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An Open Letter to the Women of #ShoutYourAbortion

By: Kristen Clark

Dear Women of the #ShoutYourAbortion Movement,

I saw your popular hashtag on social media the other day and was instantly curious. I quickly did a google search. After reading many of your articles explaining why you did this, I think I’m beginning to understand.

Although you might classify me as a right wing fanatic, I’m honestly trying really hard to see things from your perspective.

I was tempted to write an article blasting you, explaining why I think you’re wrong. But then, why would you want to read another article written by some conservative only interested in tearing you apart?

Instead, I decided to stop and think.

I decided to think really hard about where you might be coming from.

After reading dozens of your tweets and comments surrounding #ShoutYourAbortion, I’m beginning to see your perspective. Behind every idea is a worldview, right? And behind every worldview is a want.

You want something out of life, just like I want something out of life.   

Sure, we may be coming from polar opposite political views and worldviews, but at our core, I think we both want the same things as women.

We both want happiness.

We both want successful lives.

We both want respect from others.  

We both want to be valued.

We both want power to accomplish great things.

We both want satisfaction in our lives.

We both want hope.

We both want all of those things, right?

We’re both women, and we both have similar wants.

Before you read any further, please know this: I am not writing this letter to manipulate or belittle you. I am truly writing this letter with a heart of sincerity and love. I honestly want to help you get want you want. What we both want.

Based on your articles and tweets, you believe happiness is found by standing up for yourself. By doing what’s best for you first. You believe happiness comes through having total control over your body and your sexual choices.

You believe that success is found once you accomplish your personal goals and make a name for yourself.

You believe respect will come from being a strong woman who is empowered to do whatever she wants.

You believe a woman’s value is based on her accomplishments and her contributions to society.

You believe power comes from within yourself.

You believe ultimate life satisfaction is achieved by having total control over your career, love life, and circumstances.  

You believe hope is found in the possibility of good circumstances to come.  

Having a great life largely depends on you making it happen for you.

You are a woman driven by your wants, just like me.

Like any human being, you are taking the best course of action you know to get what you want.

What makes you and me different isn’t our wants, but our course of action. Essentially, we believe different paths will get us to the same “wants.” That’s where we differ.  

Now before you jump to conclusions and think, “this is where she tells me my path is wrong…”, hear me out. What if there was a God and He came to your house tonight and wrote down the secret to happiness, success, and life satisfaction on a piece of paper.

What would you do with that information? What would you do with that piece of paper?

I’m guessing you would do what anybody would…save it and carefully follow its instructions.

The truth is, a real God did come down to this earth to give us those exact instructions, only it happened 2,000 years ago. A real God came down to planet earth to show us how to get what we want. He even wrote it in a Book for us to keep.

This God knows what we want because He is the same God who created us.

He handcrafted you and He handcrafted me. He knows what will make us happy, satisfied, and content as women because He made us. And He loves us.

Here is God’s recipe for obtaining lasting happiness, success, respect value, power, satisfaction and hope.


Since God created us, we cannot find lasting happiness and peace apart from Him (not my words, His). God says, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 144:15). “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).


When we die, our earthly accomplishments won’t matter anymore. What will matter is if we were successful in God’s eyes or not. Here’s how God defines success: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 12:2).


We live in a world where respect has to be earned by the people we’re trying to please. However, God judges by a different standard. “I understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him” (Acts 10:34b-35).


You don’t have to earn your value. God handcrafted you which gives you immense value and worth in His sight. “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Psalm 139:13-14).


As much as you try to muster power from within, it just isn’t enough sometimes. Listen to this amazing promise: “He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:29-31).


Life is short and then you die. Lasting satisfaction only comes from living your life for God’s glory, which is motivated by the promise that you’ll spend all of eternity with Him. “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11).


Life without hope is pointless. That’s why many people commit suicide. Having hope for this life, and the life to come is what will give you the encouragement to keep living. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope” (Romans 15:13).

Whether we accept God as our Creator or not doesn’t change the fact that He is, indeed, our Creator.

He is the only One able to satisfy our deepest longings, give us hope and purpose, and fill our lives with peace.

This letter isn’t really about abortion at all. #ShoutingYourAbortion is just a symptom of a much deeper heart’s cry. It’s a symptom of a deeper longing and want. God has saved me from my sins and given me eternal purpose and hope, and I sincerely want the same for you.

I pray you find the answers to your wants…and I pray you find them in your Creator, the God who loves you more than anyone in this world (John 3:16).

As a woman, my heart goes out to you.

I pray your future is filled with truth, hope and abundant life in Him. Thanks for reading!



PS I’d love to hear from you in the comment section, or shoot me a personal email here.

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109 Responses to An Open Letter to the Women of #ShoutYourAbortion

  1. Mary says:

    I’ve never heard of this movement before…WOW!!!

  2. Naomi says:

    This feels very dishonest. I feel like you see what you want to see in those tweets and the discussion surrounding them. Those women are speaking out about their abortions because they feel like they’ve been encouraged to stay silent about them despite these being important life events tied to their convictions. This is similar to how you speak out about modesty and your expression of your Christian faith when you feel that it is important despite being unpopular in society.

    This whole letter comes off as very condescending. Instead of addressing what these women are trying to communicate, you’re presuming that you know their deepest desires and know how to achieve them, all while saying that you aren’t going to be aggressive or condescending. It’s passive aggressive and, frankly, distasteful.

    If you are going to address these women, address the issues they’ve brought forth. Explain your view on abortion, why you believe talking about it is taboo, and what you believe should be the courses of action that society takes in regard to it. There is real discussion to be had here and you are side-stepping it in favor of writing what you think your regular readers want to hear. This isn’t an open letter to these women at all. It’s a regular post geared for your readers masquerading as an attempt to reach out to people. I’m disappointed.

    • Anna says:

      So you want her to scream and rant her view?

      • Naomi says:

        No, I want her to be respectful. This article is condescending. She should be civil and address the issue that these women want to address rather than ignoring them. She says she isn’t writing this article to belittle them but that is exactly what she is doing by side-stepping the issue in favor of preaching to them (with the assumption that every woman who has had an abortion is not a follower of Christ).

        • Anna says:

          She never said that you couldn’t be a Christian if you have had an abortion. She was just putting what God said (Psalm 139:13-14). There is a human life all throughout the pregnancy, and what happens when you have an abortion is that you are destroying that life that God made to be created in you.

          • Naomi says:

            What she said was that women who get abortions are seeking something. And that something is God. She then proceeded to explain who God was in the most condescending way possible.

            “The truth is, a real God did come down to this earth to give us those exact instructions…” Every Western woman is aware of the Bible. To act as if they must not be because they decided to get an abortion is ridiculous and offensive. So, yes, she did assume that these women do not already profess Christianity.

          • Delia says:

            I think that Kristen has the best of intentions and only wants to help. You say that she assumes that she understands you, but you also claim to understand her intentions in writing this post. Why is it unfair for her to try to understand you but not for you to try understand her? Also, though I say I think I know where she is coming from, I am not the one judging her as condescending. Please keep in mind I am not saying all of these things because I think that I am superior, but because I want to make peace. In sorry if I come across as rude.

          • Naomi says:

            To say “I think what you really want is to feel powerful” and then support that with why you think that is true, using evidence from what the other person has said, is a way to try to understand people without being condescending. That’s what I did. I supported my thoughts on her intentions with her words. She offered no such courtesy to the women she addressed in this piece. That’s why it’s unfair and inappropriate for her.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            There are actually many Western women who have never opened a bible. It is a mystery to them. They know of baby Jesus and Santa, but they have never studied the bible or learned anything about it. Your statement uses a logical fallacy by including the word “Every.”

            Yes, as blogs usually are, her blog was written for her readers to express what she was feeling as she encountered the subject. The author never claimed to know everything or everyone. She’s not an expert. She’s a writer. I’m sure she never intended it to feel condescending.

            On a finer note, I’m really glad you pointed it out. It’s important for writers who proclaim the Lord, really any authors actually, to learn ways to express themselves in a positive manner without others being hurt. We are to be peacemakers as much as possible. Negative comments can really help us improve. Negative comments are far better than all positive. The positive boosts pride. The negative builds character and humbles.

            I really appreciate how you are able to express what you are feeling without being rude and name – calling! It’s so refreshing as it is rare to find a mature adult on social media sites. <3

        • Anna says:

          Also, the Bible never says “with fetus” but it does say “with child” over 20 times. Please answer a question: What is an infant?Get the answer in your mind, can you picture an infant? Now, please consider Job 3:16 “Or as an hidden untimely birth I had not been; as infants which never saw light.” Job referred to unborn children as infants. Not fetuses or masses of tissue. Do you still have a picture of an infant in your head? God has never said that a baby that is in the womb is anything less than a human.

    • Monty says:

      I don’t disagree with what Kristen has said. It is all true for me and I also agree with what Naomi has said about addressing the issue head on, taking a stand for life and not just sitting back and feeling sorry for people and hoping they find Christ. Actually I have known women who have committed their lives to Christ and who have had an abortion. The two are not mutually exclusive. They struggle with the choices they made daily but also know the forgiving and healing love of our savior. We don’t live in a black and white world. We live in a broken world where we are all sinners. Praise God that he is there to redeem us each and every day bad choices and all!!!

  3. CT says:

    Oh so beautiful! Thank you Kristen! The Gospel has drastically transformed my life and I am certain that it will theirs too! Jesus saves!

  4. KSunnyGal says:

    Thank you so much for this article! I think you did a great job! I know that I am very grateful my birth-mother didn’t abort me, because she very well could have. I was born with a lot of arm and leg issues…I’ve had too many surgeries to count, but I am the happiest girl on earth! Yes, I’ve had to go through the pain of surgeries, but that’s not what my life is about! I enjoy drawing, playing piano, writing, making movies, using a computer…you see, yes, I’ve had problems, and I’ll have to live with them, but I’d rather live with them than not have the joy of living and experiencing the wonderful life that God has planned for me! It is NOT “humane” or “merciful” to kill an unborn baby. If my birth mother had that mind set, I wouldn’t be alive. I don’t think that we should have any right to decided if a baby should live or not. That is IN-humane, and UN-merciful! But, I do understand that in a lot of circumstances, young girls who get pregnant can’t properly care for a baby. That’s where adoption comes in. I was adopted, in fact that IS my circumstance. My birth mother was young and couldn’t take care of me, so she had me adopted, and by the way, I love my adopted parents to the moon and back. In fact I never ever put the “adopted” before parents. They ARE my parents. 🙂 The point is, you don’t have to kill to fix the solution, because that’s not fixing it…I hope this helps someone.

  5. Grace M. says:

    Wow, so cool! Thank you writing this amazing post.
    I’m so glad as well that my mom and dad decided that they would keep me even though the doctor suggested I should be aborted. You see, he said that I had a 1 in 50 chance of having Down’s and that it would be best for the family if I wasn’t born. My mom and dad both said absolutely no, that if God decided to give them a child with Down’s, that was His will for their lives and mine. Thinking about the fact that your child could be born with something such as Down’s is a really tough situation. My mom remembers sitting in the back of the church just crying and asking God to help them overcome this. She then said that she just heard all of a sudden, ‘Her name shall be Grace.’ She then knew that God sent His only Son to die for us, He has given us something we don’t deserve, and that this was God’s will. So, that’s how I got my name! 🙂 And I’m happy to say I don’t have Down’s, I’m now a honor’s student, I play soccer and piano, enjoy sports, love singing, volunteer at my church, and love hanging out with my friends. I can only thank God for all that He’s done in my life and for giving me parents that said no. =)

  6. Cornell says:

    But God causes abortion (and death of adults) all the time when He knows it’s not part of his plan, or to punish people. He has done it and will do it again. Over 50 percent of pregnancy results in miscarriage (often with women not even knowing it has happened). He moves in mysterious ways, and sometimes that means working through women to do something that He does himself. We accept this all the time with medical procedures, scientific discoveries, democratic rule, construction.

    • Delia says:

      There is a difference between abortion and misscariage. There is a difference between murder and death. Abortion is intentional, it is murder, and God commands is against it. Life begins at conception so abortion is murder. If you do not believe that life begins at conception, then where does it really begin? I for one believe that life begins at conception, and even if I didn’t I wouldn’t be willing to risk an abortion, just in case it were the time that life started. We are dealing with human lives. You may not see it, but a second old fetus is just as valuable as a 20 or 80 year old adult. They are equal. Would you murder an adult? I should hope not. Would you murder a 1 year old baby? Again I should hope not. Really it is the same thing. On the other hand, a misscariage is unintentional, it’s not murder but it is death. Also, it isn’t for us to decide who should live and who should die. My main point is why would you murder a baby if you wouldn’t murder an adult? Please understand that I am not criticizing you; I am saying this all with the next of intentions. I think that this comment may sound harsh, please understand that I don’t mean it to be, thank you 🙂

      • Katsuro Ricksand says:

        For the sake of the discussion I’ll assume that you’re right and life begins at conception. That doesn’t still make it a human fetus, though, just like an acorn buried in fertile soil isn’t the same thing as a tree.

  7. Jules says:

    Thank you for taking the time to break the real issues down. Although some readers might think you didn’t address the “real” issue, these are the REAL issues. We chose abortion because of our wants – I say we because I had an abortion and yes, I am a Christian and was one when I had it. We want to be successful, we want to fulfill our desires, we want to reach our goals, we we we we – but WE don’t stop to think of our purpose here, our purpose given by our Creator! Even if you don’t believe in our Creator, as Kristen stated, that doesn’t change the fact that He is.
    I appreciate this post, years after my abortion my heart still feels the pain and on occasion, shame tries to creep in. I am REDEEMED!

  8. Katsuro Ricksand says:

    Look, I see what you’re trying to do. But you’re not actually presenting proof that God is real and wants what you say he wants. So all you’re saying here is “I think I see where you’re coming from, but I’ll stay with my view, since it’s undeniably true that God is real and agrees with me.”

    Like many believers, you don’t seem to understand how passive-aggressive you come off. See, the problem is that when you say “I pray you find the answers to your wants…and I pray you find them in your Creator..:” it sounds to us non-believers like you’re saying “I pray that you’ll understand how completely wrong your worldview is, and accept that I’m right and you’re wrong.”

    • Maggie says:

      You’ve replied with a closed minded response. Christians don’t “prove” God exists. That’s between you and God. When you have a relationship with the Lord, the benefits from the Lord to those in relationship with Him are available.
      There’s nothing condescending about it.

      • Katsuro Ricksand says:

        Yes, there is. She’s assuming that she knows what would make complete strangers happy better than they know it. That’s condescending.

        Apart from the part where she claims to be openminded, all she’s really doing is continually saying that her choice of religion is the right one, and ours is the wrong one. That IS condescending.

        Besides, the letter is directed to SYA people, so it’s the job of SYA people to decide if they feel condescended to.

        • Ayla says:

          The ‘proof’ that it is from God is that it was found in the Bible, the book that Christians accept as God’s written word.

          As to being condescending, it really isn’t!

          You are saying that we Christians shouldn’t say things like this even if we believe it is right? If someone that you were close to was about to steal millions of dollars or commit a murder, wouldn’t you tell them or explain to them that that was wrong? Or are you saying that you would just let them do it anyways? We are simply trying to show why we believe that abortion is wrong. We are NOT trying to be condescending. I’m sorry that you think that.

          • Katsuro Ricksand says:

            That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that if you prosyletize, do so respectfully and honestly. And Kristen Clark isn’t using a respectful tone or being honest. Instead, she’s talking to us as if we were children. She’s saying ”

            The best example is when she says “The truth is, a real God did come down to this earth to give us those exact instructions, only it happened 2,000 years ago,” as if we just hadn’t heard about Jesus before. As if we’ll be all wowed by hearing this. As if, like in a Chick tract, we’ll say “You mean God will do all this just for us?” or someting similar. When you teach children about Jesus, you usually just tell them what the Bible teaches. When you proselytize to adults, you present them with some evidence that the Bible is the truth. And this article just tells the readers what the Bible teaches, like you do to children. And that IS condescending-

            The headline “An Open Letter to the Women of #ShoutYourAbortion” implies that she’s gonna be talking about abortions. But she doesn’t even mention the word “abortion” in the article, apart from in the end when she says that her letter isn’t actually about abortion at all.

            Another condescending thing is how she makes assumptions about the SYO women. She assumes that they’re not Christians, even though several of them are Christians who just also happen to be pro-choice.

            It’s telling that the people who are against abortion and pro-Jesus love this article, while the pro-choice people it’s directed towards found it condescending.

            “The ‘proof’ that it is from God is that it was found in the Bible, the book that Christians accept as God’s written word.” But that only works as proof if you already are a Christian and worship Jesus.

            This article is great if you’re a Christian who want to hear somebody gush over how great your faith is. But that’s all it’s good for.

            If she wants to proselytize to non.Christians, that’s fine. But she ought to make it clear that she’s not going to discuss abortion.

            There was this proselytizer I spoke to on the street once. He tried to prove to me that God is real, by using logical reasoning and speaking to me like we were both adults. What he did NOT do was to say “Did you know that a man named Jesus died for your sins? Now, isn’t that nice of him?” like I was a toddler.

          • Delia says:

            I think that I understand somewhat how you feel (please correct me if I am wrong). Though I agree with Kristen, so my experience doesn’t line up exactly with what you are experiencing, what I understand is that you feel like you are being lectured to without being respected and without anyone (in this conversation) trying to understand where you are coming from. I would just like to say that I do believe that Kristen is trying to see where you are coming from, it just isn’t evident to you because you disagree on religious terms. I’m sorry if you feel that Christians try to belittle you, because I know that I for one am not trying to do that. Its just that out of love we Christians want to share the gospel with you to help you. We (at least most of us) only say these things to help you. We know from the Bible that we should be humble.
            My main point here is that we say these things out of love and a desire to help you, not to belittle you. Please understand I say this with all good intentions. I just want to make sure that you don’t feel that Christians have a superiority complex.

          • Katsuro Ricksand says:

            Hm… You’re not quite there yet, but I appreciate that you try to understand Here’s the deal:

            Kristen is telling the reader about Jesus the way you talk to a child. Take this sentence: “The truth is, a real God did come down to this earth to give us those exact instructions, only it happened 2,000 years ago.” It feels like I’m meant to reply “He did? Really!? That’s amazing!” or something like that. But only little children would react that way. Adults say “Lots of other religions say that their religion’s great. Why should I believe yours is the right one?” Kristen doesn’t provide any answers to that. She seems to think that simply saying Jesus is the Lord will somehow make us believe it. She’s talking to grown adults the way my mom talked to me about Jesus when I was five years old. Worst part is, I don’t think she’s being intentionally rude. I think she actually believes this is how you talk to college-educated adults.

            And as to whether Kristen is trying to understand where we’re coming from, well… She’s not. She’s really not. We believe that a fetus is not a human being, and she never tries to understand why somebody would believe that. Instead, she keeps it vague. She talks about things like power and hope and so on, but she never tries to explore the idea that a fetus is not a human.
            Even though that’s the basic idea of the SYA movement.

            It’s like if I claimed to try to understand the Christian point of view, but didn’t ever broach the subject of Jesus dying on the cross for my sins.

            So what should she have done? These things:
            1. Assume that, like pretty much everybody else in the Western world, we already know the basics of the Christian faith.
            2. Accept that simply saying “Jesus died for your sins” will do nothing to convince us that he did. You need to provide proof that this dogma is true. Otherwise you’re just telling us things we’ve already heard.
            3. Try to actually understand our belief that abortion is okay because a fetus is not a human. Until she does that, she can’t say she’s tried to see things from our perspective.

            There are two basic kinds of proselytizers.
            The first kind genuinely cares about bringing people to Jesus, and always tries to adapt their proselytizing to what works best.
            The other kind care more about having done the required proselytizing like a good Christian, and very rarely (if ever) ask themselves “Will this actually bring people to the faith?” This kind’s the ones who tip their waitress with a pamphlet instead of money.

          • Delia says:

            Ok. Now I have always been pro life, so I have never heard the pro choice side of the arfuement. Could you tell me why someone would want to get an abortion and why it is morally right? I would really like to hear your view. Oh and also, when does a fetus become a human? Thanks for your help 🙂

          • Katsuro Ricksand says:

            Big kudos for politely asking to hear the other view. That’s the way to go.

            Now, it varies from person to person of course. My personal view is that since a fetus that’s less than 12 weeks old doesn’t have any brain activity, it’s not alive and okay to abort. It’s like a corpse that never lived in the first place. My reasoning is this: Since we generally count people with no brain activity as dead, we should do the same things with fetuses. (Or is that “fetii?”)

            I could go on, but I don’t want to start an argument in the comments section. Thanks for being civil, though.

          • Delia says:

            Thanks so much for your help! 🙂 I still am pro life, but I now have a better understanding of the other side of the arguement. Again, thank you =)

          • Katsuro Ricksand says:

            And thank y o u so much for making a genuine attempt to understand other people’s point of view. =)

          • Delia says:

            No problem. And there is one more thing that I would like to say: I know that Kristen didn’t adress the point of when exactly a fetus becomes a human, (which I believe a fetus is always human) but I think the point of the article was that women, whether they are already a Christian or not, need Jesus to feel completely happy. I know that this isn’t exactly what you would expect from Kristen’s open letter, but you see, this is another aspect of abortion, and to many Christians like myself it is the more important aspect. I have never personally met Kristen, so I can’t speak for her, but as a Christian myself I can say that if I were the one who wrote this article (and if I did it the exact same way she did) I would not be trying to be condescending but trying to show others to Christ by talking about a less common aspect of abortion. I don’t know if this really makes sense, but I am trying to say that I don’t think Kristen meant to be condescending, and that she really wrote this out of love and trying to bring others to Christ. I just don’t want you to feel like Christians are judging you and trying to force you to believe their way because they are narrow mind. We do it out love. Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂

  9. Elisabeth Grace says:

    Thanks for this, You two have so much God given wisdom!Thanks for serving him by sharing it with us.

  10. Phil 4:13 says:

    thanks for this post. this is off subject but id like to know what your thoughts are about making out before your married. Like do you think its ok, do you think its wrong and if so why? thanks!

    P.S. If anyone else wants to give me there opion on this id be very greatful:)

    • CT says:

      They have an article called “Should Christian Girls Kiss Before Marriage.” Find it in the archives!

    • Dolly says:

      Hey! I have made a personal decision on kissing before marriage, and it is to not. A couple years ago, I was asking the same questions. I had already kissed once, but I made the decision not to anymore. Believe me, sometimes it is really hard, but I know that on my wedding day, I’ll know that it was totally worth it.

      As for making out, I think that it would be hard to stop and know when to stop. So, I think that is a no.

      Thanks for your time!

  11. Ashton says:

    This is the way every Christian woman should respond to this issue. I pray that God fills us all with the loving and wise words that He placed in you.

  12. CSStrowbridge says:

    According to the Bible, abortion isn’t murder. Causing a miscarriage is only property crime

    Also, according to the Bible, any true follower of Christ can raise the dead.

    • Briana Soto says:

      @CSStrowbridge I’m not entirely to sure as to where you get the idea that we as human beings who are saved by the grace of God can raise people from the dead. May you tell me the scripture location from where you got your information from?? Thank you.

      • CSStrowbridge says:

        “I’m not entirely to sure as to where you get the idea that we as human beings who are saved by the grace of God can raise people from the dead.”

        Jesus said it.

        John 14
        Jesus knows his time on Earth is nearing an end and his disciplines want to know how they will know if they are following his teachings the right way. Jesus responds that he has proven his divinity through miracles and that any true follower of his will be able to preform all of the same miracles. In fact, they will be able to perform even better miracles, because he will be in heaven with the Father. Jesus raised the dead, so any true follow of his can raise the dead.

        And this isn’t reading too much into the script. In Matthew 10:8, Jesus flat out tells his disciples to spread the word through miracles, including raising the dead.

        Mark 16:18
        Jesus tells his followers than any true follower of his can drink any deadly poison and not suffer any injury.

        There are a lot of ways to test to see if you are following Jesus correctly, or if you have fallen off the righteous path.

        • Kay says:

          I’m sorry, but your last comment bothers me. We should not “test” our faith OR the Lord our God. Luke 4:12: “It is said, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’” Also, it is not following a “righteous path” that determines our relationship with Jesus. Yes, we are called to perform miracles and make disciples for Him. We are called to be righteous and follow His commandments. But the way you are referring to it is not of the same meaning — if I understand you correctly. We are called to a personal relationship with God. We are meant to bring glory to Him and follow His will. Although we still sin as Christians, we can not fall off of the path to salvation. For Jesus has stood in our place as fully sinless and righteous.

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “I’m sorry, but your last comment bothers me. We should not ‘test’ our
            faith OR the Lord our God. Luke 4:12: ‘It is said, “You shall not put
            the Lord your God to the test.”‘”

            You are not testing God. You are testing yourself.

            “Although we still sin as Christians, we can not fall off of the path to
            salvation. For Jesus has stood in our place as fully sinless and

            So once you are saved, nothing you can do can “unsave” you?

            That’s a dangerous philosophy and can lead to all sorts of horrors.

          • letthebibleanswer says:

            Hebrews 13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

            John 10:29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.

            “Once saved always saved” is not a dangerous philosophy but an opportunity to trust that God will do what He said. Jesus died on the cross as a gift to us (Romans 6:23). Does it not seem to be insulting Him to say that we have to work to keep His free gift?

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “Does it not seem to be insulting Him to say that we have to work to keep His free gift?”

            There’s a sect of Christianity that believes that since Jesus died for our sins. It would be rude not to sin. Are they correct?

            Is there truly nothing you can do to leave the grace of God?

            If so, why bother even trying to live a good life?

            There are people who kill and murder in the name of Jesus Christ, even thought Jesus said turn the other cheek. They are directly disobeying Jesus. What happens to these people? Are they still saved?

          • Shasta says:

            So I have been reading this long conversation and I have trouble with your last comment CSStrowbridge. I don’t believe there is anything we can do to leave God’s grace. If you could leave His grace than I doubt that I would be here writing this. We have all sinned countless times but God promises that “if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive is our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” 1 John 1:9. We should live a good life because that is what God called us to do. We should want to glorify Him and serve Him because He saved us and we love Him. As for the people who kill in Jesus name, I personally don’t believed that they are saved. There is evidence that you are a Christian and killing people isn’t one of them. Keeping you in my prayers.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            We are forgiven, Kay. There will be a falling away. Men will turn from trusting Him to their own ways. Those who are found in Him will be saved. We must choose to renew our mind in Him. We must seek Him and His Way. That narrow path leads to life; the broad way to destruction. WE CAN fall off the path if we move our eyes from Him to seek and build treasures on earth. When the earthly kingdom becomes more important than Him, we have made our choice. When we build huge houses but let the poor go hungry, we have made our choice. When we can’t spare a dime for the beggar but we can spend $5 on a latte, we have made our choice. As we repent and seek His face, yes, He is merciful and forgives us still. Too many preach “Once saved, always saved,” and lead many to destruction. Thank God, He still Hears, and He still sends His Word to those who seek Him. Pride leads to destruction. Humility leads to truth. For Jesus has stood in our place as fully sinless and righteous. We are forgiven. He knows our hearts. That personal relationship isn’t a given for repeating words. We must choose to have a relationship. There is a cost. It’s a cross we bear…a cross that leads to death of our will and gives life to His will through us.

        • Dolly says:

          We don’t have power to heal or raise whoever we want whenever we want. This is power given to us through the Holy Spirit when it is His will.

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            Translation: “If the Bible says something that isn’t true, it is because God works in mysterious ways.”

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            What Dolly was saying is that we alone have no power. The Holy Spirit has all power. God has power to raise the dead. So when you quoted that scripture, you didn’t really believe? You were mocking?

        • betheny says:

          Have you personally ever performed miracles?

        • IknowGodIs . says:

          I’m confused now. I’m looking at you through different eyes. You trust that killing innocent babies is okay. If they come out of a late term abortion abortion undead, it’s okay to cut them into pieces and kill them, but you also believe in obeying Jesus Christ?

          He said if anyone harms the children….tell me that scripture again. Time and again, we read of God planning the life of the unborn child. Over and over, scripture tells us we are know to Him from our mother’s womb. The children inside the womb. The children outside the womb. It would be better for a millstone to be hung about the neck and cast into the sea than for one to harm one of the little ones…the children.

          God loves you. No matter what sins you have committed. He desires for us to turn from our own ways and to seek His face. Consider the Prodigal Son and how blessed the father was at his son’s return. Everything that son had done was forgiven because he returned. That’s the part that matters. What is in the heart comes out. To all the woman who have had an abortion other than for the reason that the baby was actually killing the mother, or even if that be the case and the mother feels guilty for living, God forgives you. You are forgiven. He loves you. He seeks you. He desires you. You matter to Him. You are important. Ask Him to forgive you. Seek the truth….not just the words that have been twisted to satisfy this wicked flesh of ours. Thank God He forgives me of my own sin I am responsible before Him for me…accountable for me. My hope is that all would seek His face, that His will would be done on earth as it is in heaven.

          @ Those who are refuting you on miracles: I’m not sure where Believers are having trouble with miracles unless they refute what the Holy Spirit came to do through man. Though I disagree with this person’s view on abortion, God did say that His followers would perform miracles…and, yes, even greater than what He did because He is now seated in the seat of Authority at the Right Hand of the Father. Not everyone will perform every miracle, however. Faith gives way to greater belief. He rightfully gives gifts to those who surrender to Him and who seek to be used as they are filled with the Holy Spirit because, it isn’t the man who has power but the LORD. The Holy Spirit still fills men with His Spirit. He still performs miracles.

          • Dolly says:

            I believe that God’s people can still preform miracles, but are you supposed to go broadcasting that on the internet? probably not.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            I believe we are to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Should we film and broadcast the miracle? I don’t think so, but God, certainly, can use it for His glory regardless. To be sure, the enemy will do his best to negate and destroy.

            Are we supposed to share the good news specifically of WHAT He does? I believe we are to follow the Spirit on sharing or not.

            Are we supposed to disciple others in the truth of the Same Gospel preached by the Apostles through the varied resources we have been supplied to reach the world with Truth? Absolutely!

            The power of the HOLY SPIRIT has been watered down and lied about for so long, it’s been made to look like foolishness even to believers. But God said He’d use what the worldly wise considered foolish that they in their pride might be confounded; yet the humble would be ready to believe and be healed, delivered, set free.

    • Dolly says:

      Whoa, whoa, whoa, abortion and miscarriage are totally DIFFERENT. Abortion is murder of a baby because you don’t want it. A miscarriage is the ACCIDENTAL death of a baby.

      • CSStrowbridge says:

        If you CAUSE a miscarriage by hitting a woman, it is not an accident.

        • Dolly says:

          Hang on a sec. An abortion is when a pregnant woman decides that she isn’t keeping her baby for whatever reason. If a woman is hit and a miscarriage is caused, that is an accident. Unless the woman intended to get hit.

          My point here is that abortions are intentional. Miscarriages, caused by natural problems are not. I know a few women who have miscarried, and it tore their lives apart. I doubt they would call that abortion.

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “If a woman is hit and a miscarriage is caused, that is an accident.”


            If you intentionally hit a pregnant woman and she has a miscarriage, it is not an accident. That’s a predictable outcome.

            The Bible clearly states that if you hit a pregnant woman and she dies, it is murder. If she only has a miscarriage, it is a property crime.

            Clearly the Bible doesn’t consider the fetus a human that you can murder.

            … For that matter, the Bible also prescribed abortion in the cases of infidelity.

          • Willa says:

            What is your Bible reference for that?

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            Numbers 5:11-31
            If a woman is pregnant and her wife believes it’s not his, he is to take the woman to the priest, who will poison her with a special concoction. If she was faithful, nothing happens. If she got pregnant by another man, she will have a “miscarriage”.

            If you induce a miscarriage with a poison, that’s a chemical abortion.

            There is no way around that.

          • Willa says:

            CS, I’m praying for you.

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            Why? I’m the one who knows more about the Bible, obviously. If you are praying for me, you will likely get something wrong.

          • First Amendment says:

            This is the most pointless rant on this blog.

          • Dolly says:

            The woman didn’t want to be hit, did she? She didn’t want to lose the baby, did she?

            Besides that, God considers EVERY life in EVERY stage important.

            My point in what I said is that, it is the woman’s choice to get an abortion. If her husband slaps her around to cause a miscarriage, the blame is on him. But if a woman goes to an abortion clinic by her own free will to get an abortion, that is not an accident.

            I have a couple of questions for you : 1. Do you think that babies should be killed in partial birth abortion? 2. If not, when should there be a cut-off date on the possibility for abortion? 3. Were you aware that many Planned Parenthood clinics have been selling fetal tissue that has been used in an abortion? 4. Do you think that abortion honors God?

            I am afraid I have never met you in person, so I really don’t mean to personally offend you, but I am stating what I believe. I hope to hear from you soon! God bless,CSStrowbridge!

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “The woman didn’t want to be hit, did she? She didn’t want to lose the baby, did she?”

            So what?

            If she dies, it is murder.
            If she has a miscarriage, it is a property crime.

            Clearly according to Bible law, the fetus isn’t a life. It can’t be murdered. Abortion isn’t murder.

            “But if a woman goes to an abortion clinic by her own free will to get an abortion, that is not an accident.”

            And destroying your own property isn’t a crime. If you have a problem with that, take it up with God.

            “Besides that, God considers EVERY life in EVERY stage important.”

            HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

            Have you never read the Bible?

            Numbers 5:11-31
            If a woman is pregnant and her husband believes it’s not his, he is to take the woman to the priest, who will poison her with a special concoction. If she was faithful, nothing happens. If she got pregnant by another man, she will have a “miscarriage”.

            If you induce a miscarriage with a poison, that’s a chemical abortion.

            God obviously don’t consider the fetus to be important there.

            “I have a couple of questions for you : 1. Do you think that babies should be killed in partial birth abortion?”

            Yes. If you knew anything about partial birth abortions, then you would know why they were used. They were used when the fetus was not viable, but giving birth could harm or even will the woman.

            “3. Were you aware that many Planned Parenthood clinics have been selling fetal tissue that has been used in an abortion?”

            Yes. Reseach using fetal tissue has saved millions of lives. You’ve probably gotten a vaccine that was developed based on fetal tissue research.

            By the way, PP doesn’t “sell” the tissue. It asks the research labs to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

            “4. Do you think that abortion honors God?”

            God instructs his followers to perform abortions in cases of infidelity. I don’t think God has an issue with the procedure.

          • Dolly says:

            So, what you are saying is that the baby is the mother’s property? Really?

            So I decided to read Numbers 5: 11-31 just for kicks, and it wasn’t about justifying abortion. It wasn’t about abortion at all! Again, the woman did not chose to have her baby killed. She made a mistake, but she had to pay for it. That is not abortion, nor is God justifying abortion. It was about fidelity, nothing more.

            I think that God has a big problem with abortion because He has created a human being with a soul. Abortion is not only killing a human but it is also killing a soul. I strongly believe that is wrong. You say that God doesn’t care about the “fetus”. If God didn’t care about a baby, then why would He send Jesus in baby form? Does that mean that Jesus was just tissue? When God could have made a baby in a instant, he makes it in nine months, doesn’t that suggest that He cares about the process?

            When do you think a fetus becomes a human with all the rights that a human being deserves?

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “So, what you are saying is that the baby is the mother’s property? Really?”

            According to the Bible, it belongs to the father.

            Again, if you have a problem with that, take it up with God.

            “So I decided to read Numbers 5: 11-31 just for kicks, and it wasn’t about justifying abortion. It wasn’t about abortion at all!”

            Are you really this stupid? That’s a serious question.

            You are claiming abortion is murder, but clearly God doesn’t see it that way. God doesn’t say, “This is a child of God and must be protected.” God says, “This fetus is the result of infidelity. Get rid of it.”

            You are trying to argue that God is okay with forced abortions, but not okay with the woman making the choice herself.

            “I think that God has a big problem with abortion because He has created a human being with a soul.”

            That’s not in the Bible. The Bible doesn’t say the soul is created at conception. And again, God doesn’t have a problem destroying a fetus that is the result of infidelity, so clearly the fetus doesn’t have a soul.

            “When do you think a fetus becomes a human with all the rights that a human being deserves?”

            According to the Bible, God grants life when he grants breath. That’s where the phrase, “Breath of life” comes from.

          • Dolly says:

            God has a tendency to repeat things in the Bible. I won’t deny the Numbers 5:11-31 is there, but we shouldn’t base our entire opinion on one passage.

            So, CS, I am signing off. I am willing to discuss this with you, but saying nasty things is unacceptable. I really do hope that you have a good day. God Bless,

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “So, CS, I am signing off. I am willing to discuss this with you…”

            No you are not. That’s the problem.

            You have your beliefs and not even what it says in the Bible will change them.

            Abortion can’t be murder, because the fetus isn’t considered a human life. That is clear in the Bible.

            Life doesn’t begin at conception according to the Bible. It begins at birth.

          • Dolly says:

            You obviously have your beliefs, and you aren’t willing to change yours either.

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            I’m quoting the Bible. You are ignoring facts.

            You haven’t given a single reason to believe God thinks fetuses should be treated as living humans.

            On the other hand, I’ve shown that God thinks they are not. A fetus conceived through infidelity is to be destroyed.

          • Dolly says:

            I would give you reasons, but you are not willing to listen to them. I am really tired of you trying to make me feel stupid, and I do not need it.

            Adios, CSStrowbridge

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “I would give you reasons, but you are not willing to listen to them.”

            How would you know? You haven’t given any reasons.

            Again, I’m giving you passages from the Bible and you are ignoring them.

            You have done nothing to back up your beliefs, but you claim I’m unwilling to listen to your reasons.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            I’ve given you scripture and historical facts. Are you willing to reason? You don’t really need to answer that. It’s a question more for you to contemplate and consider. Debate between staunch believers (those who are convicted to believe what they believe) is pointless. A conversation, on the other hand, between two people who are willing to reason, search, seek, and invite new thought, now that is something that can bring a person to a different place. Debate is more for the other people who read both sides and decide what they believe based on the information. The two people debating will not generally change position. I don’t debate. That’s not me. I don’t like name calling like “stupid” or otherwise. Accusations demonstrate a bullying learned behavior and have no place in either conversation or debate.

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “I’ve given you scripture and historical facts.”

            You’ve also twisted scripture beyond recognition and claimed the unborn survive a miscarriage.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            Did you go read the scripture on the website I gave you which offers transliteration from original languages?

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            A miscarriage means the fetus dies. End of discussion. If your source says otherwise, then they are wrong.

            Scripture clearly says in the case of infidelity, the husband can abort the fetus. You can’t pretend this doesn’t exist and arguing it is test for the husband to forgive his wife is pathetic, especially in light of the Biblical punishment for adultery.

            Face it, you are not a Christian. You don’t believe in the Bible and only care about parts that you agree with.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            Dolly, never allow anyone to provoke you. Don’t get angry or upset in any way. State truth as you see it. Leave it there. God is the defense of the innocent. Just like the scripture quoted earlier….That’s the purpose of the jealousy law….it pointed out the innocent to the shame of the man.

          • Dolly says:


          • IknowGodIs . says:

            Not every baby…the jealous husband would make this choice. You see, he had another choice…and as we read into the lives of the FAITHFUL, we discover that the Lord desired the husband to FORGIVE and to love her anyway and to love the child anyway. But he put the choice in the jealous husband’s hands. The way the rest of the Word refers to the preciousness of the life of human beings and the blood, do you really think God planned for the jealous husband to want to put the love of his life through that? You see the message in the scripture you chose is more about fidelity and jealousy than killing the baby.

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “You see the message in the scripture you chose is more about fidelity and jealousy than killing the baby.”

            “Men who justify killing babies in order to enhance population control as the earth fills with people read between the lines and tell you what the verse means. When one reads it simply and without their clarification, it doesn’t say that at all.”

            Yeah, it seems some people want to read whatever they want into scripture, but if you read it, it doesn’t say what they say at all.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            And we cannot deny that the matter is left up to the Lord, not the Priest. The Priest did not perform an abortion. According to the Old Testament, the Law for the Jealousy was to set at liberty the innocent. It wasn’t a witch trial. God desired the men to be forthright and not to commit adultery either. Many scriptures from the Hebrew teaching are not included in our texts. Women were regarded highly in the culture, not to the degradation that misinterpreting and leaving out the rabbinical teaching implies.

            PS: I know you are not agreeing with other commentators. I post only to clarify for you the intention of the scripture quoted. God forbid you might begin to believe otherwise, Dolly.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            I ask this question to gain a better understanding from where you are coming. Have you had an abortion?

            Just a general statement because the “soul” was mentioned:
            Actually, a human being is a LIVING SOUL. People throughout history say we have a soul, but that is a tradition that man has taught. We are body, mind, spirit, made in the image of God. Man became a living soul. There will be a great day when the dead in Christ shall rise, then those that remain. They will be given eternal bodies. They will remain in His image: Body, Mind, Spirit. The Lord Himself is Three in One. Those who are not found in Christ, will be received up for judgment…hell will give up her dead. That’s dreadfully sad…don’t you think?

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “I ask this question to gain a better understanding from where you are coming. Have you had an abortion?”

            I refuse to answer that question. But I will give you a hint… I have a penis.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            Then you are not a woman. The blog was written to women. You’re on here commenting on a subject that doesn’t apparently even concern you. Wow.

          • CSStrowbridge says:

            “Then you are not a woman.”

            And you are not a Christian. You can’t pick and choose the scriptures you like. Doing so is like saying you know better than God.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            I believe that Yeshua was born of Virgin, was with God from the beginning, was filled with The HOLY SPIRIT, faced every temptation known to man yet sinned not, took upon Himself the penalty of sin, rose from the grave, made sure the Gospel, ascended to Heaven, is seated at the right hand of the Father, has been given all Authority, sent the Holy Spirit to those willing receive, and will return again for His people who are marked by Him unto the Great Day.

            The Truth is one truth. No picking and choosing.

            The Lord bless you and give you truth. The Lord shine light in every dark corner of your life. May He bless your finances, your family, your heart, your mind. May you be filled to overflowing with HIS LOVE. May He bless your going out and your coming in. May all that is good in your life prosper.

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            Partial birth abortions in America are not isolated to the health of the mother. State by state, doctor by doctor, decisions are made. There are doctors who sell body parts who do not deny late term abortions. As it turns out, the DO SELL the parts. They can call it a donation — not for shipping, that’s extra, but the fact is, if they are selecting specific parts and telling what they can provide, they are selling the baby body parts. That is not humane research. It feeds the need for loss of life. Not every PP clinic stoops to such levels.

            The traditions of MAN speak the words you proclaim as the Lords. The instruction was for the Hebrew nation, not the Noahide population (gentiles.) You forget that they state, if the woman was faithful, the child would not die. In the Hebrew nation, marriage was to be kept pure. Purity of the marriage bed speaks of the Lord’s desire for His people. Many things took place to teach the Hebrew Nation who He is. They were not intended as law for all mankind. The Hebrew Nation made vain tradition out of much of the Wisdom the Lord gave to them. Such tradition was berated by Yeshua! They MISSED THE POINT of much of what he tried to show them through those simple laws that they built up into tradition.

            Where is #2?

          • IknowGodIs . says:

            Quote the scripture, please. Men who justify killing babies in order to enhance population control as the earth fills with people read between the lines and tell you what the verse means. When one reads it simply and without their clarification, it doesn’t say that at all. See my previous reply above. Modern teaching says it’s just a fetus. Orthodox teaching says it is a life within a life and cannot be harmed.

    • IknowGodIs . says:

      Are you sure the Bible says abortion isn’t murder? Can you give the verse please?

      Exodus 21:22 If men strive and hurt a woman with child so that she aborts but WITHOUT DEATH, he shall be surely punished according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him, and he shall pay by the judges.(He will pay money, harvest, livestock…whatever fine is appointed, but read on:) 23 And if there is DEATH, then thou shalt PAY LIFE FOR LIFE, 24eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

      This scripture states, if the baby dies, the man will die in the babies place! That is far more than a property crime. This is a miscarriage, not an intentional abortion for no good reason.

      the Talmud (Sanhedrin 57b) says that a fetus is included in the Noahide prohibition of bloodshed (distinct from homicide) that is learned from Genesis 9:6 that states (in a direct translation from the Hebrew); He who spills the blood of man in man shall have his blood spilt. The Talmud interprets “the blood of man in man” as to include a fetus, which is the blood of man in man.

      The Bible teaches that a child is a living being in the womb. It teaches that life is precious. It forbids taking one life for another. It’s only in the case of labor and delivery that places the woman’s life at precedence over the child…and even then, that is the mother’s decision, not anyone else.

      “If a woman is having difficulty in giving birth, one cuts up the fetus within her womb and extracts it limb by limb, because her life takes precedence over that of the fetus. But if the greater part was already born, one may not touch it, for one may not set aside one person’s life for that of another.” (Mishnah Oholot 7:8)

      This passage refers to the life of the mother being in danger during CHILDBIRTH. In the case of a difficult birth, elsewhere in scripture, it is the mother’s decision whether or not to allow the baby to be removed. If the child is already dead, one might perform the above. This is not referring simply to a woman’s choice about her baby.

      Herod the Great began his reign by ordering the whole of the Sanhedrin put to death, appointing his own council of elders in their place. They killed 46 of 70; the rest fled and went into hiding. Under the Roman pro-curators, the internal government of the country was in the hands of the newly appointed Sanhedrin to a much greater extent. It was at this point that he ordered the Oral Law to be written. His hired hands, the new Sanhedrin incorporated Greek teaching, as found in above Mishnah passage, into scripture. Herod embraced Greek religions, and the pantheon of Greek idolatrous false gods and goddesses. Herod was King, not appointed by the Jewish people, but By Caesar. Within this “written” oral teaching of Herod the Great do we find the stance by which Modern Israel has contrived to say that abortion is okay. And even then, as you can see by the passage from the Mishnah, they are reading between the lines and cherry picking other scripture to fit the purpose. Orthodox Judaism does not permit abortion unless there is absolutely no way to save the mother if the child lives, and if the child is already emerging, it isn’t permitted at all no matter what.

      As for raising the dead, the Holy Spirit can use men to bring back the dead. Read 90 Minutes in Heaven, the book, and then the new 2015 movie. Watch Faith like Potatoes, a true story. Today, where there is belief, God does still use man to raise the dead. He has even offered great compassion to mankind the past 200 years in allowing men to find so many ways in the medical community to save lives…bring back the dead. God is merciful. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. All sin is the same in His eyes. I know there are plenty of people calling themselves a Christ follower who lie and cheat and hate…it’s true…but those who are filled with His Spirit follow one truth: He is Lord. That means that true believers feel they are nothing without Him. They are humbled by His grace. They do not judge, but offer mercy. They love in spite of hatred against them. Yes, they proclaim truth as the author has in this blog, but mercy and love is proclaimed and available for any who seek it. His desire is that all men would be saved by believing in the One He sent to set the captives free. Even murder is forgivable. The only sin, the unpardonable sin, is the sin of rejecting Christ as supreme authority at one’s death. He has overcome death and this world for those who seek Him. His answer is LOVE.

      • CSStrowbridge says:

        “This scripture states, if the baby dies, the man will die in the babies place!”


        You have to be a Poe. There’s no way you can be this stupid.

        “If men strive and hurt a woman with child so that she aborts but WITHOUT DEATH…”

        The WITHOUT DEATH part is talking about the woman, not the fetus.

        You can’t have an abortion, or miscarriage as it is usually translated, and have the baby survive.

        If you don’t even know the definition of the words you are using, there’s little point continuing this discussion.

        “It’s only in the case of labor and delivery that places the woman’s
        life at precedence over the child…and even then, that is the mother’s
        decision, not anyone else.”

        Or infidelity.

        I’ve already posted the passage that says abortion is an option in the case of infidelity. And it is the husband’s decision, not the wife’s.

        • IknowGodIs . says:

          An Open Letter to the Women of #ShoutYourAbortion YOU AREN’T A WOMAN. Just a hack. A mocker. Let it be known. You have no idea what a woman has been through ever. You have no way of knowing. Your opinion is mute.

          • First Amendment says:

            If you don’t think men can have opinions on abortion, you’ve obviously never heard of Congress.

    • Hurt says:

      Whoa yeah that’s a completely hurtful statement! You probably have no idea what an miscarriage is like and until you do please keep your comments to yourself… abortion and miscarried are two completely different deaths! Miscarriage an accident abortion a planned death that tears the living child apart.

  13. Dolly says:

    I just really cannot understand how someone could say that aborting (killing) a baby is a good thing and that you should even take pride in it! If someone could explain to me why abortion is a good thing, I would be happy to hear your opinion.

    • First Amendment says:

      Here’s the truth: no one wakes up one day and thinks to herself, “I really want an abortion today!” Abortion is the result of a difficult and personal choice each woman makes for herself. It’s much more responsible to not have a baby if you couldn’t take care of yourself during your pregnancy or the baby after it’s born. If you can’t put down the wine and cigarettes during your pregnancy, financially support your child, or commit to being a mother, you’re doing your child a disservice by having it. Abortion isn’t necessarily a “good thing,” but it can be a very responsible choice.

      • Dolly says:

        Here’s the long and the short of it. I believe that God made every human life (accidental and not). Every life is precious in the sight of the Lord. Because every life is precious to Him, I see every life born or unborn is precious as well. If you cannot support the baby after it is born, adoption is a wonderful alternative.

  14. Liz H says:

    Really love how you approached this Krystin. Thank you for speaking the truth in love!

  15. aleciat says:

    This is so condescending. Guess what – not everyone believes in your god. Trying to appeal to Pro-Choice women (believers and non-believers alike) through some sort of Chick-Tracts-level lecture is incredibly insulting. You haven’t made any effort to understand their point of view, you are just looking for a chance to preach.

    • Delia says:

      I think that Kristen shows that she understands that not everyone is a Christian by preaching. There would be no need to preach if everyone was a Christian. You can blame her for sharing her point of view Any more than she or I can be angry with you for your comment. Also, you accuse her of not really trying to understand your point of view, but you really are doing the same thing to her.

      • aleciat says:

        She’s the one that is claiming to have made some sort of heroic bridge of understanding – not me.

        • Delia says:

          Can you really blame her? You would probably say the same thing if you had the same beliefs as her. I’m not trying to tell you that you have to believe our way, just asking that you try to see that we aren’t trying to insult you.

    • IknowGodIs . says:

      The author’s point of view is one of explaining. Another author might offer a point of view having had an abortion and the Lord bringing new understanding. I don’t believe the author meant to be condescending or insulting. The author above speaks of ways we are the same and hopes to share fulfillment of those needs in love.

      I have friends who I love dearly who made the choice to abort their baby. For one, it wasn’t until she gave birth that realization set in: One day, she will meet four children with the Lord. Other’s have come to understand the depth of abortion in other ways. One had a miscarriage and desperately wanted a child at that point. The loss of a child brought a deep revelation on what abortion is….a decision to end the chance of a child being born and living a life. I know men who have lost babies to abortion. Some they forced the hand of and others who wanted their baby to live. Those men have great compassion and understand the loss of life.

      When you see the tiny mouth, the tiny feet and hands, already developing, when you see that it is a baby not a lump of tissue, one realizes baby is alive. I’m very sorry for any words that seemed like put downs. None were intended that way.

  16. Grace says:

    Thanks Kristen, this is beautiful…

    It’s a little sad looking through the comments and the backlash that is going on, even though some people are defending Kristen’s letter. Remember Colossians 4:6 “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

  17. IknowGodIs . says:

    Great article and I’ve appreciated the commentary — even the negative. Negative gives opportunity to spread light on truth and to show kindness. Those who follow Christ choose to love others regardless of their stand on issues or their behavior. There is one enemy that seeks to destroy life! And that enemy is not a human being. I pray that each person who views the article and the commentary may come to know the One Savior who holds the key to life and death. I pray that hearts may be softened. Good always wins. The path may be obscured by dirt and muck and darkness, but it’s there. Those who seek it shall find it. Those who cry out for a helping hand, may those who Love the One be found with an open hand extended to reach out and grab the one who is calling…regardless of the dirt and muck and darkness! To those who are Believers, I ask you this: You are willing to shout your stance on the top of a mountain. You are willing to proclaim what is righteous and holy. Are you willing to do what He called you to do and be the hands and feet of mercy? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Otherwise instead of marking us as His, we’d be whisked away in a whirlwind at the words, “Save me!”

  18. First Amendment says:

    When Republicans support gun control, affordable health care, paid maternity leave, and abolition of the death penalty, I’ll believe that they’re “pro-life.”

  19. Kate Joseph says:

    To me, this is kind of a garbage argument. I don’t believe in god, so why would I take “god wouldn’t want you to” as an argument against what I know is best for my own life and body. Obviously, there are women who have abortions and do believe in god, but as I am not one of them I won’t try to express their viewpoint. All I know is that abortion is safe and legal, it’s not the right choice for everyone, but for those who it may be an option, we should honor that and not make it so sensitive and shameful. Women must be informed of their choices, whether they’d rather work than have a family, have a family despite difficult circumstances, or perhaps would like a family down the line, but don’t possess the desire or means at the moment. You need a lesson in both empathy and science because controlling women through clumps of cells in their stomachs isn’t going to fly.

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