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Why We Gave up Modeling to Pursue Ministry Instead

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


The modeling world looked glamorous and the two of us wanted to give it a try. The promised money and fame looked enticing until it became a possible reality. We chose to give up modeling for something so much better.

Here is a snippet from our story in Girl Defined:

“The two of us were both in our early twenties and desperately curious. The seed that had taken root in our hearts as young girls was finally coming to bloom. We wanted to explore the modeling world. Truthfully, our hopes weren’t that high. We assumed, out- side of a miracle, that our moral convictions and living as models probably wouldn’t jive. We didn’t want to miss an opportunity based on assumptions though. We wanted to know for sure. We had to see firsthand.

We sat in our living room with our parents and discussed the details. They explained the potential pitfalls and tried to convince us to let go of the idea and move on. But we weren’t budging. With their grudging approval, we contacted our modeling recruiters.” (Taken from Chapter 4 of, Girl Defined: God’s Radical Design for Beauty, Feminity, and Identity)


Kristen and Bethany Vlog

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One Response to Why We Gave up Modeling to Pursue Ministry Instead

  1. Kayla says:

    This video was really encouraging, it is great to see how far God has taken ya’ll. I have been wanting to be able serve, to be part of some ministry. When i was in 11th grade i helped lead a middle school girls small group and really enjoyed it. I was wondering if there could be some way i could still minister to girls or just be in the ministry somehow when i go to college next year. Would that be possible? Thanks 🙂

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