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Say Hello to our Big, Tall, Crazy Homeschooling Family

By: Bethany Beal

Today is a day for change. Instead of writing a usual topical blog post, I am writing a personal blog post. This a blog about my big, tall, mostly blonde family in the picture above. I want to take you inside my personal life and help you get to know us just a little bit better.

Side note: You can see inside our personal lives on our family blog. Check it out for all the latest.

Get to know who we are outside of GirlDefined.

This is a picture of my immediate family. Two parents. Eight kids and two extras who married in.

We are one tall, fun, crazy, weird homeschoolin’ family, and we love every minute of it.

Let me put this picture into perspective for you. Kristen and I are both exactly 6’1. We are in the middle of this picture. Notice how much taller our brothers are. Yep, they are close to giant status. Michael and Stephen are both 6’8. Tim is considered the shorty in our family at 6’4. Slightly humorous I know.

Going to dinner as a family can be quite the experience. We constantly get asked questions like,

“Are you all Swedish or Norwegian?”

“Are the girls twins? Triplets?”

“Wow! Did all of you come from the same marriage? The same parents?”

It’s one thing to walk around as a family of twelve. It’s a whole new experience to walk around as a family of twelve, with ten of us being over 6’ ft tall. Yeah. It’s crazy, but we love it.

I love my big family.

Here is one question I frequently get asked, “Did you like growing up in a big family?” My answer is a resounding “YES!”

My family wasn’t (isn’t) perfect. We are actually far from it. We have more people in the family, which means more sinners, which means more arguments and disagreements.

All eight of us grew up in a small house, in the city, with a small backyard. We didn’t have a mansion. We couldn’t afford the latest and greatest of everything. We were just your regular homeschool family who occasionally had the police show up at our door because us kids “weren’t in school.”

And that’s exactly why I loved it.

Our family was real. My parents were real. We didn’t pretend to have it all together. We didn’t pretend to look a certain way to please those around us. My parents raised us to the best of their ability and trusted God with the outcome. They pointed us to Jesus. They encouraged us to build a personal relationship with Him.

Fast forward to today and we are mostly grown adults.

The two little younger girls in the picture are the only two under eighteen. The rest of us our nineteen and up. Thankfully we are past the stage of having to hide inside the house until the rest of the world got out of school. Any homeschoolers know what I’m talking about?!?

Now that I am a grown adult, I am beyond grateful for my big family. They truly are my best friends and closest companions. I’m not just saying that because it’s the right answer. I really mean it. If I had to pick a group of friends to hang out with on the weekend, it would be the peeps in the picture above.

The relationships between my siblings and me isn’t always a breeze.

These family relationships have taken a lot of work. We have normal disagreements, arguments, offenses and annoyances like most of you. But, we don’t let that come between us. We always seek to resolve our differences and work out any conflicts. We prioritize our family relationships and fight against the attacks to break those up.

We view our family as a group of people who God intentionally chose to make family. We consider our family the only “permanents” in our life. No matter what happens we will always be family. Friends will come and go but our family will always be there. Whether it’s a wedding, funeral, birthday or anniversary something will always be in place to bring us together.

Good family relationships don’t accidentally happen.

Having good family relationships takes intentional effort. We intentionally spend time together and talk on a regular basis. Just the other night my little *gigantically tall* brother sat on the edge of my bed and we talked about his romantic interest. How cool is that? Brothers don’t typically share their hearts with older sisters.

It’s only because we’ve maintained a relationship over the years that we now have this special bond. We don’t expect to have these close relationships in our family unless we put the hard work of investing time into them.

The results of time, love, discussions and tears, have led to moments like the one I just shared.

This isn’t about bragging on my family.

I don’t tell you this to brag on my family. I tell you this to encourage you to think about the family that God has placed you in. I tell you this to encourage you to think ahead to the way you will raise your own kids one day.

Our culture is shedding a terrible light on family. There is zero priority on building those relationships and there is zero priority on encouraging young women to excitedly look forward to raising their own children.

We as young women so often buy into this worldly mindset. Instead of looking at our families as specifically chosen by God, we look at them with annoyance and disgust. Instead of working hard to invest into those relationships, we “endure” them and wait for the day when we can leave.

Instead of excitedly looking forward to raising our own children as “arrows” to shoot out into the world, we embrace our freedom and enjoy it while it lasts.

I would love to see a massive swing in our culture. I would love to see girls loving the idea of family. I would love to see girls excitedly looking forward to children. I would love to see girls desiring large families. I would love to see girls desiring to raise their children to advance the kingdom of God.

Think ahead to your future.

I know that my growing up experience is very unique in this modern age. Not many families truly get along. Not many girls who grew up in big families want big families of their own. Not many girls are looking forward to motherhood.

Let me emphasize this again. No family is perfect. No family will just accidentally have amazing relationships. Think about it. You don’t accidentally become a pro at a job or a sport. It takes hours of practice and work. Relationships are the same way. Your current family relationships and your future family relationships will only be as strong as you invest into them.

I would love to hear what you girls are thinking.

Do you look forward to motherhood? Do you desire to be a mother? What about home schooling. Is that a maybe, yes, or no for you? Why or why not?

When you think ahead to motherhood, what are your thoughts? Will you copy your parents or take a different route? Why?

I would love to hear more about your family. Let’s continue this conversation and exchange stories in the comments section below.

 Photo Credit: http://thebrightnessproject.comSay Hello to our Big, Tall, Crazy Home Schooling Family

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57 Responses to Say Hello to our Big, Tall, Crazy Homeschooling Family

  1. Chelsea says:

    Haha I have a big family too! 9 kids. And we were all homewchoooled. Except for we are all short. The tallest is 6 feet and the shortest is 5 feet. But yeah 🙂 I definitely look forward to having a family. I don’t want 9 kids exactly, but I do want a fair amount.

    • GirlDefined says:

      @Chelea 9 kids? That’s awesome! Being short can definitely have it’s advantages. 1. You can wear super cute heels. 2. You can hide in a crowd. 3. If it were’t for the short people, we wouldn’t be considered tall. 😉 Whether short or tall having a big family is awesome 🙂 I’m so glad you are looking forward to having a family as well!

    • Bianca Jago says:

      Hehe Chelsea, I’m 4′ 11 1/2″ and won’t be growing any taller 😛 I’m the first of eight and so far three of my siblings are taller than I am lol 🙂

  2. Anna Jones says:

    I love to read stories of loving and talented large homeschool families. And you all seem to fit the bill. 🙂 Thank you for being a good example of homeschooling and how it can go right!

    • GirlDefined says:

      @anna_jones:disqus Thanks so much for reading the GirlDefined blog. We love having the opportunity to interact with you all. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  3. Cathryn says:

    Thank you for writing this amazing post Bethany!! I’m only sixteen years old and I desire to be a wife and mother someday. It makes me sad to realize that not a lot of young women today look forward to motherhood. I believe that it’s God’s precious gift to us. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • GirlDefined says:

      Cathryn, that’s awesome that you desire to be a wife and mother someday. You are so right, not a lot of young women desire to be wives and mothers in the future. It’s really sad. I’m encouraged to hear that you want to 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Williams says:

    You’re family is such an encouragement! I follow their blog as well! I do have to admit, though, sometimes I almost get a little jealous because y’all all seem to be like-minded and just get along really well. I know that takes work. But for me, I have three siblings, and two of them are not very, how do you say it, spiritually minded? Like, I can’t talk to them about what God’s doing in mine/their life or talk about spiritual subjects, etc. It makes me a little jealous when I see siblings that do have that! I know that jealousy is never right for a Christian, but I don’t know. Just something I’m struggling with right now

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hey Elizabeth!
      Me too! I have a brother who has turned his back on God. It’s heart breaking. We can pray that God will give us boldness to start conversations. <3

      • Elizabeth Williams says:

        Aw, I hate that! I know how hard that can be. Heartbreaking is definitely how I would describe it

    • GirlDefined says:

      Elizabeth, I am so glad that you are a faithful GirlDefined blog reader 🙂 We love reading your comments and seeing you interact with the other girls in the comments section. Let me assure you that our family has not always been/is not perfect. We have been through some really hard times and have not always been in great communication. It’s only by the grace of God (and a lot of hard work) that we’ve been able to get to where we are now. Keep working hard on those relationships. It will be worth it <3

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, so I won’t ever think I’m a “giant” again. Lol I am 16 years old and 5’9″. Let’s just say the majority of people I know are shorter than me. (: I really loved this post! Sounds a lot like my family. This year I’ve really been striving for good relationships. It is hard, tiresome, work…but the results are so worth it! I can’t wait to see growth continue to happen.
    As for coming from a large family and wanting one, that’s me. Just last night I was thinking about how hard my mom works and how patient she is considering all she has to do. I definitely need to have more patient and love if I can have my dream family. I’m so glad God is working on my heart NOW, because I have all these years to grow closer to Him. I have the rest of my life to serve God! It’s something really humbling and exciting! I think I’ll be a slightly different kind of parent than my own, but the love will be the same, Lord willing.

  6. Melea says:

    Thank you so much for your post! 🙂
    I have a big family (6 siblings), and we have all been homeschooled and I LOVE it!! (And I laughed at the mention of waiting for kids to get out of school to leave the house, I can totally relate, lol) 🙂

  7. Allie says:

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Though I have a wonderful family of 7 I know I have to work more in our relationship, I really want to be a blessing for my family! And I know sometimes I don´t make an effort to bless them or just to invest time with them…

    I´m 25 and was not homescooled, and that wasn´t good, but I really wish to homeschool my 15 (own and adopted) children if God allows me to be a wife and mother someday, and abviously, if He gives me children 🙂 and it´s ok if they´re not 15 🙂

    So I´m praying that my future husband likes the idea of a big family

  8. Lyddie Murray says:

    I am very much excited to have a large family of my own some day. I want to have a lot of kiddos. 🙂 All I’ve ever wanted was to be a stay at home mother and wife! I definitely believe it to be a God given desire. You’re blog is so inspiring and it encourages me to strive for Motherhood even though our culture today says otherwise. I’m seventeen and have been homeschooled my whole life. All my siblings were, too. I credit homeschooling to why I’m so close to my siblings and parents. I’m so glad my parents chose homeschooling and I am so blessed to have parents that are raising me to live a Godly life.

    You’re family is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing a little about them and thank you a thousand times for all the work you put into this blog! I appreciate it so much! It’s been so helpful in my life, particularly when you write about relationships and Motherhood. Thanks!

  9. Ana Yefimov says:

    I love this post. I’ve been home schooled since preschool so ya I love it. I’m definitely homeschooling my kids. And I do remember hiding inside the house or jumping behind a tree or a wall so passing cars wouldn’t see me and my siblings. ha ha (oh the memories) I love children and want to have a whole bunch of them; you know, have my own choir/orchestra

  10. CT says:

    I love my family, but as some of us have drawn closer to Christ, there’s been more tension and disagreements. Those who love the Lord ache as they watch their surface level Christian family members continue in their lukewarmness. They also don’t appreciate their participation in certain activities that committed Christians ought to stay away from. The lukewarm Christians don’t appreciate it when the Christ-loving family members encourage them to love the Lord. Pretty much each criticizes the other on things pertaining to living out our faith. Those who love Jesus and strive to make their goals center around Him have different ways of thinking and different ways of life from those who don’t. Those who don’t supremely love Jesus (although they say they are Christians and believe all the right things) have different ways of thinking and different goals. And although we all can be in the same house without a shouting match each day, there is a clash and a tension deep in our hearts when it comes to making big decisions primarily because of spiritual differences. Can you give me some Biblical help?

    Oh, and this is also the primary thing that hinders us from building strong relationships with each other.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I’m curious Bethany, was that family picture taking in front of an old feed mill? It reminds me of one.

  12. Hannah says:

    Love this! I’m one of 14, and we get many comments and questions from complete strangers, definitely a lot of chances to be a witness to people. We’ve all been homeschooled from the beginning and we really are each other’s best friends too! I’m at the top of the order and still have a lot of young siblings (the youngest is 3 months), but it will be so much fun as our family grows up and gets married too. I’m actually courting a guy who’s the oldest of 10 … That would be a lot of brothers and sisters in law! ; )
    I do look forward to, Lord willing being a mother, and believe that the Lord is the one who opens and closes the womb, there isn’t a number to put on that. ; )
    Also, it’s kind of funny everyone always comments on how tall we are and we’re a couple inches shorter than you all, most of us older girls are about 5′ 10″ and the boys 6′ 4″. ; ) Still pretty tall, but nothing compared to you all! ; )
    God’s blessings to you and your family!

  13. Jesusfreak17 says:

    Oh, I’m totally looking forward to motherhood. So much so that it’s sometimes bad for me to think too much about it because I get all wishful and I get melancholy because I’m not there yet! I’m currently homeschooled but I’ve been public schooled every year before this and I’m going back to my local high school next year because several subjects are a little messed up and it’s a lot simpler to go back. Plus, I think God has ministry opportunities for me there that I need to embrace. Though I totally support homeschooling, I think I would probably have my kids go to a public school. I want my kids to be able to relate to people of other belief systems well and see how the world sees things in contrast to the way God sees them. I think not homeschooling may be the best way to do this, though I know there are certainly other ways if I change me mind and homeschool them. 🙂
    As for copying my parents, yes I probably will. They are a very committed couple and I want that for my marriage too. I expect it to be a very different relationship but I want it to be just as committed.

  14. I’m the oldest of three children, and I love my family! Sometimes I wish my family was bigger, but then I remember our church family. Our 150 person church has been blessed with TONS of children- and they keep coming! I’ve grown to love them as my own siblings. Also, I have a family of 25 kids in Kalimpong, India. Through an organization called Asias Hope, my church sponsors a childrens home. I love all of those kids because they’re my family- we feed and clothe those tender little cuties! I also sponsor a little girl through Holt International, paying for her food and shelter and medicine. I think of her like shes my own kid. So even though my biological family is fairly small, my family in Christ is quite gigantic!
    I’m so looking forward to being a mom. I love children, and have come to understand how many kids there are without mothers. I’m planning on adopting as many kids as I can. I’ve even thought about the possibility of running a childrens home, like the home my church sponsors. 🙂 I’m home schooled, so I have really considered the possibility of home schooling my children some day.
    My parents have truly done a great job fulfilling their role. I wanna be just like my mama. I do not plan to stick to a small family, however. I plan on having a large one. Obviously this is all in God’s control- if he wants me to have a family of three, so be it 🙂 But he has put it in my heart (even at the young age of 15) to adopt those that are motherless, and I want to be a mama to as many of these children as possible.

  15. Eleanor says:

    I am a part of a big family as well (7 kiddos). our family is not as tall as yours, but my brother is 5’9 at the age of 11.
    I would love to have a large family, just like my parents, and homeschool. I love learning from my parents. Thank you for writing this post!

  16. SavedbyGrace says:

    Out of curiosity how old is Ellissa??? Just looking out for my brother:)!!!!! Amazing post!!! Thanks for the encouragement in regards to the family!!!! Coming from a family with 5 kids, it makes handling big families a breeze:) God bless u guys!!!! Your family sounds so precious!!!! I hope we meet someday!!!!! -Psalm 37:4-

  17. Melissa Borgens says:

    God has spoken to me about family. Said that the mode (full of love, respect, zeal) that my parents raised me until today, will affect generations! Children who do not have a “benchmark” of a father, through my life will know that God is the ETERNAL FATHER of them.

    Hallelujah! Jesus is beautiful!

    I’m going to be a teacher, and I love children. One day I want to have 5 kids:D

    I intend to be a teacher because a day at a Conference in Sao Paulo (Brazil), God showed me that there are few Christians teachers. In our church we have had the revelation of the Kingdom of God to the schools. And many girls have been aroused to care for children, and they already have entered colleges to graduate as teachers. One day we will have our own school!

    Glory to God for the family I have, there were 5 people (father, mother, older sister, brother and I-the newest among the 3). My brother got married and in April will have a daughter, Maria Eduarda.

    We were created by the best parents, full of love and affection. And one day I want to be so good with my children and my husband, as my family is. The story of my parents is so beautiful! Somewhat suffered, but beautiful. A wedding directed by God.

    My family was chosen by God and my parents were faithful to God in his childhood and youth, because they could have been corrupted with the world but God kept them in their simplicity. Today God has great things in me! Thanks to their loyalty.

    I have a wise mother, and a father in love with your wife and kids <3


  18. Allie says:

    THANK YOU for this post on the importance of family! My family is very close and we all love each other and love spending time together! It’s sad how rare this is now a days. I’m so thankful for the gift of homeschooling and for haven been able to really do life with my favorite people every day. Thank you Jesus! Btw I’m the shorty of my family at 5’6″ and my extended family is tall too. 🙂

  19. Gods_girlcoco says:

    I WAS HOMESCHOOLED!!!!!! I loved it. But my family was probably considered an unusually small homeschooling family. It was only my two other siblings and I at the time. 🙂 Thanks for this post. You guys are so cool! 🙂

  20. Abby says:

    I’m homeschooled! 🙂 Although I miss hanging out with my friends at the private school I used to attend, homeschooling is really nice! My parents have said frequently that they could just send us to the public schools in town for free, but they don’t. They care more about our relationships with Jesus in our studies than just an education, so they spend what they need to to accomplish that. Great post! I love meeting fellow homeschoolers/people who were homeschooled. 🙂

  21. Lisa Hallahan says:

    Haha! 5’3 and proud! LOL…I have a family of 9 and all 7 of us kids were homeschooled all our lives as well. Big families ROCK! <3 Love this, Bethany.

  22. Leah Benedict says:

    I’m the eighth child of ten, and my siblings are definitely my best friends!! I want to have as many children as God is willing to give me. Hopefully I’ll homeschool them, too. As others have said, big families are awesome!!

  23. Ana (a sister from Argentina) says:

    We’re a family of three, xD my parents and (well) me 🙂
    We sometimes may have diferences, but we truly love each other. Actually, I consider my parents as my best friends!!!
    I remember one day, that I was telling a classmate, that I told my parents who my crush was, an she was like… “wooow how is that you dare told them, were they mad?? How cool”!! and I was like “well.. of course I told them, we are friends!!”
    That experience truly made me see what a blessing is the relationship I have with mom and dad!!

    Beautifull post Bethany!! 😀

  24. Ana (a sister from Argentina) says:

    Oh, by the way, my dream is to have a laaaarge family one day, God willing 😉 😀

  25. Big Sister says:

    Love this post! I’m the oldest of three and my brother and sister are definitely my best friends.

  26. Brooklyn says:

    I really loved reading this, I’m fifteen and I am currently an only child (biologically). My step-dad has a son, He isn’t ever around, but I love him. I also have a half brother, we have the same Daddy. He’s like my best pal ! I can talk to him about anything. I look forward to growing up, getting married and starting a medium-sized family of my own ! I think more families need the right standards. Well, standards in general ! No one has class or any sense of the old ways. They just go with the flow. And going with the flow, won’t get you anywhere! Especially to God’s Kingdom. So , yes. I want to change the definition of parenting, and family. This world needs to look at the Bible!

  27. Brooklyn says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, my Mama and step-dad are adopting a baby soon ! Please be in prayer for that. 🙂

  28. Melanie says:

    This is so inspiring to read. I didn’t know that you guys had been home schooled. My younger brother and I are/were home schooled, so it’s really neat to see that similarity.
    It must have been really interesting with eight of you all growing up in the same house.

    To answer your questions: No I don’t look forward to motherhood at the moment. The weight of raising children in this world is scary. I do really want to have kids someday though.
    When I have my own family, I will break the cycle of some of the decisions my parents made. I will probably home school my kids, and most importantly, raise them in the ways of the Lord.

    It’s scary to think about someday having my own kids. But at the same time, it’s exciting. This post has shown me what a big happy family can look like. There will never be a perfect family, but a family that builds relationships is a good family.

  29. A.Grace says:

    I am the oldest of eleven. 😀 I love it – maybe not all the time, true, but I am content where God has placed me. 😉

    Hey, is there a way I can get involved with guest blogging? I am thinking about starting my own once I publish my novel . . . does this sound too prideful if I say I want to start getting my name out there?? Idk I really want to encourage girls though. any advice?


  30. Mille L says:

    You can advance the Kingdom without having kids.

    I work at the county hospital serving the underserved. I’m turning 30 this year.
    You can advance the Kingdom in many other ways as a woman.
    The church often seems to push this idea that motherhood is essential for a woman.
    I’m telling you it’s not.
    I’ve chosen this far to advance the Kingdom at my workplace. There is a huge need in hospitals – especially those serving the underserved.
    We need more professional CHRISTIAN women!!! I can’t even tell you how much this is needed. I would love to see a swing in culture to more Christian women in the professional work environment.
    While I have decided to have kids – either my own or adopt, I’m really disappointed that Christians seem to push this.
    I’ve decided to stop following your blog today. I hope as you age, you gain some insight and world experience. I also hope you go to college, get educated, and learn from people who dramatically different from you. Preaching to the choir is easy. Branching out, escaping your comfort zone and reaching the unreached is admirable. I feel you have it in you. Marrying young and having 13+ kids isn’t always the best way to advance the kingdom. I hope you experience more of life before having kids.

    • GirlDefined says:

      Hey @Millie L,
      We appreciate you following our blog for the time that you did. It’s always an honor to have each and every one of you read the GirlDefined blog. We absolutely agree with you that it is possible to advance the kingdom of God without having children. That is both of our goals in life right now. It sounds like that is your goal as well.

      The reason that we push for women getting married, having children and “training them up in the way they should go,” is because that’s what we see the Bible pushing for. The first woman ever created was made with the intention to be a helper to her husband Adam. She was also specifically designed to nurture and raise children. Throughout the Bible we see marriage and motherhood as the norm for women. We also see Scripture praising and encouraging that. That is the reason we promote marriage and motherhood. Not because of what we want, but because of what we see the Bible teaching.


  31. Sequioa says:

    Good honk this sounds like our family! a bunch of home schooled 6’0 -or above- footers who cant find jeans that are long enough, and try not to roll their eyes when people try to buy (yes buy, one guy offered $40 for me, granted he’s my cousin…) us for their basketball or volleyball team. the shortest one of our family is…Mom standing a 5’10.
    But i want to thank y’all for blogging! its been a real blessing for me and my sisters (and its been less than a week when we stumbled upon this website!) its great to come here when the world starts to get in your head and just get a reminder on how God wants us to live!

    • GirlDefined says:

      Wow! Your family sounds exactly like ours. Maybe we are long lost relatives 😉 Thanks so much for reading the blog and sharing words of encouragement. We hope the blog continues to challenge and bless you. -Bethany

  32. Leah McNamara says:

    I just discovered your blog today and I know I’ll be visiting a lot 🙂 I had a question regarding your view on birth control. Whether to use it at all? Its permissible to use it under certain circumstances? There are so many wonderful families I respect on both sides of the fence. Thanks girls!!

    • GirlDefined says:

      @Leah McNamara Kristen and I have both come to the conclusion that neither of us will use birth control. We have sat through many courses on the topic and are convinced that birth control has the ability to cause unintended abortion. We would never want to use anything that has even the slightest chance of possibly killing a child. We believe that God is sovereign and He will give, or not give, each of us exactly the amount of children He thinks is best. Hope that helps 🙂 -Bethany

  33. Tyra says:

    I come from a family of six. My parents, me and my three little brothers. Here in Sweden that is considered a pretty big family.. I don’t know how many kids I want in the future but I want to be a foster parent some day because there are so many kids out there who need a foster home. I look forward to getting married and starting a family of my own but in the same time I’m glad I’m not there yet (I’m 19) because I want to do some other things in my life first. I’ve not been home schooled since home schooling is illegal in Sweden. If it would become legal before I have kids in school age I would consider it but I doubt it will so I want to live somewhere where there is a christian school so that my kids could attend a christian school, like I’ve done. When it comes to parenting styles I’ll definitely take after some things from my parents, such as how devoted they are to have a good home for their kids, but I hope I won’t have to do some of the things they’ve done. They’ve both worked full time pretty much all through our upbringings and we’ve still barely gotten by. I admire how they’re devoted but I hope I won’t have to do that since it means not having so much time for the kids.

    • GirlDefined says:

      @Tyra It sounds like you are really thinking through your future plans. Thinking ahead and planning smart for the future is a great quality to have! I admire your thoughtfulness and desire to honor Christ in your future. Keep up the good work girl <3 -Bethany

  34. I am homeschooled myself and have three younger sisters. I absolutely love growing up in a ‘big’ family. For you four kids must seem pretty small, but in the neighbourhood we live in we have a lot of kids. Every time I tell someone that I have three sibligns they all think I’m lying. I totally get ‘hiding inside the house until the rest of the world is at school’ ;). I really want to be a mother someday. I live in the Netherlands, where homeschooling is not very popular. They even are thinking about making homeschool illegal in the Netherlands! But if homeschool is still legal in the Netherlands when I’m an mother I would definitely homeschool. When I think of motherhood and parenting styles, I would take some nice things from my mother but definitely change a lot of things. My parents are nice parents but not real ‘Christians’, if I can say so. They go to Church, but my parents aren’t married and my father is an non-believer. I would never marry a non-Christian guy and I see many flaws in my parents parenting style.

    I absolutely love being homeschooling because I see so many good things in it. It is so sad that in the Netherlands homeschooling is seen as ‘bad’. My parents are often accused of giving us very bad schooling. Now with all the bussines in the Netherlands about making homeschooling illegal there are a lot people who think we are just playing games at home. Please pray for us!

    Lots of love from the Netherlands,

  35. JaLynn Rae Atnip says:

    I’m the second to youngest of 10 siblings, and we were all homeschooled. With 5 sisters and 4 brothers I love growing up in a large family. My mom has a large family too and I have a lot of cousins but scince they live in OH and we live in WY I don’t know them very well. I want to have lots of kids be a stay at home mom and probley homchool my kids. Bye

  36. Erika says:

    I really liked this post because I also have a tall homeschooling family, of 6. 🙂 I could relate to this and I know that relationships don’t happen by accident and you have to work on them. And I know it’s hard! Thanks Bethany!

  37. Julia Dapper says:

    so cute!! who’s the oldest?

  38. Elisa says:

    Well my family doesn’t fit the tall blonde protocol. We are shorter and dark. But besides that we sound soooo much like your family!!!! The total homeschooling, field trip shopping, crazy type folks. Super fun to read this blog!!

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