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Choosing Feminine Faith in a Feminist World

By: Kristen Clark

I was driving down the street the other day listening to one of my favorite Spotify stations (shout out to Vertical Church Band) when my elbow accidentally switched the channel. I didn’t realize it had changed until a random song came on that I had never heard.

The woman singing had a beautiful voice. She was extremely talented. But the lyrics were what grabbed my attention.

This girl was angry. Hurt. Broken. She had put all of her hopes and dreams in a guy, and he left her for another woman. She was shattered. Her life felt empty.

As the catchy beat banged in the background, she was determined to have the last word.

Her plan for rising up, being strong and overcoming was clear. Go out with his best friend, sleep around a little, and make your ex reek with jealousy.

As I listened to this artist, I was intrigued by its message: Follow my heart. Put all of my hope in my boyfriend. If he fails me, seek revenge. Oh, and I should use sex as a weapon — if needed.

This song, like so many other things in modern culture, is sending us a message. It’s teaching us things about life and womanhood. It’s feeding us a specific worldview.

As I ran some errands later that day I saw another message about my womanhood.

It was in full color on the cover of a magazine featuring a sexualized woman wearing very little clothing. She was ready to teach me how to “make him want me” in bed. With one flip of the magazine I could learn how to entice men and get what I want.

Another subtle message.   

Then later that evening there was that billboard featuring a perfume ad. The message was clear. The model looked out longingly with a powerful and seductive pose. The billboard whispered in my ear, “buy my perfume and you will be a seductive and powerful woman too.”

The messages about womanhood are everywhere.

Whether I’m searching for it or not, I am being told what it means to be a woman every single day.

Instead of blindly following the version of womanhood that permeates our culture today, we, as Christian women, need to take a step back and examine what we’re being fed. We need to question what we’re being told. We need to be savvy about what we believe.

The seductive and power-hungry version of modern womanhood is not the result of women turning to God’s word for answers, but sadly, turning away from it. Many people refer to this time as the post-feminist age. The version of womanhood that we see now is largely a result of the feminist movement.  

Instead of accepting womanhood as it is today, we need to view every aspect of our womanhood through a biblical lense.

As author Carolyn McCulley puts it, We need to have feminine faith in a feminist world.

If we don’t intentionally pursue a version of womanhood that is built on a biblical foundation, we will get swept away in the popular current.

What is feminine faith?

Feminine faith begins with us, as Christian women, first and foremost accepting God’s Word as the ultimate authority in our lives. We must humble ourselves and trust that God’s ways are better than our own.

We can’t look to pop culture for answers about our womanhood, but to God’s living and timeless Word (2 Tim. 3:16).   

Feminine faith isn’t built on our foundation of power or self exultation, but on serving others and glorifying Christ (1 Peter 2:9).

Feminine faith doesn’t thrive on immorality and sensuality, but on holiness and purity for the honor of our King (1 Peter 1:14-16).

Feminine faith isn’t interested in redefining anything (gender, sexuality, marriage, love, life) that God has clearly instructed us on in His Word. Instead, we trust that God has our ultimate good in mind when He established boundaries and parameters for us (Matt. 19:4-6).

And lastly, feminine faith always strives to be a cheerleader for the things God loves, upholds, and teaches us as women. When we come across passages of Scripture like Proverbs 31, Titus 2, and 1 Timothy 2 — we need to take them seriously. What is God trying to teach us? How can we apply those verses to our lives today?

God designed us and He is FOR our womanhood.

He is pro-woman more than anyone in this world. He loves our beautiful design as females.

It’s time that we, as Christian women, wake up from our slumber and become radical once again for God’s truth. For God’s ways. For God’s vision. If we desire to glorify God with our lives, we must become biblically savvy in this modern age.

I read a book a while ago that helped me understand exactly how to do that. This book changed my life and helped me understand feminism and biblical womanhood through an accurate lense.

It’s called, Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World (by Carolyn McCulley).

I highly recommend and encourage you grab a copy. Seriously. This is a must read. As Christian woman, we must know what we believe and why we believe it.

We must understand how feminism has impacted our culture and how it’s affecting us today.

“Biblical womanhood is not for the weak. In an age that seeks to obliterate God and His authority, modeling biblical womanhood involves spiritual warfare.” -McCulley

May we be a generation of women who passionately pursue feminine faith in a feminist world.

Let’s chat below.

  • Where have you seen the subtle messages of modern, secular womanhood?
  • How has our post-feminist culture and ideology tempted you to ignore God’s design for womanhood?

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21 Responses to Choosing Feminine Faith in a Feminist World

  1. Montserrat Bobadilla says:

    I totally agree with this! Now a days, we can see images in every place,all the time, and they are trying to convince us that fornication and adultery is OK. Culture also says we have to be seeking for power and that money is the most important thing in the whole world. Instead of listening those ideas, we should seek The Lord and worship him!

  2. Hannah B says:

    wow this powerful, I hadn’t thought about it in that way before, i knew that those posters/billboards/magazines were bad but that was all i thought about them. I didn’t realize that they were an attack on women (and men). Very good article!!!

  3. Shanae B says:

    Awesome post! I’m thankful I grew up in a godly home and was taught about Gods design from the get go! I hate it how world views of womenhood are literally everywhere bombarding us away from Gods design. I’ve had to cling to Gods strangth on this topic for most of my life because I’ve never followed the culture idea for women and have gotten a lot of guff for it. I have four younger siblings (two sisters), and through my job I work with children and teenagers and it sadens me that there are already so many girls who believe the culture mindset about women. We definitely need to stand for real womanhood and be the everyday examples to younger girls!

  4. Mackenzie Alexis says:

    I actually have some feminist friends who believe woman can and should do ANY THING and EVERYTHING men can do. I don’t believe that. I believe that we should all be equal, races, and genders. But I am not the kind of girl who won’t let a guy hold the door for her because I can do it my self.What do we say to those friends who are so hungry to have power that they emasculate men? I would love to hear some answers!

    Mackenzie Alexis

    • Rainbow_sprinkles7 says:

      Women CAN do everything men can do. When a man opens a door for you it’s to be a gentleman and it’s a nice gesture, not because he thinks you can’t do it. If you don’t want that, fine. open your own doors, many women appreciate it and are still feminist and believe in equality

    • Joanne Ma says:

      I am okay with a guy opening a door open for me. I just feel uncomfortable if they do that because they think I am weaker or something. And woman can do what a man can do. They can enlist in the army if they have the strength and patriotic mind, they can be a president if they can be a good president, and they can do many other things. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, it matters what ability you have. People always tend to think that a man can’t do this and a woman can’t do this and not even give them a chance to do something.

  5. I agree with this. I feel like I’m constantly seeing images super sexual images of women and it’s annoying and I’m tired of seeing it. I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking and feeling like I have to be that way in order to love or accepted but I have to remind myself that it’s a lie

  6. Elizabeth Goiran says:

    I agree that women are constantly sexualised by the world we live in but I don’t think it’s fair to label all feminists as part of the problem. True feminism has been distorted and, thus, there are now many branches of it: radical, social, cultural. By definition, feminism has nothing to do with sexualising yourself but giving you the opportunity to be feminine without having to sexualise ourselves. Those posters and songs are like that because they are about how females think or have been forced into making themselves seem even more like sexual objects. This post is exactly right about how we have become more and more objectified as women. I genuinely believe that unity is the most powerful weapon. Instead of criticising other groups of women, we should find another group with whom we share values. There are many Christian feminists, including myself, and I have not had to compromise any one of my godly values for it. Abortion? No. It devalues human life, motherhood and God’s plan for life. Females in all the same jobs as men? No. We only want the opportunity to serve in a way that honours God. Sexualisation? No. We are so precious in God’s eyes and in the eyes of those who truly love us rather than people who lust over us. Sorry, I didn’t mean to rant that much but I had to get to my point. We, as Christians girls and women, should be at the head of the true feminist movement. The word has been tainted by people who have conformed to the sinful ways of this world. I would love to live in a world where there was only one feminist group and it included all of its original values of equality despite race, age or gender and gave this world true equality. What is true equality? It is providing everyone, no matter which gender or race, with opportunities without devaluing females or males or their unique roles in society.

    • Rainbow_sprinkles7 says:

      How does women having the same jobs as men not serve God?

      • Elizabeth Goiran says:

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that at all. I think women should be able to serve God in all the same jobs that men can except for ones where God has called men only, such as, leading the church as pastors or priests. But otherwise there are no jobs that a women shouldn’t be given the opportunity to do if she wants to do it (and it is honouring to God). Sorry for the confusion.

  7. Gabriela says:

    I believe that Feminism as it is portrayed in the Western world is wrong, with all the sexualized and truly misguided messages, but I wonder what your thoughts are on feminists across the globe that work to enable women in African and Middle Eastern nations to get an education and be set free from their often abusive ( and imposed) relationships with men that are ten or twenty years older than them. Because while many (and most) feminist activists do focus on delivering these messed uo messages to these girls, thee are many others (like Malala Yousafzai) that use this belief for something that is actually necessary to save those women from abuse.

    Again, I do agree with what this posts says, I’m just curious about your thoughts


  8. Guest says:

    That girl in the stock photo…looks like Taylor Swift.

    Too bad the old Taylor is dead :/

  9. Anna says:

    This is a great article! It is SO true how we are shaped to view ourselves as women without even knowing it. I know that I need to turn to God for my identity, but when the culture is bombarding us with lies, sometimes it gets hard to remember that. Again, awesome post!

  10. Mariama says:

    This would be a great article about your strongly-held counter-cultural beliefs and faith…*except* that I just saw it all over social media that your whole family was vacationing at Disneyland. Disney, Hollywood’s golden child. Disney, the primary purveyor of Western culture’s new raunchy sexuality. Disney, the No. 1 destroyer of the nuclear family. Disney, the media promulgator of social Marxism and the debt culture that is destroying America and so many other countries. I am an atheist, but I find sexualized feminism and all of Disney’s other messages far too vile for consumption.

    Nice try, but I am not buying your hypocrisy. I know what you are trying to create, and it is only a controlled environment with compliant sheeplings to follow you and boost your social status. The pretty hairbows and perfect clothes kind of give it away, ladies. When it comes down to a luxury vacation, your solid feminine values are tossed right out the window of your luxe late-model SUV.

  11. Ema says:

    Outside of the US, where I live, we are far from feminism. We still need to get there. Therefore, it was funny for me to see that “in a feminist world”.

    • Shanae B says:

      The places of the world you claim “need feminism” actually need God. He’s the only real freedom in such situations.

      • Rowan says:

        Lol. Faith without works is dead. When you live in African countries and realise that you have no worth as a female and genital mutilation is a culture norm, then you can explain to me why these women haven’t been saved by God even though their faith is all that gives them the motivation not to commit suicide. Because by your logic these women should have been free ages ago just for their steadfast faith alone. Miss me with that we don’t need feminism crap. Now I am not agreeing with feminazis, but to l generalise an entire ideology based on the radical views of a few would be akin to me saying screw christianity because of all the fundamentalist christian bullshit that the religion has become infamous for in recent years.
        But I’m quite intrigued by your stance, how would you suggest that the women in this situations handle this issue given that a good number of them are already christians and pray everyday for deliverance.

        • Shanae B says:

          I’m sorry you live in such a place. In these particular countries, they are very infused with war and demon activity. Which is why mutilations and such are still prevalent there. Everyone there is in great need to have their hearts and minds change from such things. Theses mutilated women if they have come to the Lord and are authenticly living it out then they are some of the deepest most powerful women of God on the planet because of their intense suffering. They are our standards as women to become stronger in the Lord! We’re told in the Bible to not be surprised when suffering comes and to be glad about it because we’ll have a greater eternal reward, which worldly minded people are going to be very confused by. It takes a ton of small mindedness and insecurity to claim and write off christianity as “ideology” and “religion.”

  12. Idonthaveausername says:

    That quote Matt. 19:4-6 … I just searched it up? I knew there was something fishy about how the quote completely benefits the argument. Matt. 19:4-6 talks about how God made them women and men and therefore they shall become one flesh. It doesn’t state anything about womanhood.
    God makes his choices for you no matter who you are or where you are…right?
    So why is it that the majority are following a path to benefit all women. Whereas the Christian past had women without the rights that we have today.
    To only think of what a centuries old Bible states is foolish. Do you really think that God would not change a single bit despite how modern christians as well as people in general have changed from the past?

  13. NoName says:

    Feminism isn’t against god’s word. For your information, 2000 year old text doesn’t fit today’s modern world. This is why we as women must unite and destroy the patriarchy. What is right cannot be defined by an outdated book. You can be a feminist and you can be pro-life, just as you can be gay or trans and be a good Christian. That is between you and God, just know that you shouldn’t preach for the degrading of women.

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