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Christian Girls Need to Start Talking about God Defined Sexuality

By: Bethany Beal

A few months ago, Kristen and I began praying about a theme for our upcoming summer conference. We talked, prayed, talked some more and still came up empty handed.

We wanted to host a conference that would meet the greatest needs of the girls who would attend…we just weren’t sure what that was.

The two of us agreed that we didn’t want to settle on a topic just because it seemed interesting or exciting. We wanted a topic that would genuinely help and challenge the girls attending.

After hours of thinking, we decided to give the brainstorming a break.

A few weeks went by and then we met back up to discuss topics. After a few minutes of chatting, we decided to scroll through our email inbox for inspiration. We wanted to know what topics and questions were trending.

That’s when the topic of sexuality and purity hit us straight between the eyes.

Email after email was filled with a similar tone of desperation. “I’m struggling in the area of purity. Nobody knows I’m dealing with this. You’re the first people I’ve told. Please help.”

It was in that moment, that Kristen and I realized the desperate need to bring the topic of God defined sexuality to the light. Sexual struggles aren’t just a guy problem, they are a human problem. Sadly, many Christian girls feel like they are the only ones that struggle and feel scared to reach out for help.

My prayer is that we can debunk this myth.

We, as Christian girls, are very much sexual beings. We were designed by God with bodies, minds, and emotions that connect deeply with the opposite sex. It’s His plan and design, not ours or Hollywoods.

Sadly, many of us, as Christian girls, don’t know how to view our sexuality in a biblical way. We are afraid or ashamed to talk about this area of our lives. As a result of this kind of “hush-hush” mindset, many of us have struggled (or are currently struggling) all by ourselves.

Instead of opening up and reaching out for help, we keep it inside and struggle all alone.

This sort of “hush-hush” attitude is the very reason Kristen and I decided to plan a conference on the topic. My prayer is that this conference will open up a conversation and help young Christian women know that they are not alone. You are not alone.

Instead of struggling quietly alone, let’s open God’s Word and talk about sex from a biblical perspective. God isn’t shy about the topic (just check out Song of Solomon) and we shouldn’t be either.

I am beyond excited for the Radical Purity Conference happening this July 14-15 in San Antonio, Texas (my hometown). I’m incredibly excited and grateful that God has provided the resources needed for Girl Defined to host this event.

Having the opportunity to talk about sex and purity from a biblical perspective is something I’m thrilled to do.

I would love to personally invite you to join me at Radical Purity ‘17.

Having the opportunity to chat with you and meet you in person would be a huge privilege for me.

You girls are so amazing and I love any opportunity I get to spend time together. Not to mention Texas is pretty awesome. If you haven’t been here, you should totally come!

For more details, check out Girl Defined’s latest video where Kristen and I talk about the event.

Despite whether you can come to the conference or not, I want you to know that you are not alone. You are not alone in your struggles. God isn’t surprised or shocked by what you’ve done (or are doing).

God created you as a sexual being and has a good purpose for your sexuality.

With the proper understanding of your sexuality, you can live in a way that is joyful and Christ-centered. Your sexuality doesn’t have to be a scary and/or shameful aspect of your life. It can be a beautiful and exciting aspect of your life.

I encourage you to check out these other blog posts that we’ve written here at Girl Defined. We are some of your biggest fans and truly want to see you grow in wisdom in this area.

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I would love to hear your thoughts and questions on this topic.

If you could ask us to write anything on sexuality or purity, what you ask us to write?

What are your biggest questions or concerns on the topic of your sexuality?


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9 Responses to Christian Girls Need to Start Talking about God Defined Sexuality

  1. Erin Fleishman says:

    Hey Bethany and Kristen! I just recently found you ladies, and I am so grateful that you’ll be talking about this subject. Purity and God’s design for sexuality are such necessary information to discuss. As a Catholic woman, I am really encouraged and draw so much from St. Pope John Paul II’s teaching on sexuality, which is called Theology of the Body. You don’t have to be Catholic to recognize the value and beauty of this teaching. I strongly recommend that you use Theology of the Body resources, whether that be to guide your research, or to actually present some of his teaching. I’ll be praying for you as you assemble your conference and for all the lives you touch, that you may speak only the truth about sexuality and purity!

    • Anna says:

      I’m Catholic too! JP2’s Theology of the Body is amazing. Like you said, a great read for all Christians 🙂

  2. Melissa Jessberger says:

    You ladies are so wise and I am so grateful for your blogs, book, and videos!! One of my friends said recently about purity, that it is not for your future husband. Being pure is not just about sexuality, but about being more like Christ. She said that we all mess up, in some way of purity, whether that be virginity, anger, or any other sin that keeps us from being pure like Christ. She said that “It is not what you do with your body that has to define you, but what Christ did with His.” I have done things in the past that I thought would cross me off the list for having a godly man for a husband. But when I heard my friend say this it made me realize that our sin has consequences, but every girl has sins in her life that she will have to explain to her husband. No one is white as snow, but I know that through my purity I can honor Christ. When I realized that my purity is for Christ and Christ alone, then it changed the way I looked at purity :).

  3. kurazo4 says:

    I thank God I have encountered your blog. Even though I haven’t met you personally, (and it’s hard since I live on the other side of the planet) I felt a great big hug from you guys. I totally agree that it’s hard to discuss this topic openly. I wanted to share it to the younger women in my church but I am also struggling. I really am wishing I could join the conference. I pray that God will continually bless you more with the ministry He had given you. It really inspires women like me, a lot 🙂

  4. Emma Gravitis says:

    Will this conference be recorded and for sale, by any chance? I wish I could attend, but I am in Australia and can’t fly to Texas. I hope it will be recorded and for sale – that would be awesome!

    • Schylie says:

      I’m hoping so too! I wish I could go, but can’t afford it. I would LOVE to hear the sessions.

  5. I wish I could go to this conference. Sadly I live far, far away in Brazil. But I have discovered your YouTube channel recently and it has already impacted my life. I praise God for Girl Defined Ministries.

    • Adjeley says:

      Same here. But I live in Ghana, West Africa . I love this blog so much and it as really helped in my Christian walk. God bless:)

  6. Britt says:

    Just what I needed! You guys should talk about secret s3xual sins because many struggle with that and are too ashamed to talk about it. Confessing that to a godly friend set me free, from being addicted but to say I don’t struggle would be a lie. Thank you for your articles on lust and “actions”. I am technically pure, but selfish addictions seem to make us less sensitive to the things of the Spirit.

    If any of you are struggling with self s3x or immoral daydreaming. There is nothing too embarrassing that you can’t tell Jesus. And please find a godly older friend or website and get that out of your system. Lay your burdens at the cross. God bless.

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