The Guy Who Changed His Gender

By: Bethany Baird

I recently read an article about a transgender man who was originally denied the acceptance to the Miss Universe Pageant. After a famous feminist lawyer stepped in to defend the poor guy, the owner of the pageant agreed to let him enter the competition.

They said he could change his gender if he wanted to. 

The owner agreed it was wrong to discriminate against someone just because they were born male or female. The lawyer said everyone should have the choice to choose which gender to be. If a male wants to be a female and takes the appropriate steps to outwardly look like one, then we should all accept and applaud him for his bravery in becoming who “he really is.”

After I read the article and watched this guy (who now looked like a very pretty girl) explain how he is so grateful for the opportunity to be in the competition and to show other guys and girls that they can be who they really want to be, I felt sick. I was initially grossed out by his appearance, but after thinking about it a little longer I became sad for this poor young man who was believing a lie.

He actually believes that he is a female stuck in a male body.

He denies the fact God is the creator and designer of males and females. This man is living by his sinful desires and believes that he can change his circumstances to bring him true happiness. Unfortunately he will never find lasting happiness no matter how much he changes his body or his circumstances. God created that man to be a male – not a female. God doesn’t make mistakes.

If you do not accept God as the creator and the Bible as the inspired Word of God, you have no standard and no reason to obey anyone or anything. You become your own god and you make up the rules for your life.

Sadly, this is the world we are living in.

Our president endorses gay marriage, transgender is applauded, mothers murder their babies, and if you don’t accept it, you are discriminatory.

As Christians we must remember that God’s Word is the standard of truth and He is the one who says what is right and what is wrong. God created male and female on purpose for a very specific reason. It’s not about what we want or think is best. It’s about what God wants and designed us to be. Males were created to bring glory to God in a very specific way and females were created to bring glory to God in a very specific way.

We as christians need to search God’s Word and see what He has to say about males and females. It’s not up to us to decide if we want to be a male or a female, but up to God the creator. God is the ultimate standard of truth and every part of our lives needs to be lived out according to His Word. He knows what is best for us as our creator. If we choose to follow His ways we will be most satisfied in Him and will bring the most glory to Him.

Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

God clearly made male and female. He did not make a neutral body and leave the person in it to decide what they wanted to be.

As you encounter situations like the one I shared above, just remember that God’s Word is the standard – not the world’s. As a christian it is your job to defend and protect God’s Word. Don’t get sucked into the lie that you are being discriminatory of a human because you won’t embrace the person that they want to be. Care more about God than His creation.

Also, remember that all non christians are lost and do not understand their true design and purpose. Choose to hate their sin but not the sinner. Share the love of God with them and be an example by displaying God’s standards in every are of your life. Search God’s Word to see what He has to say about femininity, masculinity, family, marriage, media, children, happiness, God, Jesus and eternity. Know what God’s Word says so when the world comes up with an idea you will be able to discern whether it is true or false.

Remember God’s Word is truth. Know it, believe it and act on it.

Photo Credit: Worakit SirijindaMan's Tie

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  • Medusa

    wiki “intersex” lol

  • Rachel

    But he didn’t always make people strictly male or female… hermaphrodites. Didn’t God create them? If those exist, why would this be so ridiculous??

    • Grace Humphrey

      There are hermaphrodite frogs, which adapted because they needed to repopulate and keep their species alive. They were not created hermaphrodite. Humans, do not need to reproduce with themselves/by themselves because God designed each and every one of us to have one partner in marriage to reproduce with.

      • Saltasaurus

        Newsflash Grace, intersex people exist!

  • Chrisy

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe God made people transgender for a reason? Just because the bible does’t talk about it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Being transgender is extremely difficult. It’s a journey that requires tons of strength. God puts us through trials so we can see him and grow closer to him. Please stop mocking these peoples pain. It is real. I hope one day you may have a transgender/ gay child and maybe your views will change.

    • Melissa

      Hey Chrisy. I think you should be careful in saying things like that. Ingat ka baka sa’yo mangyari yang mga pinagsasasabi mo. You don’t have to curse the author of this blog post, she is not speaking based on her own opinions, it is based solely on the Word of God. Read and study the Scriptures and learn for yourself what God wants to teach you. Be careful with your words.

  • Emmanuelle Harris

    Wow. I try not to be harsh in comments sections, but this article is completely devoid of any sort of empathy for those who struggle with homosexuality, being transgender, having an unwanted pregnancy. No one wakes up one day and decides that they are going to defy God by changing their gender. You may believe that their feelings are not true, but you have no right to speak into whether or not those feelings are legitimate. Life is hard and horrible sometimes for people who struggle in these areas, and for those who have no belief in God, it makes perfect sense that they should be able to be accepted into pageants and restrooms, etc. Holding people to your own standards when they do not share your worldview is unfair and illogical, regardless of how right you are.

    • Dana Calina

      After reading your comment to this article, I found it impossible not to stop and reply back to you Emmanuelle. There are some truths you need to be aware of from God’s Word, if you didn’t study the Bible and opened you’re heart to understand it, then I suggest that you would start doing it quickly! Accepting the world standards will not make you a better person. Protecting the back of those people who are completely denying God as our Creator, our only source of existence, will not make you a loving person. Do not allow yourself to become content with the sinful world around you. It’s like you agree that the sin in their life is perfectly normal, and by that you completely deny God’s Word! Homosexuality and transgender is a big issue, therefore do not take it lightly! Know that our mighty God is totally AGAINST it! Know that for sure. And to make it clear, God does not hate them, but He hates the sin! Yes I totally agree that they can change by allowing Jesus into their hearts and repent! Please take some time to read these verses, and let you mind be transformed by the truth, and let Jesus open your eyes. (Romans 1:18-32)

      • Emmanuelle Harris

        I understand that these issues are a big deal, but I fail to see how your arguments invalidate anything that I said. I do not, in fact, believe that it is right to practice homosexuality and I did not, in my comment, say that I did. On the contrary, I believe it is wrong. However, I also believe that what I said in my comment stands. It is illogical and insensitive for Christians to believe that telling a non-Christian, “homosexuality is wrong,” ought to have any effect on their thinking. They do not believe in God, so what should they care what an imaginary deity thinks? We can know that we are right in saying that God does not approve of hommosexuality, but our conviction is not going to change their minds. From their perspective, homosexuality is not a choice and the fact that LGBT people have been denied their rights is a heinous injustice. We as Christians do not need to tell them that they are right, but we do need to have empathy for their (often difficult and sometimes horrific) experiences. We have not always been in the right in how we have behaved towards LGBT people. We have hurt them and been judgemental and harsh and cold. We have not loved well in practice, only in theory. They are not blameless either, but if we claim to be followers of Christ, shouldn’t we be the first to apologize and try to bridge the gap?

  • Saltasaurus

    Tag yourself I’m the applause being given to transgender

  • w

    Ok but like, not everyone is the same religion as you. You can live however you want, that’s everyone’s right in America and that includes people who want to live as a different gender than their biological one or marry people of the same gender. It also applies to how people raise their kids, it’s none of your business how someone else deals with THEIR child’s gender identity situation. I’m a Christian but I really believe in leading by example rather than shoving my beliefs at other people. It’s not right to expect others to adhere to the rules of our religion, no matter how great it is. Seems like the same people who are so paranoid about ‘sharia law’ in our country are basically trying to enforce the same thing, just with Christian rules/values instead of Islamic ones.

  • Sappy Eight

    What about people who are intersex????

  • zebra turkeyfish

    well well well. this is really ugly and yucky. if any trans people stumble upon this disgusting article that continuously misgenders a beautiful woman that changed something she saw was broken, i want you to know that you are so valid and i love you so much. please stay strong and don’t take any of this to heart. you’re doing amazing.

    now to anyone that agrees with this article: yall are the reason that trans people have the highest suicide rate out of any demographic. you have actual blood on your hands. if i know anything about god, it’s that he never pushed his agenda on anyone and let people have their free will. the god i know had dinner with tax collectors and prostitutes. the god i know was forgiving and loving and merciful, not hateful and exclusive. you’re picking and choosing what you want to believe in the bible and it’s disgusting. i don’t see you condemning people for eating pork even that is explicitly prohibited in the bible. trans people aren’t doing anything to you personally by existing and your insistence on using the wrong pronouns for this woman are downright rude. let people live their lives the way they want and stop pushing your ugly religion on people who are trying to make public spaces safer for minorities.

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