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The Feminist Attack on God’s Design for Womanhood

By: Kristen Clark

“Feminism is a movement for all women!” I’ve heard this statement hundreds of times. I’ve received dozens of emails and comments from Christian girls stating similar things.

But is it? Is modern feminism truly a movement for all women? Because if it is, I sure don’t feel included. All of those women who were rejected from the “Women’s March” for being pro-life didn’t feel included either.

Regardless of how sweetly feminism is defined in the dictionary, the reality of what it is today tells us all that we need to know. Modern feminism is a direct attack on God’s design for womanhood. Disagree? Jump back in time with me to find out what some of the “founding mothers” of this movement were fighting for.

Here’s an eye opening statement from the Declaration of Feminism, dating back to 1971:

“The end of the institution of marriage is necessary for the liberation of women. Therefore, it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and not live individually with men. All of history must be rewritten in terms of oppression of women. We must go back to ancient female religions like witchcraft.”

And check out what feminist, Annie Laurie Gayler, said in her article titled, “Feminist Salvation:”

“Let’s forget about the mythical Jesus and look for encouragement, solace, and inspiration from real women. Two thousand years of patriarchal rule under the shadow of the cross ought to be enough to turn women toward the feminist’s salvation of the world.”

And you’ve probably heard of Gloria Steinem? She’s the famous feminist leader who once said: “By the year 2000 we will, I hope, raise our children to believe in human potential, not God.”

These statements make it very clear.

Feminism is not for all women. It’s only for those women who jump on board with the feminist agenda.

As Christian women, it’s high time we stopped trying to defend feminism and understood it for what it truly is: A direct attack on God’s design for womanhood.

Whether we want to admit it or not, feminism is not for God. It is not for God’s design for women. It’s not pushing us towards Biblical womanhood.

And this is exactly why John MacArthur (pastor, author, and Bible teacher) said, “One of the most devastating and debilitating and destructive movements in our day is the Feminist Movement. It is changing not only the world, but sadly it is changing the church. And as a result, the Word of God is being dishonored.”

Why does he feel so strongly about this? Because the mantra of feminism is this: My womanhood, my way.

As courageous as this mantra sounds, it completely rejects God as the authority.

As Christian women, we must choose to obey God’s Word before we obey anything else. Our greatest passions shouldn’t be to spend our lives simply fighting for our “rights,” but to spend our lives glorifying God through our womanhood.

Our mantra should be: God’s womanhood, His way.

In order to see how clearly feminism is attacking God’s design for womanhood, we need to pull out God’s word and do a side-by-side comparison. We need to see what feminism stands for versus what God’s Word stands for.

And since Titus 2 is one of the key passages for women, let’s use that as our guide. As you read the following verses, honestly evaluate whether or not feminism promotes these same ideas:

“Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled” (Titus 2:3-5, italics added).

What do you think? Does that sounds like modern feminism?

Let’s zoom in a little more and do a quick side-by-side comparison (we’ll focus on God’s instructions for young women):

  • Love your husbands (feminism encourages liberation),
  • love your children (feminism praises abortion),
  • be self-controlled (feminism promotes the “wild woman” lifestyle),
  • be pure (feminism fights for sexual autonomy),
  • be working at home (let’s be real. The feminist movement has encouraged women to get out of their homes and out of the “bondage” of homemaking)
  • kind, (the feminist movement has been one of anger and bitterness)
  • and submissive to their own husband (if there is one thing you will never hear the feminists promote, it’s biblical submission. Feminism encourages women to rebel against submission and to be their own authority).

If this isn’t clear, I don’t what is.

Feminism and Biblical womanhood stand directly opposed to one another. What God commands, feminism rebels against. What God praises, feminism mocks. What God upholds as good, feminism upholds as oppressive.

Feminism is a direct attack on God’s design for womanhood and it’s high time we called it what it is. It’s not a movement for the “good” of all women, but a movement with an evil agenda to kick God out of the picture and redefine womanhood according to its own terms.

But before we give the feminist movement too much credit for redefining womanhood, we need to zoom out and take a look at the bigger picture. We need to answer this question:  “Why is feminism redefining womanhood?”

Whether we realize it or not, there is a much bigger battle going on here (Eph. 6:12). A battle that goes far deeper than a women’s movement.

As Christians – as children of God – we have a great enemy.

Our greatest enemy (Satan) would love nothing more than to destroy our witness as Christian women. Why? Because if he can get us to ditch God’s design for womanhood, he knows that God will be mocked. God will be laughed at. Families will fall apart. Marriages will crumble. Morals will vanish. Promiscuity will reign. God will be rejected.

If we, as Christian women ignore God’s design for womanhood in favor of feminism, God’s Word will be compromised. God’s Word will be rejected.

And this is exactly why Titus 2 concludes it’s instructions for women by saying so that, “…the Word of God may not be reviled.” We choose to obey God’s Word SO THAT it is not reviled. So that God’s Word isn’t criticized, attacked, railed against, and badmouthed.

When choose to obey God’s Word and actively live out His specific design for womanhood, we put the gospel on display.

We show the lost world that there is a God out there and He can be trusted.

I pray we will be strong women who humble ourselves under the authority of God’s Word and choose to obey it. I pray we will reject the counterfeit version of womanhood, and instead fully embrace God’s good design. God has a beautiful and incredible design for womanhood, but if we’re prideful, we will resist it.

May we be women who make God’s Word believable by the way we live it out. As we say in our book, Girl Defined, “Our world desperately needs to see Christian women who have a backbone and are willing to say no to evil and yes to righteousness.”

May we be those women.

I’d love to hear from you below.

  • Do you feel a resistance to biblical womanhood? If so, in what ways do you need to humble yourself before God and submit to His design?
  • Do you feel the need to defend feminism? If so, why? Are your feeling rooted in God’s truth or in cultural ideas?

To learn more about God’s incredible design for womanhood, grab a copy of our book, Girl Defined: God’s Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity.

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103 Responses to The Feminist Attack on God’s Design for Womanhood

  1. Tiana says:

    This is so good! Reading the dictionary definition of the word “Feminism”, it doesn’t seem bad at all. But once you really look into everything feminists support, it’s all so very wrong. I really liked the side-by-side views. Thanks for sharing this!!

    • Katie says:

      Feminism is a giant umbrella. You should not judge it by the people, but by what it actually means. You said it yourself, that you looked it up and it seemed fine. What the two writers of this blog don’t realize is that there are different levels of feminism.

      • Tiana says:

        And what would those different levels be?

        • Katie says:

          Some feminists are die-hard discriminatory towards those who don’t accept their ideologies

          Some are more open to new idea that might on the surface seem ‘anti-feminist’

          Feminists don’t all have the same idea about everything. To think they do is ridicules. Heck, there are a TON of denominations of Christianity. There is no one size fits all definition for this. I hate this blog for that reason; strawmen arguments and blanket statements are what this blog runs on.

  2. Ann Martinez says:

    I’m so glad other women agree with how I see the world & what u think it should be. I’ve felt like a freak before because I believe the way I do, but I don’t let that stop what I know is true, because whatever views we have God must always come first.

  3. So true! Thank you for all the research you put into this article. Very good.

  4. Grace says:

    Great post! Thank you! 🙂

  5. KatelynS says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! I have had the exact same thoughts about feminism, but haven’t seen those quotes from the founders! I was amazed when I read them. Thanks for writing about this topic!

  6. Kayla Marie says:

    Sadly, this is true. Feminism goes directly against the selfless character of God. Instead of trusting God to lead us in a life of kindness and love, feminism gives us the mindset of, “It’s all about me! My life, My way.”
    We need to rise up as Christian women and embrace God’s design for Biblical womanhood. Thank y’all so much! This article is much needed in the world we live in today. 🙂

  7. Della Ray Rimel says:

    Thank you for posting this. Every time you write about feminism, I learn something new. I’d love to learn more about this. Do you have and advice on how to do research on this topic?

    • OrageGirl says:

      Actually read a book on what it is. Feminism is not what these two women describe it as.

      Here are a few good books on the issues: The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, The Wife Drought, and We Should All be Feminists.

  8. Brianne says:

    Amazing post, Kristen! Thanks so much for all your hard work and research!! May the Lord bless you and your family. 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for this post. I had never heard how blatantly anti-marriage feminists are. It makes sense, though, since they “partner” in a way with the LGBTQ movement and that movement is trying to redefine Biblical marriage.

    Thanks for your research and your time. 🙂 I appreciate it a whole lot!

  10. Salome says:

    Thank you so much for this post! It speaks directly out of my heart! All my friends in school think like the culture and like feminists. It is so hard for me to listen to what they are talking about and it makes me feel deeply sad, sometimes even angry.. Of course I’d never say something against the Word of God but I’m afraid to truly stand for his word boldly. Since I have read your book I’m sure that feminism is the most modern kind of rebellion against God. I’m sooo thankful for all your encouraging words! Lots of love <3

  11. Emily says:

    Any tips on how to describe and explain Biblical Submission to a feminist? Anytime I try to lovingly discuss God’s design for women the word submission always makes a feminist shut down, and write me off as “brainwashed”. 🙁

    • Kate says:

      Ok. This is tricky, but you have to understand their psychological responses. I used to think like one myself, but God softened my heart. But this word destroyed me inside. ”Submission.” Its a word that gives feministic people a mental picture of being ”enslaved” to a husband, and it makes them very angry. I would not use that word. You could say like this, God’s design for us is to be selfless. And before you hop on them about having to follow male leadership, soften their heart with explaining how in God’s eyes they are valued and loved, and how much Jesus gave to rescue them if they want Him. If you just hammer on lost people about how they need to change, you will push them away. I used to think, and I was raised in a good church, but I thought that God loved guys more, mainly based on a few verses that haunted me. But when I realized Jesus loves me equally, and wants me to be selfish, not a slave, I began to stop being so rebellious. Deep below the angry rebellious tough girl, is a broken girl who feels insecure, unsure, and will follow the crowd to feel worthy. Ask Jesus to melt in you a passion, to be sensitive to how they hurt, because I was there. I died when I heard submit, because it made me feel like I was less valuable. But its not true. Its just selflessness. I would show them verses like John 3:16, or tell them how Jesus broke custom in helping and talking to women, such as the one at the well.

      I’ll be praying for you. Because this is dear to my heart. 🙂
      God Bless.

      • Kate says:

        And one last thought. Its not our job to make the lost act like the saved, but to lead the lost to Jesus. Because He changes Hearts, and saves them, not us. 🙂

      • Kate says:

        Oh my word. I said God wants us to be selfish, I meant SELF-LESS. I’m glad I checked this out before I left the site. Because Christ calls us to be selfless, not SELFISH. So, tell your friends, ”God calls me to be selfless.”

  12. anonymous says:

    Honestly the only issue I have is the working at home part. Not all women can be stay-at-home moms or just help their husbands around the house. Some women are single mothers and they have to provide for their kids. Other moms may have to help their husbands with the income. Other people may have a dysfunctional family, and the only way they can leave that unhealthy environment is by working. And some women serve God by being single and working in man-dominated fields. Being a stay-at-home mom is a great thing and women should put their kids first over a career, but sometimes their outside career is how they serve God and/or their children. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this matter.

    • Danielle Patenaude says:

      issue I have with that is that God’s word says, women are to be keepers at home, and they can’t keep a home if they’re not there. True, God can better use some women single than married (I’m 38 myself this year, and have never married, so i understand that side). But I also know some wonderful married women who have chosen to honour God’s Word by staying home with their children, no matter the sacrifice. My sister is one of those. She and her husband have six children. The OLDEST one is not quite 11. And they all make it on my brother in law’s salary as a construction worker. It can be done. Something else to consider is family enterprises….

  13. Emily Ashcraft says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Kristen! I live in Washington State (VERY Liberal) and am constantly barraged with pro-feminist propaganda. I know that feminism is wrong and have done a little bit of research on it, but this gives me more solid information to stand on. It is so difficult to navigate this issue, because on the surface the mantra of the feminist movement (women have value) is absolutely true and reflects God’s heart. However, when you get to how feminism breaks that statement down practically, it totally goes against God’s truth. Men and women cannot ever be the same because God created us to be different. Thanks for shouting out the truth.

    Thank you so much. Please keep up what you are doing. You are a blessing 🙂

    • OrangeGirl says:

      Feminism is just like Christianity, it’s a single word with a lot under the umbrella. Please learn that feminism is not any one thing, it’s a multitude. I am a feminist because I support equality for all genders and people. How is that incompatible with Christianity?

    • Annie Marie says:

      Just so you know… There is division in feminist theory on this issue. Some women support an equality-based feminism, but others support “difference-based feminism” that not only recognizes but argues that there are fundamental differences between women and men and that feminist activism must take these into account. Feminism isn’t a monolithic ideology. However, difference-based feminists are primarily concerned with making sure women have legal protections against spousal abuse, domestic violence, sexist institutional standards regarding wage distribution, hiring, etc so I’m not sure if that’s ok with you either…

  14. Amaris Lancaster says:

    Wow it’s great getting a solid article on the harm of feminism and not having scathing remarks down below. 🙂

  15. Rachel M. says:

    Great post! This is all very true!

  16. Gracie says:

    Feminism started as a good thing. Giving women the right to vote and be educated, but now its really reverse sexism. At least that’s how I view it. Like girls scream ”sexist” when a guy says some snarky girl stereotype. But girls do the SAME EXACT THING. ”Like guys are just stupid.” I have, so I am not judging, but the thing is, we should fight real sexism, such as slavery and gendercide in other countries where the population that knows Jesus Christ is less than 1%. That was a good post. 🙂

  17. SedaJane says:

    The problem with this post is it makes feminism sound like it’s a unified doctrine, while it’s actually more of a big tent. It’s like the word, “Christian” – just as there are lots of different Christian sects, with deeply divergent views (that sometimes even lead to bloodshed), there are different versions of feminism that are often in passionate disagreement. So on one hand there are TERFs – Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminists – who despise trans people because they believe that gender is entirely socially constructed, with no biological or inherent basis, and trans people prove that gender is, in fact, biological – you don’t get to choose your gender. On the other hand there are Christian feminists, like Rachel Held Evans, who try hard to live their lives by the Bible, even if they interpret or prioritize some verses differently than non-feminists. There are feminists who believe abortion should be considered a normal form of contraception, and feminists who believe that abortion is an evil that should be eliminated, and not merely made illegal. In fact, a few years ago I saw a report on a study in a Texas university found that feminist women had more positive views of men than non-feminists. Most feminists love their husbands (or wives), and they definitely love their children, too. I think most of them support women in staying home – they just typically support that as a choice, not a requirement. Most of them are kind and joyful. They believe women should get equal pay for equal work. But I don’t know any who are into submission – they tend to think of themselves as equal partners. 🙂

    • Melissa Schlies says:

      thank you! Feminism needs to be seen as not so narrow or inclusive–and that there are people out there who call themselves feminists because they believe Jesus love and valued women and we all should too! (Sarah Bessey’s Jesus Feminist book is great too!)

    • Esther Sentosa says:

      if these people truly believe these things (which is good in my opinion) they should look to the Bible for guidance on how to use it. God clearly states in the bible that men should treat women with respect and that God loves us just as he loves men. Feminism has a lot of things that contradicts God’s word and as Christians, when we believe something, we should always look to the Bible

      • SedaJane says:

        I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say. For instance, this statement – “God clearly states in the bible that men should treat women with respect and that God loves us just as he loves men” – could be straight from the feminist canon. So how does that contradict God’s Word? Like I said, feminism is a big tent, and it includes many people who aren’t Christian. So you’re right – as Christians, we should look to the Bible, and as a Christian feminist, that is what I try to do. There are lots of things that Christians believe that contradict God’s Word, too (e.g., the Pope is infallible). That doesn’t make me a non-Christian. 🙂

  18. Kaitlyn Burdick says:

    Dang! Spot on, Ladies! God’s truth must override man’s feelings ❤

  19. Lauren Ulrich says:

    I appreciate this clear and thorough explanation on how feminism radically opposes biblical womanhood. I’ve found it challenging to explain this to friends/Facebook acquaintances that seem fine with calling themselves “Christian feminists.” Such an identity can’t exist as your post explains on here. Thanks for being committed to God’s truth and His design for women!

    • OrangeGirl says:

      Oh yes it can. These two women who run this blog are full of it. One of my favorite articles by them is where they say that depression is the fault of the depressed because they’re sinning.

      Seriously though, feminism just means you want women to be equal to men. That’s it. In fact, Jesus was a feminist.

    • Katie says:

      “Such an identity can’t exist as your post explains on here.”

      My mother wants equal rights for men and women. She is a feminist. She is also a Christian. I am missing your point.

    • Feminism For the Win says:

      You are brain washed. Go to a mental health facility… or maybe on of those ‘camps’ people like you sent gays to for no reason 🙂

  20. Holly says:


    “Feminism is not for all women. It’s only for those women who jump on board with the feminist agenda.”
    Why is that surprising to you?
    How could it be otherwise?
    If you subscribe to an “ism,” you support that “ism.”

    Christianity is only for people who believe in Christ. Stop the presses!

    The Donald Trump campaign was for people who “jumped on board with” Trump. News flash!

    Pineapples are not for everyone. They are only for people who like pineapples. OMG

    What about women whose husbands beat them or divorce them or die? Should they not have the right to work outside the home? What about women who never marry? If women must work, and most women today must work, shouldn’t we receive the same pay as men? Shouldn’t we be able to work even if we have children. Even if! It’s the children who must be fed and nurtured.

    Look around and understand the horrors that many women around the world face. They deserve better.

    • white canary says:

      She isn’t saying that women can’t work outside the home. She is not saying the women HAVE to marry. She isn’t saying we shouldn’t receive equal pay. She isn’t saying you can’t work if you have children. She is saying that feminism is no longer about being equal. It has become a hateful bandwagon that is putting down other people if they don’t have the same view.

  21. Maggie Fipps says:

    Thank you! After reading this post I really realized how much I didn’t understand feminism as a whole. Good for you girls for standing up for what you believe in, even though you know that a lot of people don’t agree with it.

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  23. The Christian Potterhead says:

    Hmmmm I definitely do not agree with this. No hate to those who do (to each their own)! I am a Christian (first and foremost) and a feminist. And on that note, I am a proud feminist. This article is taking one side of feminism, and that is the side that is not so good. The feminism I believe in is simple; Women are as valuable as men; Women should be free to have a job and if they don’t want to have children, that’s fine! It is about equality. It is about women not being shamed. I live in Africa where it is very common for woman to have children before they are married. The problem is the women are the ones who suffer from it. The men do not get blamed in the slightest. I believe that men AND women should both be held accountable for their actions together. THIS is what feminism is. Or at least, the Christ like side of it!

    • Esther Sentosa says:

      well what you mean by equality is not exactly what God wants. Yes they are as valuable as men and God loves women just as much as men, and yes they may have a job to live, but currently the world is telling women to be career women instead of women who serves her family as God planned. Also, the idea of working for their own, destroys a family. The woman feels so independent that she doesn’t need her husband and in turn, rejects him. I’ve seen this happen to so many families. I believe that we are all free in Christ. What we call “free” is often times contradicting God’s word.

      • Emma Shirey says:

        I see both points here, but I have to disagree with Esther on one point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with women (married or unmarried) having careers and/or choosing not to have children (as long as that’s not through the use of abortion). If the only reason a woman “needs” her husband is because he offers financial stability, that marriage clearly has issues. Women should not be confined to raising children and doing housework if they wish to do more outside the household.

  24. Vanessa Loy says:

    I’m 40 years old, and I’ve never been asked out on a date. Other women (and some gay men) have always told me how beautiful I am, what a great friend I am, and that I have great character. But encouraging words from a Christian man? I don’t know what that is. So who is really attacking Biblical womanhood?

  25. Bianca says:

    I’ll be sharing this post 😉 Thanks!

  26. Ken Scaletta says:

    Just goes to show how backwards and moronic the Bible is.

  27. Wout Koopman says:

    To paint any one position as either black or white is, in my opinion, a mistake. The question of the article ought not to be “can I be a true christian and a feminist at the same time?” but should be more along the lines of “how to best ensure progress for all the woman of the world”. So if you believe in the christian doctrine you can still understand that woman should not be beaten or forced to be married at a very young age. This could be your consensus, even if you don’t accept that women should have equal individual rights to men.

    When you live in a world with 6 billion different opinions you’ll never find massive consensus on any point. The fact that you don’t agree with someone’s opinion should not mean you have to oppose them, even when they say they speak for ‘every women’ and you can’t find yourself in their worldview. Be the adult and try to find common ground to come together and work on this common ground together. In your spare time you can work on you christian agenda and they can work on their individualist agenda.

  28. Erin says:

    Are you serious? This is detritus. You’re clearly in need of psychiatric help; And that’s not even getting into the whole ‘taking orders from invisible people’ thing.

    When is humanity going to grow up and realize how wrong and cancerous theism is.

  29. Spartacus Maximus says:

    Godd are all imaginary. Your dopey Bible was written by iron age peasants who didnt know the Earth circled the sun. Wake up!

  30. An atheistic feminist says:

    This whole article gave me indigestion. I need to masturbate and hold a seance to recover.
    –sincerly, a feminist who only read this piece because I saw it on Reddit and wanted a good laugh

  31. Zipporah says:

    I read all the responses, and see that many simply attack this article. In response to them, I’d like to input that this was written for CHRISTIAN WOMEN. If you are atheist and offended by this article, then I’m sorry, but this was not meant to be understood through atheist eyes. People who have no standards, and therefore no reason to differentiate genders, are going to find women who do not believe in feminism to be revolting. Christian women, however, do have biblical standards to live up to, and ultimately more rewarding ones. The Bible flourishes with content on different gender roles. But God still does amazing things through the women in the Bible. So ultimately the question is boiled down to what one believes. If you disregard the Bible, than none of this should matter to you anyways. Stop saying crap, because the authors didn’t write this to target you anyway. If you are Christian and disagree, I urge you to read and study the scriptures, and prove me wrong in saying that God did not intend for feminism and women to rebel against their gender roles.
    That’s all I got. Very good article.

    • Cappy says:

      “People who have no standards, and therefore no reason to differentiate genders, are going to find women who do not believe in feminism to be revolting.”

      Your generalizations are sickening. I am no atheist, but I believe 100% in feminism. Feminism is like Christianity; there are tons of different sects and interpretations of it and to throw all of them out for the actions of a small handful is downright closed-minded.

      • Zipporah says:

        What I wrote was more in response to atheists, and being that you are not one, it technically doesn’t even apply to you. But regardless, I do agree that there are many different flavors of feminism, but like Christianity, they all live by the same overarching principles, liberation and equality for women. Now, about 60% of women in the US, and 33% of men would identify as feminist. That comes out to be about 46.8% of the total United States population. Of that, about 5% participated in the women’s March, approximately 66% believe abortion is acceptable, and 48% of all women in the US think the movement is focused on changes they want. Around 46% of all American, close to half of all feminists, believe men are to be blamed for women’s challenges. 29% of women have outwardly expressed their opinions on women’s rights through a variety of media. 44% of women, 29% of feminists, believe the choices women like myself make is keeping women from reaching full equality with men. All this to say, I was not stereotyping a “small handful” and I’m not living under a rock, even if I fall within the 34% of women who aren’t feminists. I don’t want to attack you, or other feminists, I just do not personally agree with the majority of the movement, and don’t want to be associated with it.

        • T Mitch says:

          Firstly, you don’t have to be associated. The blessing of feminism is that it offers you choices even when you don’t accept them. You still have the choice. No power hungry man can decide that “women shouldn’t have social media time” and remove your blog … Or ban you from the internet … or perhaps be an overzealous pastor who believes women should not be teaching the gospel as some think and throw you in jail. ALL of that could be a REALITY if feminism never came. Men ruled! Not just christian men, and not all good christian men …just MEN! So excuse the rest of us who saw the horrible historical and perpetual treatment of women (so much so that your GOD had to send messenger, after messenger, after messenger to correct) among other issues. MEN BY FAR are more committers of crimes period, but especially crimes against women. Now, as you sit in the lap of comfort feminism offered you, with he husband YOU GOT TO CHOOSE, you believe it’s your place to dissuade the choices of others? The same way you want feminism to not bother you, don’t bother feminism. Feminism is not YOUR enemy. It’s simply a choice law out there in the world you can use or not. It’s a life line. Feminism doesn’t say anything is “ok” in particular, like abortion. What it says is “choice is ok”. Every woman isn’t christian, and every women doesn’t want to be a mother, every rape victim shouldn’t have to live through that or feel shame or be made to raise the child from such trauma IF THEY DO NOT WISH TO. The same way men choose for themselves. Oh, and every christian woman isn’t married … so most of the things you listed don’t even pertain to her. Feminism has no problem with people loving anyone … feminism has a problem with denial of citizen rights that they grant to others for no other reason than gender. Can you get that through your head? They have taken away NONE of your choices … what kind of evil would YOU be to take away others’ choices or option to choose?

          • Zipporah says:

            Haven’t an idea which comment you are referring, however….
            The Bible teaches that men and women are indeed equal, though have different gifts, purposes, etc. obviously physically we are not all the same, but worth the same in God’s eyes. So as a Christian, I believe in this form of equality, but it is not feminism. I know many white males and have pity on them because they are considered to be the villains of today’s society. Today, if it’s between a male or female and one is guilty, it is assumed to be male. More people believe that a man has raped a woman, than a woman who has lied about being raped. Feminism does not bring equality. For when I look out and see where humanity has come, it has not gotten very far. The only difference is who we deem as the victims. You may disagree, and that’s fine. I have no care nor need of persuading you. I am thankful for the freedoms I have as a woman, though not necessarily the effects feminism has brought. I believe in humanity, not just in females.

      • Wonder dee says:

        So in a sense you beleive in something to define you as someone? In the same manner of how ones will stick up for another organization we all have to answer to a master and that master is the master you choose. A mind chooses what it wants to believe. You are picking out christianity as if it is the only thing to pick on, so now my question to you is if christianity did not exist for you to choose then what would you use to pick on?

        • Cappy says:

          Ummm, what? I can’t understand what you’re getting at at all.

          I said that Christianity is a broad term just like feminism. Some are positive, some are not. Throwing them all out because of one is ridiculous. I fail to see how that is not a completely reasonable way of thinking.

    • Shanae Paulino says:

      I’m a Christian woman who does not agree with this view point. I feel that I should add that I’m multi racial, and very far removed from the white thinking that I see is dishearteningly permeating this piece.

      I do agree with another commenter that this writing is addressing a very specific, and generalized form of feminism. I mostly think it’s sad that John MacArthur, a white MAN, was referenced here as a primary source for a topic about women.

      Growing up, I was indoctrinated with evangelical thinking. This thinking was largely influenced by the White-dominated culture that surrounded me, and society (and sadly, still dominates American culture today). Over the past 10 years I’ve become more in touch with my culture and identity as a Christian woman, and it’s obvious to me that the perspective coming from this article lacks diverse experience. The perspectives coming from this writing emanate fear and ignorance. Fear of thinking deeper, and ignorance towards the realities of the women in our lives who have been pushed to the margins.

      I echo yet another commenter when I say that I hope you learn to find the value in different Christian perspectives about topics like feminism.

  32. Elisabeth says:

    That was very good article , but this is what I have stamped on my eyeballsAll I want to do is follow God just so long as he realizes I am a girl.I really don’t want to work outside the home or go to collage.I prefer before the civil war womenhood.I’m sure they were a lot Godlier then we were today.

    • Olivia White says:

      God knows you are a girl…. he created you, and knew you from the time you were conceived. He realizes it.

      It is a beautiful thing to go to college and have a job and still be Godly. I know several who did and are doing so in the most Godly manner.

  33. McKenna says:

    I completely agree with this. Feminism at one time in the west had its use. We are in all sense of the word equal with men. As equal as we can get. What these third wave Feminists now are trying to do is basically put a collar on men, they are trying to be the oppressors they complain so much about. I don’t think it would be dishonest to say that here in the west women are not oppressed.But, in places like the Middle East, Southern Asia, and Africa,yes.Instead these women who claim to care about women defend these horrible acts for the sake of culture.
    I have never trusted Feminism as we see it today. I am grateful for my right to vote, own property, and have a career. But, we can not deny that Feminism is not what it once was due to all that it fought for won. It is now just trying to stay relevant by jumping on any bandwagon it can and making bigger things out of a grain of sand.

  34. Izy says:

    Great article! Thanks! It encourages me to keep living a counterculture life.

  35. Rainbow_sprinkles7 says:

    Feminism does not “praise” abortion, or encourage a “wild woman” lifestyle. It does not encourage women to get out of the home. Of course there are some extremists who believe that, but for the most part, feminism is simply the belief that women should have every right and opportunity as men and should be treated equally. Women should have the CHOICE to live however they want in whichever way makes them happy, just as men do. If a woman is happy to live at home and raise her children while her husband works that is fine. Just as working outside the home is fine. The important thing is that women have the choice to do either. If someone wants to live a “wild woman” lifestyle, it has no affect on you or your life, so it should not be a problem. Live and let live.

  36. Liz Darling says:

    This is fallacious on so many levels. If you were more educated, you would probably have a thorough and nuanced view of feminism. However, It seems that your ideological stance on Christian womanhood prevents this. Please try to understand a topic fully before making overly-simplistic, uneducated generalizations, especially something as important as feminism. Wishing you the best.

  37. Mia says:

    Feminism is about girls having the right to choose without being shamed. It’s literally the concept of treating girls like HUMAN BEINGS instead of shaming them for their life choices.

    • Shanae B says:

      Feminism doesn’t treat all women as ‘human beings’. In fact I’ve had a number of feminists not treat me as one, and all because I don’t make their idea of right educational or vocational choices. Also while growing up because I was conceived out of wedlock and was born five and a half weeks premature, and my mom didn’t choice me.

  38. Grace says:

    Genesis 1:27 “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them ; male AND female he created them.”

    Galatians 3:23 “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”

    Ephesians 5:21 “Submit to ONE ANOTHER out of reverence for Christ” – obviously this applies to those whom are married only.

    Websters definition of feminism: “The belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities.”

    Honestly, I dont see how you can call yourself a Christian and NOT be a feminist. Jesus himself was a STRONG advocate for women!

    As a Christian myself, it deeply saddens me that there are christian women out there who oppose it, but I digress…
    Yes, there is radical feminism, and no, I do not agree with everything feminism supports, but at the end of the day feminism in and of itself is a Christian concept. It’s like many things of our culture, it falls in the hands of the wrong people and becomes something it wasn’t intended to be!

    If you are single, like many Christian women nowadays, the you really have no choice but to be feminist. Not every woman has the luxury to sit at home with the kids and live off of their husbands paycheck. Its encouraging for me to see that our culture has become more and more supportive of single moms and working women in general. If you’re married and are a stay at home mom, good for you! But there is also a place for women in this world who do not live that way, whether its by choice or circumstance….

    Thats feminism in a nutshell 🙂

    As christian women we should be supportive of one another, not be actively seeking to tear each other down. Lord knows theres enough of that in this world….

    • Brittania says:


    • Shanae B says:

      Feminism isn’t really supportive of women, it’s never been supportive of me because I was born prematurely and according to them through choice shouldn’t exist. I also don’t hate men, marriage, or motherhood. I also chose not to go to college. I sujest you read through 1 Corinthians 11.

  39. Jenna says:

    I totally agree with you! Third wave feminism is pretty much completely separated from first wave feminism. It’s so disingenuous when people say “feminism is for everyone.” Like, yeah all women want the right to vote and own property, etc. Not all women support whatever feminism shenanigans are going on now.

  40. Joy says:

    Girls, look for the truth.
    P.S. The Bible Is the ultimate truth

  41. Mad says:

    Feminists don’t encourage abortion… they encourage CHOICE. We have the CHOICE on whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. Besides that, feminism is also acknowledging that others don’t have it as well abs we do. Some women are being MURDERED because of a miscarriage, or being shot in retaliation for going to school, or female genital mutilation. Clearly there is a lot of ignorance here and research was kept to a minimum. It’s almost as if you forgot that not everyone lives in the same condition as we do. As for feminism in the Western World, it depends on the person. Feminism is almost a spectrum that people fall on different ends. There isn’t one set definition, which is why you’re article comes off as vague. Because there isn’t no focal point besides being “dishonorable” to God

  42. Imani says:

    Um not trying to be that person but the Declaration of Feminism isn’t actually the name of the document it was called the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen and was written in 1791 and isn’t an important document to most feminists it wasn’t so much a manifesto but more of a response to the Declaration of the Rights of Men. Moreover, you can’t generalize about all of feminists based on the ideas of a few feminists, feminism is an amorphous ideology and isn’t just one things.

  43. Cassandra says:

    Wow. Excuse me, oh so evil me, for wanting to be my own person and to have the chance to make my own decisions. A lot of today’s self proclaimed feminist activists are ridiculous, but there are a lot of them with valid points. If you believe that you are merely brought up to clean and cook and to submit, then I’m sorry for you. We, as women have the right to have a job, to education, and to prove ourselves. We have the right to abortion and wearing what we want and we have the right to be gay or bisexual and to believe whatever we want. We also have the right to start a family. You guys are not christians, you’re stuck 2000 years back.

  44. Snarky says:

    I would like to know how you would even be able to post this article without feminism.

    • Shanae B says:

      Godly women do things because of God, not because of feminism. Women had (and still have) capabilities (and utilized them, often in negative ways) way before feminism, not because of it.

      • Snarky says:

        Yes, feminism has nothing to do with a woman’s capabilities, however, feminism has allowed women to use their capabilities with the same rights as a man. Without feminism, women weren’t allowed to right much else other than poetry. Often many times female authors would have to use a male pseudonym to disguise their identity to get past male authors of the time who didn’t think the literary world was a place for women. So the fact the writer of this article is allowed today to post her opinions online and have her own book published is a testament to feminism and with out it she would not be allowed to do so.

        • Shanae B says:

          I’m talking about women in general not particularly just authors. When I talked about women in the past using it badly I’m talking about women like Countess Elizabeth Báthory and Cleopatra. Feminism hasn’t been as great or good of a thing as people want to believe it to be, especially now days. Women have their rights now because of God and not feminism. You don’t agree with that and that’s a part of the problem.

          • Snarky says:

            I’m not talking about just authors either I’m just stating that as an example pertaining to the context that the author is writing about how bad feminism is however she would not be able to publish her ideas without feminism.
            Without feminism women are viewed as second class citizens at best ans as property as worst and had few human rights. Women lacked basic rights;
            -women couldn’t vote,
            -they had to submit to laws they had no voice in the making of,
            -they couldn’t own property,
            -men were legally allowed to beat their wives as a form of punishment,
            -women had many less job opportunities and if they were hired only earned a fraction of what men earned
            for the same job
            – divorce and child custody laws favored men
            – women couldn’t practice medicine, law, politics, be in the military, and other such professions
            – women had no or very little means or options for higher education; most colleges/ universities wouldn’t
            accept female students
            – women were left totally dependent on men whether they wanted to be or not. They didn’t have the option.
            These are just a few of the rights that women didn’t have without feminism, when religious beliefs still had a major influence on law.
            If your god has given women their rights they have today then why does the bible contradict this. Time and time again the bible devalues women as nothing more than a man’s property. It condones rape, polygamy, murder, abuse, incest, slavery, misogyny, bigotry, genocide and much more. That doesn’t sound like a god giving women rights that sounds like the opposite.
            Here are just a couple of “gems” from the bible:
            Deuteronomy 22:28-29
            Deuteronomy 22:23-24
            Deuteronomy 22:28-29
            Numbers 31:17
            Genesis 19:1-8
            Deuteronomy: 21:10-14
            Judges 19
            Deuteronomy 20:10-14

            1 Timothy 2:12
            1 Corinthians 11:2-10
            Exodus 21:7
            Deuteronomy 22:20-21
            Leviticus 15:19-31
            Leviticus 12:1-8
            Numbers 30:1-16
            1 Corinthians 14:34

            Exodus 21: 7-8
            Exodus 12:44
            colossians 3:22
            Leviticus: 25:44-46
            Titus 2:9
            Ephesians 6:5
            1 peter 2:18

            Genesis 19:30-38
            1 Timothy 6:1
            Genesis 20:11-13
            Genesis 5:4
            Genesis 9:1, 18-19
            Genesis 2:20-22

            Jeremiah 50:21-46
            Exodus 22:17
            Leviticus 20:13
            Exodus 21:15
            Leviticus 21:9
            2 Chronicles 15:12-13
            Deuteronomy 13:13-19
            Exodus 31:12-15

            Joshua 1-12
            Deuteronomy 20:16-17
            Joshua 6:20-21
            1 Samuel 15:1-9
            Genesis 7:21-23

            ….. just to name a few messed up things in the bible.

            Feminism is all about gender equality. You act like you can’t be both a Christian and a feminist. It gives you the freedom to choose who you want to be in life so if you want to be a God-fearing house wife you can, if you want to be a fast-paced career woman you can do that too, if you want both its your right to. Modest or immodest, opinionated or meek, leader or follower, with feminism you choose what you want in life…. God didn’t fight for that feminists did.

          • Shanae B says:

            Thank you for pointing out many things that people have for centuries (and in some cases still do) misinterpretate from the Bible! Women not having those rights back then (plus the other things you mentioned) was a result of human sin apart from God. After Christ came He set that (amongst many other things) back aright. Not feminism. Just because you hate God and his word and don’t want to believe He exists doesn’t change that. Nothing (except the devil) has attacked or degraded me personally as a woman and as a person more than feminism. Feminists (even “christian” ones) have verbally attacked me because I didn’t make the choices they wanted me to or thought I should make. No one who reads and accurately studies the whole Bible would disagree that one can’t be both feminist and a christian. Matthew 6:24 does in particularly mention money, yet it states that you can’t serve two masters. You either serve God or you serve feminism.

          • Snarky says:

            I feel that if the bible was really the holy book there wouldn’t be so many various ways to interperate it. Just the fact that there are so many sects of christianity alone (and hundreds of other religions ) sort of calls into question the validity of God and his word…I think if an all knowing and omnipotent and omnipresent being wrote or inspired the bible then why is it so vague why, is it up for interpretation, and why does it only cover the past why doesn’t talk about the future (I know rather are “prophecies” but those too are vague and up for interpretation). I ,for one, do not believe in God so I really can’t hate him. I disagree with a lot of what’s in the bible but I don’t hate God himself…it would be like hating the Easter bunny…. but I realise I am never going to change your beliefs and you are never going to change mine….so to each their own I suppose….

          • Shanae B says:

            As to the first half of your reply. There’s so many interpretations because we’re all human and we still live in this fallen sin filled world. You comparing God to the easter bunny just proves that you do hate God.

  45. August says:

    Hi! I’m curious about the document you cited, the “Declaration of Feminisim” dated 1971. Could you please elaborate more on it (like how it came to be, its key ideas) and possibly give a link to your source? I tried searching, but couldn’t find it 🙁 also tried searching using your quotation, but to no avail. I’m asking because I want to know how you created this image of feminism. Were you taught this? Did you observe this? Did you do research on feminism? I’m asking this because I think we all have different experiences in regards to feminism, and I’m interested to see how your experiences helped shaped your ideas on feminism and how it relates to your beliefs.

    • NoName says:

      I looked it up and I found a Declaration For Women’s Rights from 1791, so this goes to show that this article was based on very loose, poor research. Take it from someone who researched feminism for 7 months last year, I have never come across anything such as this. There was a book written in 1971 entitled “a Declaration of Feminism”, which means this article above is misleading us readers. However, if someone else can a true Declaration, I would be interested in finding what it’s basis was, how it came to be, how you found it, and how credible it is.

  46. NoName says:

    Feminism isn’t against god’s word. For your information, 2000 year old text doesn’t fit today’s modern world. This is why we as women must unite and destroy the patriarchy. What is right cannot be defined by an outdated book. You can be a feminist and you can be pro-life, just as you can be gay or trans and be a good Christian. That is between you and God, just know that you shouldn’t preach for the degrading of women. I find it disgusting that you think can call yourself a girl.

  47. I had a long, hurt response to this – and realized that it would never do any good. Those who could hear it will agree with it already, and those who disagree will write me off as a horrible, feminist non-Christian. I’ll save it, in case anyone wants to see it.

    So I’ll just say to those women who are trying to mutilate their souls and minds enough to fit this so-called Godly mold (and, if I could, to myself a couple decades back):

    You are still worthwhile, still lovable, still valuable to the world.
    You are as human, as valuable, as needed as anyone who preaches to you.
    If you are not wanted in their religion, in their community, in their neighborhood, in their lives – those are all things you can leave. Somewhere, there is a religion, or community, or even just a neighborhood cafe that will fit you and help you grow.
    Please, do not choose to leave life just because these women can’t see the pain they’re causing.
    Please, do not think that if you can’t be what these women are demanding then you shouldn’t be at all. You should be, and you will be wonderful.
    Please believe that It Gets Better.

    Your life is worthwhile, and your soul, heart and mind are worth as much as any man’s.

    You are worthy of life.
    You are worthy of love that doesn’t require erasure or denial of your self.
    You are worthy of freedom to think, and try, and decide, and grow.
    You are worthy of education, and strength, and self-determination.

    Don’t let them convince you otherwise.

    • No name says:

      Thank you for this. Lets stand up to bigotry and instead spread love and acceptence. Of all.

    • Shanae B says:

      By your comment here I have no reason to believe that you actually read this article beyond just the title. It’s terrible that you felt like this article was portraying what you thought it stated.

  48. Tessa says:

    I am so sorry and ashamed of what the human race is capable of thinking, specially those who like this (sadly) fellow woman, are against basic human rights. To keep it plain and simple, I am SO sorry you ever read or heard about these blog, I know I am. Also she didn´t do any real research and the article is very poorly written.

  49. No, just stop says:

    This is stupid, can’t believe i wasted some of my life looking at this article.

  50. April says:

    These articals are hilarious.

  51. SaltyWitch says:

    No thank you I`d rather be free like a normal human being than throwing my life and freedom away at an early age just so I can waste it on being “submissive” to a man, as if I`d ever want anything to do with one.

  52. Feminism For the Win says:

    This is the stupidest sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life. To quote this dumb article “Jump back in time” to the 18th century where you belong and stay there.

  53. Feminism For the Win says:

    You simply don’t understand feminism. What you quoted above is radical feminism, which frankly is as ridiculous as your old af point of view. Feminism is about men and women being EQUAL. Not better or more valuable. If you want to be a housewife all your life – fine. But if I want to be a career woman, earn my own money and have a life of my own – also fine. That right there is the core values of a feminist. That we have the liberty to choose what life we want to lead and have RESPECT for people that choose a path different to yours. That you don’t have.

    You have no right to call out other people and judge others for not thinking in the same brainwashed, outdated way as you. So to quote this satirical and disappointing blog post; “Jump back in time” to the time the 16th century and do us all a favor by staying there


  54. Nah I’m Gay says:

    I’m sorry you don’t feel included in our fight for equality. “Pro-Life” women were not allowed in the march because their beliefs are contradictory to the rights of others. Our fight is still for you, and for everybody else. We fight so you can believe what you do, and so you get a choice in what you do. You can use that to work or stay at home. The main thing is that you have a choice in what you do. Women fifty years ago didn’t. It’s so incredibly sad how you can believe that just because you don’t feel affected by feminism, you think it isn’t needed anymore. It’s sad that there are women raped and killed every day because women are seen as lesser, like furniture or a toy to play with and throw away. It’s sad that people like you think that just because you are happy, everyone must be. Here’s the sad truth. You are so unbelievably privileged. That isn’t your fault, but it’s still true. You and your sister are both white, blonde, and very pretty. You don’t feel feminism anymore because the fight isn’t as needed for you anymore. The fight is for all the women of color. The black girls shot by police for no reason other than their skin. The Muslim girls who are looked at like terrorists, constantly harassed and disrespected. The millions of girls around the world who live in fear every day, wary of the men who look at them like toys, watching what they wear, not leaving their drinks, staying out of the shadows. They don’t deserve that. What right do you have to say their freedom isn’t necessary, that we should give up, because you don’t need us. Why are you so incredibly ignorant? You could change. You could help. Every voice counts. We would love to have you. Even though you don’t care about us, we still care about you and your freedom.

  55. June Osborne says:

    Anyone else getting Serena Joy Waterford vibes here?

    • Shanae B says:

      I don’t read or watch that and therefore had to look it up what you meant. First off you’re very late in the comments here. More so though this has no association or similarities with that what so ever. Why you actually would get that kind of vibe from this is kind of incompetent.

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