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Friday Nights and the Single Girl

By: Guest Blogger

Another Friday night. Another Friday night alone. Another Friday night single.

Those words echo endlessly in my head, keeping perfect time with my beating heart. I know if I want to silence them, there’s only one way. I climb into my bed, grab my Bible off my nightstand, and open it. Instantly, I feel God’s peace surround me as I begin turning the pages.

Lonely Friday nights can be painfully tough if you’re a single female.

At 33, I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’ve only been on a handful of dates (probably less than 10), and I never expected my life to look like this. I expected that at 33 I’d be married to a wonderful Godly man, and two sweet girls and one precious boy would make our family complete.

I expected that on the occasional Friday night, my husband and I would leave the kids at Grandma’s and enjoy a romantic night out (or in).

The older I get, the more I realize life rarely goes as expected.

This world is so quick to tell us that a man will make us happy, save us and that without one, our lives are empty (talk about putting the pressure on men). It tells us that if we’re not married by a certain age, there must be something wrong with us.

We hold strong to these notions that we allow ourselves to believe, and when lonely Friday nights creep in, those beliefs can become exemplified to the point of tears and feelings of inadequacy.

Instead of believing the lies of this world, I choose to hold fast to God’s never-ending truths. I land on one in my Bible that has deeply comforted me in the past. I am beautiful (Psalm 139:14). I read another one. I am valuable (Luke 12:6-7). Then there’s this one. I am loved (Romans 5:8). And I am. We all are.

We’re all beautiful, and we’re all valuable; these magnificent truths apply to all of us.

God loves us so much He sent His one and only Son to die on the cross for our sins. He loves us unconditionally, and He loves us more than any man ever will. Our identities and true happiness are found in Him alone, and only He can save us.

I wish I were married. I want to be married. But I want God’s best for my life more.

So instead of pursuing a man (a Godly man will do the pursuing), I’m waiting on God. He’s either preparing me for my future husband, or He has a better plan for my life that doesn’t include marriage. The latter is incredibly tough to admit, and there are many days I refuse to believe it as possible.

However, if I remain single the rest of my days, I’ll cling tightly to God and embrace His truths above. I don’t say them aloud nearly enough, but tonight, on this not-so-lonely-anymore Friday night, I’m shouting them for the world to hear.

Let’s chat below!

As a single female, how do you get through lonely Friday nights?

If you got married, do you think you would still deal with loneliness? Why or why not?

Guest Post by: Brittany Blackburn 


Lonely Girl

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