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A Call to Manhood – Part 2

By: Beecher Proch (Guest)

This is part two in a series. Check out part one here if you missed it.

So what’s the solution? Actually, the real question should be “is there even a solution?” And my answer is yes. But before you come to the solution, you must be resolved to do what it takes to reclaim true manhood.

There’s nothing easy about becoming a real man in today’s world.

You’ll be flying in the face of everyone and, very likely, everything you’ve been taught. But your quest will be worth it. And once you begin your journey to being a real man, you’ll realize that sacrifices, pain, hard work, and the sweat you put into it will all be worth it.

First, seek God on the matter.

He’s the one who made you and who has a plan for you, so it makes sense that you would look to him first for guidance! Study the Bible, and learn God’s definition of a real man.

Whether you’re reading Proverbs, Genesis, Luke, Romans, or any other book of the Bible, I guarantee you will find advice and knowledge about living as a man (however, if you want a hint as to where you should start, try Proverbs. There’s loads of manly advice there!). Find examples of men in the Bible from whose lives you can draw wisdom (think David, Joseph, Noah, and oh so many more).

Next, study great men in history.

George Washington, Patrick Henry, Winston Churchill, G.K. Chesterton, Theodore Roosevelt… the list goes on and on. Men who honored God, served tirelessly, loved those around them, aspired to great things, and lived the lives God had called them to.

These men will become your mentors and friends. They will challenge you to stand up for what is right. They will inspire you to dream great dreams. They will exhort you to live as a man. They will call you to love and serve others.

It is a fact that we all will become like those we spend time with. Spend time with these men, and you will be changed forever.

Be prepared to fail.

That’s not an easy sentence to read (or write!). But all men, great and small, fail. From David and Bathsheba in the Bible to the Wright brothers with their plane to President Eisenhower, every man has failed. It is inevitable. Because when you place yourself in harm’s way (as you’re doing when you purpose to be a real man), you’re not going to come away unscathed.

When you mess up, don’t let it convince you to quit your journey. Get up!

Proverbs says that a righteous man “falls seven times but rises again.” If your mistake inconvenienced others, make it right. Then get back on the road to true manhood.

Failure will come to everyone – it’s how you deal with that failure that will shape you into the man you want to become, rather good or bad.

Real men are few and far between. But you and I can change that.

You see, just reading this won’t put you on the path to being who God made you to be as a man. You are the one who must take the first step towards the goal. I can’t do that for you. You and I can only change one person: our self. But if every person who read this purposed to change, we would have a revolution on our hands!

So step up. We’re looking for real men around here.

Women need men who will protect them. Who will serve them. Who will love them. The world needs men who will do that, and more. Pray, ask God for guidance, commit your way to Him, and study men of the past.

Strive to be a man’s man as God defines the word. Because if you’ll do this, I promise you the parking lot, your neighborhood, and the entire world will be better for it.

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