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God’s Design for Sex is Way Better than Hollywood’s Cheap Imitation

By: Kristen Clark

We can’t escape the reality that we live in a highly sexualized American culture.

Things are not quite as “behind the scenes” as they used to be. The magazines in the grocery store portray half naked women while billboards display seductive pictures to grab our attention.

No matter how sheltered you may feel as a Christian girl, you can’t help but notice the sex-obsessed culture we live in.

Every one of us has an opinion on the topic of sex and my question for you today is this: Where does your worldview on sex come from?

Is it based on God’s Word, or on what Hollywood teaches? If you don’t have a solid understanding of God’s view (the Biblical view) on sex, you will naturally default to what the culture around you is teaching.

And the culture is teaching a very, very big lie.

First of all, I want you to understand one very important truth about God when it comes to this topic.

He is the designer and creator of sex.

He gave it to us in the beginning and called it very good. As Dr. Albert Mohler says, “Sexual pleasure is not an accident of human biology–it is one of the Creator’s sweetest gifts to human beings.”

Our sexuality is not a topic we should be embarrassed to talk about when we speak of it from a holy and Biblical mindset.

“As Christians, we say that sex is a wonderful gift from God, yet we are strangely silent on the topic and uncomfortable in the rare instances when it is discussed” – Paul David Tripp.

We must have a solid understanding of God’s truth in this area, or we will end up believing the lies of our culture.

So let’s talk about the culture we live in. The message they promote is plain and simple: I want what I want, when I want it. Instant gratification. Pleasure on demand. No limits!

Our culture tells us that saving sex for marriage is extremely outdated and totally restricting. They tell us that sexual freedom is fun, and as long as it makes you happy – go for it.

Our culture has taken a precious and holy gift from God and turned it into nothing more than an urgent, illicit, casual, and self-gratifying activity.

We must recognize that this way of viewing sex is totally contrary to what God had in mind when He designed it.

Failure to obey God’s design will result in a broken relationship with Christ, lack of desire to grow spiritually, confusion about your sexuality, struggles in your future marriage, and a potential bondage to sin.

As Christian girls, we must look to God’s word for answers on this subject, not to Hollywood. 

The Bible is hardly shy when it comes to addressing the topic of sex. God devoted an entire book of the Bible to this topic alone! The Song of Solomon is a moving story packed with romance, drama, true love, and sexual intimacy.

It is a pure and holy love story between King Solomon and his young peasant bride.

If you read the book, you will quickly learn that a passionate, sexual relationship was designed and defined long before Hollywood came onto the scene.

Unlike our culture however, God has specific boundaries for where and when it should take place – and they’re for our own good.

As most of you know, God designed the gift of sex to be enjoyed within the context of marriage only (Hebrews 13:4). Within marriage God calls it pure, holy, righteous, and good. Outside of that context it is dirty, sinful, selfish and shameful.

If we want God’s best for our lives, we will choose to do things His way.

Within marriage you can experience all the pleasure, joy, and fulfillment that God intended married couples to enjoy.

If you love God and want to honor Him, you will honor His plan and design for sex. You will also recognize that His plan and design is the only way to find true fulfillment in this area. By obeying Christ, you will reap the rewards.

I pray that your view on sex is as beautiful as God’s, and I hope you have a clear understanding of how wonderful His design is.

Don’t settle for the cheap imitation our culture offers.

Believe God and take Him at His Word. When done in the right way, with right person and at the right time, sex will be more fulfilling and exciting than Hollywood could ever hope to achieve.

Remember, you are greatly loved by God. Commit yourself to seeing life, sex, and marriage from His point of view. It truly is the best.

“The question underlying all human thought, motive, and behavior is, Will I live out my identity as a creature of God (and for the behavior, as a child of God) or will I live as my own god with no higher agenda than my own satisfaction?” – Paul David Tripp

What about you?

  • Where does your worldview about sex come from? God’s Word, or the culture?
  • Do you truly believe that God’s plan for sex is the best plan?
  • Are you committed to saving sex for your marriage? If so, what steps are you taking to guard yourself against temptation?

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