Normalizing What’s Wrong Doesn’t Make it Right

By: Kristen Clark

If you’ve gone to any grocery stores in the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen the same disturbing magazine covers that I’ve seen.

A man who decided he’d rather be a “woman” and an obese female model are being praised for their bravery in going against the grain.

Welcome to the new America.

The classic patriotic mantra, “land of the free and home of the brave” is taking on a whole new meaning.

What used to shock us hardly causes us to blink now. As Christians we can’t buy into this crafty garbage.

Just because our culture normalizes what’s wrong, doesn’t make it right.

Sin is sin, no matter how you slice it. We have to be more aware, more on guard, and more engaged in battle than even our parents and grandparents were. Our culture is heading south. Fast.

Here’s 5 of the most prominent “wrongs” that I see our culture striving to normalize as “right.

1. Homosexuality

“True love doesn’t have limits.” “We should be free to love whomever we want.” “Love is between two people, regardless of gender.”

Same sex unions, same sex relationships, and same sex crushes are all the rage right now. Those who don’t applaud this lifestyle choice are stereotyped as “haters” and “discriminators.” The pressure to embrace the “gay community” is intense. Our culture is doing its best to normalize homosexuality. BUT – that doesn’t make it right. That doesn’t make it good.

If you’re a Christian, homosexuality should not be okay with you.

God created marriage. He is the one who has the right to define how it works.

Here’s what God says about homosexuality, “For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error” (Romans 1:26-27).

Homosexualty: Just because it’s normalized, doesn’t make it right.

2. Abortion

“Abortion is a woman’s right!” “It’s my choice.” “I can do whatever I want with my body!”

Can you imagine what the majority of American women from the pioneer days would have thought about abortion? Women fighting for the “right” to murder their own babies and then mask it as a medical term?

They would have been appalled.

Our culture has manipulated and normalized the most abusive act of murder to be nothing more than a personal “choice.” Incredible.

And as a result, millions of tiny Americans will never walk on our “free soil.”

God’s position on murder is very clear. “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). And “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder; and whoever murders will be liable to judgment’” (Matthew 5:21).

Abortion: Just because it’s normalized doesn’t make it right.

3. Premarital Sex

“Everyone is doing it!” “Have fun while you’re young.” “Follow your heart wherever it leads you.”

Once upon a time, sex was sacred. Once upon a time, chastity was valued. Once upon a time couples waited until marriage to become sexually active.

Not anymore.

From movies, to music, to tabloids, to books…sex has slowly become diminished and devalued to the point that it’s exchanged as casually as a handshake and as flippantly as a high five.

Over the past 50 years, our culture has slowly normalized the idea that sex isn’t a big deal.

This is a big fat lie. Premarital sex has wrecked so many lives, distorted so many marriages, and produced homes where 50% of the children don’t have dads. It’s not worth it. God created sex and He has glorious and wonderful plans for how it should be used.

God says, “Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body” (1 Corinthians 6:18). He also says, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). Marriage. Then sex. Then kids. That’s God’s order.

Premarital Sex: Just because it’s normalized doesn’t make it right.

4. Divorce

“Once the spark is gone, the relationship is dead.” “We have irreconcilable differences.” “I can’t love him anymore.”

As quickly as couples say “I do…,” they find themselves saying, “I don’t….” Instead of working through differences, loving unconditionally, and fighting for marriage, we live in a culture that says divorce is okay. In fact, divorce is viewed as essential. Long-term commitment no longer exists.

True love is no longer viewed as an action and a choice.

It’s viewed as a feeling. When the good feelings are gone, love must be gone too.

As Christians, we can’t view divorce in this nonchalant way.

Here’s how God feels about it, “‘I hate divorce,’ says the Lord God of Israel” (Malachi 2:16). Also, “So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate” (Matthew 19:6).

Marriage is designed to be a covenant for life. Honoring this covenant, and honoring God, should be far more important than our own happiness.

Divorce: Just because it’s normalized doesn’t make it right.

5. Gluttony

“Embrace all of your curves.” “I’m not fat, I’m curvy.” “Embrace your body the way it is.”

For the first time in American history, an obese woman has become a supermodel. Various articles stated that this size 22 model is proud of her body and is attempting to redefine the industry.

Before we go any further – pause. I’m not mocking this woman, or trying to demean her in any way. But there is an obvious problem here and we have to address it. Embracing our curves is one thing if they’re healthy, natural curves. However, embracing our curves as a result of overeating is not okay.

Rather than addressing the sin of gluttony, our culture is attempting to redefine the meaning of “shape.”

By normalizing people who are largely overweight, we’re taught to accept this as a normal lifestyle.

God speaks directly about this issue and we need to listen: “Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things” (Philippians 3:19). “For the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags” (Proverbs 23:21).

Enjoying good food is an amazing gift from God, but gorging ourselves habitually and then embracing our “rolls” is not. It’s gluttony and sin.

Gluttony: Just because it’s normalized doesn’t make it right.

As a Christian girl living in this modern age, I can’t urge you enough to take these 5 issues seriously.

God’s voice must speak louder to us than the culture’s. God’s truth must be the foundation we stand upon. Our convictions about life must be based on what He thinks – no matter how “abnormal” it may be.

Over the next few days I want you to do something. Keep your eyes wide open. Look for any signs of our culture attempting to normalize the 5 areas above. You will be shocked how much you see it.

Let’s make it personal. Share your thoughts below.

  • Which of the 5 areas are you tempted to view as “normal?” Why?
  • How have you seen our culture attempting to “normalize” something that is sinful?
  • If you could add a 6th issue to my list, what would it be?

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  • Girleide

    May I have a word over here? I’m fully aware gluttony is an actual sin, but turning this into a direct cause for a body condition is really unfair – at some point it’s almost offending. Making such statement you completely ignored that emotional problems, genetic factors and hormonal control determine if a person is prone to be overweight or not. Do you even realize the burden your words have over someone who has struggled all of her life because no clothing would fit her body right? Do you know how it feels like to read such words after spending half of my life being shamed and bullied for not being “naturally curvy” like my peers? If feels like raw judgment, and not the exhortation I know you meant to do.

    So, a reasonable person would never intentionally overeat and praise herself for being obese. Plus size models don’t exist in order to praise obesity eating disorder ; plus size models exist so women who weren’t born to be skinny stop looking at themselves as a walking disaster and start working on their self-esteem for once. Instead of just labeling someone as “glutton”, “obese”, “unnaturally curvy” and fat, maybe we should practice some love and motivate people to improve. This is empathy, not “buying into crafty garbage”.

    • Holly

      Girleide, let me tell you something. Kristen was Not at All trying to be nasty in her judgement against the plus size model. And maybe you should do some research on this girl specifically before you go tearing Kristen down. This model is an actual “body positive activist” who is overweight on her own doing. She doesn’t have some hormonal issue, or eating disorder. She is “obese” because she didn’t care to watch her weight and take care of the body that God gave her. And honestly, I don’t think you realize how unfair your statement was to Kristen. I’m 100 % positive Kristen meant no disrespect or “raw” judgement on people who do have those types of issues. This model is obese and she embraces it so much so that it seems like there’s no reason to stop getting even bigger. That’s where it becomes a sin problem. How do you know Girleide, that this model, Tess Holiday, isn’t just obese and becoming even more obese just for the money and the attention? There IS a difference between being obese because you can’t help it due to hormonal or eating disorders, and being obese just because you want all the attention and the money. Honestly, that’s probably the reason she’s in this industry, simply for the money and the fame. And that was the point I think Kristen was trying to make. And maybe before you go passing statements like that on Kristen, you should get your facts straight about the issue at hand. I pray that you’ll take this the right way! Proverbs 18:24

      • no

        She’s beautiful, not obese. By the way, Huckabee and Chris Christie are fatasses, too.

    • Darcy R.

      Hello, Girleide,
      I think I kind of understand where you’re coming from. My mother has hormone imbalances and a host of other difficulties that making losing weight well-nigh impossible for her. She in no way overeats, but she has been heavy all her life, unable to lose weight and live life the way she wants to. She admits that she feels insecure because of that. You are right: in these cases you just do the very best you can and you pray! We have prayed for so long for my mother, and still she is unwell. But she is amazing! Everything she does despite her illness is a testimony to how much God can do.
      The fifth part of the post is not really for people like her and like you who are trying their very best to maintain good health in the face of almost insurmountable odds. I know; I watch my mom every day. But see, her parents have diabetes (type 2) and do nothing at all to control it with either diet or exercise. That is not, I think, how the Lord wants us to act. Number 5 of this post is for girls like me. I’m not overweight, but because of family history, I will have to be diligent all my life to prevent obesity (and other health problems). Sometimes I’m lazy; exercise isn’t my forte and healthy eating takes a lot of attention. I need to remember in this culture of satisfying our every whim, that my cravings need to be denied for my own health so that I may serve the Lord well.
      You said in your comment that you know this was meant to be an edifying exhortation. For me it is. Just remember that Jesus always loves you and He is more than willing to help you with anything. Gluttony can be a cause for obesity. It isn’t always. Know which is the case for you, and act accordingly. Don’t let your feelings tell you this is ‘raw judgement’; if your heart is following Jesus, you are beautiful. Period.

    • Hi Girleide, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am truly sorry for the pain you have endured as a result of other people sinning against you. It’s never a good thing to be bullied.
      This post was not written to condemn and point fingers at those who struggle with being overweight. My focus in writing number 5 is to address a new trend I see in our culture. It’s the idea that being largely overweight (as a result of habitually overeating) is a good thing and something to be proud of. I’m not writing to the struggling girl who is overweight and trying her hardest to eat right and exercise. I am writing to address the idea that it’s okay to constantly give in to gluttony without any remorse or repentance. Gluttony is a sin just like any other sin, and unless we confess that sin to God, sincerely repent, and seek His help in our lives, we will have little success in achieving lasting change. As Christians, we need less self esteem, and more Christ esteem. The more we live every area of our lives for God’s glory, the more we will see His character penetrate our lives. Hope that clarifies things! God bless, Kristen

    • Lively

      Everthing you said sounds like I wrote it!!!! Thank you. Can you start a blog plz

  • Rebekah Baird

    Thank you so much Kristen! This blog really nails it! It’s so sad to see sin normalized in our culture nowadays! Thanks for speaking the truth!

  • Dolly

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for addressing all these things in a meaningful and accurate fashion. I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

  • Elizabeth Williams

    This is all so true! These lies are spoken to us everywhere. Just watch tv or the news, read secular books/magazines, etc. We definitely need to know what the truth of what the BIble says so we can stand fast. #5 is one that I’ve never really thought about. I mean, yeah, I knew that wasn’t right, but I never thought about it quite that way. Great point! You’ll probably get some heat from that one lol

    • Dolly

      People will always get heat for saying whats true.

      • Elizabeth Williams

        Absolutely! Standing up for what’s right is NOT always easy, but we HAVE to do it 🙂

      • Holly

        Agreed!!! I recently did essay papers in a writing class that I took. And the topic was on abortion. My teacher, who explained her political views from the start, told me she was the most liberal democrat there was. She also said she loved controversy. SO I did a [a[er on why abortion was wrong. And she knocked have my grade just because she didn’t agree with my convictions and my opinion. SO yes, with truth, much controversy arises. And Satan has a way of really attacking God’s people. What we must do is stand along side of people like Kristen and Bethany who are standing for truth! God bless!

        • Elizabeth Williams

          I’m so glad you stood up for truth!

        • Dolly

          I’m home schooled, so I don’t have the same experience that you’ve had, Holly. However, it is extremely unfair of your teacher to do that. I personally would have politely confronted her about and/or told my parents about it. Things like this happen too often, and it really needs to stop.

          Congrats to you for sticking to your convictions. We need more girls like you!

          • Holly

            I’m home schooled as well:)!!! My parents wanted me to do this class as sort of “extra credit”:) So I did:) And I don’t believe that God could have paired me with a more perfect teacher:)!! Actually my relationship with this teacher could not have been more humorous:) She knew that if she’d ask me to write my opinion, I’d write it without holding anything back. Even though she didn’t agree with my views on any of the controversial subjects that I’d write about, she did have respect for the fact that I stood strong on my convictions being as young as I was at the time. I was upset that she knocked my grade because she didn’t agree with my views, and so were my parents, but she did so in a manner that looked “legit” so that she wouldn’t get in trouble for not agreeing with my opinion. So was I upset? Yes, but the Lord gave me the strength to stand strong for what I believed! God bless and thanks for the encouragement!!

          • Dolly

            Proof right there, Holly, that you are a much stronger person than I! XD

            I gotta remember more often that God’s got it under control and I need to take a backseat! (I’m kinda a control freak. Can u tell?!?!) Hahaha!

            Anyway, just keep up the faith in our Lord, and I wish you a great summer!

    • Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I’m grateful you found this post encouraging! -Kristen

  • Micah

    Thank you so much for this artical ! It is so encouraging to see others that Believe and stand up for what is right !

  • Hannah Johanson

    I completely agree that the first four things on your list are being normalized by our culture. However, I’m not entirely sure if the fifth one if being normalized. Yes, you have the plus size model but you also have the Michelle Obama school lunch plans. Overeating is an issue but it is a very sensitive issue. Being obese isn’t always caused by overeating. If I were to add a sixth issue to your list it would be something along the lines of self-esteem. We are told to believe in ourselves and not God, to feel good about ourselves and not seek the gospel. This is more of an issue than gluttony and perhaps even the root of gluttony. When I looked up this plus sized model, I noticed she is advocating accepting yourself no matter what and that leaves out the gospel that changes everything.

    • Hey Hannah, thanks for sharing your thoughts. The 5th point is at the beginning stages of being normalized in our society. It’s fairly obvious that Americans in general struggle with overeating and being overweight. Instead of addressing this issue at the root level, many people are pushing for the new movement of “normalizing obesity…” and it’s slowly gaining popularity. Now, many people are against it, but many are also for it. We have to be on our guard and make sure we always call sin what it is – sin.

      • The more I think about it the more I see how you are right. This point is probably the one I’m most tempted to normalize. And yes, we must always call sin, sin! Amen!

      • theburritohasmyheart

        I’m pretty sure you’re saying that society doesn’t encourage healthy watching and physical activity which is a total lie…

  • Fiona Elisabeth

    The world’s formula for success is something that’s normal but one HUGE LIE from the enemy. Here are a few direct quotations from what was said at my local high school’s graduation ceremony:

    “Follow your heart and dreams and let nothing be a barrier to your success.”
    “Do what you love and what makes you happy…” “True happiness comes from doing what you love…”

    “Never give up on your dreams”

    “I wish that each and every one of you discovers your passions…which will lead to your success and happiness.”

    Most people would read this and say, “Great advice for graduating seniors!!!” But I got so mad when I read this. I know this is public school, but if you try to follow these pieces of advice, you will land yourself in a ditch eventually because you are trying to control your own life with your own human strength and you ARE going to fail at some point. You need God! You need Him to control your life! Look at this nation trying to control itself based on its own so-called wisdom. That’s the entire reason why those things listed in this post are happening! We’ve gone down the drain as a nation because we have thrown God out the window. We think we’re getting better and better, but we’re getting worse and worse in reality. And for any graduating seniors (or college students) reading this, or anyone else for that matter, do not be tempted to believe what any graduation speaker tells you. The only and best reliable source is God’s holy Word, the Bible. It has stood the test of all time and will lead you through all of life’s circumstances, no matter what. Stay close to your Savior. He is your best and closest friend. He died for you on the cross to give you eternal life; He surely cares for you in everyday life here too.

    • Azi

      Wonderful that you have accepted God in your life and allowing him to help you with your decisions. 🙂

      I’d like to add one tiny thing in the middle here: I don’t think that the above things that are common graduating senior quotes are necessarily bad. They’re just not very specific. Yes, feelings can make us more likely to forget certain truths about the world (as mentioned in the article), but discovering passion and dreaming can be motivators. But unless we accept that we’re not going to be perfect are willing to learn how to live righteously, then these dreams probably won’t lead to anything positively lasting.

    • Wanita Jordan

      In God We Trust is on the USA money. Here in Canada “God keep our land glorious and free” is in our National Anthem. In a public school here in Canada we can no longer say the Lord’s prayer, nor sing songs praising God and no longer have a passage read from the Bible every morning as it imposes upon someone else who may not be of Christian faith. I am not sure why we cannot incorporate everyone’s faith into schools in some way. I am sure it can be done. My family is Catholic and many other people who are not Catholic are sending their children to the Roman Catholic schools to ensure that their children are taught about God on a daily basis. The advice above regarding the graduating students is good but for those of faith it could be made great. It could be amended to incorporate the various faiths if everyone worked together instead of bashing the faith of another. Religions do differ but that doesn’t mean that we don’t all have the same God. And if there are atheists graduating then for them, we could leave out the parts about God but when speaking to others say the same advice over but with the word of God added. When a speech is given in a country that has more than one national language it is spoken in one language first and then the other. If we all work together we can incorporate God into our classrooms once again. Religious leaders of the various faiths would have to have a council to decide how best to meet the needs of all students of various faiths and how best to ensure that we do not impose our own faith onto some else.We can have peace on this earth.

  • Quite Distinguished

    #1 stood out to me the most—not that I’m tempted to normalize homosexuality (the thought of it makes me feel ill)–but because it is flaunted so flagrantly. Even the terms they use to describe themselves (“alternative lifestyle”) attempt to soften the reality of their sin.
    I used to be extremely disgusted, uncomfortable, and (frankly) scared of homosexuals….until I learned that a number of my coworkers are. Yes, I am still disgusted by the sin….but I am hurting for the people. It breaks my heart to watch them cheerfully and wholeheartedly pursue their own destruction. They are desperately searching for love, acceptance, and meaning—and they are turing to what they think will provide it. They need Jesus!
    This is such a great reminder to me that without Jesus, these 5 things are “normal” (according to the default condition of our hearts). We are all born rebelling against God, and pursuing our own pleasure…and would seek to find fulfillment in these things. But for God’s grace, I would be right there too.

    • Quite Distinguished

      Oops….I forgot to add: if I could add a 6th item to this list, it would be: “accept yourself for who you are.” This lie eliminates all need to look beyond ourselves to a higher standard/calling. Instead, we should accept who God designed that we become (more and more Christlike). It’s just as self-centered to live in a perpetual state of “I’m not enough” as it is to think “I am who I am–and you just have to accept me that way.”

      • Elizabeth Williams

        Great point! And I love your above comment. I too used to honestly strongly dislike homosexuals. Then I realized that God died for them and wants them to be saved just as much as me, and that we have all sinned against God and are in need of His forgiveness. Now it’s the sin that disgusts me, not the person 🙂

        • Jesusfreak17

          I agree. It frustrates me when people accuse me of being a “homophobe” when it’s not the person but the sin I am disgusted by.

    • Eve

      People are now referring to the behavior as “natural” and “normal” and by what criteria I don’t know because even from a purely biological standpoint the behavior makes no more sense than a person choosing to have relations with an animal. Now I have some good friends who are gay and I certainly have no animosity towards gays but I wish people could honestly discuss how abnormal and twisted the behavior is without being called names.

      • Wanita Jordan


        • Eve

          You don’t want God to judge you because his judgment is eternal. Better to repent now, to be judged in this life then to suffer eternal damnation.

          • Wanita Jordan

            God will judge us all whether we want it or not. Things that we cannot possible understand should be up to God to judge and people should stop trying to, it only creates division and hate. There is a great deal that I do not agree but treating others unkindly because one deems their conduct immoral is the opposite of “loving one another” Eve, you claim to have found Jesus but your comments throughout contradict your claim. You have repeatedly called people names, claimed to know what they are thinking and are portraying yourself as morally superior. Be the true Christian that you claim to be and you will feel better about yourself. When we are not nice to others we generally don’t feel good about ourselves and project our feelings onto others.

          • theburritohasmyheart

            I’m sorry but Jesus literally says not to judge so don’t tell people to judge because you think it’s better for you to judge than god because that’s just wrong. Everything is between the person and GOD not you that person and god

  • Azi

    Interesting mention of #5. Shows that while we may good intentions for a certain issue, we can go overboard on another. I haven’t done enough reading about the model in question to see whether or not she believes that it doesn’t matter if you overeat or not (though maybe seems to be the case with what Holly mentioned below?).

  • Marissa Owens

    I am grateful that this article is stating truths that we all need to hear in times of need. However, we need to remember that we are also called to LOVE those who are caught up in this culture. We are called to be prepared with an answer in 1 Peter 3:15. We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves, while loving and serving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

    I am 19 and recently got married. 🙂 When I was in high school, I was around a lot of sin. I went to an alternative school before I met Jesus, and there were gang bangers, many people who were LGBT activists (even if they considered themselves “straight”). I know a lot of my friends who grew up in church weren’t exposed to as much of the worldly views as I was, and combating these different sins with the Bible often leads to “that’s why I don’t believe in the Bible” from these other people.

    Don’t get me wrong… I am not advocating that we accept that this is okay and that we fall into the normalizing process, but that we combat it with Scripture and truth while upholding ourselves to the manner worthy of the Gospel that we are called to do in Philippians. What does that mean? “A manner worthy of the Gospel” sounds like some fancy term that we are better, but no. We aren’t. We all have sinned and all fall short of the glory of God. We must remember that God is holy and sovreign and none of us meet His standards of holiness, but we all needs Christ’s redeeming love,and we all need to rely on Him to not sin.

    One of my favorite Bible passages is Romans 12:1-2 (I recommend reading it!). Basically, we have to offer our bodies as living sacrifices to God, and when we do that, we are holy and pleasing, and we are not to conform to the world, and we can understand God’s will. But in order to not conform and to know God’s will and to be able to put aside our human nature and take up our crosses each day, we must be in the word every day. We must give ourselves time to have a relationship with Christ. It’s hard, especially for me. But when we do that, when we offer ourselves completely to Christ, we are set apart from the world, and when we quote Scritpure passages, then maybe people will see we are entirely different. We aren’t bigots and hypocrites because I am a sinner, just like you. I’ve lied; I’ve stolen; I have done things that are not holy. And so have you. We both need Jesus, just the same.

    I hope this gives a little insight, and I felt convicted to share this with all of you. I pray that God gives you peace in your hearts and that you take whatever is hindering you from getting closer to Him and hand it over to God. We all live to serve the same King. 🙂 I love you!!

  • I won’t say much, but I find this article really offensive. Firstly, I would hardly consider a transgender person on the cover of a magazine “disturbing”. She is a human being like any other and calling her cover disturbing is very transphobic and insulting. Secondly, Love is love no matter what gender it’s between. Being gay is most definitely not a lifestyle choice, it is how someone is born and is unchangable. Saying that being homosexual is wrong encourages homophobia in others. sexuality is not something someone can change. Asking a gay person to become straight is like asking a straight person to become gay, you can’t just decide what you are. It’s the way you are born.

    • Hey White Shirt Chic, thanks for stopping by! I have a few questions for you… First, how do you for a fact that a person is born “gay?” Second, where does your definition for “love” come from and how do you know it’s accurate? Third, if a person makes the choice to change their gender, this means they’re not happy with how they were born, right? And if God is the creator of all humans, that means they’re not happy with God’s sovereign choice for their gender? By choosing to change their gender, they’re directly rebelling against God. I look forward to hearing your answers! -Kristen

      • Dolly

        Did you know that when a baby boy is only like 3 months in the mother’s womb, his brain is literally soaked in testosterone? This fact disproves the men are “born” gay.

    • Belle Chamberlain

      A great part of love is wanting the best for someone, whether it feels good or not. True love between two people can only want the best for the other, even if it means not being together. I love my dad, my brother, and my sister, but loving them truly and fully means that I would never marry one of them.

    • Madison

      I am not trying to offend anyone, however, being BORN a way does NOT equal being CREATED a way. God created us perfect. However, because of sin we ALL struggle with sin. Homosexuality is one of those things. One person might struggle with lust, one might struggle with judgement, or lying, and one might struggle with homosexuality. Someone might be “born” gay. However, that is not the way Christ created them to be. It is changeable because “anything is possible with Christ.” -Luke 1:37. We shouldn’t judge someone or discredit anyone’s struggles, no matter how “bad” our human viewpoint sees it. We should love them and view them with the love of Christ because we ALL struggle its some form of sin. You might not agree, I was just sharing my view point on the topic. Thanks!

      • Elizabeth Williams

        That was the best reply!

      • Gabrielle


      • Dolly

        Could not have been told better!

    • Jesusfreak17

      Thanks for sharing your view respectfully, and for telling us why you disagree. It’s really helpful for us!
      The others pointed out most of what I would’ve said, so I’ll won’t repeat it, but I do have one thing to point out. The word “love” is very overused in our language and culture. People say, “I love hamburgers,” “I love my phone,” “I love my boyfriend,” “I love my mom,” but all of those “loves” and more mean completely different things! So saying “love is love” makes no sense because we don’t even really know what kind of “love” you are referring to. Do you mean all the fluttery feelings someone feels when they have a crush on someone else? Or do you mean love as a commitment? Or do you mean love that won’t die? Or do you mean love as a passion? Or a combination? Or none of the above? The Greeks had like 5 words for love, so with some research, we can know what kinds of love the Bible is talking about in different verses. Just saying “love” doesn’t mean a whole lot without more context.

      • Gabrielle

        That’s Right!

    • Sammie

      Hey, I’d just like to chip in a little something. The way I see it, everyone struggles with sin. We all get angry, impatient, and a whole number of other things that aren’t particularly ‘Godly’, per say. In the case of homosexuals, they just happen to have this added struggle. Despite these tendencies of human beings, we don’t necessarily have to act on them. We don’t have to burst out and let it out on others when we’re angry, we don’t have to let our impatience affect how we manage others. We can instead focus on being loving in our behaviour, and striving to look after those around us with all we can. By that same token, being gay does not necessarily mean that one must engage in homosexual acts. Abstinence is a thing, and there are plenty of other ways to find fulfillment in one’s life without sexual activity.

  • Gabrielle

    A 6th one I’d add is Rebellious Teens. Teens don’t have to be rebellious and rude, but that’s what the culture expects.

    • OrangeGirl

      “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.” ~Socrates

  • Gabrielle

    Those are great points to bring out. Great post!! Abortion breaks my heart, and so does guys and girls giving their bodies and hearts before it’s time. And homosexuality – it’s so sad. If only people could see how beautiful it is to be what God created you – rather a man or woman, instead of trying to be the opposite gender.

  • no

    What garbage.

    • Dolly

      In what way?

  • RoseRed

    Oh my… this blog post is literally an answer to my prayers! I mean seriously, God must have brought me to your Blog for this very reason.
    One thing I’ve been contemplating lately is Homosexuality. I see it everywhere; social media, stores, books, just all over the place. I am not Gay, but I’ve always had this fear that someday I would be. Now seeing this post… it shows me that being Gay is definitely not right! It’s been so normalized and I’ve been scared of what would happen if I was attracted to another women… I don’t want that to happen! I want to do what God plans for me.
    Thank you Kristen, you are a blessing to me.

    • Elizabeth Williams

      Have you heard of the new film Living Waters has about homosexuality called Audacity? I haven’t seen it yet, but all of their stuff is awesome!

      • RoseRed

        Thanks. 🙂
        Elizabeth Williams
        No, I haven’t. I sound interesting, though.

    • Jesusfreak17

      Praise God! Thanks for sharing with us! I had a friend who contemplated it and then went down the road and it turned out badly. She is actively fighting it now, but during that time she didn’t even really act like herself.
      I would pray about your fear. I’ve found that feelings often generate from what you think about, so asking God to help you in that area may help. 🙂

      • Jasmine

        Please please just let your friend be herself she’s gonna become so SO miserable from fighting her sexuality

  • Funmi ✞

    This really hit home for me and is indeed true and I think this quote is very fitting for this post: “Worldliness is whatever makes sin look normal and righteousness look strange” -Kevin DeYoung

  • Rae

    Thank you for this post! Very well stated on all points. Like never before we must stand strong on the Word of God. Blessings in Christ!

  • Natacha

    This post should be sent all Christians world wide, it explains everything perfectly!

    • Hannah Wolf

      I mean, not all Christians. Just the radical, prideful, and hateful ones. Like the Pharisees. 🙂

  • Jesusfreak17

    Legalizing it doesn’t make it right either.

  • Sharon Calvino

    Thank you so much….this is exactly what I had been thinking but couldn’t put it into words. On the radio today I heard an interview where this lady was explaining how she realized she was really a man just in the wrong body, and they were talking about it really calmly like it was 100% normal. The culture is trying it’s HARDEST to make this stuff normal, but it doesn’t make it normal OR right. Thank you for this article! I love your blog it is always EXTREMELY relevant!!!

  • Kaitlyn Burdick

    I have still yet to meet someone I know in my life who agrees with your view on #5. It’s such a struggle for me because I feel like when my friends tell an obese girl that shes fine the way she is they are just encouraging her to basically kill herself. It’s not okay to encourage girls that are underweight for their height or overweight for their height to stay that way. It’s just not. 🙁

  • Maria Wilson

    Thank you! I live in a sick and twisted culture. I don’t like what I see in this day and age. 🙁

  • Olivia Taunu

    I also think the normalization of make up is sinful. The root of our desire to wear makeup comes from vanity and I think that after we overcome this we see that make up is not necessary. All the things we do to alter our looks from the image in which we were created our sinful in nature. I have read a couple articles on the sinful root of make up. The onlg women who wore make up were sinful/adulterers ex: Jezebel.

    • Olivia Chambers

      Hi, Olivia. I do think that make up can be hurtful to us, if we base our value on how we look. However,if we remember that our value comes from Christ and not from ourselves and that we need to spend more time focussed on who we are on the inside I think that make up doesn’t harm us. 🙂 Also, I haven’t read in the Bible anywhere that says that make up is sinful. I do know that in 1 Peter 3:3-4 talks about how our beauty should not come from outward adornment but from the hidden person of the heart. That does not say that it is sinful to braid your hair, wear nice clothes, ect. but that we need to realize where true beauty comes from. You may choose whether or not you wear make up, if you don’t that’s perfectly fine. 🙂 I don’t feel any conviction from God about wearing make up, but I do from people sometimes. I try to focus more on God’s rules instead of people’s rules, though. Also, Dannah Gresh wears make up and so does Leslie Ludy. 🙂 They are both God honoring women who worship the Lord with their lives. Make up hasn’t gotten in the way of their ministering at all.

    • Olivia Chambers

      Great name, by the way! I always love meeting fellow Olivias. 🙂

  • Alicia


  • Olivia Chambers

    I am tempted to normalize Gluttony and divorce. I see both of these things all of the time and know people in ministry who deal or have dealt with these problems. I do see that these are wrong but if I don’t keep my focus on what is right I may accept these things as right. I’ll keep those Bible verses in mind when I read things that support the world’s point of view instead of God’s truth. Thank you for posting this!

  • Melissa

    I think for number 6 is the rampant plastic surgery. How could we want to change what was given to us physically? It’s unbelievable! 🙁

  • Pingback: Resisting the Seduction of Beautifully Packaged Lies()

  • Violet

    The idea that some young kids will and already have read the articles on this site and take it all as gospel word (does that count as a pun? i think it does) without being given the opportunity to even *consider* other sources of information kinda makes me want to cry
    Being spoonfed info like this is what led me to horrible, self-destructive behaviors that stemmed from an overwhelming feeling of self-hatred caused by internalizing all the Good Christian Messages preached by my church. To all the kids like me out there: this isn’t Christianity (or, at least, it’s not what it could be). You don’t have to tear yourself apart just so God can rebuild you; can love yourself and God. And if you come out of this feeling like you just can’t bring yourself to associate with Christianity anymore, that’s okay. Believe me, that’s okay.

    • theburritohasmyheart


  • OrangeGirl

    God says not to murder, then turns right around and does it himself. I think the word that explains that phenomenon, is a hypocrite.

  • Melissa Anderson

    Perfectly put. Thanks for being lights for Jesus. You’re wonderful role models for what living for God should look like. I applaud you’re bravery. It’s not always easy to get the backlash from giving truth to a world that’s in darkness. To us it looks like love but to the world it sounds like hostility. Keep being a light ladies:). God bless.

  • Lila

    Ok so I see what your saying and all but I’m a size16-18and I’m really insecure. I often hate the look of myself. Maybe be a little more careful/sensitive next ti me ?

  • Lively

    I have to say I was enjoying your article…until I got to number five. You have no idea what its like to struggle with being overweight. You are talking about defining our beauty in our savior Jesus Christ, but you said,and I quote
    Embracing our curves is one thing if the are healthy,natural curves. However ,embracing
    Our curves as a result of overeating is not okay.
    I don’t find this statement okay on any level. You can be natural a size 12-14(which is what is considered plus size)plus you can’t say that a person is overweight because they are not active and constantly overeat.
    Im sorry but that’s no appropriate and really discouraged me.

  • theburritohasmyheart

    If this is what Christians believe, I don’t want to be associated with them. I already call myself a christ follower because of articles like these

  • Amelia Nannette

    Your views on divorce conveniently leave out important details such as abuse. If my father was an alcoholic who refused for years to get help, treated my mom and I horribly, emotionally abused us, and attempted to sexually abuse me, I think my mother did the right thing by divorcing him. She tried for years to help us, but in the end, I was her child and she needed to het me away from him. Do you think that her protecting her own child was immoral? Because if so, you need to open your eyes and realize that you have lived a charmed life where others haven’t.

  • b harlow

    You’re disgusting ! 🙂

  • bella

    As I Christian girl I find this completely disgusting. Your views and opinions are harmful and spreading a message of hate- not at all the Christian message. Anyone can spew scripture to make a point. Who are you to judge anyone else for what they are doing? Surely rather than these superficial, ridiculous criteria that we must adhere to to be good Christian girls you should be spreading a message of love and positivity?! You don’t get to determine what brings people closer to god. Absolutely appalled by this entire article.

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