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Modesty Hacks for the HOT Summer Months

By: Kristen Clark


Trying to embrace modesty is hard enough on a good day…but throw in some 100 degree summer heat and we’ve got quite the challenge on our hands. As a Texas born and raised girl, I know this all too well.

Modesty is fairly easy during the cooler months, but when summer hits it can become excruciatingly hard! Can I get an amen??

As hard as it is though, here’s what I’ve learned. Modesty is possibly during the summertime with a little creativity and a little brainstorming outside of the normal box. And let’s face it, in 100 degree heat, we’re all going to be sweating no matter what we wear.

But to make the heat a little more bearable, here my my top 5 favorite summer modesty hacks.


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