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8 Ways to Stand Strong Through the College Years

By: Bethany Beal

Going off to college is probably one of the most trying and difficult times in a young woman’s life. The challenges, pressures, temptations and lack of experience more often than not end up taking many Christian girls down.

Sadly, Christian girls aren’t coming out stronger (in a biblical sense) but weakened and further away from Christ.

I guess that’s why one of the GirlDefined readers e-mailed us asking us to write on this very topic. “How do I keep my faith at school because I know how challenging it will be. Please do a blog about this.”

She’s right. It will be challenging…but not impossible.

I love that we are not on our own in this life. By God’s incredible mercy and grace we don’t have to rely on our power, strength and wisdom to make it through difficult circumstances.

God is the one who will provide the strength to thrive in and through college.

Because of His great power in us, we can be overcomers.

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Instead of falling into temptation and struggle in your college years, make proactive choices that will help you stand strong during that time.

Here are 8 ideas that will help you remain strong through the difficult college years:

1. Spend Time in the Word Every Day

God’s Word is the bread of life. In the same way that you wouldn’t neglect to feed your physical self, don’t neglect to feed your spiritual self. Make spending time in God’s Word a daily priority.

2. Pray for Strength

Ask God for strength. He is the source of all power, might, courage and everything else that you need. Turn to Him as your true and only source for the strength to stand strong.

3. Find a Church and Attend Weekly

So many Christian girls neglect going to church during their college years. Don’t make that mistake. Find a solid church, attend weekly and get involved. You need the support of your “brothers and sisters” in Christ. You need the teaching, accountability and spiritual refreshment that church does such a great job at providing.

4. Get Involved in a Small Group

It’s easy to “pop in and out” of church without getting connected. I highly encourage you to get involved in a small group or small Bible study of some sort. Build those relationships and find a group that can pray for you on a regular basis.

5. Get Yourself a Mentor

Having the one-on-one encouragement and accountability of a mentor is huge. Find an older woman who can meet with you, ask you questions, keep you focused and point you in the right direction. Don’t assume that you are “strong enough” to make it through on your own. Find a Christian woman, ask her to mentor you, and be a faithful mentee.

6. Make Wise Decisions

It doesn’t matter if your school is Christian or secular, you will encounter temptations wherever you are. Think ahead, plan ahead and avoid tempting environments and people. Make wise decisions and predetermine to avoid going or being around people and things that will pull you down.

7. Remember Where You are Going

When you go to college you are still a child of God. Remember that no matter where you are, you are an ambassador for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). Live with the future in mind and remember that Heaven is your eternal home. Make decisions that will be a blessing and not a burden to your future self.

8. Choose to be the Influence

You have a voice, so use it. Don’t sit around and quietly let the loud ones mow you over. Stand up for what you know is right and choose to influence your peers in a good (and God-honoring) direction.

I’d love to hear your ideas.

How have you (or will you) stood strong in and through college?

Do you have any ideas that you can share with the other readers on the blog?


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7 Responses to 8 Ways to Stand Strong Through the College Years

  1. Dave Smith says:

    You didn’t go to college though.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Their sisters do though. You don’t have to go to college to know how to get through college as a strong Christian. You can learn that from examining the actions and journeys of others attending colleges.

  3. Jan says:

    Actually they didn’t. They took college classes online but continued to live at home with Bethany’s parents.

  4. Mary Schachle says:

    Thank you so much! Very helpful!

  5. darcysteele says:

    I don’t find any evidence a theist has ever presented me to be convincing. There are simply too many contradictions.

  6. Aleya says:

    College online can still be a struggle. Trust me!! I struggled through my first semester simply because I asked my teacher’s if they’d help me sometimes it’s teachers and other times it’s students who with make life terrible or just plane out ditch you and leave you hanging, which puts stress on you too.

  7. Debbie says:

    How have you (or will you) stood strong in and through college? I have stood strong by believing that God has me in his righteous hands and turning to him for help and solutions to my problems. I have relied on Christ and that has made me stronger.

    Do you have any ideas that you can share with the other readers on the blog?
    I say take the relationship slowly and not too quickly or things will not turn out as good as you wanted.

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