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Practical Tips for Having a Thriving Relationship with God

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


The two of us love God. We’re so grateful for Jesus. We’re thankful for God’s Word. But despite having these desires, meaningful personal devotions have often been a struggle for the two of us.

Can you relate?

Maybe you (like us) desire to dig into God’s Word, meditate on Scripture, and pray powerful prayers. But (again, like us) you’re just not sure how to make it happen.

We’ve learned that with a few simple tools in our belt we can make our personal devotion time one of meaning, connection, and revival.

Here are a few of our own practical tips for having a thriving relationship with God.


Kristen and Bethany

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4 Responses to Practical Tips for Having a Thriving Relationship with God

  1. Bliss says:

    For Bible Mate and Solid Joys I see a link (on the YouTube video) for them in the Apple store but I can not find them on the Android Play store, do you know if they are only available for Apple products or anyone know how to find them on Android?
    Thank you! (:

  2. Grace says:

    I am a big fan of prayer journaling, like Bethany 🙂 I use my jounral to write out prayer requests, prayers, quotes about prayer, prayerful hymn lyrics, and more. When the Lord put Africa on my heart last New Year’s Eve, I wrote in my prayer journal for hours, and that was a big help for me in surrendering to the Lord. I prayed silently and aloud, surrendering it to God, and then I wrote out a prayer of surrender that I can go back to and pray whenever I feel like I want to “pick back up what I’ve already laid at His feet.” It’s also so nice to go back and look at all the prayers and things I wrote out that night, and remember how the Lord was working in my life!
    Another big help for me is the YouVersion Bible app and website! It offers tons of Bible versions and hundreds of reading plans that give you short devotionals, application, prayers, and Scripture to go along with the reading.
    And Bible Gateway is awesome! I love the dramatized version 🙂 I think everyone should listen to the dramatized version of Matthew 27. The drama is so real that I became depressed and emotional just listening to it! It gave me a better understanding and a greater appreciation for the pain and horror of Christ’s crucifixion.

    Oh, and as I was listening to the video just now, my just-2-year-old sister (who I am laying down with for her nap) started saying “Yeah! Yes!” and nodding her head in agreement to what you were staying… although she probably had no idea of most of what you were saying! xD I thought you might get a smile out of that 🙂

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