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How to Become a Godly Girl

By: Kristen Clark

I was at a wedding recently and noticed how beautiful the bride’s wedding cake was. It not only looked good but it tasted really good too. The cake didn’t start out that way though.

The day before the wedding it was nothing more than a pile of flour, sugar, eggs, butter, etc. In order to get the amazing end result that was displayed at the wedding reception someone had to carefully follow the directions on the recipe.

If anything was left out, or if too much of one ingredient was added, the cake would have been a flop.

Real life works the same way.

As a Christian girl, you are putting certain ingredients into your life on a daily basis. You see the older, godlier women and hope you’ll turn out like them someday.

But are you using the right ingredients to get there? Are you following God’s recipe for a godly and successful girl? Or, are you filling your heart and mind with worldly ingredients?

When I was younger, a lady told my mom that she wanted her daughter to turn out just like me someday. As the years passed by her daughter took a very different path than what her mom had hoped for.

What happened? The daughter wasn’t putting the right ingredients into her life when she was young, to get the result of a godly woman when she was older.

Becoming a godly girl isn’t going to happen by default.

In order to reap the right results, you have to intentionally use the right ingredients. And it starts now.

Maybe you’re excited about using the right ingredients for becoming a godly girl, but aren’t sure where to start.

Here’s a list of 5 great places to start:

1. Know your Savior. Make a schedule and set aside special time each day to study your Bible and talk to God. The book of Proverbs is a great place to start because there is one chapter for every day of the month.

2. Serve your family. Jesus was the ultimate example of a server and He calls us to become like Him. Look for ways to serve your parents and siblings each day.

3. Fill your mind with truth. Most of the mainstream media isn’t promoting Biblical truth. Choose to substitute your secular media choices for Christian, God-honoring choices. The phrase, “you are what you eat” is really true in a spiritual sense when it comes to what you put into your mind.

4. Read challenging books. Create a book list and commit to reading several pages a day from a solid Christian book. There are many great options to start with at the Resources Page.

5. Avoid self-promotion. We live in a culture that encourages an “all about me, selfie” kind of mindset. Avoid the “selfie” lifestyle and instead focus your attention on building deep and meaningful relationships with your family and friends.

As Donald Whitney says, “We will not grow much in godliness if we do not know much of what it means to be godly.”

Here’s some “reality check” questions to chew on:

What ingredients (movies, music, books, magazines, friendships, etc.) are you putting into your life right now? Are they helping or hindering your Christian walk?

In five years, will you be a more godly girl because of what you’re doing in your life today, or will you slowly drift off the path?

Write down the five bullet points from above on a piece of paper. I challenge you to apply those five truths to your life today.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! I love hearing from you.

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17 Responses to How to Become a Godly Girl

  1. Briana Soto says:

    Hi Kristen I am so glad you have made this post I really needed it. There are many times I question my faith and if I am really saved because I feel like I always slip in my walk and I tend to have an attitude and it has gotten way out of hand lately do you have any Godly Advice for me that can help me?

    • GirlDefined says:

      Hi Briana! You ask a really great question that I think many Christians ask themselves at some point or another. My answer would be too long to write in this comment, but I found some helpful articles on the topic. I really encourage you to read both of these when you get a chance.

      How Can I Be Sure of My Salvation? |By: John MacArthur

      The Agonizing Problem of the Assurance of Salvation | By: John Piper

  2. Katie says:

    “Becoming a godly girl isn’t going to happen by default.”

    OUCH. way to convict a girl first thing in the morning!!!!!!!!!! Praise God! 😉 Thanks for that timely reminder!

  3. Jacey Faith says:

    Thanks again for the article. I’m going to try and do the five things you listed.

  4. CC says:

    I’m not so sure about the title of this post although I understand the heart behind it because wanting to be godly is something I desire everyday. I think the goal instead should be to “become less so Jesus can become more” rather than becoming a “godly girl”. That in itself seems a little self promoting to me to say “I’ve done all these things on this list and now I’m Godly. And I wish it was that easy but sometimes life is just tough and we are weak. Thankfully though, I have a Savior whose strengths can be made perfect in my weaknesses, even when I don’t do all the right things. Just a thought…

    • GirlDefined says:

      Hi CC, thanks so much for your comment. I understand where you’re coming from. I completely agree that as Christians our strength must come from Christ and that we should be humble and rely on Him. However, the Bible doesn’t shy away from giving us clear and practical instructions on how to honor Him. Becoming more like Christ should always be our heart’s goal and as a result of that our actions should become more godly. The list I gave is simply a practical way “to become less so Jesus can become more.” Thank so much for sharing! We always love the feedback.

  5. Mama Baird says:

    Great post Kristen! Very practical…. For any age!

  6. Tara says:

    Wow, this was just what I needed today! Your blogs are so encouraging and thought provoking 🙂

  7. bev says:

    Great article, I will be sharing this in my Sunday school class at our church with the woman- ladies class. Thanks for your insight

  8. Ako Martins says:

    this is really awesome,t’s good for boys too!like!keep it up

  9. Pooja jersy says:

    Its very nice message for youths … I would like to adopt the gud things in my life and one day i ll become godly women….. Thats was my dream..

  10. Gina says:

    Hello ladies, I wanted to know to be a Godly girl do you have to go to church? Or could you stay at home and just have a personal relationship with God through his word?

    • Hello, Gina! Personally, I feel that you do not need to go to church in order to be a Godly girl. Don’t get me wrong, going to church can help you grow even more as a Godly girl and also can give you more support on your journey with Christ. But, going to church doesn’t make you any more of a Christian than standing in your garage makes you a car! I feel that in order to be a Godly girl, you need to honor God (in ways like Kristen mentioned above! ) and love those around you. Living a life for God makes you a Godly girl, and that may or may not involve you going to church.
      I personally go to church and worship at home when I can’t make it to church. I like the church setting for Christian support and the sermons are helpful. I feel that going to church is just as worthwhile as a personal study.
      Basically, I don’t feel that one way is better or makes you more Godly than the other. Each way offers its own benefits, which in the end should lead to a stronger faith! 🙂

    • M says:

      Hey Gina!

      I’ve had this same question in my mind on and off, and have discovered this: God commands us to gather and worship with other believers.

      I suggest you read the following verses:
      Hebrews 10:25
      Matthew 18:20
      Colossians 3:16
      Acts 2:42
      Romans 10:17
      Matthew 6:33
      James 1:22
      Ephesians 4:12

      Now I’m not saying go gather even if you’re “sick or lame,” but go if you can.

      God bless you!

      • Nicole Lewis says:

        When he says gather and worship you don’t have to go to Church. The Church in the Bible is “a gathering of believers” not a building. So No, you don’t have to go to the building but it is best to have fellowship with other believers. But I will tell you that your personal relationship with God is the most important thing! Don’t ever let anyone else tell you that. Follow God and his word and don’t get caught up going to Church and following man. If you do like to go to Church pay attention to what the Pastor is saying and make sure it lines up with the word. I go to church sometimes, but I won’t blindly follow a Pastor just because he is a Pastor. Most Churches today don’t have the Holy Spirit or practice the Gifts or Healing, but some do. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you to the right fellowship and Church so you may learn from others and serve. My Family also does Church at home and through it I have encountered a strong faith as well

  11. Janaina Silva says:

    Esse site é um ótimo mecanismo de ajuda para jovems como eu que necessitam de uma real transformação em cristo Jesus. Fico muito feliz. Continue com esse lindo trabalho.

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