Beauty and the Beast: What Else Did We Expect?

By: Kristen Clark

I was sitting outside working on a writing project when I first got the news. A text message popped up on my phone from Zack that said, “Check out this article, babe.” I clicked the link and it took me to an article titled, “Beauty and the Beast to feature first ‘exclusively gay moment’ in a Disney movie.”

My first thought was, “Oh no. You’ve got to be kidding me!” But then my next thought was, “What else would I expect?”

Since that moment, I’ve read dozens of comments from all sorts of Christians regarding this movie. “How could Disney put a gay scene in a children’s movie!?” “Why are they shoving their agenda down our throats?” “Disney is flying off the rails!”

As shocked as some Christians are over the homosexual promotion in this new movie, it really shouldn’t shock us. Honestly.

What else did we expect?

Disney is not a Christian company. Disney does not use God’s Word as a moral compass. Disney does not uphold Christian values. Disney does not fear God.

“For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law; indeed, it cannot. Those who are in the flesh cannot please God” (Romans 8:7-8).

Therefore, we should expect the worldview of a non-Christian company to come out in its content. As one Christian writer said, “Many are crying out, ‘How could Disney do this!?’ Maybe instead our question should be,’ “What took them so long?’”

From now on, we should be expecting the homosexual worldview to be prevalent in most secular movies (Romans 1:18-32). Yes, it’s very disappointing and sad. But it shouldn’t shock us. Rather, it should remind us that this world is lost and in need of a Savior (Romans 6:23). This world is broken and confused apart from Christ. We are called to be salt and light for a reason (Matthew 5:13-16).

So…should we go see this movie?

That is the million dollar question. Many of you have written to us here at GirlDefined specifically asking if you should go see it. Instead of looking for a “yes” or “no” answer, you need to think through this with wisdom and discernment.

Our should-we-go-see-this-movie decision making process should be the same for every movie. We need to have consistent Biblical standards in what we choose to watch or not watch. Just because this movie has some homosexual themes, doesn’t make it any worse than a movie that has some heterosexual sinful themes. Sin is sin.

Regardless of which movie you’re debating about seeing, I encourage you to always use these 4 questions in your decision making process:

Question 1:

Does this movie glorify and highlight sin? Or does the movie portray a certain aspect of the sinful culture we live in?

Every secular movie IS going to have some sort of non-Christian worldview portrayed throughout the movie. As Dr. Albert Mohler says, “There’s a difference between culture being infused into a movie and a movie glorifying a particular sin.”

For example.

I really enjoy watching Planet Earth. God’s creation is beautiful and amazing and I love seeing it in HD! The downside is that evolution-based theories are mentioned here and there. Evolution directly opposes God’s word in Genesis 1. However, in the case of Planet Earth, it isn’t necessarily highlighting and glorifying evolution…the theory of evolution is simply infused within the worldview of the movie. Make sense? For me, I clearly understand God’s truth. I choose to give Him the glory for His amazing creation. Therefore, I do not have a conflict in my conscience when I watch Planet Earth.  

Question 2:

Can I watch this movie with a pure conscience before the Lord?

Can you watch the movie without compromising God’s call to be pure and holy? Pursuing purity and holiness is what sets us apart from the lost world. We are God’s children, therefore we need to intentionally reflect lives of purity and holiness because that is how we reflect the nature of our God.

“But as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written,’You shall be holy, for I am holy’” (1 Peter 1:15-16).

Our pursuit of purity and holiness should dictate which movies we watch.

Questions 3:

Will God be glorified by my choice to watch this movie or will He be dishonored?

The choices we make can never be 100% neutral. We can either make a choice for the glory of God, or for the glory of something else. We live in a fallen world which is why God commands us to do “all” for the glory of God.

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). This is includes the movies we choose to watch. If God can’t be glorified by our decision to watch a certain movie, we shouldn’t watch it.

Question 4:

Will I cause a weaker brother to stumble if I choose to watch this movie?

What you choose to watch will affect the people around you. As Christians, we’re a part of a greater family within the Body of Christ. Our decisions should bless our brothers and sisters in Christ, not hinder them.

“Be careful, however, that your freedom does not become a stumbling block to the weak” (1 Corinthians 8:9). Even though that verse is referring to eating food sacrificed to idols, the same principles apply toward our movie watching decisions.  

Ultimately, the decision is between you and God.

In the end, I’m not going to tell you whether or not you should go see Beauty and the Beast. According to the new Plugged In Review, it has some pros and more cons (I recommend reading this review).

This is a decision of discernment and wisdom that you need to make between you and God (and your parents if you’re still living at home).

Ultimately, we are each accountable to God for the decisions we make. We will give an account for what we choose to be entertained by (Romans 14:12, 2 Corinthians 5:10).

The movies we watch should never be taken lightly.

As you prayerfully decide whether or not to see Beauty and the Beast, I encourage you to use the 4 questions from above as your guide. In addition, I encourage you to seek other wise and biblically-based counsel.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, input, and comments below. 

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  • I don’t buy anything Disney or even visit their theme parks for these reasons and haven’t for 6 years. They constantly pump witchcraft and anti-God agenda into their material and once I realized that I felt convicted to stay clean from it completely.

    • varsha

      chill out jessie not everything has to be about god

    • Holly

      Amen! Always be comfortable enough with what you are doing that you wouldn’t mind Jesus joining in:)

  • Faith Andersen

    This was a really great post! When I first heard about the movie and the gay scene I wasn’t surprised. It was the same thing with the movie, Storks. Plus, I hadn’t been super excited to see it. So I don’t think I will. Disney Princess movies aren’t really my thing 😉 Great Job! ♥

  • Celestria

    I really wasn’t at all surprised when my mom read me that article. I was just extremely disappointed. I love beauty and the beast and had been super excited about it for months. So yeah, it was a major bummer.

    • ameera

      The actor from the cartoon version said that the character was always gay actually. And this is NOT the first exclusive scene as they exaggerated (the director said so himself that the media exaggerated about what happened in that “scene”). Disney always have stuff like this in their movies. But you are right. I mean c’mon this story is about a slave human who fell in love with her animal slave master!!!!!!!!! This story is messed up honestly!!! I’m an African American woman and a descendant of slaves, so I’m so sick of hearing that narrative of that one “good” slave master who fell in love with his slave. Its totally disgusting!!!!!!

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  • I actually went and saw the movie last night, and I had heard of the controversy and people’s mixed opinions about the movie. We had bought our tickets before we had even heard about the problem with the movie, and after talking as a family we still decided to go and see it for ourselves. The “exclusively gay moment” at the end of the movie, where Lefou dances with a man is blown completely out of proportion. In the final dance seen when everyone is returned to their normal selves, and as they dance to the tune of Tale As Old As Time, Lefou and his woman partner dance around the room and are having a good time. Lefou spins his partner and they go through a complicated step and as he goes to reunite with his woman partner after the both of them did a solo spin, he accidentally bumps into another man who is dancing and they dance two steps together out of shock, but the whole time there is sheer surprise in both their faces. It’s as if Lefou is embarrassed and couldn’t believe he grabbed the wrong partner. Then they both let go of each other and return to the women they were previously dancing with. If I didn’t know about the controversy going into this movie, I would have thought it was a funny simple mistake that Lefou makes as he tries to show what a good dancer he is. This all happens in a few seconds.

    As far as the other comments Lefou makes about him and Gaston, yes, they could be viewed as gay. But they could also be viewed as hero worship. While some of the dialogue might be slightly different between Lefou and Gaston, the concepts and ideas conveyed are the same as in the animated version of Beauty and the Beast. If you were looking for Lefou to be gay, then you would probably see a lot of things that could make him that way. It is never stated, only subtly implied. If you weren’t looking for Lefou to be gay, I doubt that thought would cross your mind as you watch the movie. Lefou would only be seen in the light of adoring hero-worship. He idolizes Gaston and tries to be like him in everything, just like the animated version.

    Being gay was not glorified in this movie. In fact, why did Disney pick Lefou, whose name means ‘the fool’ in French, to be gay? Either they were poking fun, or they made a huge faux-pa.

    It was a beautiful film, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Great point Kristen and Bethany, Disney is not a Christian company, they don’t make Christian films, and they don’t hold to the moral code the Bible calls us to. We shouldn’t be surprised if they allow our culture to influence their films. In fact, they’ve been doing it for quite sometime. Think of all the other Disney movies that we all adore so much that have things like rebellion (Little Mermaid, Tangled, Frozen, Aladdin), witchcraft (Frozen, Snow White, Lion King, Tangled) , magic (Cinderella), spiritism (Pocahontas, Lion King) , and satanism (Sleeping Beauty) in them which the Bible considers equally wrong as homosexuality. Disney isn’t a Christian company. So we shouldn’t hold them to the same standard as a Christian company.

    Watching this movie is totally between you and God. If God says not for you, then that is totally fine. If God says you can watch it, that is fine too. Viewing this film is based on your convictions that God has given you individually.

    • Gabriela

      I totally agree. “Disney isn’t a Christian company, so we shouldn’t hold them to the same standards as a Christian company” Loved it!


  • Kara

    Great Post Girls!!!! I was so bummed about it but what you said is so true! It shouldn’t shock us.

  • Ida

    Such great and practical tips! …But I still haven’t decided if I want to see the movie or not 😀

  • Clara

    Thank you for this post, I’ve been wondering about your thoughts on this. Great tips for examining what we are filling our minds with!

  • Stephanie

    I heard that there is a petion that we can sign to boycott the Beauty and the Beast movie because of the gay reason…

  • Sarah

    This blog has become such an encouragement and blessing in my life. It’s a beacon of light in a dark world. I am so thankful for you girls (women!) who contend for God’s truth in every aspect. I am becoming a mom for the first time, this year. My husband and I have been having many conversations about raising Godly children in the world of today. My Educational background is in early childhood education and I never ceased to be surprised by the influence of media in young children, when I was a teacher. I was struck, early on, with the importance of grasping this fact: satan has an agenda, especially with God’s people. He wants to drown us everything that is the opposite of God and His son Jesus Christ. And satan will do whatever it takes, cleverly crafting his agenda into everything. I admit, I have fear at times about raising my children because the world is incredibly chaotic and lost. But then, I settle down for a moment and I read God’s Word. I allow His Word to speak to me and I am reminded of His faithfulness, His steadfastness and His promise to never lead His children astray, as we seek Him. Nothing negative can ever come from a place of true longing to live a life in pursuit of holiness. If you fear pride and an inability to relate to those living lifestyles opposite of God’s truth, be encouraged that His Word and Holy Spirit will equip you to make Godly decisions and share the Gospel, in complete love. Thanks, Kristen, for continuing to call us to be women of Holiness and doing it with such grace.

  • Faith

    Honestly, I have no problem seeing this movie. And I’m excited to see it! I completely understand why there’s concern, but I feel like we could talk about this deep concern with every other Disney movie that’s ever existed. Like you said, Disney isn’t a Christian company, but that doesn’t mean i don’t love it! Disney is fun! And this movie (although I haven’t seen it) is likely beautifully done. I truly believe that the outrage over LeFou being openly gay is worse than what will actually be in the movie. Any movie that is not faith based is going to portray some type of sin, even if it’s a simple inappropriate word. (Or evolution as you mentioned.) I can’t imagine that God will be dishonored when I watch this movie, and I can’t imagine it will make a weaker believer stumble. Disney thinks differently than we, as Christians, do. I don’t hold them to the same standard or expect them to portray only Godly things like I would with a movie company like Pure Flix. There are things in every single individual Disney movie that do not align with God’s design for humanity and the world. However, I watch every single one with a clear conscience because I know the Truth, just like you mentioned about Planet Earth. I give glory to God for the fun I have while watching these movies/going to Disney World. He gives me rest because of these movies. I greatly appreciate you writing this article, and I enjoyed reading through it. These are simply my thoughts of why I believe Christians should stop condemning the movie.

  • Kate

    I literally just got home from seeing a 7:30 showing of this movie and looked to see if you had written about it on your blog . Girls, this movie is not good. It is not worth your money. Even if the gay scenes weren’t in it I would still be disappointed . The lines/interactions of the characters felt cheap, and I felt like I was watching a highschool play. I don’t want to give any spoilers here . But I thought the gay scenes were going to be more subtle then they were . I’m sorry, but no one can make a decent movie anymore without shoving their political agenda in our face. I’m sick of it. And the movie sucked. Don’t bother.

  • Maggie Fipps

    Yeah I just finished watching this movie. I have a couple thoughts. One, I totally agree that people shouldn’t be surprised about this movie. We are in a day and age where the media is brainwashing us with everything from homosexuality to feminism. Second, the homosexual scenes were definitely there, and I think this is a good opportunity to talk with your parents/kids about how to handle this, because we’re definitely going to see this more and more in our culture. Overall I enjoyed the nostalgic scenes from the original and I thought the actors were great, but definitely this is a preface of what is to come as far as media in the future.

  • Molly

    Seriously the visuals were great but the story was told worse as far as I’m concerned. Nobody is mentioning the scene where the wardrobe dresses three male intruders in women’s clothes, which was funny when we were all watching it as children. However, this time two of the men run away obviously humiliated to be in women’s clothes and makeup, and the last man looks directly into the camera with a huge smile on his face, overjoyed. The exact moment he looks at the camera the wardrobe starts singing “be free, be free.” This scene is a joke, I’m not even sure what the point of it was. Some sort of gender bending non sense I’m sure. This man is the man LeFou ends up “accidentally” partnered with during the dance. Either way, this movie is certainly not the movie the world was waiting for.

    • ACCCC

      Glad it made you disappointed … GO DISNEY!!

  • A Christian

    I just got back from seeing the movie. If the director never would’ve brought up the “gay” scenes, you wouldn’t of noticed them. But because he made mention of them, most of us were probably able to notice them more. It’s truly vile that they would put something like this into a Disney children’s movie. I’m sick and tired of Hollywood advancing a liberal agenda. On a good note, I did enjoy the movie overall. It was done wonderfully and Emma played Belle wonderfully. Despite these “gay” scenes, it was a wonderful movie that Disney brought to life. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie as a child. But, as a world that is becoming increasingly vile, it pops up into everyday movies. I truly hope that Disney doesn’t continue with this. There was also a point at the end that hit on praising being transgender as well. A male was put into a dress as a trick when the village storms the castle; and he smiles, he is overjoyed… Truly sickening. Luckily there wasn’t too much feminism empowerment. I think it’s important for women to be well-read and educated-and it’s a critical part to Belle’s character. I personally think-and I hope a few of you agree with me on this- that the movie would’ve been much better without the modern culture (gay and transgender) empowerment. I always thought that Disney’s goal was for everyone to enjoy their work, but putting in homosexual acts didn’t please not only me, but other members in our community. Beauty and the Beast originally had no homosexual acts and I wish they would’ve kept it similar to the original with relationships. There was no need for Disney to add these scenes, and to everyone’s point–truly a part of what our society’s liberal agenda wants us to see and brainwash it into younger children’s minds.

    • Nala

      I agree with you because when i watched the movie, I couldn’t tell that Lefou was gay. The exclusive gay scene was about 15 sec. or even less! I went to watch the movie because my parents had the privilege to watch it in their youth years and this was my turn.

    • Ashley

      I know that you made this comment almost a year ago and I don’t know if you will ever see my response, however I thought I would address some of the things in this comment anyway. Your statement about Beauty and the Beast having nothing to do with homosexuality is completely wrong. Howard Ashman, the lyricist for the original film, was a gay man who was dying of AIDS at the time he wrote the songs for Beauty and the Beast. Much of the inspiration he drew on for the lyrics came from his experiences as a gay man being vilified by society. The Beast was a metaphor for AIDS and how he felt cursed and that it was bringing sorrow to the people around him that he loved most. This is all factual information that a simple google search can confirm for you.

      Originally I just was going to address that point in my comment, but right now I would like to speak to you as a gay woman. It truly makes me sad that many of the people who are upset about seeing gay characters in television and film feel as if we are trying to harm your children or force something on them in anyway. Personally, I adore children and I love working with them as a teacher. Growing up, no one in the LGBT community saw anyone like us in popular media and it was a very lonely and isolating experience. Writing gay characters in television and film just reflects the reality of our country – gay people exist, and we always have and always will. Your child will no more become gay by watching a movie with a gay character than I can become straight. I assure you I grew up seeing many, many heterosexual people portrayed in every facet of my life and I still turned out to be a lesbian. Sexuality is a pretty fixed, innate trait not easily (or possibly) changed – there are many academic sources on this as well, but I trust if you are truly interested in reading them you can do research yourself. I understand that your feelings about gay people probably won’t be changed by one comment on a year old post, but I felt I should reach out anyway. I know many people get hostile when confronted with clashing ideals – as a gay woman, I hear it a lot so the knee jerk reaction can be to be rude, but I’ve always felt that kindness and compassion will have a greater effect than nastiness. If you have further questions about anything please feel free to ask!

  • drsrose

    i can’t help but feel that your answer to question 1 is condemned by everything else in your article because excepting something just as cultural, not put as right or wrong, is not putting it as wrong like the gay bit in beauty in the beast was just part of the culture… it is something that just happens. we may know it is wrong but others have not had that privilege so they don’t know that and except it as normal and ok but according to God homosexuality is wrong so we can’t except it. I work with children and have two nephews. I had the thought that someone was just adding stuff into the movie but no it was there and my 5 year old nephew even noticed the two guys together. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but I see kids and teens believe just about anything they look up on the internet or see on tv or hear at school or even what a friend told them. so I can’t agree with stuff that influences the mind in a wrong direction, especially since i believe we learn through stories and what is all around us.

    • drsrose

      I really do like how ya’ll use examples though, it puts it in a way that a mind can remember better.
      this is the same person i just forgot to add this in.

  • deepika

    it’s terrible that you think homosexuality is a political agenda.

  • Saltasaurus

    Did I actually just read the sentence “Disney does not fear God”

  • Saltasaurus


    • Angelica Nieves

      Actually homosexuality has been around since biblical times so they don’t “hate” evolution, or anything. These girls are not spouting hatred or intolerance toward anyone or any group, they are simply offering a rebuttal to the people who messaged them saying that they expected a more conservative storyline from a Disney children’s film. I am a Christian woman and I personally don’t see anything wrong with homosexuality so long as it is not being used as political propaganda. I think it’s important that young children are conscious of it, because that’s the reality of the world today. However these girls have a right to their opinion and they have a right to be “hyper conservative” if they so choose. They are very intelligent women.

      • Saltasaurus

        A.) I was referring to that part about the nature documentary,
        and B.) as a general rule anyone who unironically uses the phrase “gay agenda” is homophobic.

        • Christian Suffragette

          Bless you for this

  • ava

    no one should support this globalist agenda. Another company owned by the jews. Disney is just as disgusting as every Jewish controlled hollywood company. And the fact that christians would pay money to them when they openly push this degradation just shows me how fake they are. God would not approve of this lukewarm attitude.

  • Carole

    SO thankful for Disney!!! How wonderful that they are showing a character who is normal, loves someone of the same gender. I am so sorry that you believe God is so close minded that he believes homosexuality is a sin. I know that God created everyone as they are and I am SO glad for that. How boring if we were all the same. Homosexuality is not a choice, anymore than the color of your skin is a choice, and got created us all- as you said in one of your videos, he hand crafted each of us to be as we are. What a wonderful God and how amazing that Disney is doing that! 🙂 Have a blessed day.

  • Carole

    Additionally, so thankful that we are moving towards a world where people are accepted for who they are. Gay marriage is legal. Homosexuality is accepted by SO many people, including true Christians who know that God created us all and God loves us all and made us who we are. SO thankful to live in this world and so excited for a future where homosexuality is no longer seen as a sin! 🙂

  • archie

    Why do Christians always think they are right and the ‘true’ religion. You have got to understand that you are not the only people in this world, and your opinion is just one of many others.Think about how many religions there are and how relatively new Christianity is compared to other religions like Buddhism or Sikhism. It’s so pathetic that this is even an issue, the scene was so small and if you weren’t concentrating you wouldn’t of known. Grow up!

  • Violet

    It’s a film? Focus on being good, accepting people instead of being hypocrite, maybe that’s the key to being a decent human being instead of being ‘God-Fearing.’

  • Ashley

    You are out here calling yourself a Christian, but I don’t think that is the case. Many of the verses condemning homosexuality in the Bible occur in the old testament, and Jesus created new rules and guides for Christians in the new testament. This is why Jewish people cannot eat pork but Christians can – while it IS a rule in the O.T., Jesus didn’t say anything about it so its okay. Personally I think you’re pretty hypocritical to use a spiritual belief as a shield to mask your own ugly bigotry. Move on and stop crying about other people’s personal lives. Also, I am gratified to see many people in the comments have seen through this nonsense as well, it really gives me hope for the future!

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