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Girl, Are You Willing to Surrender All?

By: Bethany Beal

She was tall, blonde, blue-eyed and lived in a tiny town in Austria.

My nana was a beauty and a sweetheart. Having lived her entire life in this small European town, she often wondered what the rest of the world was like.

Marriage was probably her best hope of leaving her small Austria town, the only problem, there were no eligible men to marry.

Little did she know that God would bring someone halfway across the world to sweep her off of her feet and bring her to America! Yep, that’s my grandpa. My grandpa was serving in the US Military and was assigned to her small Austrian town.

Little did either of them know that they would soon meet and fall in love.

Long story short, my nana and grandpa fell in love and moved back to America and that’s ultimately how I ended up here in America.  

As I look through my family tree, I see several amazing men who were willing to sacrifice all and join the US military. Not knowing where that choice would ultimately take them, they were willing (for the sake of their country, The United States of America, and for the freedom of the people they loved) to give up their lives.

Although both of my grandpas and my oldest brother served in the US military and were willing to make that ultimate sacrifice for their country, none of them ended up having to do that.

Even still, I am so grateful.

I am grateful for them and every other man and woman who has sacrificed for the sake of our great country and our freedom. I know that there are so many men and women who have given up their lives in battle. Men and women who have sacrificed so much of their lives for the sake of our freedom. Men and women who have sacrificed in ways that I can’t even imagine.

On behalf of me and the GirlDefined Sisterhood, thank you!

If you (or someone you love) serves or served in the military, please comment below letting us know. We would love to express our gratitude!

When you think about all of the courageous men and women who have served in the military, isn’t it amazing that they are willing to make such huge sacrifices for their country and their freedom? Isn’t it amazing that they put others before themselves and sacrifice for those that they don’t even personally know?

This should cause us to stop and think.

If these men and women are willing to make such huge sacrifices for their country, shouldn’t we (as Christian women) be more than willing to surrender our lives to Christ and sacrifice for the sake of the gospel?

  • Shouldn’t we view our lives as living all in for Christ?
  • Shouldn’t we view ourselves as ambassadors of Christ?
  • Shouldn’t we view God’s Word as our “military orders” and know it more fully?
  • Shouldn’t we be willing to love and sacrifice for those around us?
  • Shouldn’t we better represent our King and point others to Him?

I don’t know about you, but the thought of surrendering all is a hard thought to swallow. Living for Someone other than myself isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s hard to sacrifice for others. It’s hard to give up my time for others. It’s hard to put others first.

We need to look to the lives of the faithful men and women of our military as an example.

Just like they are willing to surrender all for our nation and freedom, we should be willing to surrender all for the sake of Christ.

What’s keeping you from surrendering all to Christ?

My prayer is that each one of us would take some time today to listen to this song “I Surrender All” and make it our personal prayer.

I Surrender All  


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9 Responses to Girl, Are You Willing to Surrender All?

  1. Lily says:

    That is so sweet how your grand parents met!!

  2. Beatrice says:

    That’s so cool to know you are a little Austrian! I am half German and half Portuguese and lived very near to Austria, I would go there many times in a year when I lived in Germany. Now I live in Portugal and I believe God wants me to stay here, I feel my purpose is here. I feel the time in Germany was for me to learn and now I have to bring this knowledge to Portugal . Thank you girls for these amazing blog posts! And yes, I agree, we should totally be so in love with Jesus that we would give up our lives for him every moment! He died for us, shouldn’t we be ready to do the same if needed?

  3. Chelsea Ejimakor says:

    Thanks for the post. It’s a very nice blog post. Those men who served in the military should be remembered because they sacrificed a lot. Due to the busy schedule of everyday life of people, we all should at least take a moment or a short period of silence to appreciate and thank those who served in the military. I want to go through this life knowing I appreciated and cared for any sacrifice made by our soldiers. Enjoy the wonder animals God gave us, the flowers, plants, people from different countries,( these people from various countries anyone seen anywhere is worth knowing who they are or where they come from or just have a little chat with them. One never know, you might never meet someone from that country ). These are all God’s wonderful creations no matter where we come from or what religion we came from. And the best of all, put God first in our daily lives. Thanks for the post.

  4. Belinda Hatfield says:

    Thanks for this nice Memorial Day post. My great grandpa was on the USS Indianapolis when it sunk during WWII. He was the “old man” aboard at 29 years old. Grandpa was one of the 500 or so survivors. He was on a raft on the ocean for 5 days, the last raft to be rescued. As the ship sank, grandpa was caught in the swirl of the ship twisting the water as it went down, when he felt something like a giant hand lift him up out of the swirl and safely away from the boat. I believe this was the hand of God keeping him safe. He went through a lot, and I never want to forget everything that he sacrificed and suffered. He died before I was born, but my Grandpa (his son) continues the story, and my little brother is named after him.

  5. Kathi says:

    Wow, that’s so cool that you have half Austrian origins! I am from Austria too!
    Love you, be blessed!

  6. Casey Nagel says:

    My Great Grandfather was originally from Germany, so when he was captured by the Germans in ww2, they really treated him horribly. I never met him, but I have heard such wonderful stories! I also have an uncle currently serving in the Airforce. My Grandma’s brother was serving during ww2, and was supposed to go home, but helping a buddy out, took his flight, and was shot down. They only were able to find his boot. Seeing how many members of my family have and are serving our country with their lives, is so encouraging, and inspiring. Thank you Brave Veterans!

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