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Promoting Godly Manhood in the Midst of Toxic Masculinity

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


Toxic Masculinity is a common phrase we hear today. It’s essentially used to describe a man who is embracing “manhood” in selfish & harmful ways.

However, as evil as many men have been toward women, we need to realize that masculinity (in general) isn’t the core problem here — sin is.

Sin (rebellion against God’s design) has distorted manhood (and womanhood) in so many ways and what we see isn’t often a biblical picture of God calls us to.

Yes, it is right and good to call out the sin of evil men — but let’s not swing so far to one side that we forget that godly men still exist in the world.

There are still men in this world who desire to embrace their masculinity as God intended — by cherishing women, protecting women, caring for families, & leading in genuine humility.


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3 Responses to Promoting Godly Manhood in the Midst of Toxic Masculinity

  1. Eric Collier says:

    Are we saying only CHRISTIAN manly men capable of cherishing, protecting and honoring women in a socially acceptable manner? Is it out of the question that non-believers can act honorably?

    • Better then no one says:

      I don’t believe it’s out of the question…. but it is hard to find non-christian men who have the right mindset that isn’t set on other things when being honorable. (Btw we have the same last name)

  2. Brian Curtis says:

    It’s odd how the perpetrators of toxic masculinity regularly describe themselves as devout, God-fearing Christian men, isn’t it? It’s almost like traditional patriarchal attitudes toward women are the problem, rather than the solution.

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