How One Engaged Guy’s Decision Changed Our Lives Forever

By: Kristen Clark

He was engaged to an amazing girl. Like most engaged guys, he was probably counting down the days until his wedding.

I don’t know this couple personally, but from what I hear, they’re pretty amazing.

Their engagement was going great until something completely unexpected happened. Something terrible. This shocking turn of events surprised everyone they knew.

It was his fiancé. She did the unthinkable.

With the wedding drawing closer every day, the groom had to make the hardest decision of his life.

He thought his fiancé was pure and upright…but apparently he was wrong.

She was pregnant.

The distraught groom wrestled with his thoughts and emotions trying to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided on the only viable option. He would quietly call off wedding. He would breakup with his fiancé.

However, just before calling things off, something even more unexpected happened.

Something so incredible that it caused this groom to make a complete 180 decision!

And you know what? His decision is what completely changed my life. And believe it or not, it changed your life too.

His courageous decision was filled with the kind of faith that I long to have.

Here’s what happened. While the groom was sleeping, he saw a vision. He heard a voice telling him to not fear, but to go ahead and marry his fiancé. The voice was so powerful that he knew it was an angel from the Lord.

The angel told the groom that his fiancé was pregnant…but not to fear, because she had conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. She was still a virgin. She was still faithful and pure!

Overjoyed at this life-altering message, the groom woke up and immediately took his fiancé as his wife.

Joseph, this amazing groom, displayed incredible faith in God!

When he changed his decision from breaking up with Mary, to now taking her as his wife, he expressed HUGE trust in God. By his decision to marry Mary, he believed the following truths.

Joseph believed that…

  • Mary was still a virgin.
  • Mary was pregnant by a miraculous act of God.
  • Mary was pregnant with the Son of God Himself.
  • His new son, Jesus, was the long awaited Messiah.
  • Jesus, his son, would save him from his sins.

The baby, Jesus, changed Joseph’s life forever. And Joseph’s decision to trust in God and be obedient, changed our lives forever.

During the Christmas season, we hear the “Christmas Story” so much that we almost grow indifferent to it. But I want us to take a small breather for just a minute and recognize something incredible.

From the moment Jesus was conceived, He was already doing what He came to do. Change lives.

When Joseph came face to face with baby Jesus, his entire life was changed. His entire future was redirected. His entire life plan and purpose was changed. By embracing Jesus, he was embracing a new life.

Jesus changes people.

And that’s exactly what He came to the earth to do. The minute a person accepts Jesus for who He is (the Savior and Lord), their entire life should be changed. Just like Joseph, our entire future, plans, and purpose should be turned upside down. By accepting Jesus, we are embracing a whole new life as a child of the King.

Everything about our life should be affected one way or another.

The way we live, the way we love, the way we view truth, the way we make decisions, the way we forgive, the way we serve, the way we sacrifice for others, the way we plan our future, the way we engage in entertainment, the way we pursue purity…every area of our lives should be changed because of Jesus.

This Christmas season, I want to encourage and challenge you to examine your life and heart motives. What areas of your life have been clearly affected by Jesus, and what areas need to be affected a little more?

Matthew 5:16 reminds us of this truth: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, I pray we will be reminded of why He came and what His death on the cross has saved us from. And pray we will be motivated and encouraged to live in a way reflects the change He has made in our lives.

I encourage you to re-read the true account of Joseph, Mary and Jesus in Luke 1-2, and Matthew 1.

Try to see the story through their eyes and you will be amazed and encouraged by their faith!

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  • Hannah

    I think you missed a word in that last sentence right after the word ‘their.’ 🙂 “Try to see the story through their and you will be amazed and encouraged by their faith!”
    Thanks for your interesting perspective on the Christmas story. I hope it never grows old to me! Following Jesus continues to be a daily choice and the best one I’ve ever made! Blessings this Christmas season and through the following years.

  • Sydney

    Hi guys,
    Right after I read, “She was pregnant” I knew it was Mary! What an awesome way to put the Christmas story!!

  • Anne

    Beautiful thoughts, Kristen. Thank you. 🙂

  • Allison

    Love this!

  • I love this perspective of the Christmas story! And what a great point about Jesus changing lives… He makes us into a new creation when we get saved!

  • Violet

    This is very sweet! I love the Christmas story. but just so we all know, virginity isn’t really a thing. it dates back to ancient cultures, but it’s a “social construct,” meaning that societies made it up, and there’s no real biological thing happening. i’ll avoid making this a health class for modesty and all that, but hey! i encourage you to go search a bit around the good old interwebs for some info on how your body actually works!

  • Luna

    Let’s not make the Christmas story all about sexual purity please!
    We have so much more to admire about Mary and Joseph than their virginity

    • Tiana

      They’re not making the Christmas all about sexual purity.. They’re merely pointing out that they were sexually pure.

  • Tiana

    This is an interesting way to put the Christmas Story!! I didn’t even know you were talking about Mary and Joseph until you said their name!! I love it!

  • Anna

    Very engaging writing style (no pun intended!). Just a side note, fiancé/fiancée are French words and their endings indicate whether you are referring to the groom- or bride-to-be. Fiancé = a man and fiancée = a woman. So you would say “He and his fiancée” or “She and her fiancé.” Just thought I’d chime in and give you your lesson on some gender-specific nouns. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  • Hannah B

    wow never thought about it that way.

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