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Freeze Your Eggs – the New Trend for Women

By: Kristen Clark

“Freeze your eggs, free your career.” That was the eye catching title on the front page of the Bloomberg Businessweek magazine last month. The subtitle read, “A new fertility procedure gives women more choices in the quest to have it all.”

My interest was sparked.

I opened the magazine to scan over this intriguing cover story. “Later, Baby” was the title on the inside. “Egg freezing technology is helping women kiss the mommy track goodbye.”

As I flipped through the next three pages, I read several stories of women who had decided to take the egg freezing route and their reasons for doing so. “I just wanted to take the pressure off,” Suzanne, age 37, said. “Men don’t have a biological clock, and I felt like this leveled the playing field a bit.”

Bridget, age 39, stated, “Freezing my eggs brought me time and the possibility to have a child in the future. It’s not a sure thing, but a gamble I am willing to take.”

The whole idea of freezing your eggs is becoming more appealing to women each year.

Instead of being bound by their (God-designed) biological clock, women can delay having children until their 40s, without the worry of having to produce healthy eggs. The basic idea is that you freeze your strong eggs when you’re in your 20s, and then use them when you’re in your 40s.

The article went on to state, “If a 25-year-old banks her eggs and, at 35, is up for a [career] promotion, she can go for it wholeheartedly without worrying about missing out on having a baby.”

Women, young and old, are loving this new freezing technology because it frees them up from having to “settle down” too early. They can pursue their career, delay marriage, be independent, and still have a chance to be a mom – on their own timeframe.

As I continued reading the article, the overarching message I heard was this; Children are a burden, a career is more valuable than being a mom and being independent from the “family” is where women find true empowerment.

“Like many people who’ve frozen their eggs,” the article said, “Emily uses the word ‘empowered’ to describe the experience.”

We live in a culture that once viewed young marriages and motherhood as a normal part of life.

Now, a young woman is encouraged to be independent from her family, pursue the career path, and use her sexual “freedom” as she chooses. As a whole, the focus has shifted from a woman being family-oriented to now being totally self-oriented.

Our culture has taken the approach that children are more like accessories than anything else. Have them or don’t have them. If they fit into your life, great. If not, no biggie. If you want to save them for later, that’s an option too.

We should think differently.

As Christian girls, we have to view everything, including this new egg freezing technology, through a Biblical worldview.

Now I’m not opposed to new technology and medical advancement, but I am opposed to a worldview and mindset that is contrary to God’s Word. There’s a reason God designed us with a biological clock. There’s a reason women are more fertile when they’re young. There’s a reason God created us to be different than men.

Our secular culture is always trying to find a way to bypass God’s design.

First of all, the Bible makes it very clear that children are not a burden but are a blessing. They’re a gift from God. We should never view children as a take-it-or-leave-it accessory. Children should be viewed as a precious investment and, for Christians, a soldier-in-training for the Kingdom of God.

The Bible also says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD” (Prov. 18:22). Marriage is viewed as an awesome thing in God’s eyes. In fact, young marriages are celebrated, “Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth” (Proverbs 5:18).

God designed us girls with bodies that are (typically) able to get pregnant for a solid 30 years. On average, the younger a woman is, the more fertile she will be. What does that tell you? Maybe, just maybe, God expected us to get married at a younger age and have children when we’re the healthiest and most energetic.

If you take a bird’s-eye view of Scripture, what you will find is this; a loving Creator who designed and highly values marriages, motherhood, and children.

These things are repeatedly referred to as blessings and gifts.

We discover that true happiness and fulfillment is found when we live our lives with a focus on serving others and honoring God.

If you take a birds-eye view of our culture, what do you see? Self-absorbed men and women who are celebrating the fact that egg freezing is available and women can now kiss the mommy track goodbye. Women can break free from their enslaving biological clock. Their careers and independence can finally take the front row.

As a girl living in today’s culture, what has shaped your view of motherhood and children?

Do you view the independent career path as more valuable and successful than getting married and raising a family?

I’d love to interact with you about this topic, so leave a comment below.

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21 Responses to Freeze Your Eggs – the New Trend for Women

  1. Claire T says:

    If it is my job to be a mother, why doesn’t college offer that as a
    major…? What’s the use of majoring in music (my preference),
    literature, chemistry, engineering, etc for women?

    • GirlDefined says:

      @Claire T,
      You ask some great questions! It would be really nice if all colleges offered a “homemaking/motherhood” degree…but they don’t. Sadly, motherhood and marriage isn’t a huge priority amongst college girls these days.
      Here at GirlDefined, we are all for girls being educated and love learning ourselves! However, we like to break free from the box and say that being “educated” doesn’t only come in the form of a college degree.
      As Christians, our goal for pursuing any form of education should ultimately be for the purpose of serving and glorifying God. You have to decide whether or not your route (and choice) of education will be beneficial in the long run. Will your degree aid you in serving God? What is the purpose for getting your degree? If God calls you to marriage and motherhood one day, will your degree compliment that role or become a form of competition to it? These are important things to consider when seeking any form of education.

  2. Jacey says:

    I absolutely agree with your standing point. It is a very heartbreaking fact that women and young girls no longer view motherhood as a joy. I’m still a teenager, but I’m totally looking forward to having my own family. A career is not in my plan, and I don’t think its in God’s either. He wants us to stay at home like He designed us to be!

    • GirlDefined says:

      We are so glad to hear that you are looking forward to motherhood. Excited to see what God has planned for you in the future!

  3. Anna says:

    The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Excellent article!! I can’t believe how selfish we are getting! My mom has been the biggest shaper of my views on motherhood. She is such an example of pouring out your life for your children. I am one of seven:) We all serve something or someone. Either ourselves or others…true joy is found when we lay down our wants for those of another.

    • GirlDefined says:

      You are blessed to have a mother who is setting such a wonderful example for you. We are excited to see your passion for truth. Keep it up girl!

  4. Trusting God says:

    I certainly believe that motherhood is just as valuable as any other path in life. I always wanted to get married and have a family someday. God also gave me a passion for art and a desire to learn about his beautiful creation. I studied art in college, learning and growing both as an artist and as a servant of God. Approaching my late 20s, I have finally met the man God intended for me. I know God will continue to use my love for art and nature to bless those around me and to bless my future children. My fiancé’s mother in law didn’t get married to his father and give birth to my fiancé until her late 30s, and she had his sister in her 40s. I don’t think this detracted in any way from her being a wonderful, loving mother, and it in no way makes her years before her marriage/children less valuable or pleasing to God.
    While it may be true that younger women are generally more fertile, healthier and energetic, I disagree with the suggestion that “God expected us to get married at a younger age.” I think God expects us to serve and obey him, and to share the love of Christ, whatever his plans for our family life may be. In the Bible, Sarah and Elizabeth both were given a child in their old age, and they were certainly capable of being good mothers, whether or not they were as energetic as they were in their 20s, because they trusted God would provide strength and help. Amy Carmichael never married, but she became a mother to many during her missionary work in India. God uses women in many ways, some as energetic young mothers, some as mothers later in life because he has other things for them to do first, others as single women. None of these paths is more or less valuable in God’s eyes. I don’t know how I feel about the topic freezing eggs, but I know that the most important thing is to trust God’s timing in all things, and to know that no matter what God’s plan is for your life, it is better than you could ever plan for yourself.

    • GirlDefined says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Trusting God. I completely agree that having children at any stage in life is a blessing. My mom had her last baby in her 40’s. However, our culture is purposely saying “no” to babies in order to free up women from the “burden” of young motherhood. That is not the heart attitude we see encouraged in Scripture. A married Christian woman should have an open heart towards children and a desire to receive God’s blessings. I agree with you, “the most important thing is to trust God’s timing in all things.” Thanks for sharing!

  5. Marie says:

    I can’t wait to get married and have kids, and after I’m married I wanna work side by side with my husband in missionary work. They’re the best things in life!!!!!!

  6. Hannah. says:

    Oh dear… I totally get that some women are called to a career they are passionate about, but having babies later in life (in your 40s, especially) isn’t always a walk in the park… Your body beings to wind down and you often simply don’t have as much energy as you would have had in your 20s or 30s. Careers are a great thing and I’m grateful that we women are now able to pursue things outside of the confines of our home, but things like this do show that society is beginning to value money and status over people and family. And that’s really sad.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    I read your article and I must say that it and your website are absolutely wonderful!!I enjoy so much seeing what you have to say!!Thanks for opening my eyes to some things I nevere even though of before.On the subject though, I must say, Even though I’m only a teenager, I have alwaysed dreamed about meeting my prince charming and rasing a big family!I’m so glad God pland things they way he did!Thanks for your point of view!

  8. Abby :) says:

    I’ve always dreamed of having kids and raising them! This strengthened my view even more about not giving in to the ways of the world. I love your site and your opinions about saving our hearts for the one God has planned for us has especially stood out to me. 🙂 Now I don’t pray for someone to notice me just for the said of attention but for the right guy who will encourage me in my walk. Thanks so much!!

  9. Dolly says:

    This is insane! Who ever thought that having a job is more important than creating a soul?

  10. Abby says:

    your view on the matter is brilliant but one-sided,it sounds more like trying to bash someone for choosing not to have a baby very early in life, it doesn’t mean that they are being selfish but maybe it is completely nonsensical for them to have a baby at that time in their life. I think the focus shouldn’t be placed on whether someone has children when they are young but on the fact that God created our bodies and if he asks us to wait to have children we should feel confident that he will work out the fertility technicalities (if he wishes).Yes, it is God’s plan for us to get married but young marriage isn’t necessary. It is illogical to have a child before you are ready or get married because you think your purpose is to have and raise children. If you have yet to discover yourself or purpose in God, marriage will never work because you would be unsure of yourself and you cannot get married and raise a family while you are still confused yourself or just not in the right position for a child. By God’s design women are to have children within the context of a marriage, and you should not be going into a marriage prematurely. Sometimes it may be God’s will for someone to get married at a later age but many women may feel the need to rush into marriage so that they can have a child at an early age. freezing of eggs may give many women the security to wait on the Lord without having to worry about fertility. I can also say thought that while this may offer some sort of security, if God has allowed someone to marry at a later age it may just be the the wants to prove something, just like with sarah but if you are drawn to freeze your eggs i think you should ask God first., and take comfort in the fact that if his purpose is for you to marry later in life he must have a plan and you need not worry about fertility.

  11. OrangeGirl says:

    God forbid that a woman take control of her body to decide on a course for her life, while also still keeping her ability to have children intact. Any woman who does this is purely evil and has been possessed by Satan. We should do what the old testament commands and have her killed for her insolence.

  12. Ren says:

    What about Sarah in the old testament? She had a baby when she was 90 – way past her fertile stage.

  13. Confidential says:

    With all due respect, who are you to judge a woman and her life choices. It’s not your place. Don’t try to play God. It never definitively said in the Bible freezing your eggs is a sin. Your end goal might be different from other women’s goals and that is totally fine. In the end god judges us on our character,faith,and actions. God is the judge, not you. And how you tried to encuonate that young marriage and motherhood should be normalized again in my opinion is just a little wrong. That mostly took place in order to find financial stability through the depression era. Times are different. Back then women weren’t even paid equal until 1963. I also don’t agree with how you said the women are self oriented when freezing their eggs. How do you know their intentions and reasoning behind their decisions? What if they want to find financial and spiritual success so they can raise their baby in the best way they see possible? Not the best way you see possible.

  14. Snarky says:

    If you don’t want to freeze your eggs that’s fine, but quit bashing women who want to focus on a career and / or are just not ready for a family. Some women just want to wait until they are financially stable to support a family and for many financial stability comes a little later in life (not always but often). You know when you can provide adequate housing ,clothing,food,education,etc.. I guess raising children when you are ready is a sin now… there is nothing wrong with women working into their later years not all women want to be or are ready to be mothers. What ever happened to thou “shalt not judge”?….Hypocrites ….

  15. Hannah says:

    this is so ill informed, please consult someone who has studied the topics you write about

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