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God will Never, Never, Never Leave You

By: Guest Blogger

As I was walking on the railroad tracks near my home this morning, I came across a mamma possum carrying her babies on her back. I stopped and watched her waddle across the path. One of her babies had fallen off and was frantically running back and forth trying to find her. He was on the opposite side of the railroad tracks and they were just too tall for him. He couldn’t find her. She waddled into the bushes leaving him behind lost and helpless.

Have you ever felt like that baby possum, lost and alone in a world you don’t understand?

I know I have.

We live in a big, scary, overwhelming world. Sometimes it feels as though we are all alone. But if you are a Christian, you are never alone. You never have to worry about being abandoned like that baby possum. 

Hebrews 13:5b says, “He has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.’”

This verse is more properly translated, “He Himself has said.” Notice the double emphasis placed on God in this verse. Who has said this? God, Himself said it. All throughout Scripture, we are told that God is always the same, that He never changes, and that He is faithful. 

A promise is only good if the one who promised is trustworthy. We serve a God Who cannot lie or change or be unfaithful.

It is this God who has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

He will never abandon us or leave us behind. He is faithful; and just to make sure we understand, God placed extra emphasis on it. In Greek, there are seven negatives. 

In English, that doesn’t make any sense.

Two negatives make a positive. But in the Greek, the negatives stack up on each other building emphasis. This passage could be translated, “He Himself has said, ‘I will never, never, never, leave you nor never, never, never, forsake you.’”

Our God wants us to know that we are His. He will not forget about us, and He will not leave us behind.

He will never give up on us for He loves us, and we are His.

The mamma possum I saw this morning had so many children to keep track of that I am not shocked she forgot one. Sometimes I think to myself, God has so many children. Why would He care about me and my problems? But God is not limited like that mamma possum.

He has many children, but He loves each of us and will never forget about any of us.

It is His delight to care for us and hear our prayers.

There may be days when we feel like that baby possum, lost and alone in a world, we don’t understand, but if we are children of God we will never truly be alone. Take comfort in that today and cling to it. Your God is faithful and true, and He has promised to be with you always.

  • What are you struggling with today? What are you walking through? What is weighing you down?
  • How would your perspective on your problems change if you remembered that God has promised that He will never, never, never leave you nor never, never, never forsake you? 

Guest Post By: Kaitlyn Donihue

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