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How We Found “The One”

By: Kristen Clark


You like him and he likes you…but how do you know if he’s the “the one?” Instead of relying solely on emotions and feelings to figure out the answer to this important question, Zack and Kristen share with you a simple, yet wisdom-based approach for navigating this question.

Using their own love story as the backdrop, they’ll show you how “discerning the one” isn’t as mysterious and confusing as we often make it out to be.

“Finding the one isn’t a mysterious search; it’s a practical and exciting adventure built on wisdom, prayer, counsel, commitment, and sacrificial love.” #LoveDefinedBook


Finding The One

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One Response to How We Found “The One”

  1. Linda Manrique says:

    God works in mysterious ways. I love it because we never know his glorious yet mysterious ways.
    Personally, I know I will get married but have absolutely no idea to whom. I pray for my husbabd or as I like to call him, my rib mate; though I don’t know where he may be.
    Great job ladies!
    May the Lord’s face continue to shine upon you.

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