The Gay Pride Movement and Their Sneaky Agenda

By: Kristen Clark

The movement is on the rise.

If you’ve read or watched any news stories in the past few years, you’ve seen it.

If you’ve viewed any modern TV shows or movies, you’ve been entertained by it. If you’ve walked into a modern makeup store in the past 12 months, you’ve felt it.

It’s everywhere.

In my short lifetime I’ve never experienced the push for an agenda as strong as I have this one. I’ve never seen Christians lose their backbone so quickly when the pressure’s on.

You know what I’m talking about.

The gay pride movement is gaining some serious momentum right here in America and all around the world. Our culture is working its hardest to redefine family, marriage, and gender.

The word “gay” itself is a perfect example of our culture trying to redefine things. Prior to the 1960’s the word gay was rarely used to define a homosexual person. For hundreds of years the word gay was used to describe someone as being “joyful”, “carefree”, and “lighthearted”.

By adopting the friendly term “gay” we naturally downplay and minimize the depravity of that lifestyle. It makes light of something that should never be taken lightly.

A sneaky agenda.

Did you know that less than 3.5% of the entire American population claims to be homosexual? So how in the world did such a tiny group of people create this massive snowball effect?!

Great question.

I can tell you this – it didn’t happen by accident. They’ve had a sneaky agenda since the beginning.

“Through a carefully crafted, decades-old propaganda campaign, homosexual activists have successfully cast homosexuals as a disadvantaged minority.” – 

As a result of their strategic marketing and political influence, they have convinced most Americans that they are actually a distinct people “race.” In the past, our battle was for the equality of African/American people…but now the battle is for “equality” for the homosexual.

The “new” civil rights movement. 

“They want us to accept the notion that homosexual behavior is really something that is natural for a legitimate minority, that it’s the same as being African/American, or it’s the same as being Hispanic. It is ridiculous to assume that because they do a specific sexual act or acts, they therefore demand certain rights and should be granted those rights.” –John MacArthur

They claim this is the new civil rights movement. In fact, there’s a popular website called The New Civil Rights Movement which is dedicated to fighting for homosexual “rights”.

Anyone who speaks against a homosexual might be in danger of speaking “hate crimes” against a minority race.

The truth is, they are not a special race at all.

If I hosted a summer camp and said, “Only gay people are allowed to come,” how or what would determine who qualified to come? How does someone prove that they are a “gay”? It’s not something that can be tested genetically. It’s not something a person is born with (no evidence has ever proved that). It’s not even a physical attribute.

So how do you determine who qualifies to come to the summer camp?

The only way to define a person as a homosexual is if they choose to be categorized as one. How do they choose? By their actions.

The thing that makes a person gay or not has nothing to do with their “race” but everything to do with their lifestyle choices.

What they choose to do sexually with their bodies is the defining factor here.

Nothing else.

The gay pride movement has also done a great job of playing the victim. If they can get the American people to believe they are a special people group or race, then they can play the victim whenever they’re not accepted. They’re released from being held responsible for their own actions and choices.

True love helps people.

Some of you might be thinking, “Man, you’re being really unloving right now.” I’m glad you brought that up because that’s another sign of the homosexual agenda. Our culture wants you to be mad at me for not being “loving and accepting” of everyone.

The truth is, I do not hate a single homosexual person out there. They are sinful humans just like myself who have been made in the image of God. At my core, I am no better than they are. The issue I have with homosexuals is not the actual person but their habitually sinful lifestyle that is in direct rebellion against God.

Nowhere does the Bible say that we should love and accept everyone’s choices and actions. We are called to love others, yes, but we are not called to support and accept their sin.

As Christian girls, we have (have, have!) to define love according to how God defines it. God says, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15).

True love is centered around a heart that obeys and honors God’s commandments.

I’m going to pause our discussion here because we’re out of time.


In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what we’ve talked about so far.

  • Where do you stand on this issue?
  • Do you believe there is an agenda taking place in America today?
  • In what ways has the homosexual movement influenced your thinking about marriage and gender?
  • Do you think homosexual people are a minority race? If so, why?

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  • Rebecca

    Very good article. Especially where you remind readers that at the core we are no better than homosexual people, we are just as sinful, and it’s only by God’ grace that we aren’t in the same situation. It is so easy to think we are better than them.

    • Agreed. It’s always an important thing to remember. Apart from Christ we are nothing. It’s only because of Him that we become something. 🙂

  • Truth & Love

    “True love is centered around a heart that obeys and honors God’s commandments.”- that’s a great reminder for all of us! Thanks for standing for truth and love. It’s hard to do both at the same time. Great job!

  • Jenna Hall

    Homosexuals want everyone to except their sin. But it is taking away other people’s freedom.

    • Teegester


    • Caroline

      You misspelled accept.

  • The anti-purity movement

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.
    The role of genetics in homosexuality is beginning to be proven.
    Just because your bronze-age self help manual doeant like it doesn’t make it unacceptable.

  • Queerio

    “Did you know that less than 3.5% of the entire American population claims to be homosexual? So how in the world did such a tiny group of people create this massive snowball effect?!” i guess 11 million Americans counts as a “tiny group”. And we are victims. Homosexuality doesn’t hurt Christians. Christians hurt homosexuals by encouraging their societal rejection and legal deprivations. But there’s no reason to get too mad because gay acceptance/marriage is coming, inevitably, as people are EVOLVING past your ridiculous, hateful, mindless way of thinking. You can’t win.

    • Sara

      We see the harmful changes in society and know what is coming (and is here already!) but that won’t stop others from speaking truth. Yes LGBT have been hurt by Christians, but instead of seeking common ground and what you think are equal rights, the LGBT have sought retribution and attacked Christians. Every time I turn around their agenda is being forced down our throats. The gay friends I have are just regular folk who want to live their lives with their partners. We hang out and have a lot in common. The ones who push agenda and purposely make others uncomfortable (like literally, I’ve seen Lesbians in a grocery store purposefully making out with a “what are you going to do about it” look in their eye) I want nothing to do with.

  • Cassie

    You are clearly so ignorant about homosexuality that I don’t think I can leave a comment long enough to dispel your opinions. Please don’t ever, ever, ever talk about something you are ignorant about. It’s foolish and irresponsible.

  • Hannah.

    Unfortunately, homosexuals have been treated terribly over the years. They’ve been imprisoned, beaten, killed, abused and bullied for being what they are. No, they’re not a race, but they are a group of people with every right to stand up for themselves. I think we as Christians shouldn’t be so quick to point an accusing finger at gay people, and instead show Christ’s love to them. Some people seem to think that all homosexuals are bent on destroying the moral fabric of society and somehow turning everyone gay, but for the most part, that isn’t their real agenda. They just want to be loved and accepted. Just like we all do. But really, what does a group’s agenda or political power matter? These people, many whom have been hurt deeply, do not need self-righteous people throwing cruel words at them. As a Christian, you don’t necessarily have to agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but you do need to be kind and respectful instead of walking around making people feel worthless all the time. Homosexuals have indeed been victims. Talk to one and you would soon find this out. That’s why they need our love and the love of God.

    • Sara

      They have been victims, yes. But instead of just wanting to live their lives in peace and be left alone, they are trying to force acceptance on others, they try to indoctrinate children in our schools (why in the world would a 5 year old need to learn about LGBT issues?) and more. What I see happening more and more with younger people is that what was once a boundary before (I’m straight) is now flexible (I’m straight right now, but that could change).

  • Elisabeth

    Kristen, you couldn’t be more Right!!It’s not the people it’s what they choose to do . honestly though, these people haven’t look our records since Adam and Eve or they would know how Silly this is!Even simple Fairy tales would to them that. Like I heard once,”God didn’t creat Adam and Steve;He created Adam and Eve!”

  • Kristina Stutzman

    This article is excellent! I couldn’t have put it in better words. Like you said in the above article, “I’ve never seen Christians lose their backbone so quickly when the pressure is on.” I agree with you on that, I have been ‘awed’ how Christians would much rather compromise instead of standing up for th truth. God Bless you!!

  • Hurricane

    This article reeks of paranoia and misinformation, not to mention the thinly veiled hate rantings and almost laughable persecution complex that is barely being suppressed as one reads between the lines here. This isn’t “true love” at all. If you really think that is what you are doing with articles like this, I can only ask you to really search your heart because that is NOT what is coming across here.

  • Nichole Allen

    Bless God for writing the truth about this… and there is an agenda, it was written out in books years ago! No weapon formed against us shall prosper in the name of Jesus! Stand firm in the faith. Jesus came to set captives free – never to enable us in our sins. Amen ladies. That’s TRUE love, set apart love indeed. keep praying!!

  • Rachel

    This isn’t really loving at all, actually its more hypocritical considering we’re all sinners and God judges each sin equally. Being gay is definitely a sin, as is lust, greed, gluttony, lying, and… judgment of others. (Romans 2:1) 🙂 Can even straight people help who we like? I sometimes have feelings for a man I shouldnt, and I feel this is how it is with gays. They can’t help what they are drawn to. Should they be expected to go through life without experiencing love? No. God loves them so much and wants them to live as fulfilling a life as the rest of us sinners. (About your other post) I love God and still accept homosexuals. That doesn’t mean I go to their rallies or promote it, but why is this sin so much worse than other sins..? As Christians, we should be focusing on sharing Gods love & acceptance rather than spreading this kind of “love”. This whole post talked about gays as if they were filthy animals.I get where you’re coming from, but I strongly disagree.

    • You’re right. But sin is sin. We have to fight against lust of any type, not just give into sin.

    • Sara

      If homosexuals left the rest of us alone there wouldn’t be an issue. What makes it worse, at least when it comes to activism, is that they are trying to undermine the family. Before you think I’m crazy, here me out. I watched a video of a Lesbian leader in England saying that she doesn’t like to lie, but that that’s what they are doing by saying they want marriage. She said what they really want is for there to be no marriage at all. OK, so that is not everyone. I live in San Francisco so I know a lot of gays and some of them really just want to be married and live their live. So now we have the issue of children. Studies prove that children do best with both a mother and father. When you allow LGBT to raise children you are robbing them of one of their biological parents. There is a growing movement of adult children of gays who say that while they love their parents it was not the best way to be brought up. Another big issue is how LGBT continues to push themselves on our children through “education” at school. Why in the world would a 5 year old need to learn about homosexuality or trans issues? At that age they aren’t interested in sexuality and yet now we are forcing them to think in these terms? What was once a boundary before (I’m straight) is now flexible (I’m straight right now, but that could change). The agenda and how it affects people is what makes this sin worse than others (not all others, but many others).

      • Rachel

        I do totally get your point. Some gays force their opinions on others, and I hate that young children are brought into these things so early when it should be something they figure out themselves in their teens. While some gays/lesbians seem like theyre only reaching for attention or being rebellious, some people in this world are truly homosexual and I want them to be able to love their partner without being ashamed and criticized. I dont LIKE homosexuality, but like I don’t want them forcing me to believe what they believe, I don’t do that either. Being gay is a sin, its just that I sin soo many times a day and have to constantly ask God for forgiveness. I believe they are just as precious to God as the rest of us and deserve to be loving parents to children, because parenthood is a great thing and everyone should be able to experience that. However I do agree with some of your points. Thanks for a respectful response

  • Chai

    This is a great post and might I say a brave one. Though I can say a lot about the subject, I believe homosexuality is wrong because it is a lust issue and contrary to how God made us..specifically male and female and if we blur the lines and cause confusion, how can that possibly please God? He is Love, Just and absolute. We are surrounded by a pervasive thinking of relativism, the more we need to read and know our Bibles. Yes, we are to love them and help them deal with their sin but it is just as wrong to accept sin or condone it, whatever the sin may be. To accept sin, is not love according to Scripture. So thank you for this post! It is a touchy subject right now.

  • Bianca

    I agree absolutely,completely, 100 percent-ly with what you wrote. If I might add, I came across an article in The Independent which claimed that the being-gay-is-a-choice theory was being eroded due to more research. What was pretty surprising is that throughout the article the author admits there really isn’t any proof of homosexual tendencies being in one’s DNA and winds up saying we should just just love them and accept them for who they are, no matter how they came to be that way. Now, I don’t normally notice subtle subject-changing, but I was really taken aback by this! And yes, I do agree with what you said, that we are as bad as sinners as them, that just because their sin is more apparent, they are somehow worse than us. I think we need to, as you said, show them the fact that they ARE sinners, not just because they are homosexual, but because, well, it’s in everybody’s nature to sin and to hurt God, and that the only way they can obtain eternal life with their glorious Creator is to sincerely repent of EVERY sin they’ve ever committed and accept that Christ WILL save them if they do so. Wonderful blog, by the way! I would so love to meet you in person, but as that seems pretty improbable( I’m continents away), I look forward to seeing you in the next life! 🙂

  • Wies Lippold

    First of all, I would like to say that I respect your choice of religion. Second of all I woud like to say I am gay and I think that this article is slightly overexaggerated. About 5 percent of the people, if not more identify as gay, lesbian, bisexua or another sexual orientation. The fact that people are representing us in the media is because they realise that not only straight, white people shoud be shown on TV. Also people are finally realising that everyone shoud have basic human rights, like marriage. And because we’ve been denied rights for more than huminaty can count, it all might seem a little much at once. But believe me, this is what everybody deserves.
    Also your claim that the LGBT-community says that they’re a different race, is totally wrong. We simply recognise that we are a group in society, just like Christians, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be with anyone who isn’t in the LGBT-community. We would love to be around everybody else so they can see how normal we are.
    About your “how can you really prove your gay” thing: Yes, that is difficult. It’s not something you can prove. It’s nut something you can turn on and off, like you can say “Oh, now I’m really into apples, but last month I liked bananas.” It takes time to figure out. And, how can you prove, you’re really straight? You’ll probably say that you just know you are. Well, it’s the same with being gay. And believe me, if I could choose to be straight, I would. It would make everything much easier.

    My mum always taught me that God doesn’t make mistakes when He creates a person. He loves everybody for who they are. It is not about your sexuality but about your personality. And so being gay, is no problem for God, as long as you love each other. And I am glad she told me that and that many other people and christians here in The Netherland also feel the same. Because that’s what I believe religion is about. Love not hate.

    I am gay, and happier than ever having finally found my true self and being able accept it and surround myself with people that give me positive energy and love. I wouldn’t want to change a thing about it.

    I hope that I have given you some new point of views. And please do not take it personal. I just wanted to share my personal opinion on this topic.


    • Sara

      I think your comments are thoughtful and respectful so thanks for that! My mom used to say the same thing, that God doesn’t make mistakes. I believe this wholeheartedly. Yet we do see children born with all kinds of conditions, both physical and mental/emotional. God didn’t make a mistake yet these are things that need to be helped and treated. I think God gives us differences and trials so we can learn from them. Being gay does give you a certain perspective that can be learned from certainly, yet it does not mean you can’t align your will with God’s. I have a Lesbian Christian friend who surrounds herself with family and great friends but who has chosen to remain single rather than disobey God’s commandments. I’m not saying everyone has to make that same choice, but I am saying that it is a choice than *can* be made.

  • Rae

    I totally agree! You’re one of the few people I’ve heard/read that actually comes right out and says the complete truth. Thank-you.

  • Kristen, I so appreciate you being brave enough to post this. Thanks for your post!!

  • I think the people who are taking this post negatively are the ones who hasn’t heard of the Gospel or hasn’t accepted it. Because if one’s life is truly being lived out for Christ and Him alone, everything that Kristen have laid here is how one would also feel about this issue.

    Personally, you hit it every feeling that I have towards this ‘sneaky agenda’ Kristen! And I thank God for your courage to stand up and speak up about this. Yesterday when I saw the news about the US legalizing same-sex marriage in all of its states, my heart literally ached. It’s just… so sad that people are rejoicing about something that makes the Lord weep. But I’m not losing hope. If Jesus hasn’t given up on anyone, we shouldn’t too! HE is our hope and we’re equipped by Him, chosen by Him, set apart by Him to represent Him in this world that He created. I’ll pray that may we stand firm in our standards: God’s standards. And that may we do everything that we can to impact one people at a time with God’s love through preaching the Gospel. We should always be reminded; it is not us who’s speaking when we share the Gospel… it is God Himself. And it’s better to be prosecuted in this life now for our faith, than to give it up and face eternal suffering after we leave this place.

    • Kayla

      the Lord is weeping seeing your comment

  • Joriza Mae Pellazar

    I totally agree, too. Especially the part where I don’t hate the person, but the lifestyle that are opposite to the gospels, teachings, and commandments of the Lord stated in the Bible. Unfortunately, a very influential country is now tolerating it..

  • Shirley Duggan

    Sad very ver sad ..

    • James

      instead of praying for her, I’d recommend you to read the Bible and get your thoughts right. God was very clear on what He thought about homosexual behavior. Unless, of course, you don’t accept the Bible as His mighty and inerrant word. and if that’s the case, then I really don’t know how you can call yourself a christian.

  • Amy

    Kristen, thank you so much for this post! God really says quite clearly in the Bible what his view on this way of life is. Last year I began to become friends with someone who identified themselves as “gay” and a “christian”. While I know that only God can judge, and that I am supposed to love everyone- just not the way they choose to live, it was very hard for me. I didnt understand how one could be both seeing as the Bible states it very clearly. I wrestled with this for a long time, trying to figure out if I could still be friends with this person. The bottom line is that hatred is not what God wants either. All we can do is pray for these people and accept THE PERSON, not the actions.

  • borisyeltsin

    I completely disagree with you. Gay people don’t pretend that they are “disadvantaged”. Gay people have been oppressed and treated ridiculously in America and all across the world. Of course they demand that they have rights! It’s not crazy to ask to be treated the same as everybody else. By legalising gay marriage and by making homophobic talk a hate crime, gay people can live their lives in a way that is similar to the privileged way straight people live. Honestly, ask yourself, why would someone choose to be gay? So that their parents can kick them out? So that everyone thinks they are weird or disgusting? I’m a Christian and I believe that God LOVES. Jesus LOVES. Even if you are homophobic, you don’t gain anything by speaking out about it. All you are doing is putting people down. You seem to be focusing more on the old testament than the new. Jesus said we should love. You should try doing that.

    • Maureen

      Hi borisyeltsin! Yes, you are correct Jesus loves everyone no matter who they are or what they do BUT he does not love sin, in fact he hates it. God loves everyone but he doesn’t accept ideas, beliefs or actions that are contradicting to who He is. This is exactly what Kristin is talking about.
      Also the God in the Old Testament is the same God in the New Testament. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He never changes, if He did, He wouldn’t be God.

      The difference between the times during the Old and New testament is Jesus. In the Old testament Jesus had not come to redeem us of our sin yet and the priest had to offer animal sacrifices as offerings to the Lord for forgiveness.
      When Jesus came He became the one and final offering. The Bible says the veil in the temple was torn in two, this signified that we now could come before the Lord ourselves because Jesus bridged the gap between God and man. The Holy spirit was also given to believers as well.

      Lastly, I would say that as Christians we are allowed to and even called to correct other Christians if they are walking in sin. We are called to correct them with the truth of God’s word so that they may come back to the truth of who Jesus is. The new testament is filled with many examples of this.

      Be blessed and Merry CHRISTmas!

      • Violet

        chill, maureen

    • Sylvia Carey

      Read your Bible before you speak!! Loving each other and supporting sin is not what the Bible teaches; you are not to wish them God Speed, or you will be as guilty as they are of the sin you are blessing. God is truth, His Word; the Bible is truth. God said that if you love truth then you love Him. But if you choose to believe lies then you do not love God!! The Bible clearly teaches against men lying with men; absolutely this is made very, very clear in Scripture!!! And to speak the truth against this type of behavior is absolutely not hate speech. Remember what the Bible says about the powers and principalities of the prince of the air, and spiritual wickedness in high places? Well, there are those that have managed via deception to gain positions in high places whom are spiritually wicked, and are now attempting to impose their wickedness on everyone; also using deception to deceive people into agreeing with them!!! God said that if you do not love the truth, then He will allow you to believe lies – be very careful what you support and then call yourself a Christian!!!

  • Anonymous

    You girls need a huge wake up call and enlarge your views with some education. God won’t bless you for being so narrow minded.

  • Kerry

    I hope you realize that just because you live by the Bible and believe something in society should be a certain way doesn’t mean that other people should face the repercussions of YOUR opinion. Just because you’re a Christian does not mean that legislation should reflect your religious beliefs.

    • Sylvia Carey

      And just because you might be gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender does not mean that legislation should reflect your un-Godly beliefs; now does it!!! You are the extreme minority and don’t forget it. You do not get to tell the majority that we have to embrace your depravity!!!

      • varsha

        calm down sylvia lmao.. it’s legal for gay people to marry whether you like it or not

  • Saltasaurus

    Yeah, those evil Gays™ and their Gay Agenda™, I hear that gay bars are actually their secret lairs where they menacingly pet cats and work on their superweapon called the Gay Ray. It turns people gay. They’re trying to build one big enough to turn God Himself gay.

  • Saltasaurus

    “Maybe” “if” “I””put” enough” “”words” “in” “quotation”” “marks” “people “will”” “believe” “”me”” ” “” “”””

  • Friendly neighborhood lesbian

    Alright this is extreme
    I’m a lesbian, I was born a lesbian and absolutely no one in my gay group of friends talks about an “agenda”
    ease it with the conspiracy theories

  • Alice

    as a gay person I’m really offended that none of my gay friends told me about our sneaky agenda. I really feel like I’ve been left in the dark.

    • Gayest Gay to Ever Gay

      RIGHT?! All this time! I’ve been over here, gayin’ it up and I never realized there was like, this secret club I could have been a part of?! Damn!

      • Alice

        I just honestly feel really excluded right now, like how could straight people find out about the sneaky gay agenda before me.

    • Meme Queen

      thank you like I want to know about our world domination plans??

  • As a christian, I find this post horrific and disgusting. Shame on you! God loves us ALL! And it is your blinkered opinions that give Christianity a bad name amongst modern generations.

  • Archie

    Such bull do not listen to this little girl, because that’s all she is. Kirsten, you are no scientist, no psychotherapist and certainly no expert on this topic. SOOOO much evidence has been done to prove that being gay is not a choice, do your research, before claiming things. you said about the agenda being ‘shoved’ is through tv shows, programs, shops etc, as if Christians haven’t done that for like forever. Trying to convert everyone to Christians (think about all of the Jehovah witnesses knocking on doors, and churches around each corner) Being gay is a physiological aspect of humans, something something that people have in built in their brains via genetic makeup or hormonal exposure. As you do with being straight. Why do you think so many gay Christians kill them selves, if it was a choice then they would just ‘let it go’ and be Christian. LEARN IT BEFORE YOU DEBATE IT, Or is the truth too scary?

  • Julia O’Neill

    Here’s my thing; we live in the USA. Part of living here is freedom of religion. That’s why, you’re allowed to think being gay is a sin and a choice and abomination, and I’m allowed to think there’s nothing wrong with it, and believe it’s not a choice. I am a lesbian and it’s 100% not a choice I am genuinely not attached to males. I am only attracted to females. I am also catholic. But the beauty of our country is, you can thing I’m wrong for being gay and that’s 100% your right to believe, and you have the right to preach it’s wrong. However, marriage was never originally a Christian construct. And because the only argument against homosexuality is religion, there is no moral reason for it to be illegal, thanks to separation of church and state. While there are some things that religion, such as Christianity preaches, are morals generally everyone follows ex. Murder is wrong ) and are incorporated in law, there are other things in religion we shouldn’t have to follow because while some thing it’s wrong due to religion, it doesn’t hurt other people (ex: Jewish people don’t eat pork, but eating pork is still legal in the US.) Me getting married to another woman hurts no one. I don’t think churches should be forced to marry gay couples, because that’s infringing on religious rights, but I don’t get what more conservative Christians were so upset when gay marriage got legalized: it has no effect on you.

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