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Christian Teen Q&A: Modesty, School, Favorite Books

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


“What tips do you have for finding modest clothes on a budget?”

“Are you reading any good books right now?”

“What did you do for school?”

“Can you explain what your personal time with Jesus looks like each week?”

These are actual questions that we’ve received from Christian teen girls. Since we get a lot of questions like this, we thought it would be fun to bring on our teen sister, Rebekah, to answer some of them. After doing a poll on Instagram, we pulled your most popular questions and asked them to Rebekah.

What today’s vlog to find out what Rebekah has to say about modesty, school, favorite books, and more.


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One Response to Christian Teen Q&A: Modesty, School, Favorite Books

  1. Casey Nagel says:

    Thanks for the great video! I really like seeing some of your other sisters on the vlog! Thanks Rebekah for the amazing tips, and the encouragement! I really look forward to Wednesday, and your weekly videos! and my whole family knows of you guys! Love you!!

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