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Praying For Your Future Husband

By: Bethany Beal

Jason grabbed a cup of coffee on the way out the door. It was summer and that meant working like crazy before the college season hit. Jason started the engine and then realized he hadn’t spent any time praying or reading God’s Word.

He sat in the car for a few minutes, opened up his daily devotional app on his cell phone and read the verse of the day. “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me” (Psalm 51:10).

Jason closed his eyes and asked God to give him the strength to guard his mind and live a pure life.

He put the car in drive and headed down the street to work. After a few minutes of driving Jason noticed a new billboard on the street with a provocatively dressed girl posted on it for advertisement. He was annoyed at the new sign and quickly averted his eyes remembering his verse from that morning.

The work day was filled with long hours of landscaping alongside his coworkers whose jokes were anything but pure. He kept his mind focused on his morning verse and tried to be a witness for Christ to the guys around him.

When he got home from work he was totally exhausted and ready for some relaxation.

A bunch of friends from his church college group had been raving about a movie, so he grabbed his remote, propped up his feet, and started the show. After multiple curse words, crude joking and a barely clothed girl, he decided to shut the movie off.

Sleep sounded pretty good at this point.

He hopped into his bed completely oblivious to the fact that nearly 3,000 miles away, a girl that he had never met was currently praying for him, the man she would one day marry.

You can be that girl.

That story makes me sigh every time I read the last line. How sweet it is to know that any and every girl who is praying for her future husband, has her very own story like the one above. You can be the girl in that story who is praying for the man you will one day marry.

Have you ever thought about the fact that your future husband is alive and breathing today?

Although you have no idea who your future husband is going to be, he is a living, breathing man somewhere in the world. He could be living on a ranch in Texas, or sitting in Starbucks drinking a mocha, or in class listening to his professor. What a crazy thought!

Disclaimer: God does call a small number of women to remain single. That is not His plan for the majority though. Most girls do end up getting married and I am writing to them.

Your future husband needs your prayers.

In that story we got a glimpse of a few of the temptations and challenges that Jason had to face. Those were really pretty mild challenges compared to what the average guy has to deal with on a daily basis. The point of the story was to make you aware of the fact that your future husband will be facing his own challenges.

Think about it, Satan would like nothing better than to see your future husband fall and fall hard. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy” (John 10:10). Sadly the world around us isn’t helping out much either. If a guy (or girl) is going to succeed, they are going to need a power source greater than themselves.

Christian guys have that power source.

Your future husband has full access to God’s source of power which is stronger than Satan’s. Nonetheless, your future husband is in a battle and he needs your prayers. He is fighting right and wrong, good and evil every single day. Temptations, challenges and hard decisions are things he needs regular prayer for.

You have access to your future husband’s greatest power source.

You can pray and cry out to God on his behalf. You may not know your future husband, which means you can’t pray by name, but God knows. You can start being a blessing and a help to your future husband even now. You can start building that prayer warrior mindset for him today!

My story.

I started thinking about this topic when I was thirteen years old. I read a book that challenged me to start praying for my future husband. What a cool idea. I opened up my journal and wrote down my five biggest prayers and heart cries for the man I will one day marry. Let me share them with you.

My list of prayers for my future husband:

1. That he would not have a love for the world.

2. That he would think of others above himself.

3. That he would guard his mind.

4. That he would be committed to spiritual growth.

5. That he would have a 1st Corinthians 13 love.

I wrote these prayers down years ago and have been praying them ever since. As you might have noticed the prayers aren’t about the physical. “God, I pray he would have massive muscles.” “God, I pray he would sing like Michael Bublé.” No. My prayers are focused on the heart and on his spiritual life.

I desire a man who loves God with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength. That is what will make a lasting marriage. Muscles are great, but they can only do so much.

Will you pray for your future husband?

I want to challenge you to start praying for your future husband. Make up a list of a few things that you can start praying for. On this list try to focus on the spiritual. Feel free to borrow mine if you want.

After you finish making up your list I have one more challenge for you.

I want you to take the list and reflect it back on your own life. If you desire certain character qualities in your future husband, it only makes sense that you would have them as well.

For example, if I want my future husband to “not have a love for the world,” then I need to make sure that I don’t have a love for the world either. If I want him to “guard his mind,” I need to make sure I’m guarding my mind as well. You get the idea…

Your day is coming.

One day you will walk down the aisle to spend the rest of your days with your husband. Don’t wait until you married to become his prayer warrior. Start now. You truly can be a blessing to him before you even know his name.

Making it personal…

  • Do you currently pray for you future husband? If so, what do you pray for?
  • Did you reflect your list back on your own life? What areas do you need to work on?

P.S. I recorded a video on this exact topic a few years ago. You can check it out here.

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Praying For Your Future Husband

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25 Responses to Praying For Your Future Husband

  1. Merci says:

    Thank you for this post! Indeed, it is never too early to start praying for your future husband.

  2. Jana says:

    Could you give me the name and author of the book you read that challenged you to start praying for your future husband? I would love to read it with my daughter.

  3. JessicaLetchford says:

    Hi Bethany! I really enjoyed this. I do try to remember to pray for my future husband – working on that! – but it was helpful to think about and pray over a couple of specifics (not that they have to be exclusive, but five things that stand out to me). Thanks!

  4. Jacey Faith says:

    I have never really thought about praying for my future husband. But thanks so much for bringing up the topic, it is really needed in today’s day and age. Sometimes I forget that my future husband could be out there needing a good prayer day to day. Thank you!

    • GirlDefined says:

      @jaceyfaith:disqus It’s a pretty cool to think that your future husband is somewhere in the world right now. I’m sure he could use your prayer! 🙂

  5. Laís Souza says:

    Hello! I´m Brazilian and if you read the book “Romance
    God´s Way” by Leslie and Eric Ludy, you´ll see beautiful testimonies about pray
    for your future husband/wife. I think we must understand the real purpose of
    being married too. Jesus take care of our emotional needs and we don´t have to wear
    a bride dress to say to the world that we are loved. Marriage is so much more!
    You have the chance (and the honor) to create a family to the glory of God!
    This is so precious, specially today! We can´t waste something beautiful like
    this. Sorry for my English and congratulations by your blog, girls! Greetings
    from Brazil!

  6. Stephanie Leon says:

    Awesome love this will restart praying for my future husband to be honest I simply stoped but I do want some one with similar qualities and I will begin to pray once more.

  7. Janney Mweemba says:

    I do pray for my future husband from time to time but never really have what to pray about. Now I can make my list and thanks for the five. Love from Zambia!!

  8. Brzlady says:

    Disclaimer: God does call a small number of women to remain single.

    This sentence called my attention. I sincerely want to get married and start a family, but as the years go by, the doubts come. How do I know if that’s God’s plan for me?

    • Mercedes says:

      You know, I believe God puts that desire in our hearts. I think sometimes we may be conditioned by this world and all that is around us that we have difficulty realizing what is right for us in God’s sight, so let prayer be your guidance. I too, have been wondering if this was God’s plan for my life, however I’ve found that when I fall deeper and deeper into God’s holy word and I draw to him each day through prayer, my ears become better at hearing him. Since I’ve begun reading my bible more, and praying more I can actually feel God directing me. I believe that if you ask God and really faithfully ask him with the sincerest of hearts to direct your path and to make your heart open and ready for his will. God will begin to show you what his plan is for your life. I wish I could share so much more with you, because I feel as Christians we hear this type of advice all of the time but it is the truest of all advice. I cannot tell you enough how I have begun witnessing this truth in my own life. So PLEASE please pray to God, ask him to direct and order your steps and to speak to your heart. Pray that he opens your eyes and ears to his signs, and that he will prepare your heart to desire his will and his will alone. Do not fear whatever his plan is for your life. If he calls you to be single how happy you should be, as God knows which path will bring you the greatest joy and peace. Marriage may seem like the happy ending to all, but you can trust that only God knows the happiest of endings for you. I wish you the best and I will pray that God helps you realize his plans for your life.

    • thehappygirl says:

      I know this is realllly late…. But I do agree with @Mercedes 100%.

      I believe God puts certain desires in our hearts. As we begin seeking and trusting Him more and more, I believe He will either fulfill our desires or change them altogether. I truly have a desire for a good God-honoring marriage and a family. Psalm 37:4 (KJV) says “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” I can’t remember the exact Scripture, but the Bible also says we should first seek the Kingdom of God and then everything else would fall into place. What a wonderful promise! As long as we are following Him, He will give us godly desires and fulfill them.

      I’ve not always been good at praying for my future husband, though. A couple years ago, I kinda stopped praying for my future husband almost entirely. It was a “God please send me a husband ASAP” prayer every couple weeks. Nothing serious. At that point, my relationship with the Lord was pretty weak as well. Now that I’m back on track and striving to serve Him, I’m praying for and about my future husband at some point everyday. Sometimes twice or more! Once in a while, I’ll even ask the Lord to give him a good day, or an extra special blessing that day. I have started writing letters to this mystery man, nothing too mushy…. Maybe Bible verses, or something I’m praying about, or even just a small note of encouragement. I know if my future husband were doing these things, and I found out after we were married, I’d be so grateful and blessed.

      Sorry for the long post. Praying for you ladies on your Christian journey 🙂

  9. Camila Diniz says:

    Antes eu orava mais por um marido, sempre pedindo por um marido cristão, que me leve mais perto de Cristo, mas não pensava em fazer uma listinha do ”carácter cristão” que eu desejo que ele tenha.
    Gostei muuuito desse texto!! Inclusive da sua listinha!
    Vou ver com uma amiga se ela traduz para o português para dividir com outras amigas cristãs! 🙂

    Before I prayed over by a husband, always asking for a Christian husband to take me closer to Christ, but did not think about making a short list of ‘Christian character’ ‘I wish he had.
    Sooo enjoyed this text !! Including your short list!
    I’m going with a friend to see if it translates to the Portuguese to share with other Christian friends! 🙂

  10. P2528 says:

    I am praying for a man who loves God more than he could love me and who is more spiritually mature than I am..

  11. DaphSmiles says:

    I just started praying for my future husband, and I can feel that this is a wonderful and strengthening bond not just for me and my future husband, but for me and my Lord. I pray that my man loves God above all else and puts God first in all things and himself last. I’m an artist so I’m having great fun expanding on the journal and making it more personalized to who I am and how I want both of our relationships with God be.

  12. Hope&Faith says:

    I’m 38 yrs old and single and in the Hispanic community this is considered “OLD” to still be single. Lately I’ve been paying more attention to what people have to say or think about me being single, listening to the questions on “why I’m still single”, that I started loosing hope and giving up on ‘love’. I completely stopped praying for my future husband. This was not the case before, I’ve been an active member of my church, I do love the Lord, and I would pray for my future husband constantly but it just never happened. Not that I don’t have men after me, I do, but I have yet to find one that fits my 3 main qualities that I look for in a men, most have 2 out of 3 and for some people that may be enough but not for me, I do want 3 out of 3. I don’t feel I’m asking for too much, some people may think I’m too picky and I’ve been told that I’m picky, but why settle??? I’ve seen how some of my friends are struggling because they ‘settled’. For a while I’ve been struggling with my spiritual life, at one point I felt angry and started loosing hope of ever finding someone. I’ve questioned God, I’ve also told him that if it’s not in His plans or if it’s not His will for my life to just take these desires away. But then I ask myself, why do I have these desires of finding someone and having my own family. If it’s not in God’s will then why do I desire it? I figured that if God wanted me single He would have put that desire in my heart and I wouldn’t be wanting something that I cannot have. What father will do that to his child? Someone in a comment below said they ‘believe God puts certain desires in our hearts.’ and that is my belief. Since I’ve been struggling with my spiritual life, I’ve been feeling empty and I decided that enough was enough, that I needed to stop focusing on what I don’t have and focus on my relationship with God. Doesn’t mean I don’t think about my single life, I do. But as I continue to pursue my relationship with God, I’ve come upon some great devotionals that are slowly lifting my spirit. For example Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know I’m God” I haven’t been still, my soul has been anxious, I’ve been trying to do things on my own, but God is telling me ‘rest, calm down, let me work, let me do what I do best’ and other devotionals talk about ‘patience’ something that I lack. Lately I’ve ben feeling I need to start praying for my future husband again, while I was on a woman devotional page they had a link of a ’31 day prayer challenge for your husband’ so I searched prayer challenge for your future husband and came upon this page, I’ve been taught about writing a list of what I desire in my future husband and to make sure I too have those qualities, but as I readh this page, and re-read the list challenge, I realized that 1 of the qualities that I seek in him I lack, and all of the sudden it hit me, maybe he (my future husband) has been ready but I’m not ready for him. The one quality that I seek in a man that is the most important to me, is the one quality I’m lacking in my life. I have been soo focus on what I don’t have, that I’ve neglected to take care of that one specific quality, and then, just like that, I started hoping again. I’m glad we serve a merciful loving God. A God of second chances. A loving Father who only wants the best for his children.

  13. katerina says:

    i feel so lucky and of course blessed that god woke me up from this lie(the current world)at my fifteen (to be specific right now 1 month ago). I have a lot of times being called by him but i felt that i couldn’t officially follow him because i wasn’t mature enough.I also did not have so much knowledge about him.Now i try my best every single day to glorify him and make him feel proud of me being his slave.As for the pray list THANK YOU SO MUCH BETHANY ,i will start praying !….

  14. Joy says:

    My mom prayed for my dad for years. Sometimes it was at the same time as he was threatened with dangers. I am praying for my future husband

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