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How to Be Content When Your Heart’s Desire is Unfulfilled

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


Each one of us have those “If I only had” moments… 

  • “If I only had ___________, then I’d be happy.”
  • “If only I were married, then I’d be happy.”
  • “If only I had a baby, then I’d be happy.”
  • “If only I had a nicer car, then I’d be happy.”
  • “If only I could buy more clothes, then I’d be happy.”

Nobody’s life is perfect. We all have unfulfilled longings in our heart. 

However, the two of us have learned (and continue to learn) how to be content even when our heart’s desire is unfulfilled. We pray that this vlog encourages you to find true contentment in the only place it can be found.


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