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Becoming Women Who Understand The Power of Worship

By: Bethany Beal

The past few months of my life feel like they’ve been filled with a certain 7 letter word. This word flies in the face of my natural heart’s desire and is the opposite of everything the culture promotes.

This word has challenged me, convicted me, encouraged me and given me incredible hope. When I focus on living this word out, I have such incredible rest, contentment, and joy in my heart.

I want to share this word with you in hopes that you can find the same hope, conviction, contentment, and joy that I’ve found by striving to live it out.

The word is WORSHIP.

The word worship holds such incredible power, that if lived out, will dramatically change your life.

True worship is the ultimate recognition that God alone is worthy of all glory, praise, and honor. He is Creator. He is Sustainer. He is Ruler. He is on the Throne. He is King.

Living a lifestyle of worship acknowledges that God is your King and He is ultimately in control of this world and of your life.

When I personally live in light of those truths, my attitude, perspective, and actions dramatically change. I realize that I am a creation of the God of the universe and my entire life should be lived to make His name known.

None of us can deny the fact that we live in a self-worshiping, self-glorifying, self-promoting, selfie-filled world.

From Hollywood to Instagram, to our own hearts, the push is to promote oneself. God is usually left far out of the picture and we zero in on making ourselves look good.

It’s time to regroup and live a God-centered lifestyle.

Over the past few months, God has been reminding me of how great He is and how small I truly am. He is God and He is worthy of all my praise.

When we live a life that says “look at how awesome I am,” we are acting like total fools. We aren’t awesome or worthy of any worship. Not one bit.

Only our Creator and Savior is worthy.

When we worship God and acknowledge His incredible greatness, we will be filled with peace, joy, trust, hope, and rest. God created us with the ability to worship and He created us to find ultimate satisfaction by fixing our eyes on Himself.

My hope is that each one of you will begin to live a lifestyle of worship and recognize just how Big, Awesome, Majestic and Great God truly is.

Incredible resources to help you worship.

I want to share with you several incredible resources to help you live a lifestyle of worship. These are some of my favorites and I think they will be an immense blessing to you as well.


“Worthy are You, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things, and by Your will, they existed and were created” (Revelation 4:11)

“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing!” (Revelation 5:12)

I highly encourage you to take some time to read chapters 4-5 of Revelation. Wow. It is an incredible picture of Christ and His perfect worthiness to receive worship.


Victorious by: Third Day

“In all the heavens, there is One

Who conquered death alone and brought our freedom

Your throne will last throughout all time

Let all the nations bow and bring You praise”

This I Believe by: Hillsong Worship

“I believe in God our Father

I believe in Christ the Son

I believe in the Holy Spirit

Our God is three in one

I believe in the resurrection

That we will rise again

For I believe in the name of Jesus”

All I Have is Christ by: Sovereign Grace Music

“Now, Lord, I would be Yours alone

And live so all might see

The strength to follow Your commands

Could never come from me

Oh Father, use my ransomed life

In any way You choose

And let my song forever be

My only boast is You”


The Greatest Thing You Could Do Today by: Francis Chan

“God literally determines whether or not you take another breath. ‘He himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything’ (Acts 17:25). Could anything be more important than meeting with the One who decides if you live through this day? Could anything be better? How can we not make time to be with the Maker of time?

What plans do you have today that you think are so important that you would race past the Creator to get to them?”

It’s time to live in light of these truths.

My hope and prayer is that you will live a life of worship. That you will understand the greatness of God and live as if He were (because He is) the most important person in your life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the word worship. How would you describe living a life of worship?


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12 Responses to Becoming Women Who Understand The Power of Worship

  1. Tiana says:

    If you feel called to lead worship and you have prayed about it and feel peace about it, then it’s what God wants you to do. I was called to be a worship leader around October of last year. I was so scared and nervous as well. These are the things that were running through my head in the days leading up to me asking my youth pastor if I could join the worship team: “What if i’m wrong and i’m going in the complete opposite direction that God wants me to go?” “What if I get up on that stage during tryouts and freeze from fear and don’t even sing because i’m so nervous?” “What if everyone thinks I have a horrible voice and when I do try out they won’t let me on the worship team?” But then I was reading my Bible and came across the verse 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” So then that got me to thinking about a podcast I had listened to a while back. The preacher had said something along the lines of “God did not give us a spirit of fear. Fear comes from the Devil. If you are afraid of doing something that would benefit the Kingdom of God, then God wants you to do it. Because if the Devil is making an extra effort to make you scared of doing that thing, then it’s a good thing for you to do.” So then I was thinking “Okay, I definitely need to ask my youth pastor if I can join.” Because even though I was so nervous and scared, I knew that I was supposed to be a worship leader. I knew because #1. I felt peace about it. #2. The podcast. #3. I really felt like God telling me to do it. So I did it. The next Wednesday night, I went to my youth pastor and told her that I wanted to be on the worship team. So I got the tryout dates. As you can probably guess, I was TERRIFIED in the hours and minutes leading up to the tryouts. The main reason I was so scared is because I had a fear of singing alone. I hated hearing only my voice on the speakers mainly because if I messed up, there would be no one else to cover up my mistake by continuing to sing. But I got there and I saw that the other worship leader was standing up there on the stage and that she was going to be singing with me and that eased that fear. But there was also the fear of singing in front of people. But right before the band started playing, I thought of the scripture that I wrote above, took a deep breath, and just sang. 9 months later, I am so glad that I joined the worship team. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Now I have no problem hearing only my voice in the speakers and I am not nervous to sing in front of people whatsoever. I now know that it was definitely the right decision for me to join. So if you are feeling God tell you to do it, go for it. Just remember the scripture and podcast and jump right in. Don’t be afraid. Trust God that this is the right path for you. I pray that you are able to overcome this fear through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace! I pray many blessings over you and I pray that you have to courage to lead worship and write songs (btw, I also write songs.).

    Your sister in the faith,

    • Oluwaseun says:

      Oh my goodness thank you so much …. another thing is … I feel like the alord is telling me that’s the ministry he wants me to go into a nd the funny thing about tus whole t

      • Oluwaseun says:

        The funny thing about this whole thing is that God has been whispering songs to my heart and I write them down . And when I hear these songs in my
        Sport they are so powerful and I can hear every instrument as if they are being played on stage. Another thing is I feel like God is telling me this is what He wants me to do for the rest of my life . But I’m not sure if He wants me to do it full time or along with medicine. And so I’m just not sure…. and another thing is I’m really struggling with the fact I want to be a doctor like the feeling comes and goes sometimes …. sometimes I have the passion soemtimes I don’t but I need to do something that will support me financially so that’s where I’m struggling a lot … ughh it’s hard I don’t want to let anyone down or dishonor anyone ( my parents , family friends or anyone else ) it’s a really tough decsison …. I have to keep praying but at times I feel intense fear …

        • Oluwaseun says:

          And another thing is when I was in the womb Isaiah 60:15 was spoken over me and I think that’s has slot to do with this

  2. Girlady Bouvier says:

    My advice it scared. God’s calling is scary because is bigger than us, and beyond our imagination, but God wants us to be part of His work. The songs you wanna write? God will whisper every lyrics to you. The bravery to stand up and lead worship? His Holy Spirit will encourage you. What if you’re mocking God? The fact you consider this it means that’s not your intention at all. You’ve been praying about, can’t stop thinking about it, so give it a try! Who knows the incredible things God will do through your life 🙂

  3. Girlady Bouvier says:

    I describe worship as ‘the act of doing what I was born to – that is, to honor and praise my Creator through my words and actions’. I truly believe I didn’t come to this world for the solely purpose of being served and pleased, but to make an impact and change people’s lives through my own life. This sense of purpose is what keeps me grounded from the constant competition, jealously and lack of confidence the world tries to put on my shoulders. It guides my decisions in everyday life, from my work ethics to my relationships. It reminds me there is so much more than my limited eyes can see and sets my identify as a woman.

  4. Faye Lentine says:

    I’m right there with you: not sure what God’s will is for my life even though He’s opened so many doors. That being said, I believe that when God opens these doors (whether they’re our ultimate dreams or something we’re not sure we want to pursue), He calls us to walk through them. Right now I’m learning to trust Him and His plans for my current stage of life… Even if they aren’t necessarily my dream plans.
    Also, our ultimate calling is to worship God. If God has placed it on your heart to lead others in worship (our highest calling) then that is such an AMAZING BLESSING! If you’re second guessing yourself, remember that thoughts such as ‘what if I’m mocking God?’ is most likely a lie from Satan. He will do everything to deter you from worshiping God, especially if it means leading others in worship of our awsome God!
    God doesn’t call us to a life of comfort. He calls us to follow Him. And that can be scary. But also beautiful.
    Just some thoughts that have been on my heart as I also fear the unknown.
    I’ll be praying for you!!! God has got this!

    P.S. God is giving you songs to write! That alone is proof that God is with you, leading you, and probably calling you on this journey of worship leading! 🙂

  5. Brittania says:

    That stupid fear that pops up is probably Satan. I pray about stuff and get peace, but then the devil brings in ”You aren’t enough. . .don’t look good enough. . .your past” ALL THIS JUNK. God has not given us the spirit of fear. (2Tim1:7) So take a hold of that promise, girl!!! 🙂

    The thing about leading worship is you have to be less popular than Christ. Worship is about loving Him and if we don’t keep His commandments we don’t truly love Him. IK hard hitting.

    Satan is a pure jerk. He will NOT GIVE UP on fighting you. . .ever. Doesn’t that stink? I’m pretty sure a desire to help others worship. . .isn’t mocking God at all. . .so think about the silliness of that doubt. . .the devil is trying to trick you.

    Just make sure your intentions are pure and disregard the devil. I have a lot of things to work on myself. Have a good week!

  6. Oluwaseun says:

    Ok ill keep praying. I just need confirmation like a huge confirmation ahahah. And i also want to talk to my parents about it.

  7. Kayla Marie says:

    I love this. To me, worship is in two categories. One is everyday worship, such as living each moment to honor Christ; glorifying Him in all that we do. The second kind is setting aside a certain time to praise God (singing, reading His word, praying, leading a Bible study, etc). This is something I definitely need to work on. God deserves so much more than I can give!

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