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Choosing to Reflect Christ in a Self-Absorbed Society

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


When the two of us were in high school, we strategized a plan to draw as much attention to ourselves as possible.

We strapped on the high heels and strutted through the mall. We soaked up the attention we received from the young guys working the kiosks and enjoyed every glance that turned our way.

Attention. That’s what we wanted.

We wanted people to look at us. We wanted people to admire us. We wanted to people to stare at us. We wanted all eyes on us.

Fast forward ten(ish) years to today and our goal is no longer to bring attention to ourselves but to point others to Christ. He truly is the only one worthy of worship, honor, and praise.

Our lives are simply meant to reflect Him and point others to Him.


Kristen and Bethany

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  • Elizabeth

    WOW! I love this video! Thank you, thank you, for posting this video! I have that same problem sometimes, and it is such a strong feeling that I need to get everyone attention. Every time I get that feeling I just have to reminded myself that God is the one who I need to look to, and not men.

    Thanks again!

  • Violet

    I half agree! I hate that society makes young girls feel like they need the approval of every mediocre guy who comes our way.
    However, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dressing yourself up because *you* want to. It’s fun, and that’s okay! Humans are social creatures, and we all need a certain level of attention. Don’t make girls afraid to love themselves.

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