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Becoming the Right Kind of Leader and Influencer

By: Liz Wickham

We’ve all experienced different kinds of leaders: some domineering, some soft-spoken, some daring, some methodical. So what do all leaders have in common?


Whatever the personality or gifting, we are leaders if we are impacting others.

But what about us as Christian women? How does leadership apply to us? Well, the Bible teaches that we are all commanded to lead as ambassadors of Christ. We are His representatives. Man or woman, we are to have an impact on others for the sake of the gospel.

Now, some of us have had a horrible experience under sinful leadership.

Satan has done his best to twist the truth about the best leader in history: Jesus Christ. This humble carpenter from Nazareth impacted the world like none other. As believers, let’s look to our Savior for what it means to be the right kind of leader.

Here are five qualities of Christ-like leadership:

1. Servanthood

Christ was the ultimate servant. His entire life was focused on His mission, the needs of others, and His ultimate personal sacrifice on their behalf. He served the lowest of the low in society. While unapologetic about His position of authority, Jesus remained humble–even going to the point of washing the filthy feet of His followers (John 13:5-12).

When we place others first, we are then qualified to lead.

2. Accountability

Truly impactful leaders understand the importance of accountability. Christ Himself submitted to the authority of God the Father. While shouldering a position of power, Jesus was in constant communication with God, listening to the Holy Spirit (John 6:38). Ultimately, we are to be in this world serving God, accountable to His Word (as Christ was).

When we make ourselves answerable to a noble authority outside of ourselves, we are qualified to lead.

3. Responsibility

Christ-like leaders take radical, full ownership of their responsibilities. Christ perfectly fulfilled His role as the Lamb of God. He followed through on His mission. He bore the wrath of God for the misdoings of the world with an attitude of complete love and grace, exclaiming “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34). Unlike Christ, we are expected to mess up occasionally. When we do, we must lead with vulnerability and honesty for those who follow our example.

When we carry out our task in love and own our mistakes, we are qualified to lead.

4. Integrity

If we are to blaze a path for others, we must remain uncompromising in our moral character. Although we are not perfectly holy like Jesus, He is our model. Christ never walked in hypocrisy. He never compromised even one of the ten commandments. Although Scripture says He was tempted in every way, He never sinned (Hebrews 4:15). No one could find any fault with Jesus, not His enemies (John 8:3-6), not His judge (John 19:1-6) — we don’t even have any account of His closest disciples seeing anything amiss in His character. And they saw Him in every scenario! With attractive women, in uncomfortable circumstances, when He was tired and hungry, etc. Each of His disciples went to their graves on behalf of Christ’s integrity.

When we fight temptation with God’s truth and establish patterns of faithfulness to His ways, we are qualified to lead.

5. Edification

Ultimately, leaders teach others to lead. They build others up! They encourage! They point out strengths, they mentor, they equip others to become independent decision-makers. Jesus fit this description exactly. He stood in the synagogues and taught on the spirit of the law versus the letter of the law. He mentored and pumped up His disciples (despite their imperfections) both by His words and His example. He even left us with the Holy Spirit so that we are empowered to walk in victory!

When we’ve learned to edify others with our words and our life, we are qualified to lead.

I’d love to chat with you below!

  • What are some other Christ-like leadership qualities that come to mind?
  • In which of these five areas do you need the most growth?

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