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Feminists Say: Men are Women’s #1 Problem

By: Bethany Beal

What is the biggest problem women face today? “It’s men, pure and simple.” That was the number one answer I received as I read through an article hitting on the hottest topics for feminists today. The article pointed out five reasons why men are women’s biggest enemy.

I’ll spare you the trouble of searching for the article and break down the author’s five main arguments. And, as the writer points out, “by the end of this article, you’ll basically be a Gender Studies graduate.”  Hmmm, we’ll see about that.

WARNING: These five points are a summary of a feminist article. I do not agree with these five points and honestly, I find them crazy. Sadly, this is the norm for modern women and if we aren’t careful we will end up thinking the same way. Here we go:

1. Underpaid drudgery

Get out of the kitchen and into the workforce. Please! Anything but being trapped in the house. Sadly, 8 out of 10 women still say they do more housework than their male partners. And that doesn’t even include those women who are slaving away with dependent children. Motherhood can be boiled down to two simple words: underpaid drudgery

2. My Daughter Can’t Be a Superhero

The media constantly implies that certain roles are for women and others are for men. The very fact that a commercial would imply that your son could be a big strong superhero, while your daughter could not, is sexist.

3. Positive Discrimination is Key

Women do not hold enough of the Fortune 500 CEO positions. The problem? When women pause their career to have children, they typically see a downward turn in their career instead of an upward one. We need to acknowledge that children are a huge problem. Something needs to be done. Women shouldn’t have to deal with this. We need to use positive discrimination against men. We need to get women out of the home and into CEO positions.

4. Females Suffer Social Inequality

Transgender and lesbian women are highly discriminated against. Even more so than gay men. The highest level of discrimination is not against race but against women.

5. Criminal Offense in Marriage

Violence is a huge problem in marriages today. In fact, rape within marriage is supposedly a major issue. We need to figure out a way to stop that!

I hope that as you read through the summary of those five points, you did not find yourself cheering and agreeing. To be honest, I was pretty annoyed. As I read, I wondered where she got the basis for her conclusions. Seriously! Who gave her permission to define what the female gender should look like? How did she get the authority to dub those five points as “problems?”

Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t have any authority. There wasn’t a single footnote or link to any outside sources. Not one outside source. Nothing but one woman’s opinion. That’s all that is. One lady who doesn’t like men, trying to convince her fellow “sisters” that their lives stink and they need a change.

Note: If are looking for my outside sources, hold tight. I will talk about that in just a minute.

I got the vibe from the article that this lady hates her home, children and anything relating to motherhood. She was pretty intense about her idea that being in the workforce is good and anything to do with motherhood is bad. And don’t forget that she likes the idea of a little positive discrimination against men.

Let’s get some truth.

So why did I take the time to summarize her article and share it with you? As a girl living in this culture, you will face women (and men) telling you lies like the ones above. The lies may not be easy to recognize but they are everywhere. They show up in movies, music, TV shows, workplace, friends and even family.

You have to make sure that you know the truth, forward and backward. When lies come along, you should be able to spot them from a mile away.

Instead of giving you all of the Bible verses to expose her lies, I want your help. I want you to dig into God’s Word and show me why you agree or disagree with those five points. This is where the outside sources come in. I know for a fact that there are outside sources combating her points, and I want you to find them.

I want you to stop and really think about what she said. Then think about what the Bible has to say and see if it matches up.

Let’s continue this discussion in the comments section. Here are a few questions to get you thinking in the right direction:

Do you agree with any of those five points? Why or why not?

Where do you think she got her information?

How do we know if those five points are the truth?

What are some truths (outside sources) to combat her arguments?

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28 Responses to Feminists Say: Men are Women’s #1 Problem

  1. Wow. That is so sad. We must look to scripture for our basis of truth. Not what we feel is true. Thanks girls!

  2. Jenna says:

    If women do not desire to have a family, then the population will not grow. God has given roles for men and women and we should follow them. Thank you for helping girls to understand the way God wants us to live.

    • GirlDefined says:

      @Jenna That is absolutely right. God has given roles for both male and female and we should follow them. Great insight!

    • Cecilia says:

      Hm… we have over 7.3 billion people in this world already. Millions of kids are abandoned every single day, and in many countries adopting a child is almost impossible, and those kids end up homeless. So I guess what you said is pretty stupid.

  3. GirlDefined says:

    @E. Thank you so much for your long thought out response. I really appreciate your insight! The article that I found and based this post off of is here:

    I googled “feminists biggest problem” and this was one of the number one hits. Although it may not be written by a “scholarly author” it is online and is having an influence.

    As for women being abused, I am 100% against this. I have been very close to girls who have experienced abuse and it is heartbreaking. Physical abuse is a sin and a crime that should be punished. I absolutely agree with Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

    My problem with this article (and many other feminist articles) is the finger pointing. I do not think that our biggest problem is men. As christian’s we know that “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesian 6:12)

    We definitely plan to address more articles in the future and discuss this topic further. Thanks for reading and participating. You had some great insight!

    • I Support The LGBTQIA+ says:

      @GirlDefined:disqus You say that the author has no authority to write the article. And that may be true. But, the author also doesn’t share many of the same views as a feminist; the author has a warped perception of feminism. Feminism is not saying men are the enemy, or that joining the workforce is better than staying at home. It’s about having a choice. Feminists are people who want to give people the choice to have a career, or stay at home help with family. It’s about abolishing gender roles, i.e., women can become CEOs, men can stay at home and take care of children, and genderqueer people can do either.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    God purposely sid”Go ye there for in to all the worlds and populate the Earth”For a definite and wonderful reason.I have also noticed theses five things in our world today.In tv especially, It’s generally no longer that the guy always has to rescue the gitl.Know she can usually do it herself. Not to mention beinh good at “man like protection things”.To where he may only occasionally rescue or help her . That’s not the way good ment it and not the way it aught to be!It’s takeing apart the specific things God made man andcwoman for.The guy to by strong and handsome and protect her.Her to be girly and sweet and helpful and need protection. Takeing this slowly apart is like ssying we don’t need guys!Which couldn’t be farther from the truth!!Every one needs to go back to God’s way!

    • SaltyWitch says:

      So what you`re saying is that women should be fully dependent on their man? Gross. That`s how toxic abusive relationships begin. Open your eyes and read what you wrote. This is the modern world, I don`t know from what medieval/ancient society you come from but your mentality certainly doesn`t belong in the current world.

  5. Vicki says:

    More direct quotes would be nice! Or a link to the article in the main page so that we can compare your version of these points to the article … Also, dismissing someone’s views as “crazy” without explaining or trying to understand them fully seems a bit unkind and unchristian to me. When the author says the problem lies with men, most feminists I know, including myself, would clarify this by saying that problem lies with the established this order that men are typically valued higher than women in many realms of society. Most feminists DO NOT hate men or blame them for any injustices, and those examples you have of ones that do don’t represent the majority. I agree with E. on domestic abuse. And “supposed” marital rape is a real thing and a real problem.

  6. Cecilia says:

    I am a femninist and men are not my problem. I love my boyfriend and we are marrying in three years, and we are both heading to have successful careers and still raise our family, with organized times so both of us can still have our careers and give our kids the best. I love him and therefore I hate the way some people treat men badly… but the problem is not the men, it’s the way many men were RAISED, to think they are better than women and that they can force women into this they don’t want or are not ready for. And many of them abuse women because of that. That’s what I’m against.

  7. Kate I. says:

    I’m sorry. This is very wrong and it think you’ve totally misrepresented the feminist community. Feminists are not “man-haters”. I’m a Christian feminist and I don’t hate men. And I’m sure women who are not Christian, but feminist would say the same thing. It really hurts me that this is what you think about feminism. If you have such thoughts, I’d appreciate it if you not spout them and be disrespectful about it. I’m extremely disappointed and hurt by the lack of love and kindness on here towards unbelievers (those who abort their babies, feminists etc.). Christ would be more loving and not turn issues like abortion into an “us and them”.

  8. LibbyD says:

    I appreciated this article, and was a little surprised by the negative feedback! One of the big problems I see with feminism is that it still upholds traditional male roles as the best role for anybody. From what I’ve heard, feminism declares that high-paying jobs outside the home are the best option, and anything else is ‘underpaid drudgery’. In this way, feminism doesn’t promote equality for everyone but instead praises those who fulfill certain roles. After all, what feminist would ever praise a stay-at-home mom for making a choice that is best for her personally? Stay-at-home moms are automatically considered oppressed or weak. In general, I think feminism tends to be selfish–blaming men and pushing their agenda ahead of everyone, instead of realizing that traditional female roles have equal value. Of course, it’s a very broad topic. . .I could write a couple pages about it, but I’ll limit myself to this. 🙂

  9. LibbyD says:

    And of course, I know that not all feminists are selfish and hate men; but frequently, feminists do appear to act in such a way.

  10. Brooklyn says:

    Ok so yeah some of those points were terrible and disgusting (when she pretty much said being mother is the worst thing someone could be) but some of those actually made a legitimate point. Such as the fact of domestic abuse within a marriage. That’s a huge issue, and even more of an issue in places such as the Middle East and India and even Asia, where in some places it is even sociall acceptable for a man to abuse and even murder his wife. Like that is not ok. Also for the superhero point, media representation is pretty important. Like when the media (superheroes have been notorious for this) portray women as extremely and overly sexualized while men are portrayed as cool but still not hyper-sexualized. It’s kind of silly. And I know it’s not the biggest problem in the world but it is one of the easiest to fix. So anyways while I agree that article was terrible they did raise some fair points, ones that I would actually really like this website to address. Anyways goodnight and God bless.

  11. Britts says:

    It’s not men, it is sin (including sexism.) Lot’s of guys are totally fine. But sexist attitudes are from satan. Since being anti-man is sexism, lots of feminists are ”reverse sexists.” So feminists got it all wrong

  12. NoName says:

    Those points are not lies. And a man is a woman’s biggest problem. The current president of the united states (Donald Trump) is a rapist and has sexually assaulted many, many women; not to mention his sexist behavior. He is a womanizer, just like many people who are in the U.S government *cough* Brett Kavanaugh *cough*. You seem to make it seem as though feminists are the bad guys, when you yourself is a woman. Your anti-feminist ideals are disgraceful to women and I do not and cannot understand how you go about your day calling yourself a woman.

  13. Billie says:

    I agree with NoName. You may wish to reconsider where you research. Have you considered CNN or Huffington Post?

  14. NoName says:

    Okay well what about locker room talk?

  15. NoName says:

    Where do you get your information, if I may ask? I am interested in looking at your sources.

  16. NoName says:

    I asked you about locker room talk, not Brett Kavanaugh.

  17. NoName says:

    The democrats? Are you seriously blaming this on the democrats? Saying that the liberals just put dirt on other people so they can ruin them and get what they want? American politics may be corrupted, but I find the republicans do that more often than the democrats, especially with their trying to please all of the evangelical groups instead of focusing on everyone’s well being.

  18. NoName says:

    I realize that, but have you heard locker room talk? The uncensored, raw locker rook talk? Trump saying all of those things are straight up disgusting, do you not agree?

  19. NoName says:

    The wall? Oh my God.

  20. NoName says:

    I love how that’s what you choose to focus on instead of the actual issue.

  21. NoName says:

    Don’t you disrespect Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi, and don’t you respect the republicans or Brett Kavanaugh or Donald Trump, or Mike Pence, they are disgusting people. Conversation: over.

  22. SaltyWitch says:

    “Sadly, this is the norm for modern women and if we aren’t careful we will end up thinking the same way.”
    You mean the normal way? I see nothing wrong with those five points, but instead with your flawed logic. Excuse me Becky for wanting to be an individual.

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