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How to Outshine a Supermodel

By: Kristen Clark

The months of preparation were finally finished. The big night was here. The runway was ready, the lights were shining, and the cameras were rolling.

After ten hours of makeup, hair, spray tans, manicures, and fake eyelashes, the models were ready.

They looked flawless.

“And now,” the announcer said with his best radio host voice, “the moment we have all been waiting for!” The music started and the models emerged onto the runway. “The most beautiful and perfect females on the planet!” he said enthusiastically.

We live in a society where the picture-perfect female is nothing less than a highly  airbrushed supermodel. As girls we’re tempted to feel ugly and fat if we don’t measure up to the standard of beauty defined by our culture.

Thankfully, as Christian girls, we don’t have to live up to Hollywood’s standard of perfection. We have a much more gracious, loving and forgiving God we are trying to please. His standard for the perfect female looks nothing like the models on the runway. Can I get an “amen”?

In the book of Proverbs God decided to help us girls out by giving us an entire chapter devoted to the topic of true beauty. Instead of America’s Top Model taking the spotlight, God “judges” us from a completely different set of rules.

So what is a beautiful girl in God’s eyes?

A beautiful girl has nothing to do with outer beauty and everything to do with her inner character. Sounds simple, but so many girls miss this. I completely miss this from time to time as well.

If we want to be beautiful in God’s eyes we have to read and understand what God views as beautiful. One of the best places to look is at the timeless passage of Proverbs 31. Don’t tune out yet! I think you’ll find this really interesting.

The Proverbs 31 woman would definitely win the Jewish Top Model award of all time for her incredible inner beauty. Check out this list of 10 character traits we see in her life (and by the way, her physical beauty is never mentioned in the entire chapter).

1) Strong in faith

2) Faithful helper to her husband

3) Loves her children

4) Physically in shape

5) Serves her family

6) Good steward of money

7) Industrious

8) Values Homemaking

9) Manages her time well

10) Provides clothes for her family

Even though you may not be married and have children yet, you can take cues from this amazing woman at any stage of life. This woman was beautiful in God’s eyes because she had incredible godly inner character.

Did you notice how her priorities were always focused on serving and helping other people? Everything she did was for the purpose of serving her family. She wasn’t concerned with measuring up to the latest “fashion models” of her day, she was concerned with using her time to serve others.

Here is the gold nugget:

A godly girl isn’t self focused, but is others focused. She takes her cues from her Savior, who was the perfect example of selfless serving.

“Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28).

Now, don’t get me wrong. I get it that serving isn’t the most glamorous job on earth. In fact, a real servant doesn’t even desire to be recognized. On this earth, a girl who spends her life serving and loving others probably won’t go viral on YouTube. However, she will be powerfully displaying the image of Christ to everyone she meets.

She will be incredibly precious and beautiful in the sight of God.

In God’s book, a woman who uses her life to serve others will outshine every supermodel by far. Whether you’re humbly serving God in your family, school, church or workplace, no task will go unnoticed by God.

“It’s a high and holy calling to do even menial tasks of service if it’s for Jesus’ sake.” -Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Can you think of any women who display this beautiful life quality of serving? Those are the women worthy to praised. Whether our culture would consider them “attractive” or not doesn’t matter, because they know what God thinks of them.

I have a little challenge for you.

Over the next 7 days focus your heart and mind on becoming more of a servant. Pray every morning for God to give you the strength and desire to serve and not to be served.

Also, choose one person a day (family member, friend, etc.) and do one “secret” act of service for them. It could be anything from secretly making your sister’s bed for her, washing dishes without your mom asking, organizing your dad’s tools without him knowing, to sending your friend an “anonymous” gift. The possibilities are endless.

Will you take the challenge?? I sure hope so! What are you waiting for? After you finish reading this blog leave us a comment letting us know if you’re taking the challenge, and then get to work!

Serving others is at the heart of what it means to be a beautiful woman. In God’s eyes, a girl like this will outshine every supermodel out there.

Photo Credit: | Eflon

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