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Do You Ever Feel Like God is a Cosmic Killjoy?

By: Bethany Beal

I can only imagine what pop culture would say if they read the GirlDefined blog.

They would probably request that we be sent to the insane asylum for crazy thinking. In fact, some of you might think we are at the top of the crazy meter, too. Let me offer you some words of encouragement.

We understand that the message of God Defined womanhood is not the norm. It’s not popular or cool, and it’s totally counter cultural.

So what’s up with us being so counter cultural? Why are we so passionate about a message that is totally uncool? 

Maybe this story will help you understand.

“The story is told of a young man who came to a renowned doctor in Paris complaining of depression. He asked what he could do to get well. The doctor thought of a well-known young man named Grimaldi, a leader of café society who cut a wide and lighthearted swath through Paris nightlife.

The doctor told the young man, ‘Introduce yourself to Grimaldi. Let him show you how to enjoy yourself and you will get well.’ The downcast young patient looked up with a sardonic smile and said, ‘I am Grimaldi.'”[1]

We are living in a world where Grimaldi’s are portrayed to us everywhere we go. 

We are taught that we can party like there’s no tomorrow and still have the best of both worlds. We see the Grimaldi’s up on the silver screen living on impulse and doing whatever feels good in the moment. The credits role and they appear to have lived happily ever after.

As most of us know, that is not reality. Just like Grimaldi, sin will never end in lasting joy. From the outside, Grimaldi appeared to be the life of the party, but in reality he was sad and depressed.

Why is that? Because apart from God there is no lasting peace or happiness. 

“God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.” -C.S. Lewis

Many Christians think that God is against fun and pleasure. We fear that if we truly apply God’s Word, we will spend the rest of our lives knitting on the front porch in an old rocking chair.

Listen up, God is not trying to squash your fun and take away your joy. 

Remember, He is the creator of pleasure and joy. He invented it in the first place and intentionally designed us with the capacity to experience enjoyment.

If you are tempted to believe the lie that God is just a cosmic killjoy hoping to take away all of your fun, remember this:

God designed the human body with with the capability to enjoy and experience pleasure. He gave you taste buds to enjoy a variety of foods and flavors. He designed the eye to view colors, shapes and sizes that can dazzle the mind. God invented relationships and designed you to experience attraction, emotion and love. He created men and women to enjoy the pleasures of physical intimacy to it’s fullest within marriage.

Ultimately pleasure was God’s idea; He is anything but a killjoy.

Just incase you are still a bit skeptical, take a look at what He has planned for your future with Him in heaven, “In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11).

In other words, your future in heaven will be filled with never ending joy and pleasure in the presence of God.

The problem in our culture is this: We want to live life our way – no rules, no limits, no restrictions. We want instant happiness, instant pleasure and we don’t want it to go away.

We read the Bible, see the guidelines and blow it off as old-fashioned and pleasure killing.

Instead of viewing the Bible as our key to understanding how to have lasting joy, happiness and pleasure, we turn to the world’s ways and then wonder why it isn’t working.

Think of Grimaldi. He was known for having a good time and happily living up the night life. In reality it was all a facade. He was sad, depressed and searching for something deeper.

Girls, you have that something deeper that Grimaldi needed. The secret is God and living according to His Word. No matter what pop cultures tell you, you know that all lasting joy and happiness comes from God.

God is your Creator and knows exactly what will bring you lasting fulfillment.

He designed you in such a way that the more you conform your life to His perfect and holy standard, the more satisfied you will be.

  • You will be more satisfied by saving sex for your future husband than cheaply giving it away.
  • You will be more satisfied by gratefully accepting God’s design for your body than chasing the unreachable standards of our culture.
  • You will be more satisfied by reading God’s word than feasting your eyes on gossip magazines.
  • You will be more satisfied by having a clean and pure heart than engaging in sin-filled media.

Despite what you see in the media, despite what you hear on the radio, despite what you read in the magazines, the key to long lasting satisfaction only comes from living life according to your Designer’s plan of action.

Lets talk about it…

-Do you ever feel like God is a cosmic kill joy? Why do you feel that way?

-Have you boughten into the lie that lasting joy can come from a life apart from God?

-What areas of your life need to be realigned with God’s Word?

cite: [1.] (Lance Webb, How Bad Are Your Sins?  James S. Hewett, Illustrations Unlimited (Wheaton: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc, 1988) p. 283.)

 Photo Credit Flickr: Khánh Hmoong

Do You Ever Feel Like God is a Killjoy?

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15 Responses to Do You Ever Feel Like God is a Cosmic Killjoy?

  1. Azi says:


    Wonderful post.

    I think the key thing in my mind that helps me know that God is not a “kill joy” is that he just IS there. Humans have to use what is there to do good things, so ultimately we are the ones that are placed in control. Sin then comes from having all this control and then having no way of attributing it to who gave it to us in the first place (whether through not acknowledging God or not appreciating him)–so we seek things which pull us in and make us unable to get out. At least that’s how I think about it.

    What was your last question, by the way? I think it cut off.

  2. Claire says:

    And also, it’s like, do I want to spend my money now on something that fulfills temporarily such as candy bars, or do I want to save up for something much better, like a fancy vacation. My comparisons probably aren’t very good but you probably know what I mean 🙂

  3. Guest says:

    Very true that God is the creator of joy and pleasure. From the Bible, we can actually see that Satan has never come up with his own ideas. He twists God’s beautiful designs and disguises them. If you’re a Christian, the Holy Spirit will be your helper in discerning all things.

    • GirlDefined says:

      So so true! Satan does twist God’s beautiful designs and tempts us into finding our joy in “things” rather than in our Creator. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  4. SavedbyGrace says:

    This was an amazing and uplifting post!!! I use to think that if I gave my life to God, than all my “fun” would be taken away. That was before God saved me, and little did know, that my “fun” was the wrong type of fun. I’m so glad that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life. And that the “fun” that I was having back then, is not what defines me anymore. You’re right about never being satisfied without Christ as your savior. Every time I would try to have fun, I never got any real satisfaction from it. Now that The Lord has saved me, I have genuine happiness for the first time in my life. You will be really happy if you let go of your so called “fun”, and give your life to the One who can give you genuine joy! Love you guys!!!

    • GirlDefined says:

      @SavedbyGarce Thanks for joining the conversation and sharing a little piece of your testimony. I love what you said here, “You’re right about never being satisfied without Christ as your savior. Every time I would try to have fun, I never got any real satisfaction from it. Now that The Lord has saved me, I have genuine happiness for the first time in my life.” Very well put!

      Thanks of being a part of the GirlDefined Sisterhood <3

      • SavedbyGrace says:

        Thank You!! I enjoy being part of such an encouraging sisterhood as GirlDefined!! I’m so happy that the Lord has brought this blog into my life!! Such a wonderful and bold testimony you ladies have!!! Love u guys!!

  5. This post is awesome! I love how counter cultural your blog is!
    I’ve struggled with trying to figure out what joy is and where I get it from. Through blog posts like these and through bible studies I am finally beginning to see answers to these questions. I love it when God gives me joy!

    • CT says:

      Please, please, PLEASE hold tight to the Bible and the wonderful teachings in it (including things on these wonderful blogs) and never let go, no matter how people may give you a hard time for not going along with the culture. I’ve tried seeking happiness in what the world has to offer and I tell you, it is garbage compared to the eternal riches that Christ gives us when we follow Him.

  6. Rae says:

    Thank you for this awesome blog! Have you considered writing a post on Meghan Trainor’s new song Dear Future Husband? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I hope girls will not fall into what that song is promoting. It praises selfishness and makes men to look dumb. Thank you for encouraging setapartness for Christ. Blessings in Christ! 🙂

    • GirlDefined says:

      Hey Rae, I’ve never listened to the song “Dear Future Husband.” I like the idea of writing a blog post on it. Great idea! I will have to check it out and see if it’s something I can do. So glad to have you as a reader on the blog <3

  7. Jesusfreak17 says:


  8. Elizabeth Williams says:

    I have thought many times while reading y’all’s blog “I bet if the world were to read this, they would have such a cow. They would think Bethany and Kristen were so oppressed and were prudish.” lol But I know y’all aren’t like that at all! I follow your family’s blog and see that your family definitely knows how to have a good time and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of fun in your house lol And with me, some people might would look at my life and think “Man, she has so many rules. I bet she never has fun” but I can’t tell you how free I feel in Christ. Once I submit my desires and hopes and dreams to Him, He gives me a freedom, peace, and joy that this world could never give me.

  9. cassandra says:

    I have to disagree with the premise that those who live outside of religion always feel depressed or unsatisfied. In fact, since having left the church I have become increasingly more joyful, content, and mentally healthy. Religion is not a cure-all. I’m sure you wouldn’t say it is, but reality you do believe it’s the only way to a satisfied mode of living, which is simply not the case. I hope you can understand and respect that.

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