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Why You Should Still Party the Day After Christmas

By: Kristen Clark

I don’t know about you, but today can be a sad day for me sometimes.

I’ve been hyped up on Christmas cheer and anticipation for weeks and now everything is over. It’s kind of a small bummer.

Did you know there’s actually something called the “The Christmas Blues?” Some people literally feel depressed the day after Christmas because all of the festivities are over. It’s not surprising since all of the Christmas songs tell us “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” for weeks leading up to Christmas day.

If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year…what does that make the day-after Christmas?

For most people, the celebration ends when the stockings are dumped out, the presents are opened, the ham is eaten, and Santa makes his way back to the North Pole. Their hope and excitement is left behind on Christmas Day, lying dormant until next year.

As Christians, you and I should have just as much hope and excitement the day after Christmas as we do on the big Day the itself.

On Christmas we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus and that is only the beginning of the exciting story. That is only the beginning of the many reasons we, as Christians, have to keep celebrating!

It’s usually a tradition of mine to listen to my favorite “post Christmas” Christmas song each year on December 26th. It’s called “Day After Christmas” by Matthew West. Have you heard it?

The lyrics are always SUCH a great reminder to me of why I shouldn’t have the Christmas blues.

Here’s a few lines from the song:

Here comes the letdown Christmas is over
Here comes the meltdown, there goes the cheer
But before we have a breakdown, let us remember
The light of the world is still here

Happy day after Christmas
And merry rest of the year
Even when Christmas is over
The light of the world is still here
The light of the world

So take down the stockings, take back the sweaters
Take down the lights and the star and the tree
But don’t let this world take your joy after Christmas
Take joy to the world and just sing

Happy day after Christmas
And merry rest of the year
Even when Christmas is over
The light of the world is still here

I encourage you to listen to this song here to get the full impact of the lyrics. This song should be added to all of our Christmas playlists this year because it’s such a great reminder of why the REST of December and the new year should still be celebrated.

The Light of the world is still here.

That is the best news ever and should chase away any Christmas blues we feel today. Christmas is an awesome time of celebrating, but it only recognizes the beginning of the story.

Baby Jesus grows up to become a man. He lives an absolutely perfect life and then dies on a cross to pay the penalty for the sins of the entire world. He raises from the grave 3 days later, conquers death forever, and provides a way for sinners (like us) to get to heaven when we die.

That’s incredible news! Don’t you agree?

We have so much hope today and this coming year because of what Jesus did for us. As believers, when we die, we’ll go straight to Heaven and spend all of eternity with Jesus! We don’t have to fear death or dying. Our next home will be much better than our current home.

Also, our lives have so much purpose because of what Jesus did on the cross. We’re a part of God’s plan to spread the great news of Salvation to the lost world around us. Imagine how much hope Jesus could bring to someone who has the Christmas blues? God also has a specific plan for each of our lives and desires to use us for His glory!

I hope you can see why today, the day after Christmas, is just as exciting as Christmas day itself.

The celebration doesn’t end! We should keep singing joyful songs about Jesus all year round.

Do you know anyone who needs to hear this exciting news? If so, are you willing to share the message of Salvation with them? For some tips on how to do this, read this blog:
Brave Girls Needed! Will You Share the Gospel?

Instead of being sad today and the rest of this year, join me in celebrating the birth, life and death of our Savior all year round!

Let’s chat.

  • Do you struggle with the Christmas blues? If so, how do you handle them?
  • Do you know Jesus as your personal Savior? If not, send me an email here and I’d love help you know Him! If so, do you value Him as much the day after Christmas?
  • What can you do this year to spread the amazing news of Jesus to the people around you?

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