feminism. Other Christians are proud to be real feminists and their husbands are proud to be married to them.
    Someone else suggested that the writer should meet with Christian feminists and learn more before writing this uneducated article, and I have to agree. There would be a lot more credibility to this had the writer researched further before, and also been more precise in their labels of “feminism” it’s clear there are two different types in today’s world.
    The comments section has given me a sense of hope that this article removed from me.

  44. Sarah says:

    I am a 14 year old, female, Christian, and a feminist. I read this article as a way of trying to understand others’ reasons for not agreeing with feminists, and I was surprised by some of the things you have been led to believe about feminism. You have definitely received some misinformation! I’m going to lay out some reasons that I don’t agree with some of your statements in the next paragraphs.

    1)You said that “feminist women decided to become their own gods”. This is an interesting point. You appear to have confused choices with disobeying God. Feminism for Christians means being able to make your own choices about what you do with your life. This does not mean abandoning God’s plan for you. Your choices can still be made by asking God for guidance. Feminism is having the choice to do what you want like men do, not having the mentality that you are your own god.

    2)Your statement is defining non-Christian women in general, not feminists. It may seem like the women that involve themselves in these sinful activities are all feminists, which is understandable because feminists are usually the ones who speak openly about it. Your statement, however, was much broader than just feminism, making it irrelevant.

    3)Abortion is an extremely controversial topic. As a Christian, I firmly believe that it is wrong in every way and directly against God’s will. Feminists are just like anyone else. They have the right to believe what they want and not believe what they don’t want to. You seemed to be saying that this was part of being a feminist, when in reality, it is not. Feminism has a lot of bad labels that people who know nothing about it have caused. Lets go back to the real meaning of feminism. The merriam-webster dictionary defines feminism as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”. It is as simple as that. Feminism is just the belief that all people are equal. Not that they are the same, not that abortion is okay, not that they believe anything else, just equality. Each feminist believes a slightly different thing. Between some groups, mostly Christian and non-Christian, there are big differences. But your article shows that for you, the meaning of feminism was lost in translation. Feminism=equality. It’s that simple.

    4)I have to say I believe the opposite. You wrote this entire article as if feminists are all women. This is untrue. A feminist is one who believes all people are equal, and they are not all women. There are probably more women, but this is mostly because of the false labels like man hating that are tacked on to feminism. Do you really think that feminists can be happy when almost all leadership positions are held by those of the male gender? Do you really believe that it was God’s plan to hold back women from becoming leaders? Feminists do not hate male leadership. They just believe that they should be able to do the jobs they are capable of without being male. I should also add that women are often payed less for doing the same jobs as their male counterparts. How could God want this? There is no reason to hold women back in this way.

    5)If you haven’t researched feminism and aren’t a feminist, this could seem like a valid reason. Feminism encourages women to get jobs and do things, mostly because women used to not really be able to do this. The thing is, feminism isn’t forcing you to go get a job. It’s all about the choice. Feminists have been working for years to let women get jobs because they believe that everyone should have a choice. They believe that men should be allowed to stay home with the kids while the mom works or have a job and the same for women. The reason they aren’t fighting for men to do the same things is because they already have the choice. Women do not entirely have this choice yet due to gender related pay differences and other factors.Feminism isn’t just a bunch of women shaming housewives, but a group including both genders that supports having a choice.

    6)God made men and women different. He never implied that women should be worth less. The genders are separate and unique, and they are worth the same. Not in the same way, but they are worth the same. God loves each of us the same, not according to our gender. Feminism goes back to this. Many feminists have additional beliefs about the roles of the genders, which is why it seems like they are straying from God’s plan for the genders. If you go to the bare bones of feminism without the extra beliefs that people are entitled to, then you find that feminism lets both genders make choices for themselves. I don’t believe that God wanted women to be forced to sit at home while the husbands made money, nor do I think that men have to be the ones providing income. I don’t believe that that was ever part of the separation between male and female. Hobbies, sports, jobs, and many more things are not things that God considers related to gender. We have the right to choose for ourselves. There are differences between the genders, but these are not.

    7)This, I’m sorry, is just ridiculous. You say that “Feminism constantly encourages women to embrace a weak, pitiful, and victimized attitude about life.”. Could it be any farther from the truth?! Feminism is about making your own choices and about equality of the genders. You are convincing yourself that women are pretending to be victims. Do you not realize how many women are raped every day and are too afraid to report it? Do you not understand how many lives have been ruined by abuse and controlling relationships? Feminists talk about women being victims, not because men are not also victims, but because the numbers are so much higher for women. This is because a women is thought of as weak. Worthless. Nothing more than a body to be violated. This has to stop. Feminism is to empower women so that this stops. Feminism does not make women weak and pitiful victims, it empowers them to escape that type of life. It lets women make their own choices and not be forced to do things that God despises. If women were thought of with the same value as men, then these horrific problems would be so much smaller! Feminism is just equality. It all boils down to that. Not Sameness, equality.

    Thank you for reading my points. I’m really hoping that I was able to correct some of the misinformation you have been given about feminism.

  45. Gabrielle Black says:

    THIS IS THE DUMBEST ARTICLE I HAVE EVER READ. I am a Christian and I do not feel that feminist (including myself) are playing God!!! WE are just trying to make a name for ourselves! This is the most incorrect thing I have ever heard in my life! Like, where did you even get your facts!?!?!?!???? I am “appalled” that you are posting this for young girls to read and be influenced by!!! If the world was filled with women like you NOTHING would get done, women everywhere would still be oppressed, and ignorant people (like you) would be blind to what is wrong with society!! This is disgusting.

    • Ren says:

      I’m a Christian as well and I don’t agree with the majority of this article and I agree with what you said. Women have brains. We are smart and we have advanced society. Personally, I have the gift of helping others, and that gift came from God and is one of my talents. I strive to get my pH.D. in counseling psychology – to become educated – to help all of the people on this earth. That means, during my 20’s to 30’s, I will be in school, learning how to advance society and the world that God has made for us, rather than focusing on having a family during those years. The things that we are passionate for are our callings and they shouldn’t be ignored. Feminism simply allows me to have the freedom to do whatever God called me to do. He doesn’t call ALL women to have children or to get married. If a woman doesn’t get married, then she needs to go out and work and get a source of income. That’s why it’s important for women to be their own person and not have to rely on someone else. It should be common sense. Not only that, but most of today’s “feminists” aren’t even actually fighting for women who actually need empowerment (I mean, look at other countries where women can’t even speak their mind or walk somewhere without a male escort). I wish this article would’ve pointed out more specific verses to add more evidence to the argument.

  46. Gabrielle Black says:

    “Girldefined”??? If this was the definition of a girl we would be back in the 1800s we should be eternally thankful for the strong women before us for standing up for us and women’s rights!

  47. Confirmed Thot says:

    Girl you realize there are like… multiple competing schools of feminist thought that have different beliefs about gender essentialism, the roles of women, etc right? Like feminism is not, in fact, a single monolithic hivemind of bleeding-heart liberals seeking to abort all male babies at conception. Every feminist has their own interpretation of feminism, the same way every Christian has a slightly different interpretation of the bible. All this article tells me is that you haven’t really made an effort to engage with or explore any of the facets of feminist theory beyond strawman arguments and cherry-picked Chancey quotes.

    Overall, this feels less like an informational post educating people about the intersection of feminism and Christianity, and more like an echo chamber designed to reinforce the beliefs of people who already agree with you. Your reasoning doesn’t even hold up to scrutiny – you talk about feminism and Christianity as if they’re mutually exclusive, but the basis for that argument is that feminism advises women to “choose their own definition of womanhood.” If this is true, what’s stopping feminist women from choosing to live by God’s definition of womanhood? Not sure why I expected anything resembling critical analysis from this blog but somehow, I’m still disappointed.

    • Renna says:

      Exactly. They’re basically saying you have to pick one or the other. Really, feminism is about giving you freedom to choose the lifestyle that you want to live. And in fact, without feminism, they probably wouldn’t of been able to write this blog post for the purpose that feminism is here to give you a voice.

  48. Lisa Alonso says:

    #5 absolutely boils my blood. Like, I’m sorry? I want to not die? During my season of singleness? What am I supposed to do? Beg on the street while I wallow in self-pity that no guys are pursuing me? Tell me!

  49. hey it's noor says:

    You’ve betrayed all women with this unresearched, biased, and absolutely ridiculous article. Feminism is simply wanting equality for women, and yes, the Bible is opposed to that, but Jesus was a feminist and the Bible isn’t meant to be taken seriously. This is 2019, not 2,000 years ago. Learn some facts, wait ’till you’ve experienced sexism, and then we’ll see if you still refuse to accept equality.

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