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Godly Girls Have These 4 Things in Common

By: Bethany Beal

The word guy is the most popular word on our blog. Every single time we have posted a blog about guys, it’s been a huge hit.

We’ve put two and two together. Girls want to hear about guys. They want to know how guys think. What guys like. What guys don’t like. What guys want in a girl. What guys are looking for in a wife.

I can relate. I’m a single girl. I think guys are a pretty fascinating topic. I’m totally tracking with why the word guy is so popular. No surprise. We as girls like the topic of guys.

The bad news.

This blog post is not about guys. Bummer, I know.

The good news.

This blog post was inspired by a blog titled: “Godly Guys Have These 4 Things in Common.”

This blog post came out a few months ago and you girls loved it. I don’t blame you. What girl doesn’t want to know how to spot a godly guy? We recently reposted that blog to our Facebook and the second go ’round was even bigger.

If we as girls are so interested in the topic of godly guys, shouldn’t we be just as concerned about becoming godly girls ourselves? Shouldn’t we be the girl version of those amazing qualities that we are looking for in a guy?

I think it’s time we switched our focus. Instead of focusing on what a godly guy should be, let’s figure out what we as girls should be.

The girl version of a godly guy.

In Kristen’s blog post on godly guys, she took you through four questions to help you understand what a godly guy looks like. It’s time we turned the mirror and looked at ourselves. It’s time for us to figure out the four things that godly girls have in common.

Let’s go through each question and see how we measure up. According to your answers, would you be considered a godly girl?

1. Do you talk about God more than yourself?

There are some girls who talk a lot and some who barely speak. Whatever the case may be, when you open your mouth, what comes out? Do you spend most of the time talking about your plans, your life, your ideas, your friends, and your dreams? Or, do you take time to ask others questions about their life, their dreams, their thoughts and their day?

A godly girl will not only take a sincere interest in others, she will care enough about God to bring Him up in conversation. She’ll be excited about the sermons at church and interested in reading her Bible and praying.

2. Do you care about other’s needs more than your own?

There are two types of girls in this world, those who think of others first and those who don’t. When there is a debate on where to go to lunch, do you put others opinions above your own? When the dishes are dirty do you jump in and help, before being asked? When a family member is talking, do you listen intently and show them you care? A godly girl is constantly looking for little ways to put others above her herself.

A godly girl is one who has the sacrificial heart of Christ. She would rather sacrifice for others than pursue her own pleasures. A godly girl looks for ways to serve others and willingly lays down her own desires for the desires of others.

3. Do you give to others more than you take?

All good relationships are built on giving. Are you a giver or a taker? Are you constantly draining your friends with your needs, your problems and your stories? Would your family consider you a giver or taker? Do you look for ways to bless those around you?

A godly girl is a giver. She generously offers her time, her resources, and her ideas to benefit and bless others.

4. Is your character greater than your fashion statement?

As a makeup wearing, nail painting, hair doing type of girl, it’s safe to assume I enjoy fashion and beauty. I love a good shellac manicure and enjoy shopping for new makeup products. The fashion and makeup isn’t the problem. The problem comes when your fashion statement is a bigger focus in your life than your character.

A godly girl will be more concerned with developing her inner beauty than her outer beauty. Don’t be the girl who looks good on the outside, but is like a dry spiritual dessert on the inside. Use your life to point to something greater than your latest fashion find.

So there you have it!

The godly-girl-testometer. How did you match up to those four questions? How would those around you say that you match up to those questions?

Instead of focusing your thoughts on finding that “godly guy,” take some time to focus on becoming that “godly girl.”

How did you measure up?

How did you measure up to the four questions?

Would you consider yourself a giver or a taker?

Would a godly guy consider you a godly girl according to those four questions?

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Godly Girls Have These 4 Things in Common

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