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Living Strong When Christmas is Hard and Discouraging

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


The Holiday Season can bring a lot of joy for some people and a lot of difficulties for others.

If you’re feeling down and discouraged about something going on in your life, know that you’re not alone. The two of us decided to record this video because we know that life can be really hard at times. We know many young women who are dealing with difficult things right now.

We know that you might be dealing with something really difficult in your own life right now.

Instead of allowing that hard circumstance or discouraging situation to ruin the month of December for you, choose to fight back and have joy despite the difficulty.

Here’s a story of one woman who chose to live strong when her life was anything but easy…


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2 Responses to Living Strong When Christmas is Hard and Discouraging

  1. Ameera says:

    Great article!!! But do you have any tips for Christians who don’t celebrate Christmas?

    • Miss Field says:

      My family does not participate in the consumerism of Christmas, mainly because it distracts from the point. Also, we don’t participate in the Christmas tree or wreaths because the origin of these is not Christian. However we spend the day playing board games together, enjoying snacks and just hanging out with family.

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