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Why Christian Girls Should Be Beautiful but Not Seductive VLOG

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


Christian girls are never called by God to be seductresses. Never. But they are called to be beautiful women of God.

According to God’s Word, beauty and seduction are two totally different things.

Our outward beauty as Christian girls should never be used to purposely distract, seduce, entice, lure in, or arouse the people around us.

Our beauty should never be used selfishly and without thought to how our actions are affecting others.

Our most intimate body parts shouldn’t be thrown around like cheap disposable objects, but rather saved and cherished because we’re pure daughters of a Holy King.

Instead of following after our culture’s self-focused definition of beauty, we need to get back to God’s definition of what a beautiful girl truly looks like.


Kristen and Bethany Vlog

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