How Do I Know if He’s the One I Should Marry?

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird


Have you ever wondered anything like this: “How will I know when I meet my future husband?” Or, “How will I know if he’s the one I should marry?” Or, “What signs should I look for to figure out who the one is?!”

These are popular questions. Chances are, you’ve probably asked some of them yourself.

Trying to “figure out the ONE” is something we’ve asked ourselves over the years too.

In fact, Kristen wrested with this exact question when she first met Zack. 

However, instead of looking for a “magic sign” or an overwhelming feeling, we’ve discovered a better way to go about this. We’ve come up with 6 practical and helpful questions for discerning “the one.”

Check out today’s vlog to discover exactly what these 6 helpful questions are.



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  • María Gomez

    Very nice video! If I had had to answer those questions I would probably have said yes. However, after getting married I went through very hard and lonely moments due to having a difficult mother in law. I wish you could give some advice on this. I don’t know how to face this situation.

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