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Modern Guys Who Value Modesty

By: Kristen Clark

In 2010 five young guys stepped onto the music scene and stole the hearts of millions of teenage girls worldwide. They went from being five nobodies, to claiming international fame within months.

How did they do this?

By simply appealing to every girls heartfelt longing – to be called beautiful. Girls swarmed by the thousands to their concerts to hear them passionately sing to them about just that.

This famous boy-band from England broke international records with their debut single, What Makes You Beautiful. Yes, you called it. I’m talking about the band One Direction.

Don’t get confused though, these aren’t the guys who value modesty.

We’re about to get there.

Unfortunately, One Direction is promoting the exact opposite of modesty for girls. Their recent songs make it very clear that they’re more interested in girls who are willing to uncover.

Thanks to One Direction, thousands of teen girls are jumping at the chance to show off their bodies in hopes of gaining affirmation and “love” from the guys around them.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a single girl I remember feeling so discouraged by the apparent lack of guys who actually valued girls who dressed modestly. Do you ever feel that way?

Do guys care about modesty at all anymore?

In a culture where almost everyone is telling you to show off your skin, it’s easy to become discouraged and want to throw in the towel on modesty. Especially when it seems like some Christian guys are more attracted to girls who uncover.

As hard it is to dress modestly (trust me, I know!), guess what?! There are still godly guys out there who value modesty and are standing up to applaud you for it. There’s a remnant of single guys who are praying and longing to meet a girl who values this quality.

In fact, there are some single guys who are even singing about it.

Last week some friends of mine introduced me to two different videos/songs that blew me away. They’re not theologically or spiritually deep songs, but they send a very important message to our culture.

A message that every single girl needs to hear.

“Dressing modest, we know it’s rough. When the world’s making it so tough. Don’t need short skirts, or low cut shirts. Bein’ the way that you are is enough.”

Those lyrics are actually a parody from the One Direction song we were talking about earlier. A bunch of young, teenage guys got together and recorded a new version of the song, What Makes You Beautiful. They creatively renamed the song, Virtue Makes You Beautiful.

If you haven’t seen the video, you should go watch it. It will really encourage and inspire you. Finish this blog first then go watch it HERE.

It was so refreshing for me to see young guys singing about girls in a way that actually praises her character and not her body.

That same week, another friend introduced me to a second song called, That’s What I’m Looking For, by the band Anthem Lights. I really like this song because it’s coming from the mouths of young single guys who are praising modesty and inner beauty.

Here’s a sample of their lyrics:

“Hey girl I gotta be honest, Truth is all I really want is, Someone who knows who they are Beauty found inside her heart. I want her to be modest, That kind of girl is hottest. A lady living for the Lord. Just so ya know, That’s what I’m looking for.”

These guys are sending us an extremely important message.

They’re not looking for a girl who shows off her skin to the whole world. No, they want to marry a girl who has more depth. A girl who has inner character and who values her body. A girl who actually dresses modestly.

They put together a really funny video to go along with this song, and I think you’ll enjoy watching it. Finish this blog, then go HERE to view it.

Small disclaimer: The only thing I don’t like about that song is when they use the word “hottest.” I would prefer a different word, but hey – nobody is perfect and at least they’re going in the right direction (unlike One Direction). 

Okay, disclaimer over.

Those two songs represent a small percentage of guys who actually love modest clothes.

As shocking as it may seem sometimes, there are still godly, single guys out there who want to marry a girl that values modesty.

Here’s what another single guy had to say:

“When women dress modestly, it’s attractive and makes me want to hang out with them even more. I think modesty is so attractive and helpful in friendships because it makes it easier for a friendship to be centered around God and for fellowship to be unhindered.” (Worldliness, Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World)

From the same book, a different single guy praised modest girls by saying:

“To the girls who don’t follow the pattern of the world [by dressing seductively]: thank you a million times over. You are following Scripture’s commands and are helping your brothers in the process.”

If you’re a girl who is making efforts to dress modestly this summer, these guys are so thankful for you.

Keep up the good work!

As C.J. Mahaney states, “Godly men find modesty attractive. They appreciate women who dress with self-control and restraint. They’re grateful for women who serve them by helping them fight the temptations to lust.”

There are thousands of other guys just like these who are praying for a future wife who has godly character and who makes efforts to dress modestly.

When it feels like the entire world is seducing you to wear mini skirts and bikinis, just remember, godly men find modesty attractive.

If you’re new to this whole idea of dressing modestly, check out some of our other posts that explain more about it here:

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  • Did you find this blog encouraging to you in any way? If so, how?
  • Does the fact that godly guys still value modesty inspire you to dress more modestly?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes by the pressure our culture places on girls to dress seductively? How do you overcome those temptations?

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