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My Story of Overcoming Social Fear and Worry

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


From a young age, Ellissa avoided one-on-one conversations, parties, or large social gatherings because she was fearful and anxious about talking to people.

She labeled herself as “shy” and just assumed she would always be this way. 

But after years of hiding behind this label, she came to a place where she really didn’t like the person she had become. She didn’t like having shallow relationships and was tired of feeling totally awkward in conversations and social settings.

So, she decided to take some serious action to overcome her social fear and learn how to build deep relationships. Watch her inspiring story by clicking the link below.



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One Response to My Story of Overcoming Social Fear and Worry

  1. Casey Nagel says:

    Oh wow! I would never have pictured Ellissa that way! I loved this video! I am like the shyest of the shy, and so I really gleaned a lot! I was pausing the video constantly to take notes! Thank you both for this amazing video! And the great ideas! I will totally be doing this! Love Y’all!

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