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Candace Made the Choice

By: Bethany Beal

Earlier this year I told you a story about a girl named Candace. She was born without any limbs. That’s right, no arms and no legs.

Shockingly enough, Candace was able to give thanks to God for her life despite the fact that she was limbless. Read the full story here: Candace – The Girl Without Limbs.

The story of Candace still amazes me even to this day.

I often put myself in Candace’s place and imagine having her life. What would life be like without arms and legs? Could I give thanks to God if I were limbless like Candace?

Although Candace is limbless, I think each one of us could use a little of her attitude in our lives.

Despite her circumstances she has chosen to give thanks to God for what He has done and what He has given her. She has made the courageous choice to live her life according to 1 Thessalonians 5:18 which says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

That means what it says – in all things give thanks.

So often I acknowledge the first two words of that verse, but ignore the rest of it. Of course I can give thanks when things are going my way. I can give thanks when my circumstances are the way that I like them. I can give thanks when I feel like. But that isn’t where the verse stops. It continues on and says, “in all circumstances.” That means what it says – in all things give thanks. Not just when we feel like it. Not just when it’s easy. I’m sure Candace doesn’t always feel like giving thanks to God, but she made the choice to obey God rather than give into her negative feelings.

“I have learned that in every circumstance that comes my way, I can choose to respond in one of two ways: I can whine or I can worship! And I can’t worship without giving thanks. It just isn’t possible. When we choose the pathway of worship and giving thanks, especially in the midst of difficult circumstances, there is a fragrance, a radiance, that issues forth out of our lives to bless the Lord and others.” ― Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Will you choose to give thanks to God whether you feel like it or not?
Will you make the choice (like Candace did) to give thanks despite your circumstances?
What can you thank God for today? Right now?

I challenge you to make this Thanksgiving one you will never forget. Make it a day that is full of thanksgiving towards God for all that He is and all that He has done in your life.

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