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Fierce Girls Needed For Battle

By: Bethany Beal


“I’m hot, I’m sexy and I’m in control.” 

A few years back a friend of mine pulled up the computer to show me pictures of a semi-finalist on the popular show America’s Next Top Model. It just so happened that the girl competing for the Top Model title attended my friends university.

My friend was so shocked by how “fierce” this girl looked in her photos that she just had to show me. This girl definitely had the “I’m hot, I’m sexy and I’m in control” fierce look going on. She must have been trained well by the shows host, Tyra Banks.

This whole idea of being fierce was attractive to me. I wanted people to look at me and think “Wow! She’s got it”.  But then I remembered that I was a Christian and the idea just didn’t seem right.

I put the whole idea of being “fierce” on the back burner and continued on with my life…Until last week.

Last week I purchased a book titled, Fierce Woman (by Kimberly Wagner), that completely challenges the cultures definition of fierce. In this book, Kimberly actually encourages us, as Christian girls, to embrace our fierceness and use it for good.

“What?!?! Embrace my fierceness and use it for good…How in the world?”

I turned the page of this new book and continued to read. I fell in love with what I was reading and couldn’t resist not sharing it with you. It was completely exciting, mind-blowing and just plain awesome.

I’ve always wanted to use the energy, fierceness and fire that God’s given me, but I’ve never really known how. Now I know why God gave me a fierce burning passion in my soul and I finally realize the purpose.

Kimberly Wagner, the author of Fierce Woman, came up with a term that just captures the idea perfectly.

She calls all Christian girls to become “Beautifully Fierce.”

Note: This next section of text is taken from page 20 of Kimberly Wagner’s book Fierce Woman 

Characteristics of a Beautifully Fierce Woman: 

  • Her Identity and value are rooted in her relationship with Christ rather than a relationship with a man.
  • She’s filled with gratitude for God’s good gifts. Her heart is ruled by the peace of contentment.
  • She courageously faces her fears rather than running or hiding in shame.
  • She’s passionate about things that matter rather than living for trivial.
  • She loves God and others. She’s more focused on giving love than getting love.
  • She’s willing to battle for a worthy cause rather than shrinking in defeat.
  • She grabs the hem of God’s will and doesn’t let go.
  • She protects and defends the helpless rather than using her strength to bully others. She is known as a sincere encourager.
  • She’s honest but kind.
  • Others feel comfortable seeking her counsel.
  • She embraces God’s Word as her ultimate authority rather than being swayed by the voices of the culture.
  • She faithfully confronts by speaking the truth in love rather than enabling sin by keeping quiet.
  • She walks with confidence and humility that flows from her recognition of Christ’s work of grace in her life.
  • She has the power to influence and inspire because she lives under the Spirit’s control.
  • Her life is lived all out for God’s glory rather than the smallness of self.

Wow! I absolutely love this definition of a beautifully fierce woman. She is bold, courageous, passionate, willing to battle, defends, confronts, and is influential, confident and inspiring!

Have you ever thought of the fact that you can be all of those words I just listed? You can be bold! You can be confident! You can be influential! Not for your own praise and applause, but for God’s truth and His glory.

God doesn’t need wimpy women. 

The world is full of Tyra Bank’s version of “fierce women.” We don’t need anymore. We need Christian girls who are willing to stand up for the truth and say “no more!” We need Christian girls who are willing to deny themselves and fight for something greater.

“The call to follow Christ requires fierceness.” -Kimberly Wagner 

There are so few Christian girls defending God’s Word and truly living out a God-centered lifestyle. I realize it’s hard to live like Christ in this day and age. It’s not easy! That is why following Christ requires fierceness. It takes a woman who find’s her identity in Christ and realizes true strength, for the battle can only come from Him.

God has an incredible plan for your life as a girl, but, He needs you to be ready for the battle. He need’s a girl rooted in His Word and willing to do whatever it takes to follow Him.

“The fierce woman seizes the kingdom of God, grabs on to Jesus and hangs on for the ride of her life!” – Kimberly Wagner 

It’s time we ditched the “I’m hot, I’m sexy and I’m in control” mindset and set our sites on something more eternal. Let’s get ready for battle girls. We need to pull out our Bibles, embrace God’s truths and prepare to fight for them.

Let’s talk about it…

  1. Are you a wimpy girl who follows the trends of the culture? How can you apply this message and become “beautifully fierce?”
  2. Which characteristic of the “Beautifully Fierce Woman” stands out to you the most?
  3. Are you willing to join me in the battle?

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Fierce Girls Needed For Battle

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25 Responses to Fierce Girls Needed For Battle

  1. Jacey Faith says:

    The one thing that stands out is that she grabs the hem of God’s will and doesn’t let go. I like that one a lot.

  2. Hannah Jane Lynch says:


  3. Ninja Girl ☺ says:

    I have a question that isn’t really related to this post. A couple days ago I was talking to someone about the bible and the laws in Leviticus and I told her that God gave the jews those laws to protect them and that as new born believers in Christ don’t need to follow the law. And well it backfired on me… She said I was being a cherry picker and that I am just picking and choosing what part of the bible to obey. How would I explain to an unbeliever that we don’t need to follow the OT law??

  4. Ina Yefimov says:

    An important point is that God gave the law to show them and us that it’s impossible to keep the law.
    There are many verses in the New Testament that explains that we as Christians are no more under the law but under grace, so no we are not cherry picking what to obey. The Bible clearly says we don’t have to. It would probably be a good idea to look up some verses online and then show and let her read the verses out loud.
    Keep sharing! I’m praying for you and your friend!

    • MRP says:

      But check out this verse : What then? Are we to sin
      Because we are not under law but under grace?
      By no means! -Romans 6:15

      • Ina Yefimov says:

        Yes, that is one the great verses that explains that we aren’t under the law anymore, but says we must still be obedient to God. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Quite Distinguished says:

    The point that stood out to me the most is: “She is filled with gratitude for God’s good gifts. Her heart is ruled by the peace of contentment.” Peace, contentment, and gratitude seem like the polar opposite of “fierce.” I think I need to go find “Fierce Woman” and start reading. 🙂

  6. Joana Mae Pongasi says:

    Wow!! this is really a strong message for us Christian girls..
    I am so convicted with this..
    Thanks for reminding me to be a “Beautifully Fierce Woman” by Christ Jesus :))

  7. A.A. says:

    So I have a question that is kind of unrelated to this post, although I did love this one. Well, I’ve been talking to different people about what is appropriate to wear. Women at my church tell me I can’t wear anything above my knees, even if it has leggings under it. The reason they say is because in the Old Testament it says your thigh is considered nakedness. But how can they tell me to obey that rule, when there is plenty of things in the old testament that none of us obey? I don’t wear the things they tell me not to because I don’t want to cause problems, but they kind of hurt my feelings. These weren’t short skirts just right above my knee.

  8. Lydia Billings says:

    Amen!!!! I love this article:)

  9. Rosalie says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I definitely plan to buy that book!

  10. Bianca Ortiz says:

    Oh wow! Thank you so much for sharing! JUST AN AWESOME POST!

  11. Bethany says:

    Hello! I want to ask you to make a Halloween themed writing like this one because people at my church are celebrating Halloween and the almost the whole world so pleeeeeease! Can you make one!!!! I personally don’t celebrate Halloween but sometimes christian girls don’t see the problem in this holiday. Thank you!!!! Ephesians 5:7-12

  12. Annika Smith says:

    ALL of those points stand out to me! It is very easy to read the Bible and start thinking that women are supposed to be passive and submissive and gentle and kind and loving without being courageous and unflinching. Maybe it is because when we search for verses speaking about gender roles, we are looking for verses which ONLY apply to women. But I think we forget that a good portion of the Bible is addressed to ALL Christians – men and women alike. Verses that call us to stand firm in the face of trial, to take joy in persecution. There isn’t anything passive about that! Women in the early church faced the same persecutions as the men – all Christians had to be fierce. They all had to be brave.

  13. Pooja jersy says:

    Awesome awesome awesome msg for girls…. Its is very much encouraging the girls how we have to be……. Always i use to pray like this but this msg this contents is such a greatfull words and encouraging us to focus to be a fierce women…… I ll start adopt all these points i ll pray for that … One day i ll become a warrior princess of my dad that mean my jesus……
    Thank u for such a wonderfull msg thank u sisters

  14. thehappygirl says:

    Amen! This post was a breath of fresh air! Just what I needed today.

  15. Yes! Yes! & Yes! I love everything about this post. With so much feminism boasting and it’s popularity across social media, you don’t realize how refreshing and beautiful your blog has been for me. Thank you so much for sharing and standing fabulously strong for your faith and beliefs. Looking forward to more!
    Blessings! Xo.

  16. xoxo Smile_sunshine says:

    OMG…..this message struck me straight in the heart!
    I’ve always wanted to be the “fierce girl” the world defined but in vain.
    The feeling became stronger gradually and bothers me in a serious way.
    But as a christian girl, the right definition of a “beautifully fierce girl” should be tattooed to my skin for the rest of my life. Thank you for this message, really appreciate it!! xoxo

  17. Gabrielle says:

    AMEN, AMEN!!! I love this!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Danielle Wegner says:

    Great points.

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